Monday, December 29, 2008

Stand Up or Turn a Blind Eye

Reaction to an Anonymous Comment

(In this blog we respect everyone’s opinions and comments. This is a marketplace of ideas. Now, let me react to a comment under the “Fun Polls” thread that was posted by an anonymous writer on December 28, 2008 3:03 PM. We are also pasting the full comment at the end of this article.)

At the surface, Anonymous seems to have good arguments, but looking closely at his/her assertions, I can say that many of the points raised miss the point if not flawed altogether. Primarily, I want to react on the following assertion of Anonymous:

"I am sure if the agency were owned by Americans, we will not react the same way we react now. Because the agency is owned by a former Filipino citizen, you thought that Filipino values including an act of charity and benevolence should be in the picture. Business is business. I hope we know that. Contract is contract. It is a mutual agreement."

I do not agree that if the agency is owned by Americans, I, as well as many others will not react the same way. The concept of fairness, justice, and respect for fellow humans are universal and the nationality of the owner of the business is not an issue here. In fact, most likely I will react more strongly if the abuses are being done by a foreigner because there will be a racist undertone.

You say, “Business is business”. Exactly! That is exactly our point here. Now, why are Lulu and her supporters (like you) are saying “Be thankful that you were brought here.” That viewpoint is not business-like. In business circles it is the agency that should be thankful to the clients because we are the ones who is giving life to the business. And is it not that Lulu and her cohorts are the ones using the Filipino value of “utang na loob” (“debt of gratitude”) in always pointing out that lets just keep quite and swallow the injustices and just be thankful?

We, as clients, paid, in fact overpaid, our placement fees for the services of the agency and it is the agency’s end of the agreement to bring us here, there should be no “utang na loob” factor here if we are to assert a purely service provider-client relationship.

Then you say “Contract is contract”. Again I say: Exactly! The contract stipulates 10% fee and we were made to pay 20%. The contract stipulates fees to be paid monthly and we were made to pay upfront. And is there a stipulation in the contract that the agency will represent us in lease agreements and that we cannot move to a new house within one year? Is it in the contract that we should not communicate and socialize with the Filipino community? Further there are some provisions in the contract that are contestable that could be voided. For your information, a contract as a mutual agreement can only be enforced if it is not contrary to law. (We now have lawyers working on this.)

And why are you talking about our need for professionalism and you do not even mention the way Lulu snarls and shouts at us. Is that the type of professionalism you are trying to market? Have you experienced being shouted at and threatened by Lulu Navarro? Maybe not. But many of us have. We have been very professional at voicing our concerns with Lulu and the agency but we are met with intimidations and shouts and threats like “Gusto nyo ibalik ko kayo sa Pilipinas!” (“Do you want me to return you to the Philippines!”) Now you will say that we are the ones who lack professionalism?

Further, contrary to your claim that we are using the Filipino values of charity and benevolence, we are in fact NOT. We are not asking for charity from Lulu Navarro or benevolence on the part of the agency. We simply want to be treated fairly and professionally as clients. Come to think of it, you are the one who is espousing the flawed Filipino values of “pagtitiis” and “pagtitimpi” (enduring suffering or abuse) amidst tyranny; and as discussed above the insulting version of “utang na loob” (“debt of gratitude”).

We are not trying to find “instant comfort” as you suggests. Most of us come from modest backgrounds too and we know what “paghihirap” (“hardship”) means. I agree there are more Filipinos who underwent greater hardships. But that is not a reason that we will turn a blind eye on oppression. There is no logic in that assertion – just because others experienced more hardships therefore its ok for us to be subjected to abuses. Clearly, our difference is that you opt to close your eyes to abuse and oppression; and we opt to stand up for our rights just as any freedom-loving, justice-seeking person would do.

Now, are you in effect condoning the illegal and corrupt activities of Lulu Navarro (a convicted felon who by the way is not new to such kinds of illegal activities) such as non-issuance of official receipts, overcharging of fees, misrepresenting us in apartment leases, earning kickbacks in apartment rent, opening our SS numbers without our consent, etc. etc.?

Also, we would like to inform you that while we are in this struggle, we do not neglect our work, which is to teach. We very well know that we should strive to become better teachers and show our employers that we are indeed worth every penny that we receive. In fact, it’s hard to separate teaching from this struggle. As teachers we mold children. And how can we mold them to be strong, freedom-loving citizens if we ourselves cannot stand up against tyranny. How can we teach them the bravery of Martin Luther King, the resolve of Mahatma Gandhi, the literary advocacies of Mark Twain, if we don’t even internalized their messages?

Lastly, please do not equate standing up for your rights, exposing corruption and expressing opinions as “living in gossip, complaints and animosity” or simply as “dramas.” Do not equate standing up against injustices as something negative or something to be ashamed of. The bedrock of this very country is in fact the struggles of a nation for equality, freedom, fairness and justice. Don’t you ever forget that…

Gurong Sulong

A Comment from an Anonymous Teacher
(as posted under the "Fun Polls" thread)

I have been reading this blog for the past days. I am one of the teachers being deployed to the US by the Universal Placement and the Pars Placement. Yes, it is true that the first few years are extremely challenging but I will become smooth in years to come.

We, teachers have arrived in the US with H1-B visa, meaning our stay is only temporary unless we will be petitioned by our employer to live and work permanently. We might lose our job any moment (I hope not). No one is ever sure who will have his job tomorrow. Some brag that we are competent teachers that the school districts will not give us up. Very funny and assuming!!! I thought it was rather a boast in its greatest sense. We are not citizens of the United States. We are petitioned only to fill in the gap on teacher shortage. Now that recession has been gobbling the country, many citizens have been interested in the job. I have a lot of friends employed in teaching and non-teaching jobs who are also in the brink of losing their jobs. Remember guys, that frugality is the name of the game in the US nowadays. Also remember, the doctrine FIRST-IN -FIRST OUT. It is already happening in California.

Guys, it is good to have Filipino values and maintain them. However, such values might not work here in the US. We are here to solve employers’ problems and not the other way around. I thought it would be good to view the situations with a positive and hopeful perspective. Let us face our situation with grace and with a marked degree of professionalism. People who live in gossip, complaints and animosity will not see the beauty of life being intertwined with challenges. People want instant comfort. That might not happen here in an instant. It takes a great deal of perseverance and positive outlook in life. Many Filipino in the US started with a lot worse situation than we have now. Years of perseverance and patience, they reaped their success in the end.

I remember the times when we lined up in the Philippines for interview for US teaching jobs. We were extremely nice. We signed the contract calmly. We knew it would cost us something. We knew what we would have to do the following year. Now, that the contract is in its execution, many of us are revolting. Why did we sign the contract in the first place? I assume that the contract is not the reason for your revolt; it is rather your loan in the Philippines and your personal obligation to your family. Do not attribute your financial difficulty to Universal Placement. Your financial difficulty is a product of your own decision. You did whatever had to be done. There are consequences in your own action.

I am sure if it the agency were owned by Americans, we will not react the same way we react now. Because the agency is owned by a former Filipino citizen, you thought that Filipino values including an act of charity and benevolence should be in the picture. Business is business. I hope we know that. Contract is contract. It is a mutual agreement.

I am very thankful to Lulu Navarro. I arrived in the US without a family and friends to start with. She found me a place to stay. It is not her job to look for housing but she did it because she knows that it is hard for us to find a place and have access to transportation initially. She is not a housing agency but she is going out of her way for us to continue with our life. It is challenging yes. Please forget about instant comfort as we are in an entirely new environment.

Whether or not housing is good, what matters is we are housed. It is a lot better than looking for apartments or houses ourselves. I am sure we cannot find one as we did not have our SS number and credit history to start with. Did we have money to pay upfront for deposits and similar charges? Lulu did this for all of us. Some people are just inherently negative. All they want is to take and take and not give or share. Let us learn to be appreciative too.

On the other hand, it is a fact that a number of us borrowed money from the financing agency in order to fly here. However, it is our choice to borrow. Never were we forced to borrow money from these financial institutions. It might have been suggested or recommended but it was never ever forced. I am in the same situation so I also experienced the same. All agencies in the Philippines have partnership with these financing institutions. I assume that the interests are big as they are loans without collateral.

I just hope that our employers will not get tired of our drama. It is our personal drama and I do not see any reason why employers have to be included in the casting of our own drama. Employers do not want dramas. We solve their dramas. I am not surprised when our employer will get rid of us because of dramas. Now, will you still boast that you are competent teachers and that you are teachers to die for? I doubt it. I hope that we will not be labeled as drama queens and drama king because of our own action. I hope not. The worst scenario to happen is losing our job, the domino effect is more terrible than you imagine. Think about your own actions guys. I suggest that you just work and impress your employer within your job description. Do not include them in your drama. We are Filipinos and our employers are not. Chances of cultural differences and misunderstanding are at a certain degree. Filipinos have their own thinking so do foreigners. I hope you will not lose your job and your family will suffer very badly as a result.

This is my opinion. Thank you very much.


  1. Wow! these are really interesting articles. On the other hand, I am wondering why the owner of this blog and his/her supporters do not file a case in court since they have been claiming that they are victims of modern day slavery? It appears that they are acting in cowardice. They have been raising legal issues. Maybe, they missed their calling as lawyers? hahahahha. YOU, the owner of this blog, HAVE SAID SO MUCH, GO TO COURT AND FACE YOUR ENEMY IN LEGAL BATTLES.

    To the blog readers, please challenge the owner to stand up for his right by going to court; otherwise, who knows that he is just making you part of his frustrations and sacrifices.

    Love your family, love your children, fight for what is right, stand up for your rights in court....

  2. guys, I hope this blog will not really affect our job even in the slightest sense. Many of us have families to support, have children to send to school. If and when there will be a group to talk to the school district in relation to this dispute, I am afraid that this might affect our chances for EBR to extend our job with them or give us the green card.

    Guys, let us make sure and be careful about all the things we say and do. Let us rather work and be responsible to our family and to our job.

  3. In everything we do, let us think of our families and children in the Philippines. Let us think about our future. They have been our inspiration. We want to achieve our dreams.

    Dollars, dollars, dollars is all we need to have in mind. Our actions might lead us to either more dollars, more dollars, more dollars OR philippine peso again, philippine peso again.

    So be careful. be careful.

  4. wow debate the end, trabaho parin ipinunta natin dito. hahahahhaha...may trabaho tayo ngayon, bukas or sa makalawa, may trabaho pa ba tayo?

    itanong natin kay batman. hahahahha

  5. Please stop fear-mongering. I don't understand why you are so afraid that voicing out our problems. In my opinion, we should continue to pursue this moves against Universal and Lulu Navarro. You will only fear that you will be fired if you are not performing well in your school. The school district is not a narrow-minded institution that will fire teachers arbitrarily because of this issue alone.

    In fact they will appreciate the fact that despite these issues, we are still showing how effective and efficient we are as teachers.

    I say, its time to stand up!

  6. FedUp, if you are really Fed up, provide your concerns with the right avenues. You want justice but your moves do not merit justice. They are too inferior. If you are brave enough, file a case and have your dispute in court. In the case, the gray area in this blog shall be resolved. Talk outs are nonsense. Stand up for your rights with confidence and not with pseudo names. You guys are funny.

  7. This was my point. WE HAVE THE COURTS! WE ARE WORKING HERE LEGALLY....but gurong sulong still goes on with his/her/"its" rhetoric! Why write the sentiments and the personal drama here? To get attention and sympathy?
    We have enough ADHD already! How can Lulu feel that she is already in hot waters if we keep barking at the moon? Then gurong sulong will ask, "how sure are you that we did not file anything in court"?....then I say, "keep quite and let the court decide".... but gurong sulong will raise other issues again.....there you go gurong sulong!!! full of rhetorics! maraming satsat!
    I think the better option now is to raise money and finance the legal battle rather than talk and argue about it.
    This situation was already published in newspapers way back home, certain senators were already asked, a copy was already furnished to the department of labor, a stand was already made by the partidong manggawa.....WHERE ARE THEY? Isn't it telling something?
    Ang nangyayari ngayon, eh, parang may essay writing contest eh. (eh, what if the court will see the contracts we have signed...what is in there?...better look at that first before we look like idiots in the face of law)

    But anyway.....I subscribe to the idea of anonymous.(yong anonymous na ipina-publish ni gurong sulong)...We are at the mercy of our employers here....with the things right now, there will be a tendency that we will pack our things and go home....(God forbid! not because we really like here but because we have our utangs there!)
    When I was still new here, I had only one prayer....Salamat Lord sa aking mga utang sa Pilipinas, kasi pag wala pa yon, matagal na akong unmuwi sa amin! Happy New Year to one and all.....and happy new year to gurong sulong!

  8. hey gurong sulong, on time ka sa pagbayad nang utang mo doon sa Pilipinas? dapat kasi on time upang hindi masyadong magkaabala pag wa ka nang trabaho dito sa luisiana. mahirap pa namang maghanap nang ibang petitoner ngayon...dahan dahan ka lang baka you will end up TNT where you cannot see your family for a long time! ilan taon ba ang visa mo? isa? dalawa? tamang tama lang yan? pag expire nang visa mo, bayad na rin ang utang mo sa Pinas!
    Third year is a year of balance and returns...malayo ka pa.

  9. correct! Kung kaya nang iba...ipagawa mo sa kanila!

  10. The side of gurong sulong and and Pinoy teacher are mouthful enough to say so much but not handful enough to do so much. I am so sure that these people are afraid enough to come out in the open and bravely face the situation. hahahahha. Let us pressure these people to come out in the open. I am sure they are also afraid of losing their jobs and they are afraid to be branded losers in the end. I am already in the United States working as an educator. There are many teachers who lost their jobs citizens and foreigners alike. Now, I want to keep my job and continuously satisfy my employers.

    Gurong Sulong, Blog owner, come out in the open, no words, mere actions are enough. Guys, do not subscribe to people who only can say so much but not do so much. These are usually the balimbings (two-faced people) speaking out of both sides of his mouth. They are dangerous!!! I tell you guys subscribes to men who can do rather than can only talk. hahahha. Now, gurong sulong. hahahhaha.

  11. I admire the intelligence and bravery of PINOY TEACHER and GURONG sulong as I look back to my Philippine history in time of Rizal and Bonifacio.

    On the other hand, I feel bad for them for their intelligence and adamance might not be appreciated as much as they were in times of the Spanish Era. I hope our manners of confronting problems are not backwards. Bonifacio and Rizal are just a significant part of history. Their teachings might not be as effective to apply nowadays.

    To Bonifacio and Rizal also known as GURONG SULONG and PINOY TEACHER...may you find happiness in all your endeavors but I WOULD ADVISE FILIPINO TEACHERS TO NOT WASTE THEIR TIME GIVING THEIR SIDES ON YOU AS YOU POST DANGER TO THEIR PROFESSIONS. GURONG SULONG and PINOY teacher surely cannot help you in any financial means when you, teachers, got laid off in your jobs. Words can only do as much, revenge can also do as much, but we must have job to make our family and children live their daily lives.

    I am sure Gurong Sulong and Pinoy Teacher cannot help you. Teachers, love yourself, love yourself. Do not be trapped by this idealism. I am very concerned to my fellow teachers.

  12. Bravery? how come no one wants to come out for an anonymous interview with a local newspaper? email me at i will u the details info.

