Thursday, October 1, 2009

Official complaints filed over mistreatment of teachers

To read the official complaint, complete with exhibits, visit the website of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). Please click here. We also embedded below video news reports of Louisiana-based media organizations on the issue.

(Baton Rouge – October 1, 2009) A company that recruited foreign teachers to work in Louisiana schools is guilty of cheating those teachers out of thousands of dollars and holding them in virtual servitude, according to complaints presented to the Louisiana Federation of Teachers by international educators.

The LFT and the American Federation of Teachers brought these complaints to the Louisiana Workforce Commission and the Louisiana Attorney General on Wednesday afternoon.

The charges involve multiple violations of state and federal laws. Attorneys for AFT and LFT said the union is asking that the teachers’ contracts with the California-based recruiter be voided, and that the recruiter be criminally prosecuted under state law.

“The alleged behavior of this recruiter and the treatment of these teachers is quite frankly disgusting and an affront to basic American values,” said LFT President Steve Monaghan.

News Report of WDSU Channel 6. Click here to go the original source of this video.

Lourdes “Lulu” Navarro, the president of recruiting firm Universal Placement International, is a convicted felon who has served jail time in California and was also convicted of crimes in New Jersey. After treating some Louisiana school officials to Philippine Island junkets, she was allowed to recruit more than 200 teachers for Louisiana schools.

The Federation is acting on behalf of Filipino nationals who were hired in Caddo Parish, East Baton Rouge Parish, Jefferson Parish and the State Recovery School District in New Orleans. Each teacher was charged about $15,000 by Navarro to obtain a job, and was then required to sign over 10 percent of the monthly salary to UPI for two years. The total amounted to some 37% of the teachers’ salary.

Teachers who could not afford to pay the fees up front were directed to loan companies by Navarro, and were charged exorbitant interest rates.

In addition to collecting the fee from teachers, Navarro was paid $47,500 to recruit twenty five teachers by the State Department of Education to recruit teachers for the Recovery School District in New Orleans.

Many of the teachers say they were required to pay for housing provided by Navarro. Living four to a two-bedroom apartment, they were not allowed to choose their own roommates or to seek alternative living arrangements.

Those who complained were threatened with the loss of their work visas, according to statements provided by the teachers. Some were hit with lawsuits filed in California, where Navarro’s company is housed.

News Report of WBRZ Channel 2. Click here to go the original source of this video.

“To be a foreign national living in Louisiana, facing the threat a lawsuit in California, can virtually guarantee acceptance of the reported indignities imposed by Lulu Navarro and UPI,” said Monaghan.

“As soon as the shackles of these illicit contracts are legally voided, we believe that other migrant educators will come forward with additional complaints,” Monaghan said.

The union complaint, filed with state agencies on Wednesday afternoon, alleges that Navarro and her company violated Louisiana laws regulating private employment services in the state.

The union is asking for restitution for the teachers, fines and appropriate criminal penalties for principals of UPI, a declaration that all the contracts executed by Universal are void, and attorneys’ fees.

Who is Lourdes Navarro?

The president of UPI is a native of The Philippines, currently living in California. In 2000, she pleaded guilty in California court to charges stemming from an insurance scam. In a hand-written confession, she admitted to cheating the state medical program out of more than $1 million, which she laundered into cash. According to the confession, she stole the identity of several physicians to carry out her scheme.

Convicted of fraud, grand theft, identity theft, money laundering and white collar crime, she served time in county prison, five years probation and was ordered to pay $200,000 in restitution.

In 2003, she was convicted of money laundering in New Jersey.

Louisiana law requires disclosure of prior felony convictions as part of the Public Employing Service licensing procedure. Had Navarro applied for such a license, she probably would have been denied.

Neither Navarro nor UPI is licensed to do business in Louisiana as a “private employment service,” begging the question of how she or UPI were able to operate in Louisiana in the first place.

What violations of law are alleged?

Specific violations of Louisiana state law stem from Louisiana statutes and administrative code. They include the following:

• Failure to maintain an office in Louisiana. State law requires an “onsite manager for that location, or an on-site consultant who has successfully passed the private employment service examination.”
• Failure to provide a $5,000 bond to the state.
• Failure to post all the appropriate licenses to operate, an approved applicant schedule of fees, and copies of the Rules and Regulations Governing Private Employment Services.
• Illegally collecting fees from both the employer and the applicant.
• Illegally charging teachers employed in Louisiana fees prior to arriving in the state.
• Illegally charging fees to applicants who were never employed by a Louisiana school system.

The union complaint also raises a question of federal immigration law violations. Fees charged to candidates for the H-1B visas used by Filipino teachers must be paid by the employer, not the employee. But in a letter to the human resources director of the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board, Navarro explained that some $6,600 in visa application fees is charged to the teachers.

