Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let's continue to expose the UPI anomaly!

We would like to convey our solidarity to our colleagues who are coming out to expose the continuing anomaly we call Universal Placement International. Your stories are not different from our experiences – stories of being deceived by the criminal Lulu Navarro, stories of being bilked dry by this scheming (dis)placement agency, stories of sacrifice for our families and loved ones back home.

We would like to once again call for unity as we counter this affront to our rights and dignities. We would like to once again renew our plea to our fellow teachers to open your eyes and see that it is only through our collective efforts can we effectively stop this oppression.

As we expect, Lulu Navarro and Universal Placement International will hype that these commendable teachers endangered our jobs by speaking up. And for sure, Lulu’s sidekicks will also start a hate campaign against these teachers to please their master.

She will continue to spread rumors that our employer will be upset if we voice out our issues and problems with the agency. She will continue to instill fear in us by repeating a tall tale that she has the power to influence the board of our school districts to terminate us arbitrarily.

We also expect that Lulu Navarro will call and confront her “suspects” and start intimidating them. We know that Lulu will again utilize her strong arm tactics to bully us just like what she did with this blog. But she will again fail. (We will give you a detailed update on Lulu’s failed legal action against this blog next time.)

Let us not allow Lulu Navarro to divide us with her threats and rhetoric. Let us not allow the agency to silence us with their scheming tactics.

Let us be steadfast in our resolve. This is not going to be easy as we are facing a hardened convict. But as we have always underscored, the strength of our movement is founded on our commitment and our unity.

Fellow teachers let us support our brave colleagues and participate in our ongoing efforts to bring justice to our cause. Lulu Navarro is for sure in panic mode now as she knows that her happy corrupt days are nearing its end.

Good luck and more power to all of us!


  1. Continue to fight for your rights! Ang tunay na pinoy ay matapang at may panindigan. We filipino workers here in Chicago support your cause!

  2. indeed it was a heroic deed!

    kudos to the very few teachers who stand up for what is right. may the others follow the path of rightness!

  3. kudos to you, teachers who are fighting for what is right. justice will on your side.

  4. what are the requirements and how will an H1B visa be renewed?

    am confused...thanks!

  5. Lourdes Lulu Navarro is a convicted felon. She always finds way to get money from us, teachers, for the contract we signed under extreme pressure. We are even not allowed to ask questions regarding the stipulations of the contract when we were signing it. We are not even allowed to take a copy of the contract out for review prior to signing it. Worst, approximately between 6000 and 12 thousand U.S. dollars placement fees were prematurely collect prior to our departure to the US. She is collecting 10% of our salary saying that we signed the paper in the US and not in the Philippines. What a scam! A notorious way to scam people!!!

    Please e-mail all the people that you knows in the Philippines and tell teachers to stop applying through this agency. She is a felon who was convicted for a Medi-Cal fraud in California. Please google search Lourdes Navarro Glendale and California Department of Justice website will give you this result.

  6. May God enlighten you Lulu Navarro. Why do you make money your God? Did you not see it? Your love for money caused you to be this. Please fear the Lord. Stop fooling the teachers. Stop harrassing them, stop deceiving them with false promises and stop bragging that you are more powerful than any lawyers. Live well Lulu and enjoy peace. i know you can still repent and repay them.

    from plain housewife

  7. Gather our strength to fight back in our journey for justice. Criminal Lulu Navarro will really pay for what she has done. Criminal Lulu Navarro you just had the taste of our anger. We will make her you see the consequences of your wicked intentions. We are not afraid to expose your evil ways. I capitalize criminal because that is the right title for her. maybe she has a degree in criminology. hehehhe

    I know Lulu is proud of herself because she is accustomed of any negative publicity. Just wait Lulu, you will become an instant celebrity. You dont have to audition in American Idol to be known. Everything is laid for you.

    Ready your make-up and have your nails done for the big night. The media will be after you while the police handcuff you and drag you to jail. Huhuhhuhhuh

    Stairway to heaven will drive you in the gateway to hell. Dont worry Lulu we will just visit you there. LOVE YOUR ENEMIES. We will just personally hand you the 10 percent in CALIFORNIA COUNTY JAIL.

    Good Luck

  8. Serious Lady said:

    I think you are manipulating the new teachers who are left. I supposed that right now you are calling them to gather all by themselves and warned them not to tell anyone just the same way you gathered some of us last December. What story are you trying to fabricate Lulu???? What's cookin Lulu???What story again???