  13. concerned citizen --sbDecember 30, 2008 at 2:03 PM

    I admire the intelligence and bravery of PINOY TEACHER and GURONG sulong as I look back to my Philippine history in time of Rizal and Bonifacio.

    >> Please be realistic. These are modern times.
    There is no connection between the past and the present.>>

    On the other hand, I feel bad for them for their intelligence and adamance might not be appreciated as much as they were in times of the Spanish Era. I hope our manners of confronting problems are not backwards. Bonifacio and Rizal are just a significant part of history. Their teachings might not be as effective to apply nowadays.

    >> I disagree. There is no connection what was in the past. Today, in a civilized world, the disagreements are settled in courts. The moves are forward looking. Remove the tumor now, otherwise, it will kill you. You need to prevent the tumor from jumping from person to person.>>

    To Bonifacio and Rizal also known as GURONG SULONG and PINOY TEACHER...may you find happiness in all your endeavors but I WOULD ADVISE FILIPINO TEACHERS TO NOT WASTE THEIR TIME GIVING THEIR SIDES ON YOU AS YOU POST DANGER TO THEIR PROFESSIONS. GURONG SULONG and PINOY teacher surely cannot help you in any financial means when you, teachers, got laid off in your jobs. Words can only do as much, revenge can also do as much, but we must have job to make our family and children live their daily lives.

    >> I disagree. This is not a waste of time. As an educator, you should realize the educational opportunities laid here. This is a great learning process. The constitutional rights of individuals, civics, social interaction -friendly or otherwise, writing skills, rules and regulations, etc.
    Do not let this slip by you. Injustices have been committed in my opinion. You stand by your rights. This is the Anerican way, to find the truth and justice. The above argument has the remnants of Filipino mentality. There is no true justice in the Philippines, in my opinion. Please read the forum in POEA websites and you will discover a lot of injustices committed.
    I will not say anymore the purpose of this blog.>>

    I am sure Gurong Sulong and Pinoy Teacher cannot help you. Teachers, love yourself, love yourself. Do not be trapped by this idealism. I am very concerned to my fellow teachers.

    >> It is your personal responsibilities to act on what you believe is an assault to human decency and justice. The argument above is based on fear. I salute Gulong Sulong and Pinoy teacher for their guts. They are only a part of a bigger group. I will not spill to you the groups' composition. Let me assure you that other groups are already aware of the situation. This blog is read from coast to coast
    and the Philippines. Do you think these teachers are alone in Louisiana? What about their relatives? their friends? their friends' friends?
    and plus some more? >>

  14. guts for gurong sulong and pinoy teacher? it is easy to have guts under the shades of anonymity. Why should I subscribe to an email address when I do not know the physical address?
    Give me your physical address and identity and I will deal with you accordingly....(this is what I do to people, yong magsasabi na I won something, kaya wala silang mapapala)
    It will be like that here, para tayong nakipagsuntukan sa isang shadow ni kanino....
    And wala talagang mangyayari if we go on with rhetorics....
    kaya gurong sulong...disclose your identity,

    email address
    Phone number/fax number

    paghindi mo maibigay ito....duwag ka!

    Happy New Year, gurong sulong!

  15. UNLESS this blog will not publish the complain duly received by the courts in Louisiana, these great ideas here will be Nothing but entries for essay writing contest.
    I am sure that gurong sulong will win this because he has the longest piece. It shows that his writing skills are good.
    But can this issue be solved by written pieces?
    NO! The issue is LEGAL in character, ergo, IT MUST BE SOLVED IN THE COURT OF LAW.!
    Gurong Sulong...can you be our coordinator? We need money TO START and finance this legal battle.
    If not, then, just wait for the contracts with LUlu to end, Never renew it, and start anew!
    Happy New year gurong sulong.....

  16. To Anonymous above my last comment,

    YES I volunteer myself as coordinator because that is precisely what I am doing for the past two months. Email this blog if you are interested to join our efforts (

    Thank you for judging me the winner in the essay contest. I take that as a compliment. :-)

    Happy new year to you too!

  17. All I can say is that the mere fact that we continue to share our opinions and principles here, and you guys and gals seem to follow our conversation here shows that this blog is indeed serving its very purpose.

    You say you don't like chit-chats but you continue to follow this blog and express your thoughts. That is the essence of this blog and we, the administrators of this blog, are happy that we are able to give you this venue.

    Now, as I have said in the other comments and as pointed out by others too, please separate this blog from the other actions that we are doing and those we are actually in the process of implementing. We intentionally will not declare in this blog the actions that we are taking for obvious reasons.

    Remember that this blog is only about 2 months old. Brainstorming the forms of actions, exploring legal options, looking for the brave ones to join the efforts, networking, and gathering and preparing documentation will certainly take more than 2 months, plus there's the holiday break. And the reason we are not exposing our identities yet is because of timing.

    So do not criticize us for inaction for you are not even sure what is happening outside of this blog. Only those who have joined us have knowledge as to what we are exactly doing. Just like you, we want to do things right because this will have an impact on our lives and our families' lives back in the Philippines.

    We don't simply want to jump into the ring without proper preparation. (Go ask Manny Pacquiao, why that is important.)

    Patience, my friends, is a virtue.

    Lastly, here is a question I'd like to pose: Is the administration and the maintainance of this blog which is giving us all the oppotunity to air out our thoughts and experiences, and voice out our concerns, not considered an action?

    Concerned Citizen SB is right, this blog has in fact educated many about "constitutional rights of individuals, civics, social interaction -friendly or otherwise, writing skills, rules and regulations, etc." This blog, which is also read widely now and continued to be forwarded to others, also was able to warn others about the abuses and modus operandi of recruitment agencies.

    Again, thank you to all. Our ideas and principles may not be homogeneous but the fact that we are sharing them here is giving credibility and making this blog successful.

    Happy New Year!

  18. Regarding disclosure of our identity.

    In this blog, we exchange views and ideas. There is really no need to reveal our identities. This is a battleground of ideas and let's judge the comments and posts on the merit of the ideas and opinions.

    However, once we implement actions outside of this blog, you can simply connect the dots. Our identity will easily be revealed in the process.

  19. I agree, gurong sulong and his cohorts must disclose their identities. How can we join the forces of people whose identities are hidden? They are allies probably only in good times and when the emotions are intense. I doubt when they are still allies when worse comes to worst.

    I borrowed money from AG. All the money I spent to be able to fly in the US was from AG. It is really hard as I need to also pay my obligation in the contract with universal. However, I take things easy. Teaching is already stressful. Thinking whether I will still have my job tomorrow due to economic turmoil is more stressful. Thinking what to do when I get laid off is the most stressful of them all. To add another stress by standing up for my rights assuming I do not agree with the contract stipulations is something I can no longer handle. Now, you will tell me if i were competent enough, I will not worry? Yah right, if we were to look at our transcripts of records and our performance evaluations I will not shrink most certainly. However, I do not flaunt just like you. I am humble enough to know the possibilities that I might get laid off. You are probably just too proud. Talking too much accompanied with the lack of action really applies to you. I dare you to come into the open. rhetorics are much needed in debate especially in academic debate.

    It is too much. Well it is your decision whether you absorb all these stresses or not. I would salute Gurong Sulong and his cohorts when they disclose their identities. For now, they are just nobody hiding in the mask of bravery but are in fact sucked up in cold feet.

  20. GURONG SULONG AND HIS FANS, WHY NOT TALK TO LULU TO SEE IF YOUR EXPENSES CAN BE REFUNDED AND GO BACK TO THE PHILIPPINES? do you rather have that option so you will not experience injustice anymore since you claim to be a victim of modern day slavery?

    Just go back to the Philippines. It sounds like you never experienced injustice there. I hope i would win in Lottery to help you Gurong Sulong and fans. We, many teachers, want peace of mind. You even had the nerve to tell the Filipino community here in Louisiana and this organization will step into talking to the School District? Gosh what a shame and inconvenience. Well I hope when retrenchment comes, only Gurong Sulong and his fans will be first in line.

  21. GURONG sulong and his friends, you will only gain the respect of the majority of the teachers even when we do not have the same stands in the issue, when you disclose your identity and face your enemy. Otherwise, you are centers of our mockery. hahahahhahaha.

    But when you disclose your identity, we are all hands up.

    For now in my eyes, and in the eyes of many teachers, you are still DAUNTED, FRIGHTENED, SCARED, TERRIFIED, CHICKEN-HEARTED and nothing else.

    For now, we believe that you are only bitter as situation turned to be different that what you dreamed of. Your frustration is not our frustration.

    For now, IKAW AY ISANG DUWAG at BIGO. at ikaw ay nandadamay ng iyong kabiguan. Gusto naming umuwing may ngiti sa aming mga mata. Ayaw naming umuwing bigo. Yon ang nakikita namin sa iyo. Baka umuwi kang bigo ang puso at isipan.


    Tita Mel Tiangco

  22. To Anonymouss above,

    We completely understand your reservations. In fact the issue of trust is one reason why other teachers like you are not ready to step up the plate. In fact that is also one reason why we cannot expose ourselves (yet) to everyone.

    Send us an email using an unknown email address, and let us start building that trust. Simply create a new email address and let us correspond.

    For sure we cannot communicate using this blog as we cannot trust all who are reading here, because even Lulu can read this blog. We don't want to show all our cards to the enemy.

    And please don't judge our character until we get to know each other. We are in this struggle to the end. We will not waste our time doing these if we do not believe that we can win in this struggle.

    Sama-sama tayo dito, kaibigan.

  23. Ayaw naming sumali saiyo Gurong Gala. Mas maraming mawawala sa akin kesa mapapala kapag nakisali ako sa inyo. Gumagawa ka lang ng gulo eh.

    Gusto namin maligtas sa kapahamakan. Pakiusap lang, ang saya ng buhay, mahahimik ka na sana. ang importante andito ka na. Just do the best you can do.

  24. In my observation, as i read this page, it is only Gurong Sulong and the others behind this blog who have the balls.

    Many of you are just satisfied with criticizing this blog yet fall short of actions too. I am one of those who joined this group and I can tell you, these people are moving unlike the rest who prefer to sit on the fence and wait.

    Hwag naman ganun, magtulungan tayo.

  25. Well look who is talking, do you call it bravery when one is hiding in pseudo identity? If Gurong Sulong and his allies have balls, I would rather have pussies. What they all have are pseudo identities and pseudo balls. Balls made in China. I do not like toys from China. They are often anomalous. I hope you are not anomalous yourself.

    You are moving? hahahah. You are moving your ass literally but you are going nowhere in your fight i am certain!!!

  26. Nakakatawa kayo! Sa basa ko dito sa blog na ito, hindi naman kayo pinipilit ng blog na eto na sumali. Kung ayaw nyo di huwag. Ang ini-invite naman ng blog na eto ay yung ready manindigan against the agency.

    O bakit kayo naninira na kesyo si Gurong Gala ganito, si Gurong Sulong ganito? Di nyo man sila kilala. Sa pagbabasa ko naman puro ideya lang naman ang binabatikos nila hindi personal.

    Kung ayaw niyong sumali, pabayaan nyo sila sa kanilang ginagawang aksyon. Karapatan naman nila yun. Kung manalo nga sila sa sinasabi nilang "actions outside of this blog", sa palagay ko dapat maging happy din tayo kasi totoo namang abusador etong si Lulu.

  27. I and many teachers are happy with the services that Universal Placement has been providing. Yun ang sa amin. We are sorry to hear that you feel that way. We know a lot of teachers who have no animosity with the agency.

    Anyway, we all have different point of view.

  28. If you guys study history you will recall that a lot of revolutionary groups including the one we have in the Philippines utilized the media in different forms. The Katipunan utilized the La Solidaridad. And do you remember that our brave writer-heroes utilized pseudonyms to keep their identities secret from the enemy? If we use the hollow logic of some anonymous writers in this blog then we can start calling our heroes cowards for not revealing their identities then.

    The point I want to make here is that you cannot judge the bravery of a person by your very shallow criteria which is to reveal your identity in this blog! Mag-isip naman tayo, please lang.

    Dapat i-judge natin in terms of the totality of the actions which I know is currently being implemented. Baka kasi kainin nyo ang mga sinasabi nyo once magsimula na ang putukan.

  29. Well look at the statistics of who succeeded more often in fighting against oppression, is it utilizing pseudo names OR confronting the situation with real identity and confidence? It does not necessarily apply to all situations. It only reaped success a few times in the entire history of the world. Give the statistics that hiding under pseudo names when fighting against something is more effective? Di parin nawawala ang hispanic culture saiyo. Look at the countries being conquered by Spain in history? Majority ay walang asenso. Kulturang kasi ang pumapatay ng pag asenso. Look at the countries being conquered by the English, maasenso sila US, France, Germany, etc.

  30. "Well look who is talking, do you call it bravery when one is hiding in pseudo identity? If Gurong Sulong and his allies have balls, I would rather have pussies. What they all have are pseudo identities and pseudo balls. Balls made in China. I do not like toys from China. They are often anomalous. I hope you are not anomalous yourself.

    You are moving? hahahah. You are moving your ass literally but you are going nowhere in your fight i am certain!!!"

    The post I am quoting above is from somebody who surely do not have the intellectual capacity to process ideas and convert them into meaningful arguments. Instead he/she would rather retort to empty rhetorics.

    I am enjoying this blog when I read intellectual and thoughtful exchange. But the one above is a clear example of useless talk.

    By the way, I am one of those teachers who are still evaluating which way to go.

  31. Anonymous you are actually countering your own logic. You actually forget the point that i am trying to come across.

    To repeat, I said "The point I want to make here is that you cannot judge the bravery of a person by your very shallow criteria which is to reveal your identity in this blog!"

    But you are making a different argument (which by the way is another fallacy, however that is a different story). You are trying to argue which tactic is more effective: to reveal or not to reveal? Which is beside the point!

    Now since you are not part of the group behind this blog you are not actually privy to the decision to follow the tactic which is not to reveal identities as of this time.

    If you initiate your own movement then follow the other tactic (which is to reveal your identity), that's your choice. We will not argue with you.

  32. My comment above is for the anonymous who posted:

    "Well look at the statistics of who succeeded more often in fighting against oppression, is it utilizing pseudo names OR confronting the situation with real identity and confidence?...."

  33. ang gaganda ninyong lahat. Yun lang masasabi ko. Kanya kanyang maskara ang mga mukha.

  34. Tingnan mo di ba nag-aaway na!
    We cannot understand each other here because some of us are still living during the Spanish, malapit na ang 2009., the gap is very far!
    Good during that time because their write ups were just circulated among specific and concerned communities. Eh, we are using cyber space here, people who are living in the moon can even read what we have written here and they will see how divided we are, how we destroy each other....maganda ba yon? mahirap ba yon intindihin?
    If gurong sulong and whoever, is proud and happy that we are reading this blog, you miss the point, we would like to defend ourselves too, because we do not subscribe to your method. And since, you use cyber space to advance your cause, we will use the same site to tell you that WE ARE NOT ONE WITH YOU. AND THAT, THE WHOLE WORLD WILL KNOW that THIS IS NOT A COLLECTIVE STRUGGLE but STRUGGLE OF FRUSTRATED FEW.
    You might ask why we use YOUR site to express what we feel....MY ANSWER is simple, it is on this site THAT YOU DRAG THE NAME FILIPINO COMMUNITY... It is also in this site that WE CLEAN THE NAME OF THE MANY FILIPINOS WHO DO NOT SHARE YOUR FRUSTRATIONS. IF you fight go your group, BUT NEVER SAY FILIPINO COMMUNITY, if the problem is exclusively for some of you.
    Of course time comes that you will not publish whatever written against you here because you have the control....BUT my fervent prayer is, DO NOT DRAG "THE FILIPINO COMMUNITY" DO NOT DRAG THE PINOYS IN LOUISIANA, DO NOT DRAG the Pinoys in EBR for there are many who are not in your cause...and you will call them sipsip...Like you they are standing to what they believe is true.
    Why not make a newsletter for yourselves? rather than telling the whole world about your frustration.
    As said elsewhere, THERE ARE THINGS WE SHOULD WASH AND HANG IN PRIVATE...Not everything can be washed in public....And i believe this makes sense....To a critical mind, you know what I mean....and that is the essence of blog.