In the case of the Recovery School District, Navarro was paid by both the teachers and the state.

“These migrant teachers were exploited by outrageous and illegal fees, and apparently Louisiana taxpayers were likewise exploited,” said Monaghan.

What is the union asking for?

“First and foremost,” says the Union complaint, “these teachers deserve relief from the illegal contracts that bind them to Universal. Because these contracts violate Louisiana law and have not been authorized by the Workforce Commission, they violate public policy and should be declared void…”

The complaint also asks that Filipino teachers be refunded the $15,000 that each of them paid in order to be hired, as well as any other money collected by Universal since their employment.

Finally, the complaint cites state law as saying that an unlicensed employment agent “shall be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not less than fifty nor more than five hundred dollars, by imprisonment for not more than six months, or both.”

The Federation complaint asks that Navarro be fined and jailed for each of the hundreds of violations that were committed.

What do the Filipino teachers say about Navarro and UPI?

These comments are taken from sworn statements provided by Filipino teachers.

When we arrived in Los Angeles, California, we were made to sign a contract without giving us a chance to read it…We were told that the document is similar to the document that we signed in the Philippines. We hastily signed it…”

“Ms Navarro collected from us the amount of $160 (no receipt was given to us) for apartment rental. When we arrived here in EBR, we were not given the chance to choose where to stay and with whom.” (Anonymous Teacher “A”)

I received my (Social Security) card after two months with the envelop open. UPI received my card in California and I am afraid that I lost my privacy and security for what they did to me. I was also instructed to sign a paper which I was not given a chance to read the 4 to 5 pages contract.”

“We were warned not to ask a lot of questions regarding the contract because according to Francis, Miss Navarro doesn’t like people questioning those stuff.” (Anonymous Teacher “B”)

“I have so many loans in the Philippines, in fact, I was not able to support my 3 children and husband because all my salary goes to FINANCING AGENCIES which I borrowed just to pay for PARS [sister company to UPI] and UNIVERSAL.”

“Lulu Navarro…warned us again not to talk and mingle with the Filipino teachers who were ahead of us here in the U.S. She also warned us not to mingle with the Filipino community in Baton Rouge.”

“Lulu Navarro asked this question: “Who among you ride with American teachers in going to school?” …she called me in my phone and telling me not to ride any more nor talking to Americans…”

“Mrs. Navarro always scared us, and saying that if we will not follow her, she can send us back home to the Philippines, which stress me so much, I don’t do nothing just CRY.” (Anonymous Teacher “C”)

To all our fellow teachers, this is what we have been waiting for. To those who said before that this blog is merely engaging in useless chit-chats, this is for you. This blog is proud to be part of this campaign and struggle. - Gurong Gala


  1. Wow. This will be definitely noticed here and in the Philippines. It is already blogged in the forum section of the POEA site.

    Now, there is no turning back. Congratulations to the organizers and members of this blog.

    It comforting to vent our frustations regarding this case and at the same time very educational.
    (pardon the pun). You learn from other people's experiences. In order to obtain justice, you need to seek it and you shall prevail.

    I hope this will give everybody a lift in their emotional being.

    Keep our fingers crossed and pray that this case will be over soon. And that 'stain' in your life
    will be washed away with happy tears.

  2. My only question is this: Now that Liz Swinford is aware that her office is dealing with Lulu Navarro,a convicted felon and who is vicitimizing these teachers, does she think it is still ethical to do business with this woman? Being the HR manager, she can come out and support this teachers! Why should she still get glued with UPI??? I pity these teachers! They had no idea that this was their life after they resigned from their job in their country.

  3. Super Wow! Congratulations Filipino Teachers! You are brave enough to tell the whole world what is really happening to us. Good job! I salute all of us! May God always intervene of all our actions! Mabuhay!

  4. Thank you for your standing up for your rights. Your bravery is inspiring.

  5. KUDOS to all the brave Filipino teachers!!!Let's not stop supporting each other til we all get the victory that we all deserve!!!

    We can't wait anymore to see you,LULU NAVARRO,MEL VILLARBA and your SERVANTS(you know who you are) behind serve the criminal injustices you committed to each and every Filipino teacher here in the US and in the PHILIPPINES.

    May God guide us through this fight!!

  6. FINALLY! THANK YOU LORD! Thank you Filipino Teachers! Thank you AFT!

  7. The 13th amendment abolished slavery in the United States in 186. What has been done to the Filipino Teachers has been nothing more than polished slavery. It breaks my heart to think that my co-workers and friends have been abused in such a manner. This MUST be stopped.

