Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mabuhay ang FEFL!

Congratulations to the leaders and members of the Filipino Educators Federation of Louisiana! FEFL was conferred the International Democracy Award in AFT's recently concluded National Convention in Seattle, Washington. The award is given by AFT “to highlight the continuing struggle for human rights around the world.” Migrant and labor rights are human rights and as we have always underscored in this blog, these are rights that we must defend and fight for.

As our collective action is resulting to initial victories, this recognition gives all of us teachers the needed affirmation and encouragement to pursue the ends of justice.

Here is a video shown in the AFT convention before the award was presented.

Here is a video of the award presentation.

Tuloy ang laban! Ingrid, we will always be behind you!

(Both videos above are from the AFT website.)