  35. teacher 43, your study of history is on the knowledge level. In Bloom's taxonomy that is the lowest....why not proceed to higher levels...and there find out and see for yourself why your thinking is stuck for more than a hundred years ago.

  36. I think teacher43 is very stupid hiding under the mask of brilliance. She is asking one of the anonymous bloggers to reveal his identity as this bloggers ask the readers.

    May I just inform you Teacher43 that the burden of action/proof does not come from the anonymous blogger it should come from Gurong sulong and his cohorts since these group made the accusation. They should face their enemies literally and confront them straight to their faces.

    We, anonymous bloggers, are not accusing anybody of any crime, therefore, we do not make anyone our enemy, our only point is to make it clear that it is not the frustration and stand of everyone but rather the stand of the few.

    Teacher43, no matter how brilliant you try to sound, your manner, matter and method of present yourself is absolutely lacking;therefore, stupid!

  37. I am sure a few will correct the grammar and spelling here. That is how stupid some Filipinos view arguments. Please evaluate on the content not on the spelling and grammar. Forget about syntax, dig on semantics. Grammar does not weigh too much in the US especially in conversation. In fact, quite a number of Americans have flaws in their grammar. It is not a big deal. Only some stupid Filipino make it a big deal.

    Be forewarned!!!

  38. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I HOPE GURONG SULONG AND ITS MINIONS WILL COME UP WITH NEW TACTICS CONTRARY TO LA SOLIDARIDAD, NOLI ME TANGERE, EL FILIBUSTERISMO AND ALIKE. The name of the game is directness. We are in the modern world and we are in the United States. When you have complaints towards something or someone, tell directly and straight. It is the Western Culture.

    Well act like Bonifacio, Rizal and visit Ferdinand Blumentritt in his tomb in Spain. You guys act together for you might win your battle in Spain. hahahhahaha...nakakatawa kasi talaga. They sound intelligent like columnist of philippine star and philippine daily inquirer....but for me, they are all stupid in terms of pragmatics.

  39. "ABOUT US - We are concerned Filipino teachers from different Louisina School Districts who bonded together to share our stories, our thoughts, our sentiments, our dreams, and decided to fight back!"

    QUESTION 1: How many are you? it seems that many are not on your side. Why is this written as WE making an impression that it is the entirety of Filipino teachers in Louisiana? it is very confusing and it does not make sense.

    QUESTION 2: Are you really fighting back? If this is your way, you are hilarious. this appears to me like a variety show. A soup opera also.

    QUESTIONs 3: "bonded together to share our stories, our thoughts, our sentiments, our dreams, and decided to fight back!" What are the stories? This seemed to be stories of a few. Where are the thoughts? Where is the general sentiment? Where are the dreams? I dont see one. hahahha. Who are the people fighting back? I dont know who. You are all hiding in other names. This blog is a good source of entertainment.

    Personally speaking, As an American, this blog is generally not credible. In the Philippines, this might be well enough, I dont think in the US you found your place.

  40. I subscribe to you! This is not the way in the Philippines, specially among the academe!
    Yah, to a certain point there is something like this happening in show business, and I think the movers of this blog are frustrated columnists too. They want to bring their frustration here.

  41. It is quite clear from the recent posts that they certainly belong to one person. Most likely this person was hired by Lulu Navarro. How much is being paid to you Mr. Anonymous?

    As we all know Lulu Navarro is trying to have this blog shut down. She has filed a case against a teacher whom she suspected of starting this blog but that legal move failed to close us down! Hahaha. Then she initiated a move addressed to Google which for sure will not work too. Dream on.

    Of course they can't do that because we are protected by the constitutional provision on freedom of speech.

    Now according to reports that reached us, her last resort is to pay a person, one pseudo-teacher-cum-pseudo-intellectual, to comment in this blog and make it appear that they are a lot of them. Hahahaha!

    Their tactic now since they can't attack the message is to attack the messenger.

    They cannot defend the illegal activities of their beloved Ma'am Lulu so they would rather destroy this blog at all cost.

    Look at all this person's posts, its all attacking the blog and the people behind the blog but empty on content, empty on the important issues. So we really dont have anything to respond to in your long series of comments since all of them are just hollow rhetorics.

    For your information Mr. Paid Hack Anonymous, we wouldn't go down your level because obviously you are simply trying to muddle this blog.

    We are just happy that we continue to foil the efforts of your boss, Lulu Navarro, to silence us.

    To our colleagues, let's keep our eyes and mind open. Happy New Year to all!

  42. AkoyPinoyNaTeacherJanuary 1, 2009 at 2:33 AM

    O American daw sya o. American-american ka pa... American mo p'wet mo! Ano ngayon kung american ka? As if you think by simply labeling yourself as "American", you are more credible or superior.

  43. Anonymous With StyleJanuary 1, 2009 at 2:55 AM

    Yup, correct ka dyan AkoyPinoyNaTeacher. Sa tingin ko nga nagpapanggap lang na 'american' yan.

    'Personally speaking, As an American, this blog is generally not credible. In the Philippines, this might be well enough, I dont think in the US you found your place.'

    Yabang na, bobo pa! Anong kinalaman ng pagka-american nya sa judgement call nya na credible or not ang blog na ito? He/she want us to believe that there is a significance to him/her being an 'american' daw. Tsk tsk, hello....

    SimplengTitser, I subscribe to your observation na isang tao lang ang nagsulat sa series na anonymous sa taas. And yes I can picture out Lulu Navarro being so annyoped that she can't stop this blog.

    Ituloy ang laban mga kapatid! :-)

    A happy New Year to everyone!!!

  44. StandUpAndBeCountedJanuary 1, 2009 at 3:01 AM

    Tumpak kayo! Di ba sa meeting natin sabi ni Lulu uubusin nya pera nya para itigil ang blog. Magkano lang naman ang magbayad sa isang tao na magcomment dito para siraan tayo. Anonymous, magkano nga ba bayad sa 'yo ni Lulu? Bato-bato sa langit ang tamaan h'wag magalit.

  45. Ayan nanaman kayo, kapag wala sa side ninyo, binayaran ni Lulu, how predictable. Grabe, korte talaga ang solusyon sa problema ninyo. Ang daming satsat. Puro sat sat. Magtrabaho na lang tayo mga guro. Ayoko ng bumalik sa pagiging mahirap. Ang tagal kong pinangarap ito at ayokong masira ng ganon ganon lang.

    Ang pakiusap lang namin, sana specify ninyo ilang kayo at sino sinong mga alyas kayo para di naman Filipino teachers ang pangalan ninyo. marami rin kami na sumasang ayon sa inyo. Mahal namin mga pamilya namin, at marami sa amin ang hindi kaisa sa inyo. Wala rin kaming reklamo sa universal placement. Tutuparin namin ang nasa kontrata dahil yon ang pinirmahan namin. Ngayon irespeto ninyo sana iyon at wag kaming tawagin sipsip, bobo. Sa ngayon, hindi kailangan ang ganyang klaseng tapang. Hindi kailangan ang ganyang klaseng pamamaraan. Tayo ay andito para magtrabaho. Kung sanay may greencard na kayo then pwede kayong mag ganyan ganyan. Pero wala pa kayong green card, pwede tayo mapaalis anytime.

  46. How ridiculous and plain! I find the owner and the supporters of this blog to be narrow-minded. Whoever does not agree with them, according to them, is paid by Lulu to shut down this blog. As you said, this is an avenue of free thoughts. Thought include ideas supporting or contradicting your statements.

    When people tell good things about Universal Placement, the owner of this blog and his supporters simply cannot accept the truth. Customer satisfaction is relative. The owner and the supporters might not be satisfied but there are a lot who are satisfied.

    This blog is generally a form of senseless character assassination. First, it rudely labeled people speaking out differently from their line of thoughts (sipsip, binayaran, etc). Second, there are numerous assault to Lulu's personal life rather than her agency-to-client violation. Third, the people behind this blog do not tell us their identity. Worse, they are representing the Filipino Louisiana teachers without permission.

    Not all teachers of Louisiana who were recruited by Pars-Universal subscribe to your intimidated arrogance.

    To the teachers who wish to continue their American dream, please let us not be trapped by their arrogance. As we, some of the teachers, have talked about, We are happy and grateful to universal. Please do not represent the entirely of Filipino teachers in Louisiana through this blog.

    We love our family.

  47. TO StandUpAndBeCounted, Anonymous With Style, AkoyPinoyNaTeacher, SimplengTitser. I was the one who wrote the statement on December 31, 2008 11:55 AM. Yes I am a Filipino but I got my greencard and Citizenship after challenging years.

    I was an activitist and a political science student in the University of the Philippines in Diliman. After graduation, I landed in the US in New York to work a gasoline boy. I worked illegally in the US for three years. It was a miserable life. I experienced a lot of discrimination in terms of race, labor, etc. I should say I could not intellectualize my rights because I was in a different country and I illegally worked.

    Years later, I married an american citizen. Even when I was already a greencard holder, I still experienced oppression in its numerous forms. I thought of bursting and report my company because it was abusing many of its employees. But I meditated. I told myself, I only have to do whatever I had to do without talking. I transferred to another company. The labor condition was quite better. It did not offer medical insurance. I got sick and my wife and I had to spend chunk of money for medication alone. It depleted my savings and the savings of my wife. We even had to borrow money from the bank.

    A year later, I worked double job to be able to help my wife pay our debts caused by the illness. We paid our debts in two years. After that I decided to pursue graduate studies. I landed into a job with very good benefits. I had a filipina c0-worker who was from the same university and she was aggressive. She was very impressive doing her job. But she was very very vocal about her feelings and disappointment towards the management of the company. She was promoted; 6 months later, she got demoted to her former position. The management even made a plan to fire her. This lady, being intelligent enough, resigned from her job before they fired her.

    When she got demoted, the management promoted me to the latter position of the Pinay. I have been in this position for years now. My bosses told me, "if only we knew that she would be difficult, we could have placed you in this position from the very start."

    As you see, in a closed mouth, no flies can enter. Meaning, do whatever you have to do without too much talking. The way I see this blog. There are too much arrogance having too much personal attack.

    Now guys, it is up to you if you wish to become verbally aggressive or you wish to just keep quiet and do your job. It is just my story which may and may not work for you.

  48. ""As we all know Lulu Navarro is trying to have this blog shut down. She has filed a case against a teacher whom she suspected of starting this blog but that legal move failed to close us down!""- KAWAWANG TEACHER, NGAYON NA DEMANDA YUNG TEACHER NA WALANG KASALANAN, MAY MAGAGAWA BA KAYO GURONG SULONG AND FRIENDS? SA ORAS NG SATSAT KAYO AY KASANGGA PERO SA ORAS NG KAGIPITAN KASAMA PA RIN BA KAYO? NADAMAY ANG HINDI DAPAT MADAMAY DAHIL SA INYO. WAG SANA KAYO MAGING MAKASARILI.



  49. Plain and simple. Every Filipino is dragged in this stupid thing!
    That is the only point here. If you will just identify yourselves....then we do not make an iota of comment here. We are just protecting ourselves. We are not frustrated, we just bear the consequence of the contract we signed. No one forced us to sign sign that, I was just overwhelmed that I would already be in America. When this contract ends, i will not deal things with Lulu. It is a lesson well learned.
    AGAIN, I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST WHAT YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR...BUT PLEASE....DO NOT DRAGGED THOSE WHO ARE NOT WITH YOU. How can you do that? Simple....Disclose your Identity! Are you afraid of Lulu? She cannot press charges against you because (as you claim) you have already your charges against her. Unahan lang yan.
    What now? sipsip kami? bayaran kami? dahil wala kami sa side ninyo? ang babaw naman!
    Ano ang nagawa ninyo sa teacher na IDINIDEMANDA NI lULU? You know from that start that she was not the one.... have you paid the stresses she got out of that! Mga Pilato kayo! and forever, the stress experienced by that teacher will keep haunting you!

  50. "As we all know Lulu Navarro is trying to have this blog shut down. She has filed a case against a teacher whom she suspected of starting this blog but that legal move failed to close us down! Hahaha." Let me add the hahaha. at masaya pa sila na may naidemanda na walang kamuwang muwang. how selfish. Hindi reliable ang mga ganitong tao. Beware!

    Ma konsensiya naman sana kayo sa taong nagdurusa ngayon na nakademandya. Di ba dapat kayo ang nagdurusa? kasi kayo ang punot dulo nito? See?

  51. It only proves one thing ladies and gentlemen: for better, owner of this blog and supporters are on your side; for worse, they feel sorry and they will pass the blame on other I feel certain about that.

    Best move to do, let us work and do our best to satisfy our job description.

  52. That is the only way! (Anonymous above)
    You are working with the feds, and Lulu has nothing to do with the budget in the district.

    How will the people in the district see us so divided.

    We better shape up before it is late. We have our dreams too. After all, it is our lives. I will not be dragged when you become rich. And and I will not share my poverty with you.

    America is a land of opportunity. This is the place for those who are industrious and persevering.

    So for me, MAKE YOUR FIGHT PERSONAL, that way, you others the opportunity to develop. Whether you like it or not, it is your life anyway!

    So, the greatest service you can give to your countrymen is for you (the owners) to disclose your identity so that no one will be suspected again in the future .
    Kawawa na man yong ma i demanda na hindi pala kasali.

    Again, THIS MAY I MAKE THIS CLEAR, THIS IS A STRUGGLE OF THE FEW, NOT OF THE MAJORITY, that is why we keep challenging them, to disclose their identities.

  53. "So for me, MAKE YOUR FIGHT PERSONAL, that way, you GIVE others the opportunity to develop. Whether you like it or not, it is your life anyway" And you have to mold it the way you want top do without dragging others.

  54. okay lang naman ang bobo basta hindi lang tanga! eh, mga tanga kayo eh, with degrees but tanga...who forced you sign the contract?
    At least yong naging american citizen hindi nagiging tanga.
    SMART MOVE, yoo!
    Iyon ang nasabi ko noon eh, na there is to much arrogance.
    Pagsabihan mo nang matino, they will call you names. Professional ba yon? Teacher ba yon?


    Will you be happy with that? And when I write, I will put my name on it.

    Remember, they are now close to make their annual budget and most of the school districts in America are on budget cuts....

    Then you will say, your blog has nothing to do with the district because it is for LULU,

    I tell you my friends or whatever, In this blog, your own personality comes in...

    That is our culture, everything is an extension of our person.

    So for the sake of others who do not support you, do a christian act, make you fight exclusively for you! change the caption of you blog address, those dreams, those vision and make it EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU.