  8. please report to authorities if lulu will try to force you to sign something which you dont want to sign. also report if she will intimidate and threaten you in whatever way. if not to authorities, to anyone you can trust. il email this blog if that happens so such will be documented too.


    news today, please read.

  10. To everyone, by this time Lulu Navarro is in panic mode. She is now surely thinking of how to cover up her deceitful and exploitative practices. As expected she will contact her lapdogs here and instruct them to help her to deodorize her stench. As expected, she will start recruiting (read: intimidating if not bribing) other teachers to sign some papers or issue statements that will tell half-truths and even outright lies.

    Message to teachers: The truth, the full truth will set us free! Message to Lulu: Our principles are not for sale!

  11. LULU NAVARRO!!!why can't you speak for yourself now?!!!defend yourself!!!show us that you are really powerful!!!you are just good in threathening teachers but you are really nothing!!!!remember,silence means YES!!YES,THAT YOU ARE GUILTY!!!!!

    To Lulu's chihuhuas- arf ma'am!!arf ma'am!arf ma'am!!!please think!!!!

  12. Teachers, be careful in signing any documents especially if the documents came from UPI. There are some of us was force to signed some documents by Rafaela Flores saying that those documents are needed for pending case in USCIS, remember Rafaela Flores is the ever loyal and accesory of Lulu Navarro. Careful...careful!

  13. law of gravity: whatever goes up, goes down.

    Kulungan ang bagsak mo lulu!

  14. To the press people/media men who are interested in getting an answer from UPI.They have a part time teacher(am i right?isn't it full time?!!!)who works with them.She represents UPI here in Baton Rouge,nothing else but RAFAELA FLORES.She stays at Savoy Plaza and teach at Westdale Middle School.If you wish to contact her here's her number 225-2888798.

    Rafaela Flores - make sure to wear make-up all the time so that u would look nice infront of the camera while

  15. I am also a teacher and was a victim of UPI and Pars. And still indebt. I salute you teachers from Louisiana and I am praying for our justice. Please hang in there. And thank you for standing up! Keep your heads up!!! Kaya natin to.

  16. This is it. I can smell the victory. Sori ka nalang lulu. Magtago ka na. Pero kahit saan ka pa magtago, makikita ka pa rin. . . Ikaw naman FRANCIS, ang yabang mo. Utusan ka lang pala. Pero para kang sino nung sinundo mo kami sa airport na super LATE pa.

  17. The Truth will set us free. Almighty Father, please guide all of us especially those brave teachers who lead these actions. May you always protect and guide us from any harm. Thank you God. Amen

  18. I can't believe this. I am just now hearing of this from the local media here in Shreveport, Louisiana. I am not Filipino, just a resident here in Louisiana, but I am so ashamed that this has happened. I pray justice will be done for all the teachers and I apologize. I feel so ashamed that we (Americans) made promises without any foundation of truth in order to squeeze money out of teachers. Teachers! Of all people! of the most noble occupations in the world, in my opinion.

    I will find out what I as an average citizen can do to fight this issue and at least raise awareness about it. The more the world knows, the more we can try to put a stop to this. My heart goes out to the teachers and families involved in this situation. My best to you all. God bless you all.


  20. Teachers unite! this is the timely call we all need to hear. Let us all move forward together and dont let lulu and cohorts divide us. we are almost there.

  21. Lulu Navarro, don't you think that you're money will be turn to nothing? After all, you will give it back to the people you victimized, am I right? To all lawyers who are helping the Filipino teachers, please continue to help us until the end. God is in our midst.

  22. Thank you for helping us...AFT. We're happy that we are now in your hands.

    LULU's slaves are now working hand in hand...again!!! LUZVIMINDA EMELO is now calling every Filipinos to pay for the 10% for the month of September and October. Its a shame and you too knew the truth since you are a teacher. Wow what a loyalty you are giving Lulu Navarro. Are you not ashamed of yourself?

    And dont sign any papers that is circulating right now especially in Savoy.

  23. Please check out PM's new press release at their website:

    MJ The Madd Hatter, we hope we can have more of your kind! Maybe you and others like me who are not victims but supporters of these teachers begin to think of ways we can do to help in these efforts. For one, we can help sway public opinion in Louisiana to make sure these teachers are supported by parents, students and the public at large.

    Teachers, please keep up the fight. My network will always be behind you.

  24. Lulu Navarro
    Good Morning to all! This is Lulu Navarro the owner of the agency UPI. I just want to say hi and hello to my teachers whom I brought here in the US.