    Will you make them write falsely exactly the same way you manipulated some of us to write something to dispute this blog??? Whatch out Lulu!!! Watch out!!! Cause your style is already known. Do not make the new teachers your shields because the TRUTH will always prevail.

  9. i do agree serious lady.

    for all concerned, i want to take part in nailing lulu down. i am a teacher but i dont know how. please advise step by step things to do so i will not lose track.

    for sure there are others like me who wants to join you.

    i cant do what stairway to heaven did, i'm a camera shy, but let me know in my way i can be of help.

  10. reminder lang Lulu, ang mga papeles para sa mga visa extentions wag mong itago ha? hala ka nakabayad na yung mga teachers, nag-aantay nalang sila sa bagong papers...baka mag-magic ka na naman. Remember all their account transactions can be seen online to where their money goes and when a check is being encashed.

  11. Tanga! Bakit nadoon pa kay lulu ang mga papeles? Once placed, it is you, your lawyer and your employer who is responsble for everything. I met the human resource staff in EBR during the CEC convention in Seattle. They were approachable. Bakit involve na naman si lulu sa renewal.

  12. Hindi ito katangahan! You have not met her do you? Lulu is always involved in every aspect of their lives. Even to the point of threatening them of deportation if yhey do not cooperate.
    She is involved whenever money is involved -
    illegally recruiting them, using un-approved contract documents, renewal of visas, apartments, etc.

    Please shut up since you do not know what is happening here in Baton Rouge. You just met the EBR HR in Seattle as if you already know what is happening here.

    Ikaw ang tanga.

  13. Its KATANGAHAN. My sister is one of the Filipino teachers right now in EBR. I am fully aware of the situation since she always tells me everything. In fact, I advised her to go to another lawyer for the renewal. Don't trust Lulu knowing her character.

    Its always fear of Lulu that drove the teachers to her schemes. But they always have choices. Sana nag decide sila wisely.

    And don't tell me na wala ako alam. Dami.One is dami pa dyan takot ke Lulu at patuluy na naniniwala sa kanya. Malaking katangahan nga yan.

  14. You better tell your sister to keep quiet. If Lulu finds out that she has a sister here. Lulu will watch her through her spies.

    Lulu wants every one she 'recruits' to have no ties here in the US so she can control them.

    However, her glory days will be over soon.

  15. Ever since I started to hear the details of teachers woes under Lulu, one thing is clear : there remains among the teachers the Makapili attitude. "Makapili" term came from the Filipinos who betray their country during World War 2 by pointing out to the enemies the locations of the Filipino resistance fighters.

  16. Teachers, you have been through difficult times in your lives there in Baton Rouge. Why don't you seek for your right as individuals in the US? You will find the truth that justice will be on your side. Those who were victims and are being victimized, you cannot allow this to happen to you or to other people who will be silenced for fear that your rights will be taken away through false presentation and manipulations by your said agency. I have not heard so much money-making by an agency imposed on hardworking people. THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH BEYOND WHAT IS REASONABLE.

  17. Lulu Navarro = illegal recruiter

  18. lulu, saan na bayad ko? dami ko nang spam messages na nilagay sa blog na ito tapos binabarat mo pa ako.

  19. lulu navarro is a convicted felon people! why is she still running a company?!?! she belongs behind bars. i am not a victim of hers, i met her thru her husband whom is also a convicted felon, both were found guilty for fraud, and stealing millions of dollars from the state of california. this woman is evil, she obviously has not learned from her mistakes! she was introuble many times and has been in jail for some serious crimes. i am starting to wonder and believe that both her husband "imran shams" of new york and her are somehow stealing money from louisiana and or california again. her husband is running a medical laboratory in new york is hiding his name, both of them should have been in prison and never got out. i dont like to wish bad on people but that lady i wish the worst for her. i am more than sure that both lulu and her husband are upto no good again i have more information if the right person is ready to listen and do something about this. this lady was stealing money from people that had a right to a good opportinity and she seen her many times in a different state with very expensive cars clothing and jewlery

  20. Sobra na talaga si Lulu kapag tatabga tanga kakawawain nya. Nawa madinig ang dasal natin na mawalan na sya ng agency at nawa ay maparusahan na sya kasama ng kapatid nyang si Divina at Mel. Grabe sa pagkagahaman sa pera ang mga Navarro.


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