  55. Now that a teacher is suffering law suit, what can the perpetrators of this blog do? I do not know all yet, but i can sense one and I quote this as """As we all know Lulu Navarro is trying to have this blog shut down. She has filed a case against a teacher whom she suspected of starting this blog but that legal move failed to close us down! Hahaha." Let me add the hahaha""

    It appears that they are happy to see that another person is suffering from the consequences of their action. They are happy to see that it is an innocent teacher who got implicated in the accusation that this teacher is not guilty of.

    Teachers of Louisiana, I will leave it to us what the QUOTATION speaks for the character of the blog owner and his/her supporters.

    All I can say it I do not say HAHAHA when one is accused of something he did not do.

  56. I would like to make some suggestion to the profile of this blog as it does not represent the majority. I am thinking if it were possible to clamor to have the profile stated as below:

    ABOUT US - We are A FEW concerned Filipino teachers in Louisina who bonded together to share our stories, our thoughts, our sentiments, our dreams, and decided to fight back!

    I think that more accurately represents the group instead of wording their profile as below:

    ABOUT US - We are concerned Filipino teachers from different Louisina School Districts who bonded together to share our stories, our thoughts, our sentiments, our dreams, and decided to fight back!

    Tama ba mga kabayan? any opinion poll?

  57. Yah, that sounds better. Better say it EBR, Louisiana is quite big.

  58. This is the way the profile of this blog should be worded:

    ABOUT US - We are A FEW concerned Filipino teachers in East Baton Rouge who bonded together to share our stories, our thoughts, our sentiments, our dreams, and decided to fight back!

    Parang walang damayan. Since ayaw naman nilang lumabas...yon na lang muna hilingin natin sa kanila para walang damayan.

  59. I agree with the suggestion. Not all are in agreement with the owner of this blog. In fact, I believe there are only a few who share the same sentiments.

    To generalize Filipino teachers in Louisiana in the profile is not right to do.

  60. Contrary to your claims, this blog has never censored any comment nor discouraged any person to contribution. We may not agree on many things but we will continue to publish your comments. Unlike you we respect other people's opinions and ideas, and not resort to character assasination. We only debate here on ideas and not on speculations about personalities. Please get back to the opriginal post of this thread and you will know that this discussion is about ideas.

  61. If you have a different experience than us then good for you. But do not stop us if we have a horrible experience with a agency. It is still our right to voice out our concern and discuss our experiences. Why are you against us discussing our own experience?

    Thank you for sharing your life story but that has no bearing to the injustice that we experience. If you want, go start your own blog about how great you are and about your hero, Lulu Navarro. Go ahead feed your ego. I think you need it.

  62. Gurong Sulong, I believe your minions instead resorting to character assassination. When we do not agree to your ideology, then your supporters call us dumb (bobo). Is that the respect you can only give us? If that is the kind of respect you can give us; I don't need it and reserve it to yourself and your supporters.

    You focus on the issue? You do not assassinate characters? Let me inform you that your issues and your manners of confronting the issue affect us. In fact, one teacher, an innocent one, got sued for your cowardly behavior.

    Let me reiterate that your issue started so little and has stemmed into so many sub issues. It is growing. We, along with my friends, would like to inform readers of this blog that we strongly do not subscribe to your methods-coward, unfair, selfish!

    Name yourselves that only apply to your group. Do not include us, many Filipino teachers in Louisiana. You are only a few. You are only in East Baton Rouge. So limit your scope too.

  63. There is nothing wrong about voicing out your feelings towards anything for as long as your concerns only pertain to your persona. Do not name your group that gives an impression that all Filipino teachers in Louisiana are in strike.

    Just when people went to Edsa rallies, they carry their own banners to represent their group.

  64. Thank you for the suggestion of the wording of our profile but we stand by it. We do not claim and we have never claimed that we represent all Filipino teachers in Louisiana. The fact is that blog profile is accurate. If you have a problem with that, we are sorry but we cannot accomodate your baseless request.

  65. Let me answer this.

    "If you have a different experience than us then good for you. But do not stop us if we have a horrible experience with a agency. It is still our right to voice out our concern and discuss our experiences. Why are you against us discussing our own experience?"

    Nobody is stopping you in the first place. It is your right. We are not against your discussion perse. We are highly disappointed on how you approach your concerns as you affect us. Again, we are not against your discussion. We are also discussing with you and even challenge you to come out in the open for proper identification.

    To the readers, obviously, the reaction of this supporter of this blog is impertinent and highly defensive. Please do not put words into our mouth.

  66. Readers, please look into the statement below. We only request the owner and friends of this blog to reword its profile in order to make their representation personal and to reflect their own opinions. This is the response:

    "Gurong Sulong said...

    Thank you for the suggestion of the wording of our profile but we stand by it. We do not claim and we have never claimed that we represent all Filipino teachers in Louisiana. The fact is that blog profile is accurate. If you have a problem with that, we are sorry but we cannot accomodate your baseless request."

    For him, our request is baseless. We thought it is a simple request; however, he cannot accommodate it. For us, it is obvious that you have your own agenda and pursuits. Please limit to your own only and do not include us by saying WE FILIPINO TEACHERS IN LOUISIANA. It includes us and we do not subscribe to you. We are hoping for your understanding. Obviously, you are intellectuals. The bone of our contention is not hard to fathom. It easily understood even by a layman.

  67. to gurong sulong:

    this blog site is incredible!

    i'm related to one of the teachers in louisiana and met some of the teachers too. they do share the same horror stories but were very cluecless on how to go about the issue. i was told that only very few is satisfied with the agency especially to lulu, they can even count and name them.

    i think like my teacher friends most of the teachers are displeased with what is happening to them they just dont know where to lodge their complaints without risking their selves and jobs.

    can you please advise on this?

  68. Kawawa naman yung teacher na nademanda dahil sa blog na ito. Panahon na siguro para si Gurong Sulong at ang mga kaibigan na manindigan na dapat sila ang idemanda at hindi yung inosenteng teacher.

    Sana wala ng madamay. Gurong Sulong, sana makonsensiya naman kayo.

    I am sure iba iba naman ang opinyon ninyo. May mga pleased, displeased at ang iba naman ay deadma. Makulay talaga ang buhay. Nakakatawa pero nakakaawa yung guro na naidemanda.

    Dapat humarap ang dapat humarap doon sa kaso. Opinyon ko lamang iyon.

  69. Lead me Lord, lead me by the hand
    And make me face the rising sun
    Comfort me through all the pain
    That life may bring
    There's no other hope
    That I can lean upon
    Lead me Lord Lead me all my life
    Walk by me, walk by me across
    The lonely road that I may face
    Take my arms and let your hadn
    Show me the way
    Show the way to live inside your heart
    All my days, all my life

    Refrain: You are my light
    You're the lamb upon my feet
    All the time my Lord
    I need You there
    You are my light I (just) cannot live alone
    Let me stay
    By Your guiding love
    All through my life
    Lead me Lord
    Lead me Lord Even though at times
    I'd rather go alone my way
    Help me take the right direction
    Take Your road Lead me Lord
    And never leave my side
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    You are my light
    You're the lamb upon my feet
    All the time my Lord
    I need You there
    You are my light I (just) cannot live alone
    Let me stay By Your guiding love
    All through my life
    All through my days Lead me, O Lord Lead me Lord

  70. Life is not all that bad, my friend, hmmm
    If you believe in yourself
    If you believe there's Someone
    Who walks through life without you
    You'll never be alone
    Just learn to reach out,
    And open your heart
    Lift up hands to God,
    And He'll show you the way.

    And He said, "Cast your burdens upon Me
    Those who are heavily laden,
    Come to Me, all of you who are tired
    Of carrying heavy loads,
    For the yoke I will give you is easy
    And My burden is light,
    Come to Me and I will give you rest."

    When you feel the world
    Is tumblin' down on you,
    And you have no one
    That you can hold on to,
    Just face the rising sun
    And you'll see hope,
    And there's no need to run
    Lift up your hands to God,
    And He'll make you feel all right.

    And He said, "Cast your burdens upon Me
    Those who are heavily laden,
    Come to Me, all of you who are tired
    Of carrying heavy loads,
    For the yoke I will give you is easy
    And My burden is light,
    Come to Me and I will give you rest."

  71. guys, I posted the songs above, let us leave situation to God. Let us pray for more strength, good health and stronger faith. Everything is a test of faith. Trust. Have God in your heart and you will feel better. He never sleeps. He knows who is guilty or not guilty.

    Kaso lang, ayaw namin ang madamay eh.
    Limit your scope, name your group. Do not use the words Filipino Community in Louisiana, dahil hindi kita ka ano ano.
    What is asked is simple, we will stop commenting on these blog, if you name your group, (if it is really hard to disclose your identity).
    Huwag lang gamitin yong Filipino Community dahil Filipino din ako eh, but we have a different stand on this issue. I took responsibility on the contract I signed.
    Fight, in whatever way you, but DO NOT DRAG US.

  73. Thanks for the beautiful songs anyway. I been looking for that song for so long. I thanked God for I found it here!!!!!!!Happy New Year.....this comment has nothing to do with this blog or whatsoever..........Thanks for the lyrics!!!!!

  74. ms. lulu made the teacher she sued much stronger and the teachers' cause intensified. her action is a clear manifestation of power play and intimidation--- one of the many issues being brought out.

    if there would be someone who needs to be sued, she should be the one who did unlawful deeds.

    the end of the tunnel is near and i do believe also there is a price ms. lulu has to pay for all her acts.

    and yes, legally she will be facing something she deserves...and so morally, spiritualy and financialy.

    and for those few teachers who dont want to be a part of this justice, then dont. dine with your ma'am lulu when she eats the dust!

  75. Don't worry about the teacher na nademanda, she is in fact happy to face Lulu in court. Lulu is singling her out because she has been an outspoken critique of Lulu's policies even before this blog. And most likely the people behind this blog are is constant contact with and supporting her.

  76. How sad it is that instead of condemning the effort of Lulu Navarro to hide its anomalies and suppress our freedom of speech, some here would rather condemn this blog first.

    It is clear from this kind of thinking that you are simply nothing but Lulu's lapdog.

  77. Let me tell you that Lulu already has faced a lot of teachers in court either she sued them or Lulu is being sued. Lulu wins in majority of the cases filed against her in relation to teacher placement. You can ask your friends who were recruited by Lulu in other states and they will tell you that they lost the court battle.

    I think her contract was made by a lawyer too. Anyway, let us not forget our job and let us not forgot how will job will affect our reputation as this blog was forwarded to the school districts.

    The Filipino Community has also stepped in. As I read from one who wrote comment here, they will talk to the superintendents and school district next year.

    Whether we like it or not it will cause problem. This will speak badly about us in general because we are giving them inconveniences that they never had before. Also, our paper is not safe. Given all these, let us pray that we will not be sent home.

    To the teacher who is happy to face Lulu in court, I hope you will end up happy. I had a friend who worked for a law firm in California and a cousin who worked for a law firm in New York, I showed them the copy of my contract and they have it reviewed by their bosses. Their bosses said that the contract is normal for private companies and for profit organization. There is nothing illegal about that.

    Anyway, let the the court decide.

  78. Here we are again, people do not realize that people have their own point of view and level of satisfaction. When people are not satisfied with Lulu then it is okay. However, when people are very satisfied with Lulu, then we are lapdogs. How predictable, how personal, how selfish, how myopic (nearsightedness), how closed some of the writers here view opinions.

    Even senators have different point of view. If you wish to expose illegal activities of Lulu (if there is any), let the court decide. We are not lawyers and stop acting like lawyers at the same time.

    Our only concern is do not include our names by saying WE THE FILIPINO TEACHERS IN LOUISIANA because we definitely do not side with you.

    Plain and simple, we request you to disclose your identity and to limit the scope of your profile and that will represent your own ideology, if any.

  79. Assuming that the girl is happy to face lulu in court, not all of us are happy to be sued. It is our record that we want to keep clean. We do not want any law suit filed against us. We are not happy for any lawsuit as it causes us inconvenience, financially. We need to be absent at work in order to attend court duty. That will either make us lose earning or lose vacation/sick leave time.

    WE are new in the United States. Such inconvenience will not help in anyway. When you lost your case, I will that will not affect your immigration status when you file for greencard assuming you will reach that point. If you want your dreams to happen, think smart and stop being arrogant.

  80. This blog is such a good place for discussion. Keep it up guys! There seems to be many sides to this issue. Nice blog!

  81. Whoever said that being sued is putting dirt to your name? This is America as you said, people here get sued for the most flimsy of all reasons. That is the dynamics of this form of democracy.

    When you are sued, it is also a good venue for you to clear your name. It's not that if you are the one who initiated the suit, then you are in a higher moral ground than the one being sued. That's a wrong way of looking at it.

    If you are found guilty of wrongdoing that is the time that you can say that your name is tainted, just like Lulu Navarro who has been found guilty of criminal acts (fraud, etc).

  82. We stand by what is in our profile as quoted below:

    "We are concerned Filipino teachers from different Louisina School Districts who bonded together to share our stories, our thoughts, our sentiments, our dreams, and decided to fight back!"

    Is there anthing in the sentence that says we are representing ALL Filipino teachers in Louisiana? That paragraph is as accurate as it could get.

    Now, this is a free country. Why are you forcing us to reveal our identities in this blog? Are we doing something illegal here? And unfortunately, we do not have a consensus to reveal all our names and we operate in a democratic manner. Maybe you are used to getting whatever you ask and want just like the tyrant Lulu Navarro. In our case, we consult and ask members of our group.

    The way we see it, the only person who will be very interested in our identities is Lulu Navarro as she wants to silence us by her intimidation tactics. We do not contest the fact that she has the resources to hire lawyers and file all the cases in court, after all she has been milking us dry. So why would we want Lulu Navarro to be happy? No way! Mamamatay sya sa inis!

    Please don't be like a child: "Kung ayaw mo ko sabihin name mo, duwag ka...Beh duwag, Beh duwag..." It is up to us how to handle our campaign and our efforts to stop the oppressive policies of Lulu Navarro and her agencies (PARS and Universal).

    Lastly, we know that you are the only one (aside from Lulu) who has been very adamant to know our identities (which make us very suspicious of your real identity also but dont worry we will not force you to reveal yours). And please do not pretend that there is a public clamour for us to reveal our identities. That would be a long shot and we would actually be elated if that is the case.

    Happy new year ulit!

  83. I've been here in he US for almost 8 years. My advice is for the teachers to go on and stand up. I have heard a lot of this Navarro as my nephew is also a victim. The beauty of the US judicial system as compared to the one that we have at home is that here the playing field is somewhat even. I dont agree with the others who suggest that you should just forget about even thinking of standing up against Navarro. Just my opinion. Thanks.

  84. To Anonymous who shared his story,

    Thank you for sharing your really nice story. We sincerely appreciate that. However there are also many good stories of people who stood up for what is right. There are so many stories of immigrants who succeeded because of standing up for thier rights.

    Many factors play in this issue and every situation is really unique. In your case as per your judgement it could have been better to keep quiet (especially at first as your status is still not legal). But when you became legal, what could have happened if you were more vocal? Maybe your story could have been better. And "being vocal" has so many forms. If you are just vocal without being logical then that's a different story. Maybe that's what happend to your female colleague.

    The point is that we cannot really deduce from your story that is it better to simply keep quiet and not stand up for what is right. Nevertheless, we respect your opinion and we are happy of your success.