    Teachers! I know how hard it is to work in the US. You have sacrifice day and night to prepare for your lesson for next day class. I know you are all adjusting. I just want to say sorry to all the teachers whom I reprimanded for the reason that they brought their family here without my advice I know. I’m so sorry, I will reiterate, I’m really sorry! You just don't know that I'm emotional right now because I really feel sorry for what I have done. I did not mean to hurt you guys but sometimes I get carried away by my greediness. How I wish someone can help me delve into my past to heal the wound of my childhood.

    What are you all doing! Didn’t I just tell you not to talk to anybody such as the Americans, Filipino community and the AFT. What’s all the news that is circulating around that all of the teachers file a lawsuit against me! Well let me tell you this! I don't care how many lawyers and homeland security you've consulted. Maybe you all forgot that I have the best lawyer in the country! You are all crazy. And my reliable witnesses Rafaela Flores, Gemma.

    Teacher I’m so sorry, we can just talk things out. Here’s my proposal, I will just give you all the money that you had paid for the processing and the placement fee. Just don't file a case against me because I don't want another court trial and conviction. Please I will return everything and I will be the one to pay you 10 percent monthly. I will give each one of you 12 checks provided by you drop the case. I will just visit you guys in Baton Rouge to give you your Notice of Action.

    Always remember that I brought all of you here! Now you revolt against me. Even if I will scrape your skin till your bone shows up, you still owe a debt of gratitude to me. Your placement fee is nothing for me.

    Teachers I’m sorry. For now, I will end my letter because I have psychiatric doctor's appointment today. I hope that everything will be ok for me. and I have not taken my medicine yet. bye y'all mwahh mwahh mwahh

  25. Hahaha shut up! Are you crazy? Is that you LULU or one of your supporters? (Rafaela Flores, Gemma Halcon, Luzviminda Emelo a.k.a. tsismosa.

    If I were guys, let's be united and stand for our rights.

    If I were you LULU, hang on to your proposals but we will continue this fight.

  26. To the New Teachers who just arrived last May 2009, please don't fool yourselves, stay away from LULU Navarro, you, we are all victims of her agency. Please don't sign any papers coming from RAFAELA FLORES. Don't be scared of LULU, let's be united to fight her. In the end, you will also benefit of this fight.

  27. Bumabatikos, ikaw naman, of course that's not Lulu Navarro. Its clear that the writer is spoofing Lulu. Further, do you really think that greedy monster will give us back the money she extorted from us voluntarily? Over her dead body!

  28. Yes, you're right Go Row! hehe just to include the names of her supporters! I know you are one of us. let's keep our fingers crossed! Malapit na tayong magwagi.

  29. Lulu Navarro's PsychiatristOctober 4, 2009 at 1:07 PM

    The letter that Lulu Navarro wrote, just shows her mood swing. There are times she's good at anybody. and sometimes she has problem controlling her temper. There are times that she has panic attack on the brink of Nervous Breakdown. I am trying to inject her with something to keep her sanity. Sometimes she is not concern of her welfare, I always try to call to remind her to drink her medicine but she always forget. Thats the reason for her mood swing and erratic psychological thought process. Don't worry so that you will understand her better I will just post some of the findings that I have uncover from the series so psychological test that I have administered to her. And you will be astounded by the result.

    Respectfully yours,
    Dr. Wacwac MD. PHD. DVD.

  30. hoy lulu kumita na yang style mo.ilang beses ko na napanood yan sa sine. akala mo ba uubra yang style mo? alam ko na ang ending nyan. nakulong pa rin yung kontra-bida. hehehe

  31. bisan og BOANG prisohon.

    kahit baliw IKULONG pa rin

    translation: (english)
    You GAGO, stay PRISO

  32. To our fellow Filipino Teachers,
    We know the truth, everything that we've been through, all our bad experiences from the agency. Please don't let LULU NAVARRO and Rafaela Flores ruined or dictate what you supposed to do, just to contradict our fellow teachers, who stand for the TRUTH. Please don't write or make any declarations against your conscience, you know better. TRUTH will set us free.
    Rafaela Flores is busy right now, calling every teachers to make their declarations in favor of LULU NAVARRO.

  33. Don't be afraid even though your NOA is still with LULU NAVARRO. We have lawyers who are helping us. Keeping people's documents are also a violation of the law. Stand for your RIGHTS Filipino Teachers.

  34. Time is of essence now dear fellow teachers. We are overwhelmed by the recent events, some of us our in jubilee, some are coming out of their shells, some are still enjoying as fence sitters and still there are few who decided to stay on lulu. The legal battle has began and we know lulu is pushing her leading minion aka ella to solicit support from teachers to lie and contradict the true information now freed on air.

