Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let's continue to expose the UPI anomaly!

We would like to convey our solidarity to our colleagues who are coming out to expose the continuing anomaly we call Universal Placement International. Your stories are not different from our experiences – stories of being deceived by the criminal Lulu Navarro, stories of being bilked dry by this scheming (dis)placement agency, stories of sacrifice for our families and loved ones back home.

We would like to once again call for unity as we counter this affront to our rights and dignities. We would like to once again renew our plea to our fellow teachers to open your eyes and see that it is only through our collective efforts can we effectively stop this oppression.

As we expect, Lulu Navarro and Universal Placement International will hype that these commendable teachers endangered our jobs by speaking up. And for sure, Lulu’s sidekicks will also start a hate campaign against these teachers to please their master.

She will continue to spread rumors that our employer will be upset if we voice out our issues and problems with the agency. She will continue to instill fear in us by repeating a tall tale that she has the power to influence the board of our school districts to terminate us arbitrarily.

We also expect that Lulu Navarro will call and confront her “suspects” and start intimidating them. We know that Lulu will again utilize her strong arm tactics to bully us just like what she did with this blog. But she will again fail. (We will give you a detailed update on Lulu’s failed legal action against this blog next time.)

Let us not allow Lulu Navarro to divide us with her threats and rhetoric. Let us not allow the agency to silence us with their scheming tactics.

Let us be steadfast in our resolve. This is not going to be easy as we are facing a hardened convict. But as we have always underscored, the strength of our movement is founded on our commitment and our unity.

Fellow teachers let us support our brave colleagues and participate in our ongoing efforts to bring justice to our cause. Lulu Navarro is for sure in panic mode now as she knows that her happy corrupt days are nearing its end.

Good luck and more power to all of us!