    What we are fighting here is not only for ourselves but we hope to stop the oppressive practices of the agency so it will not victimized more Filipinos.

    We also would like to underscore again as we have before that we are fighting the agency here and not our employer. We are in fact making sure that we perform really well in school and in our profession as a whole.

    Again, thanks for sharing.

  85. This is my point that is why we do not subscribe to Gurong Sulong and cohorts. Our status here is temporary. It would be very good to be vocal when we all have our permanent residency status. Meaning, we can work and live in the US permanently.

    For now, Gurong Sulong and friends, do not include us in your fight. We want a peaceful life. We know when to fight. We know how to wait. We think carefully and we do not want to be dragged by your emotions.

    I would understand your moves when you are a greencard holder. But right this very moment, you might still be sent home for any reason it may be.

    We still clamor for the same, change and limit statement in your profile. Do not include us. COME OUT IN THE OPEN. Do not include all. You are only a few, a few frustrated.

    We are not frustrated. We are happy. We are responsible about what we have signed and the consequences of us going here.

    If you have complaints; since they are legal, go to court and only represent yourself and friends but not all of us.

    You are misrepresenting us, which is also illegal by law.

  86. Ang akin lang, wag mandamay, hayaan ang mga nanahimik. Kung gusto ninyo lumaban, lumaban kayo yung kayo lang. Wag mandamay. Matagal naming pinangarap ito. Tawagan nyo kaming bobo, wala kaming pakialam. Basta ang gusto lang namin 5 to 10 years from now matino ang buhay namin dito sa America.

    Hindi dahil sa takot kami, dahil hindi kami takot, una wala kaming reklamo pero nadadamay kami, pangalawa, ayaw namin ng gulo dahil hindi naman kami nanggulo, pangatlo, gusto namin gumanda ang buhay namin...yung sure na walang taong galit sa amin or maghihiganti in the future.

    Ayokong isipin kapag natutulog ako na madedemanda kayo ako, or kung naidemanda na ako, what if hindi ako manalo? ayoko ng mga worries.

    So kayo kayo lang yan. wag mandamay. Iniisip namin ang buhay namin 5 to 10 years from now.




  88. Anonymous you are clearly one heck of a close-minded person. We have not called you "bobo", it is somebody who commented in this blog and we cannot control every comment in this blog just like we cannot control you. You have called us different names, tried to picture us us arrogant, cowards, etc already and we are not stopping you.

    The problem is you don't know how to listen to other people's views. Not all people here who disagress with you are people we can control. Remember anybody can post comments here.

    If you think what we are doing here is illegal then go file a case against us and google just like what your Ma'am Lulu did. Do whatever you want. Dont feel as if you are that important that we really want to include you. No we surely dont want to include people like you in our group.

    Please read the earlier comments as we have replied substantially to all your shallow points. If you don't seem to understand, then lets leave it at that. There is no use of repeating them.

    Further, this blog does not control the Filipino community. Thank you for the compliment but we are not that powerful that we can control the action of other groups. And it is their decision to do whatever they want to because this is a free country. If you think they are doing something illegal, then go ahead follow the lead of your Ma'am Lulu and file a suit.

    Again you are funny because you are trying to pretend that there are a lot of you. Readers of this blog are not dumb to notice that all those comments above asking us to reveal our names and change our profile are coming from one source.

  89. H'wag pansinin yan. KSP lang yan. Nasagot naman lahat na points nay. May problema yata sa utak yan e.

  90. Indeed!!!!! it seems she/he doesn't know what she\he talking about. If not in favor with this blog then don't say anything nobody is forcing you to subscribe. As what Gurong Sulong said YOU ARE not that important person para bigyan ng special attention!!!!! Kung ayaw mo wag!!!! dont give any comments here we dont want you're idea. It seems you don't know the definition of a blog!!!!!

  91. He, who hides in fake names, is as treacherous as a serpent.

    How can anyone file a case against you when you are hiding under a made up name?

    We assure you that when you have yourselves clearly identified, then battle will have a clear direction, either you lose or you win the fight. One knows who to attack. One knows who defend?

    With our method, it is all ambiguity. It implicates names of innocent people. You are even happy to have innocent people mistakenly identified for your own action. We are pleased to hear when the teacher who got sued subscribe to you. What if we, teachers who do not subscribe to you, will the next in line to be charged? We do not like unpleasant surprises. We believe that one way to avoid this is to make yourself limited to your own endeavor, own population, meaning label yourselves that accurately reflect your own group. Do not include us.

    We may say that there is due process of law wherein one has the right to talk and one has the right to be heard. But the process may not be executed without the proper distinction who to hear and who to talk as a representation of his/her own persona.

    We like this blog. There are people who do not and do subscribe to you. Freedom of expression, freedom of speech. It is in the Bill of Rights.

    We know that you have responded to our comments but you never answered our clamor. Your profile is still too general. Your blog does not reflect the opinion of the majority. It is only a few. Some are on your side, some are not on your side and just do not care. As you see, probably it is only a third of the entire population that you genuinely represent here. In fact, such fraction saying that you represent only a third of the entire sentiment is an overestimation.

    You might get mad at us and excuse that it is only one person writing this. We talk about this. I, together with my teacher friends in Louisiana, have our own opinions too. We will not comment anymore if we feel that you do not represent us in your blog profile because clearly enough we do not subscribe to you.

  92. We will only stop in our fight when you limit your blog profile as such this way:

    "ABOUT US - We, A FEW concerned Filipino teachers from EAST BATON ROUGE who bonded together to share our stories, our thoughts, our sentiments, our dreams, and decided to fight back!"

    In that way, it is only your fight. We will not comment anymore when you have your profile written or similar to the statement above.

    Please understand that we do not want to be represented by your group in any manner. We have our own way.

  93. Anonymous, how presumptuous of you to say that we are only "A FEW concerned Filipino teachers from EAST BATON ROUGE."

    How were you able to assume that we are only a few? Where did you get your information that we are only from EBR? That is your problem right there -- because you assume that you know everything. (By the way, in both your assumptions you are wrong.)

    This is our blog and for the Nth time we declare that the profile description below is accurate:

    "We are concerned Filipino teachers from different Louisiana School Districts who bonded together to share our stories, our thoughts, our sentiments, our dreams, and decided to fight back!"

    I dont know what kind of English you are using but in the English that we are using the statement above does not connote "All Filipino teachers in Louisiana." And the qualifying adjective "concerned" further narrows it down, so those that are not "concerned" are not part of this group.

    We have amply discussed these issues so for the benefit of others please read our earlier comments in this thread. This will be the last time we will address the same points.

  94. To the anonymous above, if you want to file a case against an entity/person, it is your responsibility to determine their identities. That is your problem. You don't go to the entity/person that you want to file a case against and ask for their identities.

  95. Para naman may break sa blog na ito. Tawanan time naman. Itong kantang ito para kay Gurong Sulong kasi medyo rhyming ang title ng kanta sa name niya...this is for you. Urong Sulong by Regine Velasquez

    Huwag nang mag-alinlangan pa

    Kung gusto mo ako lumapit ka

    Huwag nang patorpe-torpe pa

    Minsan tuloy ako`y naiinis na

    Di mo ba ito napapansin

    Na ako`y may pagtingin din

    Di mo ba ito napupuna

    Na gusto na rin kita

    (Repeat I)

    Bakit ka ganyan

    Puros ligaw tingin ka na lang

    At nong minsan lalapit ka na

    Bakit biglang tumalikod pa


    Urong sulong ka

    Bakit ka ganyan

    Urong sulong ka

    (Repeat Koro twice)

    Huwag nang pag-isipan pa

    Kung gusto mo ako aminin mo na

    Huwag nang patorpe-torpe pa

    Minsan tuloy ako`y naiinis na

    Bakit ka ganyan

    Hindi kita maintindihan

    Damdamin mo`y tinatago pa

    Mabuti pang sabihin mo na

    (Repeat Koro until fade)

  96. Whatever....di ka nakakatawa........bakya........

  97. hehehe..break nga..kakatawa naman ah.

  98. How Do You Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity?

    If you suspect or know of an individual or company that is not complying with the tax laws, you may report this activity by completing Form 3949-A. You may fill out Form 3949-A online, print it and mail it to:

    Internal Revenue Service
    Fresno, CA 93888

    If you do not wish to use Form 3949-A, you may send a letter to the address above. Please include the following information, if available:

    * Name and address of the person you are reporting
    * The taxpayer identification number (social security number for an individual or employer identification number for a business)
    * A brief description of the alleged violation, including how you became aware of or obtained the information
    * The years involved
    * The estimated dollar amount of any unreported income
    * Your name, address and daytime telephone number

    Although you are not required to identify yourself, it is helpful to do so. Your identity can be kept confidential.,,id=106778,00.html

  99. have you heard of the latest from the immigration guys? petitions for green card will be paid by the employer! Good for us......BUT the million dollar question is....with the trouble we put on this blog...people from the district are not closing their eyes....Will they TAKE RISK AND PAY FOR US? Some teachers in California are already "TNT" because school districts do not have the budget for the immigration fees.

  100. concerned citizen --sbJanuary 12, 2009 at 3:29 PM

    I believe that EBR is seeing this on a case to case basis. As long as they are not being involved, I believe it is not a big deal for them. However, they are aware about the situation
    regarding the employment agency.

    There are steps in carrying out the application for immigration status.
    1. the application for foreign labor condition should be approved first. If you have this document look for ETA document number: see the site:

    2. until number #1 is not satisfied, you need to wait or in some cases the paperwork can be submitted altogether. I am not sure about this since mine was done a little while ago.

    3. The employer (not the employment agency;she does not have the power; YOU have the power and YOU control your life) will petition you to change your status from non-resident to immigrant status , AND at the same time
    4. You have to file a change from non-resident to immigrant status.

    I have heard that this can be done altogether so check the current rules.

    If you have a go ahead with your employer, and you do not want to do all of this stuff. I have mentioned somewhere in this blog the immigrant lawyers' names and contact numbers. You can consult with them or if you realy really dying to please your employment agency, you can also consult with her.

  101. It is very interesting just reading everything posted on this blog!! All of you seem to be complaining about the same thing over and over!!! my goodness GROW UP!! LET ME EXPLAIN FOR THE SAKE OF THE MAJORITY BEING AFFECTED BY THIS BLOG AND SO PEOPLE WILL UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!!
    • Placement Fee - you people should realized that NOBODY WORKS FOR FREE!! Even your so called Filipino Community Members will not do that if this happens to be their business!! SO pleaseeeeeeee Stop Hallucinating!! Wake up to reality!! Since you are all so bitter with this whole processed why not challenge the agency to return your money in exchange for your visa and go back where you all came from!! It is sickening listening to all of this stupid arguments!! If anything, we should all be thankful that all of us have been given this opportunity to come here in US and work as teachers making at least $44K and NOT as housekeepers or caregivers to go to some other countries!!Come on!! Isnt that the TRUTH!! Bottom line is that the service was provided!! and now that were all here and somebody feed you the wrong information your actually ungrateful for what was done to help us get here!!@ People reading this blog should realized that this are just sour grapes!! Now that they are here they do not want to take care of their obligations!! If its not for the agency EBR would not even know you exist!! Okay! so shut the FUCK UP!! Let me refresh your memory then all of you!! After the agency announced the names of all those teachers that were selected who passed the interview, we were told by the agency to come for a general meeting after two days. We went back to the hotel and met with the school representatives and they brief us all about the school and the process and we even took pictures with them. Next the agency talked to us and informed us of the requirements and the fees was also discussed!! I heard over and over even before we got interviewed by the district representative. Because Ms. Lulu wanted to make sure that each one of us understood the process for when she leaves and go back to the US they will need to start processing all of our documents!! And after the meeting at the hotel, we all went back home and gather all of the documents needed to process our papers so we can come to the US and teach!! I remembered Ms. Lulu said that if we are not ready to please let them know ahead of time!! So why blame her now that your here?? If what your all complaining about is true. then why not even one of you back out last minute so you can do damage control and not spend all of this money your crying about?? IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE AT ALL?? By the way, What collateral was used by each one of you when you barrowed money from the financing firm?? Do you know of any bank in the world that will loan you even a dollar without any collateral?? Is it really the agency charging you the money or the financing agency because they loaned you the money with NO COLLATERAL and that is why your monthly payment is high because since there is no collateral the financing agency wants to collect all of their money in short period of time. Now, your all fist off when in fact it was not Ms. Lulu who created this problem for you!! Ms. Lulu informed us her agency fees ahead of time. There was nothing hidden. Let us not forget that it is her right to charge whatever fees they have set up for the service they provide their clientele. We are the one who applied thru her agency!! Just remember that she did not solicit our business, we went and applied and push thru the whole application process even after the fact that we know what is involved in the process!! So its not fair to do this to her!! Its like going to the store and buying a merchandise and if you know that you do not have enough money to pay for the merchandise then why did you still decided to purchase it ? Only you know the answer but its not FAIR for all of us and specially the agency for they did not force us to do this!! here in United States we learned that if we are not happy with the merchandise that we purchased that we can always return it and get a refund so why not do the same return what you purchased from the agency which is the service they provided to come here in United States, you get your money back and in exchange you surrender your visa and go back home! It make sense right!! But knowing all of your filipino mentality, you will not do that! YOUR MAKING so much noise but in reality its NOT LULU who is the problem its you people because you want to CHEAT HER after all that SHE HAS DONE FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF US to help us come to United States and make our dreams come true!! Exactly what she did wrong? charging you a fee for services that was rendered!! But we are all aware of this fee because during the interview we are all in the other room and Lulu was talking to all of us using a MICROPHONE and explaining the steps and the fees that they will charge once they are successful in bringing us to the United States and also provided we pass the interview! So there is NO WAY all of you can say that this was not explained to us or that you did not hear it because as I said she was using a microphone and therefore its connected to a loud speaker so everyone can hear her, and that is the truth so please stop all these LIES and ACCUSATIONS!!
    • RENT- We were informed by the agency in the philippines as to how much is the rent and what is included in it? We were told that everything is included:
    • rent
    • all utilities paid
    • furniture rental (bed, dining table, sofa, loveseat, coffee table, night table, lamps, )
    • We should all understand and admit that it was very convenient for all of us that when we got here straight from the airport that there is a bed waiting for us in our own apartment eventhough that at the time we technically do not exist since we do not have any credit whatsoever in fact we do not even have social security numbers BUT because of the Universal Placement agency it became possible!! This filipino community did not help us!! I do not remember them picking us up at the airport!! The community should know that even when we arrived at the airport the agency made sure that we did not have to take a cab to go to our apartments!! Everything was coordinated by Ms. Lulu!! Where can you rent an apartment with a security deposit of $50.00 and a rent of $310.00 to include everything from furniture to utilities? You can all ask the whole community, your principals and co-teachers alike and Just be honest and tell the truth so people will understand what is really going on? I have asked Ms. Lulu why she puts all of the teachers in the same complex and she said that since the very first group was happy with the apartment and the convenience that the location was near stores, restaurants, banks etc. and plus it is very hard to look for an apartment complex where they can accommodate everybody and it is also to their advantage to live closed to each other for safety reasons and second that in case of emergency that they can help each other immediately. It seems that no matter what she did for us there was no appreciation on our part! Just be thankful that we did not experienced what other teachers have experienced with other agencies wherein they stayed in the hotel and they have to look for their own housing!! All of the convenience you can think of from housing to transportation was arranged by the agency that you are all complaining about!! NONE OF US NEED TO COMMUTE or take the public transportation EVERY MORNING TO GO TO WORK!! and that is the truth! I know that you will say that we pay to carpool but still if this was not organized properly, Can you just imagine how many of us are here? How we are all going to be at work on time? So please stop this NON SENSE!! TELL THE TRUTH!! LETS ACKNOWLEDGE THE HELP THAT WAS GIVEN TO US!! YOU KEEP ON CONDEMNING MS LULU WHEN SHE DID NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG!!
    • You keep on accusing her about continously charging us money! I do not know what you people are talking about? Its another lie so please stop all these LIES and tell the truth!!
    Please understand how we feel as well!! WHETHER WE GO THRU MS LULU OR OTHER AGENCY WE KNOW THAT THERE IS A FEE INVOLVED AND IN SOME CASES MORE THAN WHAT WE PAY FOR!! Stop complaining for I know and you know that Universal Placement and Pars Agency is the only agency in the Philippines that can process our immigration papers to come here and work within two months period and that is the real reason why most of us BELIEVED IN UNIVERSAL PLACEMENT AND PARS AGENCY because of word of mouth from other teachers they have helped in the past!! We cannot condenm Ms. Lulu just because were paying the financing agency money that we borrowed in order for us to come here! This is what we asked the agency to do for us!! and we know its not free!! and since we do not have the financial capability we have asked them to help us and now after everything was done and were all here working, some of us driving our own cars now too! We are condemning her!!! FOR WHAT?? EXACTLY WHAT DID SHE DO WRONG TO US?? She is like a mother to all of us!! everytime we call and ask for help she is always there!! and just because she told us to get our act together so it does not ruin our reputation your all angered by her actions!! COME ON!!! This is our investment to ourselves in order for us to be able to come here in Louisiana!! And you cannot express other peoples opinion just because of this BLOG!! YOU DO NOT REPRESENT ALL OF US NOR WE HAVE GIVEN YOU ANY AUTHORIZATION TO DO SO - FILIPINO TEACHERS IN EBR OR OTHER DISTRICTS!! Why your all afraid to use your real names? Why it has to be all alias or anonymous?? Why are you all hiding behind the curtain?? What is the real reason? YOUR ALL AFRAID !! BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT TELLING THE TRUTH!! Even your so called Filipino Community did not sign their name!! Why?? PLEASE TELL US WHY?? Because you can all get sued for libel you know that and we know that!! AND THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE!!! We all asked the agency to help us get a job here in Louisiana and now that we are all here collecting a paycheck and we have to start paying loans that we used to come here we BLAME THE AGENCY!! and accused Ms. Lulu of wrong doings even though its not true!! Calling her all these names that you can think of does not solve your problems!! The problem is you did not want to PAY your obligations!!