    I know for a fact that we can't have a 100% all out support from all of the more or less 200 teachers but we do know already that we have the number to support our call. We have the institution/s which will lead and help us with our fight here and back home. We have the prayers and moral support of the many. We have our qualifications to warrant our positions. And most of all, we have one common target to nail down.

    For those teachers who are confused, harrassed, forced to do anything, please email this blogsite, state your name and contacts and someone will be there to answer your questions.

    Let me stress that this effort which we are undertaking doesnt promise you beds of roses. The teachers who joined took the risks and hassles of legal procedures, psychological and emotional battles with the agency and some fears of harrassment too. But, let me point out also that these teachers deserve more than kudos and silver linings for their courage in doing the right and legal thing, not only for themselves but for the next batch of teachers to come to this land of the free.

    The choice is yours...move fast or stay behind.

  35. I am so grateful to those teachers who initiated or showed bravery and who know how to live up to their principles. You have become our hope for justice. We know only few people can do it and you are there to demonstrate us how we should fight this evil deeds that tried to silence us. You teachers are the "real protectors of truth." "Others" chose to follow the crooked ways of the woman who has no conscience and whose heart is full of greed and wickedness. These people amongst us who live like they do not know what is morally wrong and whose hearts are also filled with arrogance and indifference are ever willing to be instruments of the god of evil. They do not deserve to be in the group of the noble teachers who know the true meaning of justice and genuine principles. Teachers who cannot be swayed by false promises and gray statement such as a "you all owe me gratitude." I believe I owe gratitude only to those who know how to respect the rights of every individual in the society; who will not put other's lives to peril; and who will not take advantage of one's situation. "Others" show weakness in making judgments, they prefer to follow evil rather than rightiousness or integrity.

    We hope you "others" will wake up and know that this fight is for all of us because of wrong deeds committed toward us by the woman without a conscience; a woman who never learned from her mistakes in the past; a woman who has not satisfied herself in committing major offenses in the past and has no recourse to correct her misdeeds; a woman whose aim is never-ending manipualtions to get what she wants no matter what method it entails.

    To you "others" you can only serve one master, please choose the best path so your conscience will not bother you in the future.

    To the teachers who have common stand with these noble teachers, let's take the path to freedom. We deserve to be freed from endless manipulations, exploitation, and misinformation.

    To the great promoters of the god of evil, Ella Flores et al, you will go down together with your master because your conscience speak the same voices of wickedness, immorality, and iniquity. May you get what you deserve.

  36. First time kong mag commentOctober 4, 2009 at 8:38 PM

    Thank you so much for the very inspiring message from anonymous (October 4, 2009 7:42 pm). The TRUTH will set us free.

    I just want to add, newly arrived teachers last May 2009, please don't let LULU ruined your life. Don't be fool by her screaming and promises, we are all victims, please let's be united, fight for our RIGHTS. Teachers in room 253 Savoy, I know you are very loyal to Lulu, please use your freedom, don't be the instrument of her foolishness, selfishness and greediness.
    Thank you so much, mabuhay tayong lahat.

  37. Thanks to AFT/LFT and JFT! And also, our sincere appreciation to the brave teachers of EBR who started this endeavor! We, teachers from Jefferson Parish, are one with you in this fight. We are now seeing our liberation from Lulu's dark shadow that brought all of us to dwell in fear and debt. We feel more free to speak and choose the way of life that we like. Our success in this struggle for justice will benefit our families in the Philippines who are now suffering from the lose of home due to the recent storm tragedy.

    I hope this movement will also serve as a "wake-up call" for the Philippine Government who should be the one to protect, help and support Oversees Filipino Workers (OFW) especially in this fight against illegal recruitment, scam, threat and abuse.

    Once again, we would like to give our sincere gratitude to the Union. For teachers in other Louisiana Parishes who were victims of UPI/PARS, let us join forces to fight this abuse and put a stop on this form of injustice committed by this greedy Lulu and her people. Let us be "crime stoppers" and become models to our students.

  38. To: All FILIPINO TEACHERS in other parts of Louisiana exploited by Lulu Navarro


    There is no reason for us to be afraid now. We are in full force on this fight!

    Act now! Let your voices be heard! Tell your story.

    Fight for yourself and your families! Do not give to Lulu what's for yourself and your children.

    Do no fall on Lulu's tactic and drama.

    Let us be heroes to our children and not be slaves and victims of Lulu anymore!

    Please contact: AFT/LFT

    - A Concerned Teacher from Jefferson

  39. To the teachers of Jefferson Parish,

    We are happy that you are on board this principled struggle against exploitation and injustice. This is not going to be an easy fight but with our concerted actions and united campaign we will prevail!