  102. To Anonymous above,

    Contrary to your claim that you read all the postings in this blog, it is clear from your long diatribe that you did not. Or maybe you just did not understand. Or maybe you just refuse to understand. Or maybe you are just like your Ma’am Lulu who is fast to shout at other people without even taking the time to understand what they are saying. We can just imagine you -- angry and yelling just like your Ma'am Lulu. Indeed, birds of the same feather flock together.

    All the points that you have put forward have already been replied to. There is nothing new in your lame defense of Lulu Navarro. Read again and see if you think you really have articulated a good justification for the abuses and lopsided schemes of Universal and PARS. Your lame defense is the same old sorry excuses of Lulu's apologists. Can you cite at least one intelligent argument that you think has not been put on the table before in this blog? Our initial reply you is this: Please read back and open your mind.

    As we have always said, if you have a different experience with the agency then we will not argue with you and we will not accuse that you are a liar (unlike what you are doing). But please do not assume that you know our experiences. Were you able to monitor all the experiences of all teachers in all the batches? Wow! Just like the other loyalists of Lulu (or maybe you are the same person) you like to assume that you know all that has happened.

    But then again, we cannot blame you for your angry stance and your bungangera-style sermon. Again, birds of the same feather flock together.

  103. concerned citizen --sbJanuary 13, 2009 at 11:46 AM

    On the contrary, few of the members of the Filipino Community were requested to bring the new teachers to the city. I was in a meeting and was told that one or two members are going to the airport to pick up some new teachers. This was only one occasion. I do not know how many rides were taken in another occasion.

    Do not tell me that we are not helping those who wanted to be helped. In fact, your Ms. Lu
    prevented us from helping some teachers from anything, from giving small furniture and the like.

    Our mission is to socialize and integrate with other Filipinos in Louisiana. We are always here to assist any Filipino who needs our help in the best way possible but your beloved Ms. Lu is the problem. We feel that because of our race she is discriminating us to interact and socialize with you.

    As for a merchandise you bought here, you can return the merchandise if you do not like it. No questions asked. In the case of employment agency's contract, it is governed by CA Civil Codes. Some people who felt they were deceived by the agent have the right to complain to the authorities. This is not a lie. And you have to accept it.

  104. While the anonymous writer invokes fairness, he/she does not even recognize the fact that this blog is not censoring his/her opinion here.

    And while he/she is saying that this blog has been saying the same things all over, he/she is actually parroting the same arguments that were being repeated here by Lulu's minions.

    And while whe is saying "STOP TELLING LIES!!!", he/she is the one who actually is guilty of distorting the truths (which by the way is lying). Do not dare tell me that the bad treatment I experienced under Lulu Navarro are lies!

  105. concern citizen and your cohorts...go to court!period!

  106. It,s apparent "Anonymous" is an enemy of freedom. At the outset ,He/ She insinuates us to be practical and put down our values for "money" and constantly reminds us that we should be afraid to be dismissed here in our work because of fighting for what is right. No Maam/Sir. not threaten us because we know what we are doing. You accuse us to declare our identities yet you yourself hide in the guise of anonymity.At least we have our aliases and you,though you use Anonymous can clearly be identified by your views because it is obvious that you are the only one and only person with one and only one defense. You said that we are misrepresenting the teachers of EBR .How about you? Are you sure you are speaking for the majority or just for one agency? You have once accused us teachers that we are blindly spending our money on beers and clothes ,well the more you say lies , the more sensible and intelligent teachers will know the truth,right? Nobody here does just what you have been accusing as we came here with sincere motives and are working so hard to please out principals. Obviously, you are misleading the people because you are bitterly hit directly or indirectly and this blog has got on your nerves. Calm down. He who gets hot fast burns first.

  107. aliases, anonymous and the like speak of the same thing.
    We have the courts. You have been talking about this for quite sometime. Few months from now, some of our VISA would end. After that, we go back to square one...go to agencies to help us processed the renewal of our VISAS, that if, we do not do it our own. Before that time comes, file everything in court and let justice to the truest sense of the word start to roll.
    With this kind of voicing out concerns, you will just end up assassinating with each other. AND BEING "INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS", this does not sound well.

  108. concerned citizen --sbJanuary 14, 2009 at 4:11 PM

    we are here to voice our concerns with only one person.. we do not assassinate each other..why don't you come to our fold.. you are always do not need an agency to process your visa.. have you seen the documents for extension of visa?...only two signatures are required--yours and your employer or its representative..

    The info below is pertinent to the extension of visa.

    Initially, H1B visa is issued for a period of 3 years. Here are the requirements:

    * A valid passport for the applicant and each family member.
    * Original of the form I-94 issued to the applicant by the USCIS.
    * USCIS Form I-797 Notice of Receipt which includes information on the applicant’s present employer and indicates the renewal/extension dates.
    * Employer’s letter of support which contains information relating to the applicant’s work position and nature of business or profession.
    Also it must mention the list of dependants and the explanation for why the visa is needed.

    * A typed nonimmigrant visa application form, OF-156 with one official passport-size photograph for each applicant, regardless of age.
    * Non-refundable visa fee. The payment must be made by bank draft, money order, or corporate check payable to the U.S. Department of State.
    * A self-addressed postage-paid envelope for returning the documents.

  109. To concern citizen above,
    Of course, I do not want to be identified with your group...I took responsibility for my actions and from this I will rise.

    Anyway. Thank you for your unsolicited information. but. You are mistaken when you said "initially H1B is issued for three years", THAT IS NOT THE CASE FOR SOME, there are whose VISAs are only a year, worst others have even less than a year, that means, they must renew it.

    Of course, I do not want to bother all the paper works, so I go to law firms (and these are agencies right?) I think, when I said agencies, you mean something that of LULU...NO!

    That is why I said, "if you do not want to do it yourself". My dear concern citizen, YOU STILL HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO,remember, assumption is the MOTHER of all f_ _ k ups!

    Read between the lines......please.

  110. concerned citizen --sbJanuary 15, 2009 at 1:07 PM

    Sorry. This is not a case of Filipinos fighting against Filipinos for no apparent reason. This is a case of some enlightened Filipino teachers
    fighting against an agency who happens to be a former Filipino who happens to be taking advantage of your situation.

    Normally, H1b visas are for 3 years. Why don't you ask yourself why your visa is only for a year. This is the sum: year1=$ + year2=$ + year3=$. Obviously, your cost for just extending your visa is 3x times the normal. By knowing this info, you must be enjoying this while your agent is laughing all the way to the bank.

    By the way, I am ready to retire.

  111. CONCERN CITIZEN...That is the best way you can do...retire. MAY YOU REST IN PEACE!

  112. concerned citizen --sbJanuary 15, 2009 at 7:38 PM

    I hate to do this but i have to correct you now.
    It is concerned citizen not concern citizen. Concerned is an adjective here and is used to describe the word citizen.

    I want to retire so I can devote more time here at this blog.

  113. I beg your pardon Anonymous,alias is different from anonymous. Please check your dictionary. To help us process not processed ...We are now in the present tense hence reality says true justice starts with freedom of expression. Why fret? Does this blog bother you so much ? It is obvious you are getting stressed because YOU are a one man army and do not represent the majority of the teachers deployed by PARS/Universal.If you hate this blog ,because apparently you start to lose your cool ,well,don't participate.If you do want to ,you are welcome,that's democracy. But to tell us to stop from VOICING our views,our pains,our dilemma which your Universal Placement has inflicted upon us and our suffering families (and which surprisingly you do not suffer)is definitely undemocratic. It is YOU who is a shame as an international teacher (or are you an international recruiter?) because you do not understand our plight as you are a die hard fanatic of a greedy agency . Airing views here is allowed (that's why you have posts here too).So simmer down and don't worry because soon ,yes, in your own words ,but not in your own ideals ,true justice will be served.

  114. here comes the grammarian.....FOR NOTHING! YOU BETTER SHAPE UP,,,,OTHERWISE, you will surely pack up!
    America is not measured on your "good" grammar..It is measured on the kind of discipline you have. THINK IT OVER.

  115. depends on what dictionary you are using.... if you are using an elementary dictionary, they are really different. TRY TO USE A MORE PROFESSIONAL ONE. YOU WILL SEE THAT YOU ARE WRONG! alias, anonymous, all mean the same thing....."hiding one's real identity". have you heard of univocal. equivocal, and analogous terms? I really love to teach "bobo" BUT, I hate to teach "tanga" you, who signed contracts without understanding....basta america na, go on....after that, when paying time comes.....they blame others.
    Anyway, go fight with your perfect grammar. LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS VERY DANGEROUS! Let us just for the moment when our paths cross.

  116. di pa rin nawala ang paging palengkera ng anonymous na yan. pinay talaga.

  117. ......sigh.......God bless us all.!!!!!!!

  118. tingnan natin kong sino ang palengkera, basta ako sane akong nagbayad sa mga obligasyon ko. My eyes were openned when I signed my contract, and I know that if I do not have good financial management, parang Pilipinas pa rin ang buhay. So, tingnan mo ang iba sa atin....Now they blame that they are cheated.
    For those who are stable already in the US, they must have felt that we really are cheated, but looking at it more closely, it was a necessary evil, so that our first days here in EBR would not be that tough.
    Try to imagine, each one of us will be looking for apartments without credit history, (kasi hindi kasali yong history sa mga utang natin sa Pilipinas), no SSN, no cars and etc, then, we have to adjust to the way our students behave, and the way we act out to please our principals and other colleagues, di ba it would be too much? That is the good side of it, everything is arranged for us!
    Now, that we realize that we can already stand and we know the hows, then, it's time to step out, pack up and go to the place of your choice.
    Yes, I understand that we have signed our contract for the apartment...but if in the middle, we are not satisfied with the services or any item of the contract is violated, then ....we are the customers, we have every right. DO NOT PAY, if payment is made through salary deduction, then go to the finance office and put a stop payment. SIMPLE!
    THEN if you have problems with placement fee, THAT ISSUE SHOULD HAVE BEEN SOLVED before you came here to the US, but, if you knew already that it was their rate, why forced yourself to make a loan and suffer thereafter?
    Baka hindi mo alam, na yong agency, loan institutions at saka yong airline ticketing agencies my "network of business", yan. I just hope and pray na hindi kasali ang human resource and principals sa EBR.
    THIS KIND OF BUSINESS PUT A STOP to the mass hiring of teachers in New York City Public Schools.
    Have you asked the question why most PARS recruits are employed in Louisiana and New Orleans and not in other states?
    Have you asked the questions why Baltimore and Prince George County, Maryland go for Arrowhead?
    Have you ever asked why e-world and healthquest could not even place a teacher in more famous school districts when they were once the recruitment giants in the US bigger districts?
    Now, if you are not satisfied with what you get, THEN this is America....WE HAVE THE COURTS!

  119. hi knock-knock, I never claim that I am representing anyone here. I am representing myself. But I feel for those who are implicated by this blog. This is too general. And I think that is main point of those who ask for your identities....
    You started this blog anyway, so expect that there will be reactions....can you imagine that no one will ever make comment after you put something?.....
    WE ARE NOT TELLING YOU TO STOP FROM VOICING OUT WHATEVER YOU HAVE INSIDE... WE ARE GIVING YOU A BETTER OPTION....and that is the COURT. kasi madadamay 'yong ayaw makisali. Mahirap ba 'yon intindihin? Is it really hard to understand? Lisod ba na sabton?
    Then, ONCE EVERYTHING IS IN COURT, we STOP talking about it. We let our lawyers work, we gather evidences to put more weight on our case.
    But IF WE KEEP ON TALKING and TALKING bout it here, this problem is not getting anywhere.
    Is there anybody out there who has a better option than what I am thinking?
    Kawawa na man ang mga ito, naghihirap na daw ang pamilya nila sa Pinas.
    No one ever made a comment when your group was asked on your stand when one of our fellow teacher here was sued by lulu, and in fact she was not a mover of this blog? AND YOU CALL IT FAIR? FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION?
    May I share to you one of my favorite lines:
    "Man has always wanted to be free, free from all those things which bind him to this world, yet, he remains enchained, Never knowing how to be free".
    KnockKnock our freedom is not absolute, it is limited. Now the million dollar question is? What is the limit? Now listen....
    Now if you feel that someone is curtailing that freedom, then, we have the right venue for that...TO THE PRESENT CASE...IT IS THE COURT!

  120. oh bigla kayong tumigil sa pinanggagawa nyo ah......dahil ba nanganganib na kayong lahat mawalan ng trabaho? Ang hirap talaga mangarap makarating dito sa America ano???? Magdasal nalang kayo instead magaway kayo....hintayin nyo nlang letter nyo from EBR.... Goodluck sa inyong lahat..ngayon nyo ipakita sa LA na magaling kayo na karapatdapat nila kayong kunin bilang isang guro.....God Bless You ALL!!!!!!!!

  121. please dont ever even entertain the thought that we are now sleeping with what we have been fighting for. we are even thankful for all those who have been supportive, critic and deadma to everything we did because in one way or another you have have shaped the struggle to its matured form.

    likewise, we are still confident that most of us are qualified, if not highly capable of giving LA schools the quality education they pay us for...what ebr is now facing is far beyond the control of any filipino teacher. if the recent ebr developments will cause threat to the employment of the filipino teachers, it is not because we are not good and it is not because we are fighting for our rights. come to think of it, if only a 3 year contract visa and contract was signed (just like what other agencies provide), our security of tenure has a better chance of survival.

    but hush my dear teachers, we are great teachers and LA needs us. there are options though for us to take, even if our employment here is not in jeopardy. as long as we have the educ background, licenses, experience and dedication, a lot of schools will take us with open arms.

    mabuhay and mga guro!

  122. Do not blame the agency for the span of the Visa, it is the immigration officer that gives the VISA. In New York City Public Schools, there were cases that VISAs were only 9 months. In Kansas, there were cases that H1B was only 11 months, In Texas, there were cases, that VISAs were only for 10 months. It all depends on the immigration officer.
    The thing is, what have been posted in this blog have left a stigma to the readers.... and to some our employers. THAT STIGMA IS THE STIGMA OF OUR HIDDEN CHARACTER....
    That was my point...There could have been other means of resolving your personal issues.
    Now, whether you like it or not, EVERYONE IS DRAGGED and everyone suffers the angst.
    YES, we have the credentials, we have the licenses...BUT ARE WE THE PRIORITY? DEFINITELY NOT.
    America has sent their young to schools. two years from now, we will be competing with them. And for sure, despite the number of years of our experience...we will be the last option. REMEMBER, Our coming and being employed here raised the eyebrows of those who were not taken in. AND THEY WILL CONTINUE THEIR FIGHT TO GET THE POSITIONS WE HAVE NOW.
    MY DEAR COLLEAGUES, WE ARE NOW IN TOUGHEST of TIMES . IMMIGRATION POLICIES ARE CHANGING EVERY NOW AND THEN. BEFORE, , Districts would petition for green card, after a number of years NOW, MOST OF THE DISTRICTS in the US will no longer petition because immigration demands that districts WOULD PAY the immigration fees.
    SO WHAT IS NEXT? There many teachers in California who loose their job because their districts do not renew their papers...(or to some extent, sign for their labor certifications)
    THUS, LET US GIVE OUT OUR BEST FOR THE REMAINING MONTHS OF OUR CONTRACT HERE....WHO knows, district personnel would notice us and RENEW this contract for another school year.
    I know that there is a big slash in this years budget, LET US JUST KEEP OUR FINGERS CROSSED! Otherwise, we will be like those in New York, California, Arizona...who are now looking for job because their schools were either closed after Christmas or they would slash personnel by Spring.

  123. stigma ka dyan? you are now capitalizing that effort of filipino teachers in their pursuit for what is right is dragging what is happening to america? wow! bigtime!

    sino niloloko mo?

    the spirit is always to seek justice! i understand uncle sam is in toughest time but its so unfair for you to insinuate that because of this blog some of those who doesnt share the sentiment is dragged? ang labo mo tsong! dont you think any fruit of this endeavor will also be harvested by the few fence sitters?

    today, we are having a historic inauguration where hope and change lead this nation. aren't the inspiration of obama, king jr and many others move you? well, i wont be surprised if not.

    good luck to the filipino teachers behind this blog. just dont loose your focus in fighting what is right and always remember let the bad guys pay!

  124. korek ka dyan. dont lose focus on the main issue. wag paloloko.

  125. I found this article about modus operandi of recruiters. This definitely fits the U.S. based aka foreign agency) in question. She is an unlicensed recruiter in the Philippines and she uses the name of offices of the licensed recuiters in the Philippines.

    Tie-Up System – Unlicensed recruiters with foreign principals who are usually in the blacklist use the name and offices of licensed recruiters in their illegal activity.

    I hope this will help your case.

  126. mrs. doubtfire, Do you really understand simple English? Which part of my statement categorically said that what you are saying in this blog affects what is happening to America?
    Do not add your thoughts to your name make a mess!

  127. That was what I was of business!

  128. The agency made sure that we have an apartment as soon as we arrive US. Correct! She made some arrangements about the carpool. Correct! She made our apartments fully furnished. Correct! You are really right about that. But she did not do it out of goodwill contrary to what you believe in. She did all those stuff because that was part of the contract with the EBR. The EBR accepted Lulu's offer of "supplying" teachers in the district only if she would satisfy those conditions.
    The district doesn't want to be botherd by all those details simply because they lack the manpower to do it. Those were mentioned in the small group meeting with the EBR. It was the EBR's initiative not the agency.

  129. We have to be thankful indeed to EBR.

  130. concernED citizeb --sbJanuary 21, 2009 at 6:01 PM

    You failed to mention that those arrangements are not free. Correct! The carpool arrangements
    are not free. Correct! She made your apartments furnished. Not free. Correct! She made money per head in the apartments. Correct! She did not do this out of goodwill but profiteering. Correct!
    You are correct but did not elaborate further. Correct!

  131. That's business. Nothing is free in America. Hanap buhay lang.

  132. Tama. If you feel cheated, we have the courts. Di wala sanang damdamin na nasaktan. We have gone so far. We have called each other with different names.
    We have stained each others' profession. We have created images in Louisiana. Come on guys, TRY TO SEE THINGS OBJECTIVELY...AND DECIDE WHAT IS BEST for the all.

  133. It is because we, defenders of truth and justice, now see things objectively, we now know and feel that things were not really what they are suppose to be. correct, nothing is free in america but i am much sure also that in america truth and justice prevail more than anything else.

    we are all hurt in different ways and different causes..we were hurt for the reasons explicitly defined already in this blog and in other venues, and the other were hurt defending their beloved ma'am sweet!

    we are now waiting for better things and we are doing things to have them.

  134. Anonymous said...
    mrs. doubtfire, Do you really understand simple English? Which part of my statement categorically said that what you are saying in this blog affects what is happening to America?
    Do not add your thoughts to your name make a mess!

    January 20, 2009 2:07 PM


    indeed i dont simply understand simple english because i do can read between the lines. i pity those who take things spoon-fed to them even if they are bitterly unacceptable. i just cant stomach in the unfairness or shall i say "panggagago" of the agency to the poor yet striving but highly qualified teachers.

    i heard that ebr is now in tough times, with or without this blog, but never will this blog or any other truth and justice seeking efforts caused or will cause stigma in anyway to what ebr is facing re unconfirmed threats to teachers positions. you are just painting that picture to scare teachers and pull out support to what they have all started. look how your ma'am lulu painted fear particularly with the 15 teachers who were said to have low assessment rates and will be sent home? teachers know the truth in this story and how ebr handled the same in the teachers favor. lulu also painted "hope" that it is only her who will save them after they did some papers which are obviously to be used against the other teachers who seek justice to all lulu's wrongdoings.

    i dont wanna go long on this...i'll pray more for CHANGE and HOPE, and like what others do i'll be supporting the teachers in this plight..i believe they can do much!

  135. Ms doubtfire, I like your present tone. I also support the teachers in their fight. BUT, as mentioned for the Nth time, THERE COULD HAVE BEEN A BETTER WAY of doing it. AND I SAID...THE COURT.
    There is only one reason why I am opposed to handle this issue through a blog because it created generalization, and there are those who do not want to be a part of it. Hence, the issue on disclosing once identities were called for.
    Well, we have gone so far, (unfortunately not so near to the solution of the issue faced by some of us. We call names, we humiliate each other, we diverted issues and the like.
    And for me, it does not sound well.
    But anyway, this blog serves a good stuff...and that is...IT SHOWED OUR DIFFERENT COLORS.
    By the way, I still hold to my position that in NO WAY, I did not say, implicitly or explicitly, that this blog has caused either America or EBR to experience the toughest of times.
    All the best, Ms Doubtfire.

  136. yes, truth and justice will prevail....and the best venue is the COURT!

  137. court is one venue, yes it is. how to go about it is a concern we have studied, consulted to experts and authorities as well and planned. safety, first and foremost of the teachers, was considered.

    we cannot share the whole details of the story in this site for obvious reasons but one thing for sure it is in the court now and more legal actions are coming in.

    and also, please dont push us to come out to expose ourselves to danger, we are cautious not only courageous and we are doing all the legal means to take us to nail the culprit/s of our angst..of course with the help of our friends, supporters and symphatizers here in the u.s and in the phil.

    i hope this information will make others who push court as venue to smile now. and for the teachers to have higher hope on this struggle. good luck to each one of us.

    for now, let us all be better than the best teachers la has and take all the steps needed because as highly qualified teachers we can be in the position to huddle for current or better jobs.

  138. Thanks for this piece of information. Those who share their views with me....YOU HAVE READ IT CLEAR...IT IS IN THE COURT. LET THE SPIRIT AND THE INTENT OF THE LAW TAKE ITS COURSE.

  139. I think the battle is not only in the courts, while it is the most formal venue. The battle is also in our hearts and minds. The battle is in the public sphere.

    The issues discussed in this blog are not only limited between the 200 plus teachers and the scam recruitment agency, but rather the issues affect a wider public -- other Filipino teachers who want to work here, the students of different schools, the school district, the Filipino community, etc.

    Now, I dont disagree that legal and formal actions should be undertaken. But I disagree to comments saying we stop talking about it here or let us stop this blog or those who are against us sharing our views on these issues in a blog.

    The court is a tool for society to resolve issues. But it is not the all solution to all issues. Many times public opinion shape policies. That is why blogs, forums, discussions and other forms of sharing, debating, and exchanging of ideas should be welcome especially in a country that values freedom of expression.

  140. This is relevant to today's action

    First Amendment Rights prevail to Subpoena
    Google for discovery purposes of bloggers

    Anonymous blogger gets a subpoena quashed
    The US First Amendment right to free speech prevails
    By Egan Orion
    Saturday, 22 December 2007, 00:50 ON FRIDAY, a New Jersey Superior Court judge quashed a subpoena seeking the identity of an anonymous blogger.

    Known only by the pseudonym "daTruthSquad" on Google's Blogspot service, the blogger was strongly critical of local government in Manalapan township.

    After the blog critic became especially outspoken about the township filing a malpractice lawsuit against its former city attorney, the township subpoenaed Google demanding that it divulge the blogger's identity, contact information, emails, blog drafts and "any and all information related to the blog."

    Manalapan's anonymous nemesis turned to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for legal representation. The EFF asked the township to withdraw the subpoena, terming it "frivolous" and unenforceable, an improper attempt to " unmask an anonymous speaker who was engaged in activity protected by the First Amendment." The township's lawyers told the EFF to complain to a judge.

    In late November, the EFF did just that, filing a motion to quash the subpoena.

    In a hearing Friday, Judge Terence Flynn granted the EFF's motion, ruling that the blogger has the right to anonymous speech under the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

    "We're grateful that Judge Flynn upheld the First Amendment rights of our client and recognized that anonymous speakers should not be intimidated into silence through the discovery process," EFF Staff Attorney Matt Zimmerman said in a statement. "Now 'daTruthSquad' can continue to discuss township business without fear of government reprisal."

  141. di ko alam kung anung klaseng tao yang nagpapa discourage sa mga blogs na ito.wag mo na dalhin yang pagka promdi dito sa Tate.

  142. bakit ano ba ang meron sa promdi....palagay ko yong PAG-IISIP MO.

  143. "di ko alam kung anung klaseng tao yang nagpapa discourage sa mga blogs na ito.wag mo na dalhin yang pagka promdi dito sa Tate"

    Are you referring to Lulu who wants to shut this blog down?

  144. i have great respect to the people who have created this blog. you make me proud as a filipino. carry on gurong sulong and company! God be with you!

  145. "di ko alam kung anung klaseng tao yang nagpapa discourage sa mga blogs na ito.wag mo na dalhin yang pagka promdi dito sa Tate"

    Are you referring to Lulu who wants to shut this blog down?

    - yes and all her disciples.

  146. i have great respect to the people who have created this blog. you make me proud as a filipino. carry on gurong sulong and company! God be with you!

    ....good. at least 16 na kayo.

  147. Who wants to shut down this blog? First, it is protected by the 1st Amendment. Second, there are numerous "cease and desist" sent but were turned down by judges because it is deemed unconstitutional. Third, she has to summon Google to turn over the identities of the bloggers which is impossible. She can only sue "John Does" which is useless. In addition, no bloggers know each other's identities. Even if she sues someone, that someone can not reveal the identities of the other bloggers because he/she does not really know their identities.

    Therefore, shutting down this blog is unenforceable.

  148. Teachers,

    Before you file your taxes check this out:

    Since our visa are only good for a year we qualify for tax exemption.

  149. thanks for the info!

  150. ....good. at least 16 na kayo.

    >>>>>>> no 17 including yourself...

  151. The tax exemption has nothing to do with the number of years stipulated in the VISA. The exemption happens because of the Treaty between the US and foreign countries for J1 and H1B visas. The tax exemption is good for the first two years. That means, enjoy to have "rebate", without paying anything. Dahil, after the second year....nako, uubusin yong sweldo sa buwis. Pero, don't worry, maibalik na man yan sa inyo.

  152. Anonymous,nakakasawa ang sobra mong pagkasipsip. Huminahon ka nawa.Kakaiba ang mga motibo mo. What drives you? Money? Matinding pangangailangan? You are becoming too obvious . Are you afraid of the DARK ????? He,he,he. Remember,if your motive is personal,mag isip ka naman . Marami kaming nahihirapan,ikaw lang yata ang hindi???? Magpakatotoo ka SISTAH!Ako'y hamak na tambay lang sa blog na to but I can tell what drives you crazy BABY!

  153. what are you talking about jumbopoboy??????????? you're totally crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wake up man?!!!!!natutulog ka pa yata sa pansitan dahil di mo pa alam ang sinasabi!!!!!!

  154. putang ina mo Lulu at mga alepores mo...ang hirap ng trabaho tapos ikaw lang ang nakikinabang!!!

    May araw ka ren!

  155. To anonymous above. sinabi mo pa. okay ka lang? nasaan na yong rhetorics ninyo? miss na namin yon.
    nanganganib na ang lahat! malapit na kayo mawalan na eskuwelahan.
    ang bagal kasi nang abogado ninyo. bilisan ninyo baka aabutan pa kayo nang siyam siyam.
    bilis, handa na din yong depensa ko.

  156. ano ba kailangan ihanda? lechon at iba pa? asan na kaya si ma'am lulu?

  157. sa korte na tayo magkita-kita. see you. take care. have a nice day. enjoy......

  158. to the anonymous above:

    who are you referring to? who will be with you in the court room and who would you wanna see in the courtroom? be more specific so we will know whom to cheer with.


  159. pag sabihin ko na si guapo o si pangit....may magawa ka ba? tanga ka talaga! anonymous tayo lahat dito di bah?......sabihin ko na lang sa 'yo. sehkrate (pacquiao) , as in secret....itanong mo kay gurong sulong, o kay lulu kaya?