  40. Sa mga maestro og maestra nga Pilipino sa parokya sa Jefferson, magpadayon kita og suporta sa atong gipangayo nga hustisya. Dili gyud sakto na daog-daogon lamang ta sa usa ra pod ka Pilipino na walay laing giapas kundi kuhaon ang atong mga katigayunan gikan sa atong pagpaningkamot. Dili lalim kining atong gisudlan nga trabaho karon mao nga dili ta magpasayon-sayon lang og bayad sa djes porsyento nga gipangayu sa usa tao nga giila sa pangalan nga LULU. Kita tanan magmalig-on og maghi-usa. Daghan Salamat.

    Gikan kini sa lamesa sa Mayor og giaprobahan sa atong halangdon na Congressman.

  41. Sa mga maestro og maestra nga Pilipino sa parokya sa Jefferson, magpadayon kita og suporta sa atong gipangayo nga hustisya. Dili gyud sakto na daog-daogon lamang ta sa usa ra pod ka Pilipino na walay laing giapas kundi kuhaon ang atong mga katigayunan gikan sa atong pagpaningkamot. Dili lalim kining atong gisudlan nga trabaho karon mao nga dili ta magpasayon-sayon lang og bayad sa djes porsyento nga gipangayu sa usa ka tao nga giila sa pangalan nga LULU. Kita tanan magmalig-on og maghi-usa. Daghan Salamat.

    Gikan kini sa lamesa sa Mayor og giaprobahan sa atong halangdon na Congressman.

  42. Nakakatawa dahil ang mga taga jefferson parish ay bigla nalang sumali sa laban na ito! dati sila yung bumabatikos sa mga taga EBR at nagsusumbong kay Lulu. Maganda at natauhan na kayo Michelle.

  43. I am in solidarity and one with all those in seeking for what is just and fair..... let this serve as a warning to our shameless kababayans who victimize their own.

  44. ha!ha!ha!ha! I am amazed with lulu navarro's impersonator and dr. have sense of humor.......hahahaha!!!!!!

  45. Please stop all the generalities... What anonymous is saying may be true to a few but may not be to everyone.... pj is right - let us welcome all who would like to figth for what is right and just...

  46. of the two hundred teachers how many would actually sign and give declarations? if you are below 60, try to think twice. Remember those who were denied their Notice of Action could no longer be counted among the signatures for they are already illegal workers 10 days to one month after their visa expired as such they ceased to be teachers in the strictest sense of the word.
    One loophole I see with your arguments, many of you admitted that you signed something in LA without the benefit of reading it. Our court is a court of document not of emotions. If you claim that you were harassed that is why you signed it, then, that is another thing to prove. But by the fact that you sign something, that is enough proof to overturn your allegations.
    Granting that you have the full knowledge that this lulu was a convicted felon, you should bear in mind that she served her sentence already....and by such knowledge, you should have avoided her from the moment you knew it. But by the fact that you still make transactions with her, then, if she has the paper to show that, it will also affect the strength of your case.
    I heard that there is a good number of teachers from EBR whose contract were not renewed nor were given extension of their NOA, if you blame that with lulu, you will be wrong because lulu does not work at immigration, But, if you would accuse lulu of manipulating these things, then you have to carry the burden of proof.
    Most of you were just emotional in saying to put lulu to jail, lulu is still protected by due process and it will take sometime.
    Now, with the other teachers bidding goodbye to Luisiana for they are mandated to go home to the Philippines or face deportation, do you think it will be easy for them to come back during this time. You have to take note that there were people/teachers from prince george countY, MARYLAND, who went home for vacation with complete papers (except for a visa stamp)who were not able to come back because they were simply denied with their visa stamps.
    Of course, we have the sympathizers, may i call them cheerers, it is nice to be on TV and newspapers, but the bottom line is, have we seen all the angles of what we are fighting for. Again, the court, is a court of documents not emotions.

  47. To the anonymous above.

    Have you heard of singing a document "under duress"? Do you have a real option not to sign when upon arrival in a foreign country you are threatened and harassed?

    "The court, is a court of documents not emotions."

    So who told you that we have no documentary evidences to prove that Lulu extorted money from us, mistreated us, and violated the laws of Louisiana?

    We have tomes of documents to present to the court. We have temporary receipts, we have recorded conversations, we have e-mails, we have mailed documents. And we have more than 80 (and growing) declarations and testimonies.

    But yes I tell you, we are emotional for we are enraged and disgusted by these injustice!

  48. In response to Anonymous last Oct.6, 2009 at 5:47pm.

    Please, let's be fair. Jefferson has 35 Filipino teachers. Your comment might be true to a few, but not to all. In the same way, we never have generalized EBR Filipino teachers to have been saying something against Jefferson teachers.

    I couldn't speak on behalf of those few whom you were referring to, but let bygone be bygone....

    I would say that majority or almost all of us in Jefferson right now are enlightened and brave enough to fight for what is just and right (Thanks to Jefferson Federation of Teachers and LFT who are here to support us in our fight). Before, many of us were afraid to speak against Lulu because she could easily detect who among us were against her due to our small number. However, at this time, there is no reason not to expose Lulu's corruption. We, too, had been abused and mistreated.

    This is a time to unite and consolidate our forces.Let us be one and let's invite other Filipino teachers from other parishes to expose PARS-UPIs illegal works and inhumane treatment.

  49. It is lulu who am I hearing with the contentions of anonymous above.

    True and I believe you, court is a court of documents and not of emotions and we are banking on that too. It took this case a year to have all the documents and evidences compiled because we believe on that.

    If you think lulu and cohorts can circumvent the laws in the US for their advantage, well its your opinion. Let us see who is now getting emotional in defending lulu?

    do you know why the visas were denied? only if upi has sincerely turned in proper documents on time, visas will not be denied. it is not that upi has no hand on the denial because it is not uscis. moron!

    The number of out of status teachers is just a molecule compared to the number of illegal aliens in the us, what made you think CIS will pick on the teachers? you hear hearsays only about teachers who were not able to come back. dont you know there are more teachers who went out and were able to come back even if their visas are soon to expire?

    we never knew lulu was a felon until after few months when we came, should we have known that, there's no way we will deal with her.

    well, line is drawn to separate the side of the good and the evil. if siding for the good hurts you bad, we cant do anything about it. stay loyal to the dark side and be crushed.

  50. I agree with the anonymous who said let's not generalize all teachers from Jefferson. And even those who once thought that Lulu deserves their support, and now has come to realize that indeed this criminal has exploited most of us, let us welcome them with open arms. We are the same victims of this monster so let us support each other and unite to further our cause.

  51. Teachers from Avoylles, East Carol and other parts of Louisiana who had the taste of lulu's venom, please do not think twice in standing for your rights.

    In doing so, we are protecting ourselves and at the same time pursuing the justice we deserve.

    We should not fear. The first step if you will ask us is to contact your local AFT.

    Come on board!

  52. We are also calling all Filipino teachers from Shreveport, Lafourche, and from others parishes in Louisiana and even those teachers who moved to other States who were victims of UPI/PARS. Join the growing number of teachers who are fighting for what is right and just.

    There is no room for doubt at this time because we have the strong and full support of AFT and LFT on our side. We know that you too had experienced the unjust charges and maltreatment of Lulu. So, come and join us to stop Lulu in victimizing teachers again. Let us give the opportunity to other good recruitment agencies to do business in the US employers rather than UPI/PARS who doesn't even deserve our gratitude.

    If you join us, you will surely benefit from this. Let us join hands to put those who have committed crimes in jail. Remember criminals like Lulu shouldn't be out there looking for others to be victimized. So don't just sit and wait. It is time for us to ACT NOW and combine all our testimonies to make Lulu and others face the consequences of their actions. Obviously, Lulu didn't learn her lesson from the past wherein she got convicted of crimes. Let's teach her at this time.

    If you have seen the movie: "Braveheart" by Mel Gibson, probably you will know what to do. If you haven't, you might consider watching that movie.

    People who fight for their rights, gain them. People who do not, lose them.

    Remember: It is the right of each one of us to be treated justly and humanely.

    Contact your local AFT office or LFT at (225)923-1037

    - Jefferson Teacher

  53. bahala mo. that is your life anyway. i am only giving my view as an outsider. I do not know your lulu, I am just hearing everything that is being written, and talked about.

    "...The number of out of status teachers is just a molecule compared to the number of illegal aliens in the us, what made you think CIS will pick on the teachers? you hear hearsays only about teachers who were not able to come back. dont you know there are more teachers who went out and were able to come back even if their visas are soon to expire?"..

    the one who wrote this is totally out of context. bulok! do you understand visa stamping? that was the issue, why would homeland reject anyone whose visas are still okay?...
    were you one of those who signed something without reading? then, claimed being harassed?
    by the way you shows your color. remember the ones who voted for erap? angat.

    let us just put it straight, you were just overwhelmed that time when you arrived in the US. you were not able to see that you were fooled from the beginning. Or shall I say, you knew it but you ignored it.

    you were not smart enough, and it pains to be outsmarted.