  160. kung tanga for you ang nagclaclarify ng side, i wont blame you if that is how you see things but i am sure though now that you are just making fun out of this matter and that you are one of the senseless bloggers here.

    i never asked you to reveal yourself, have asked you to reveal your side. if that bothers you a lot then thanks to you, at least i know how low your thinking is.

    and yes, i do speak with gurong sulong and to lulu and i have chosen a side to be with already. its the side which seeks truth, justice and security. if this is too deep for you to comprehend, well, i will just not mind you and the few others who think like you do.

  161. wow. galit si bystander. by stander kasi...di, isip kanto lang. kita kits lang tayo! ba bye.

  162. ignore the blogger bystander...may sarili siyang vocabularies at comprehension at napakakitid ng orientation.

  163. see you at the crossroads! and we will see whose who!

  164. wow, nakapag america lang kayo nang 9 na buwan ganyan na kayo magsalita. you still have a long way to go. better shape up.

  165. Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. Peace means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your heart.

    I wish all of us peace!

  166. I share with your wish. PEACE!

  167. "ang buhay ay parang bato"...

    it's hard!

  168. ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan....kung matinik malalim. At ang matulin tumakbo........madadapa ka rin...........

  169. i dont really agree because...

    ...ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan ...
    may stiff neck at di makagalaw!... ang matulin kung tumakbo...
    sa marathon mananalo!

  170. hey guys darating daw si lulu. magiimbitiga????? lagot daw yung mga nagdala ng asawa at pamilya dito. sigurado ako ipapatawag kayo kaya maghanda na kayo ng isasagot sa kanya. .........ano ito? PCGG?????

  171. hello to all! huwag kayo matakot mga kasama. she is not in the position to stop us from exercising the right to bring our families here. that right is granted in the laws that regulates H1B visas. so lets be cool and prepare our recorders to record your conversation with her! :-)

  172. Most of the teachers recruited by PARS International Placement and Universal Placement International are extremely dissatisfied and disappointed with their services. There are a few who are satisfied but I hope that they are genuinely happy.

    I guess teacher need to act together in order for this not to continue. Teachers must inform their teacher friends in the Philippines, their universities, their professors, their classmates, their families, friends, non-government organizations that they should not apply US teaching jobs through PARS Placement International and Universal Placement International.

    There are other employment agencies in the Philippines which do not step on the personal lives of the teachers and which do not limit the opportunities for teachers.

    Tell these ideas to them and let them have the choice.

  173. My cousin's husband came to South Carolina as a teacher through VIF (Visiting International Faculty). He didn't have to pay for any placement fee. All he had to shoulder was the plane ticket. He was also able to bring her wife over here.

    Some of my friends(teachers) came through Healthquest. I didn't hear any bad feedback about the agency. PARS International Placement is the worst based on the feedbacks I hear not only from this blog but from my personal friends, as well.

  174. kaya nga dapat gawin tulad ng sabi ni anonymous ay sabihan lahat ng mga contacts and connections dito sa Pilipinas ay mag apply na sa lahat ng agencies basta wag lang sa PARS at Universal. Wala naman magagago kung walang parang tulong nalang natin sa mga kababayan natin na baka mabiktima sabihan lahat ng mga tao sa pinas wag na wag mag apply sa PARS at lahat ng may kinalaman sa Universal Placement o kaya Lourdes "Lulu" Navarro.

  175. put this blog in facebook.

  176. I agree. You guys need to put this blog on facebook, myspace, friendster, multiply, etc. so that it will catch worldwide attention.

  177. Yes ,indeed. I agree. Silence means we're still here!! We're just being the cool guys who like owls watch over the happenings. Mga kababayan ko at mga kapatid na hinubaran ng katarungan :" Magtulungan tayo at huwag matakot, isulong ang pakikibaka. Magmatyag,mag isip. Gamitin ang utak bago kayo ay magamit ni Madam Lola. Konti lang sila marami tayong naloko ng mga kasinungalingan niya. Ang sign in bonus natin ay kinupit nya mga kapatid. Isa siyang gutom na buwaya na kahit pakainin mo ay lalamunin ang lahat ng parte ng katawan mo. Huwag magtiwala,wala siyang awa sa atin .GISING ,BAYAN!

  178. jaguar, saludo ako sa yo...

  179. tama ka kapatid na jaguar! silent water runs deep... translation: sa ating batis na tahimik... may malulunod na mukhang intsik!

  180. what is the latest there in east baton rouge re teachers' issue?

    threatened daw ang inyong next year's employment? if that is true, how much more those teachers who have visas or processing their visas back home under your agency? where will they be placed?

  181. and then......ano ngayon?

  182. nakulong na ba si lulu? dalian naman ninyo, mag expire na ang visa natin, we need another employer na magpetition sa atin. Yong iba nga sa atin, naghanap na lang nang sino sino dyan, basta lang may papel, maganda ba yon? kawawa na man ang naiwan na asawa sa Pinas......

  183. Sometimes, the passcodes are not showing up.
    I tried numerous times. Let us see if this will be entered.

  184. ome » Views and Analysis
    Working visa deadline less than a week away - Atty. Mike Templo

    By ATTY. MIKE TEMPLO/ | 03/28/2009 2:01 AM

    Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly version | Send to friendSend to friend

    The deadline for filing your working visa petition or I-129 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker is fast approaching! The program bringing foreign workers into the United States is referred to as the H1B program. Businesses in the United States use this program to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise in specialized fields, such as computer programmers, scientists, and engineers.

    The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has already announced that it will start accepting petitions on April 1, 2009 for working visas or H1B subject to the fiscal year 2010 (FY 2010). The petitioners are reminded that the applications they file for their foreign workers will be considered accepted on the date that USCIS takes possession of the petition and not when the petitioner mails the application.

    The numerical limitation on H-1B petitions for fiscal year 2010 remains the same as of the last fiscal year -65,000. There is also an additional 20,000 for petitions filed on behalf of aliens who have earned a U.S. masters’ degree or higher.

    When the numerical cap is reached, USCIS will start rejecting petitions. Thus it is wise to file and ensure that the USCIS will receive the petition on April 1. By law, H-1B petitions cannot be filed more than six months in advance of the requested start date. Petitions seeking an H-1B worker for an Oct. 1, 2009 start date can be filed no earlier than April 1, 2009. However, since the cap is almost always reached within days of the fist date of filing, it is good practice to file on the fist day that USCIS starts accepting H1B petitions – April 1.

    It is worth noting that not all H1B petitions are subject to the numerical cap. If the foreign worker will be working at an institution of higher education or related or affiliated nonprofit research organizations or governmental research organizations, the petition filed on his or her behalf will not be subject to the annual cap. Also, petitions filed on behalf of current H-1B workers who have been already counted during the previous fiscal year, will not be counted towards the cap.

    The H1B program has changed somewhat under the Obama administration. Employers who receive funds through the Troubled Asset Relief Program or under Section 13 of the Federal Reserve Act (covered funding) must meet additional requirements before hiring a foreign worker under the H-1B program.

    As part of Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the new “Employ American Workers Act,” (EAWA), U.S. companies receiving covered funding must not displace U.S. workers by making attestations to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) when filing the Labor Condition Application.

    According to a new USCIS announcement, EAWA applies to any Labor Condition Application (LCA) and/or H-1B petition filed on or after Feb. 17, 2009, involving any employment by a new employer, including concurrent employment and regardless of whether the beneficiary is already in H-1B status. The EAWA also applies to new hires based on a petition approved before Feb. 17, 2009, if the H-1B employee had not actually commenced employment before that date.

    Be mindful of the above changes when submitting your petition by April 1. Good luck!

    Atty. Michael Templo is an attorney admitted to practice law in New York State and Federal Courts and is a partner at Templo & Templo with offices in New York, USA and Makati City, Philippines. Atty. Templo specializes in US Immigration matters. The discussion above is not intended as legal advice, and cannot be relied upon for any purpose without the services of a qualified professional. For your comments and questions, Atty. Templo can be reached at

  185. There have been some teachers who are now suffering because they trusted Lourdes "Lulu" Navarro so much. In times of extending/renewing their H1-B visa, Lulu ignored their calls. Some of the petitions for extension were either denied or became very problematical. Teachers trusted Lulu and paid her agencies thousands of dollars, which is an extreme overcharge.

    I am appealing to the teachers to please tell all your friends, co-teachers, professors, school districts to refer to these blogs. Lulu cannot recruit teachers from the Philippines if there are no applicants in the first place. There are numerous agencies in the philippines which are far better than Pars Placement and Universal Placement. Continue to spread the news to all people, institutions, universities, media institutions that you know. Lulu's evil deeds need to end. We should save people who can be potential victims. Lulu is a con artist-scammer.

    You may also forward this blog site to the emails of your friends, to their facebook accounts, their myspace accounts, friendster accounts.

    You can contribute in saving the potential danger in human lives.

    Let us circulate her evil deeds in the world, all school districts in the US.

  186. Read about Filipino Customs and Tradition.

  187. Please submit essays about your fate and have it posted on that website...Please clearly and accurately describe how evil Lulu Navarro or Lourdes Navarro is.

    She is the most evil of all evil. She is a criminal. A convicted felon.

  188. You can also dine, hangout, chat and watch TFC at the Pinoy (filipino) Restaurant and Bar located at the nortwest corner of Sherwood Forest and Coursey Blvd(RadioShack).

  189. Saan na ba yong mga matatapang na against kay lulu...yong magagaling magsulat....yong magagaling mag inglis? sabi ninyo criminal si lulu, convicted felon, bakit hindi siya nakulong....di ba america ito?

  190. Yes, this is America, she was convicted once...and she will be convicted again, here is the articles in the past.

    News Release
    June 05, 2000
    For Immediate Release
    Contact: (916) 324-5500
    Print Version

    Attorney General Lockyer Announces Four Arrests, Two Convictions in Crackdown on Medi-cal Fraud by Blood Laboratories

    (LOS ANGELES) - In a continuing crackdown on fraudulent Medi-Cal claims by laboratories, Attorney General Bill Lockyer today announced the arrest of four medical laboratory operators in Los Angeles on charges of stealing over $500,000 from California's health care program for the poor.

    The felony complaints involve the owners and operators of the New Era Medical Laboratory and California Lab Access, both located in Los Angeles. Arrested and charged Friday with felony counts relating to Medi-Cal fraud were Benjamin Lopez, 50, Myrna Lopez, 49, Eduardo Saludo, 38, all of Los Angeles; and Tirso Jamora, 49, of Placentia. Still being sought on a felony warrant is laboratory owner Linda Dizon, 47, of Los Angeles.

    Lockyer also announced the convictions of two other medical laboratory operators in a separate case involving five facilities in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Lourdes Navarro, 41, of Glendale, and Imran Shams, 41, of Brooklyn, N.Y., were convicted recently in connection with Hospital Circle Medical Laboratory in Huntington Beach, California Automated Laboratory and Delps Clinical Labs in Burbank, Clintox Laboratories in Tarzana and Physicians Quality Laboratory in Whittier.

    With these enforcement actions, the number of felony cases involving medical laboratories total 35 over the last 16 months brought by the Attorney General's Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse. There have been a total of 13 convictions in these medical lab cases to date.

    "Scam artists who use medical laboratories to rip off the Medi-Cal system not only steal from the poor but also endanger others by building a black market for blood," Lockyer said. "Cracking down on these organized schemes is important to ridding the lab industry of Medi-Cal fraud and stop the trafficking of blood."

    In the most recent case, the co-owners and operators of the Los Angeles laboratories were found to have billed the state more than $2.5 million for blood tests since acquiring control of the New Era Medical Laboratory at the end of June 1998 and California Lab Access in January 1999. In the complaint filed in Sacramento County Superior Court, the defendants were accused of defrauding the Medi-Cal program of more than $500,000 and engaging in identity theft.

    According to the Attorney General's Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse, the organized crime scheme was designed to quickly steal millions of dollars from the Medi-Cal program and avoid detection. Within months of acquiring New Era Medical Laboratory, the five defendants allegedly increased Medi-Cal billings through fraudulent claims that involved the unauthorized use of physician names and Medi-Cal provider numbers. Under Medi-Cal rules, a laboratory cannot claim payment for blood tests unless it includes the name of the doctor who ordered the blood sample. The five owners shut down the laboratory after eight months, then repeated the scheme by acquiring and operating California Lab Access for seven months.

    In the earlier case, Shams and Navarro were convicted on felony counts of Medi-Cal fraud, grand theft, money laundering, and identity theft for using the names of legitimate physicians without permission and filing thousands of false claims with the state for medical tests never performed. The Attorney General's Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse seized approximately $1.1 million in uncashed warrants, which were returned to the Medi-Cal program.

    Clinic owner Navarro was sentenced to five years in prison upon entering her guilty plea and ordered to pay $200,000 in restitution by the end of the year. Navarro also was required to surrender her license as a clinical laboratory scientist and prohibited from owning or working in any health care business. Orange County Superior Court Judge Robert Gallivan suspended the prison sentence under a plea agreement.

    Navarro's partner Shams remains in custody pending sentencing in October after pleading guilty to charges of Medi-Cal fraud. A third laboratory owner, Zubair Younis, 42, of Brooklyn, N.Y., is being sought on a felony warrant.

    The state's Medi-Cal program underwrites the medical expenses of more than five million low-income adults, children and disabled persons in California. Under existing federal law, the state Department of Health Services, which administers the Medi-Cal program, may prevent a provider convicted of Medi-Cal fraud from participating in the program for up to five years.

  191. please click the link below for the actual site of the news release by California Department of State, Office of the Attorney General, regarding Lourdes Navarro's conviction.

  192. for more info, go to and type "convicted felon lourdes navarro". you will see a number of results.

    here is a sample:
    copy-paste the link below to view the page, then search for ID# 05D0957358

    here's the transcript:
    Lourdes Navarro and Imram Shams were convicted of crimes committed while employed at Hospital Circle Medical Laboratory, California Automated Laboratory, Clinox Laboratories, Delps Clinical Labs, and Physicians Quality Laboratory. The were convicted on felony counts of Medi-Cal fraud, grand theft, money laundering and identity theft. Both plead guilty.

  193. I wonder how many felony counts did she get.
    If she got two counts then one more and she will be in jail for the rest of her life.

  194. she has already served her time in her previous conviction. at present, she is obviously scamming people in a "different style". i hope this is an eye opener for the rest of us.

  195. puro luma na laman dito. what's the latest?

  196. Ah matagal na pala yan eh......nakapatanga talaga....hindi ba kayo nag background check sa personalidad niya bago kayo nagbigay nang pera? eh 2000 pa yon....nakarating kayo dito last year lang.....ang dami pa na man saka puro kayo knowledgeable sa ninyo...sinisi ninyo yong tao na nakikinabang sa inyong katangaan. Akala ko "ANGAT PINOY 2000" ANGAT PINOY 2008 PALA.

  197. who would have thought that this agency is a crook, when it was registered in POEA? the philippine government, too, should blamed for this mess. they should have checked the agency thoroughly before they were given permission to operate in the philippines. but then , even our government is corrupted. we only have each other to depend on.

    i believe this blog helps in correcting mistakes. better late than never!

    carry on gurong sulong and company!

  198. It was the other agency operating in the Philippines which is registered. From the way she operates her company in the US, her company is operating illegally in the Philippines. She has violated Philippine labor laws. Her company is not a registered agency in the Philippines.

  199. alam nyu na ba ang resulta sa kaso ni lulu laban sa isang teacher?


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