  54. LULU and followers, you all have the right to remain silent...

  55. yah, that made me confused too. you came here, you were placed, you had your employer,,,,then, you realized that you were fooled by UPI.

    why did you still transact business with UPI despite your knowledge of their irregularities?

    that I could not understand! By the moment you arrived here and work for your employer, then your connections with your agency ceases except for your personal obligations with them, (maybe loan)

    Now if lulu's agency has control with your payroll, then, an insider from the EBR human resource must be in connivance.

    As to the renewal of your notice of action, it is a personal move. It could be you hire a lawyer who will be the one to contact your HR, or you can do it yourself by downloading the forms and have them sign by your HR.

    How come lulu's agency has still hold on your renewal? have you not seen connivance with the agency and the HR?

    I know of those who are smart, who broke up with lulu and EBR, they are given 3 year extension of their notice of action.

    how is that?

  56. To: Anonymous dated Oct. 11:47pm

    Thanks, but we do not need your view just to oppose this movement of teachers who are filing a complaint. If you do not know Lulu and understand what we are fighting for, you better not give a comment at all on this blog.

    Let's see who is smart enough and who will be outsmarted after the decision is made on this case.

    Wait and see.

  57. Anonymous Oct 7, 11:47 is an ignorant intellectual arrogant who is obviously boxed in defending lulu.

    Try to be more critical in the events, maybe you should read the papers and listen more to the affected people before being foul-mouthed. Your very minimal knowledge and close-mindedness on our case prove how shallow is your perspective on the matter.

    Teachers, let us not exhaust ourselves with this kind of person. Let us focus on our goals..consolidate our ranks and continue to stand for our rights.

    EBR District will soon declare support for sure, just like what the other districts did. Other agencies are with our cause already, media too. Most importantly, we have the truth in our hands.

    Worry never. We took the risks, accepted the challenge and will gain victory. Let us be proud of that.

  58. "The number of out of status teachers is just a molecule compared to the number of illegal aliens in the us"

    I don't agree with this statement.
    We hold H1b visa which means that we still have the right to defend ourselves from the scheming bastard whi brought us here in the US. The USCIS approved our visa that means that the USCIS acknowledge our stay here. We might not have the same right as to the citizen, but we came here along with the USCIS provision to protect the worker in the USA, if being intimidated or threatened. H1b visa holder has this rights too.

    It does not mean that someone has the right to murder or whip an alien because his or her stay here is illegal. It should follow universal laws of man.

  59. let us see. Tingnan natin kung saan kayo pupulutin. Gusto kasi ninyo na lahat na tao sumang ayon sa inyo. eh mga tanga na man talaga kayo eh. tama ba yon mag sign nang papel na hindi bumasa. hahahah. tanga! ngayon na nanganganib, nag makaawa upang mag karoon nang simpatiya. listen to the ones interviewed on tv, dahil sa katangaan sinangla ang ari arian.

  60. the truth is, a good number of you will be sent home soon. komusta na pala ang mga visa at NOA sa iba ninyo? meron bang nagawa ang union o sino sino pa diyan. tingnan nating ang ending s lahat na ito.

  61. to anonymous dated October 8, 12:09,
    when you do something, you should be five moves in advance. kaya pala na victima ka ni lulu eh, smart ka pala. hahahhahahahah.
    okay, lulu and company, just go on!
    baka makinabang ang mga apo sa mga anak nang apo sa nagsulat noong October 8 @ 12:09 am.

  62. gurung gala, you better reflect. your argument does not make any sense. no one has never won a battle in court because of emotions. court is won through logic.

    teachers signed papers that they did not read. (this one is admitted by many)

    which comes first, the threat or the act of signing?

    the way i look at it, it is the signing that comes first, then, when people did not want what they signed, they refused to comply, so, people from other side started the threat. (this is another issue) but, we could not help but go back to step one,,,,the act of signing. and that makes the case weak, because there is documentation.

    the way you express yourself, it seems that you are the only one thinking.
    what is written about it, because of what is said about it.

  63. TO ANONYMOUS ABOVE: you are sooooo stupid!!! did you read the article??? did you even realize that we are filing a case/motion to make the contract null and void??? NOT ONLY BECAUSE OF THE THREAT....BUT BECAUSE OF ITS CONTENT ITSELF! did you even REALIZE THAT WE ARE QUESTIONING THE LEGALITY OF LULU'S BUSINESS IN LOUISIANA???? read first before you comment! PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE ONES WHO MAKE US ALL EMOTIONAL!

  64. Teachers, let's ignore this brainless and heartless anonymous (October 8, 2009 6:53 PM, 6:56 PM, 7:05 PM).

    What do you expect from people who supports criminal activities? He/She would rather blame and berate the victims than admonish the abuser/criminal/oppressor.

    And take note that he/she finds happiness at other people's misery. I pity this poor human being (if you can still call him/her that) for losing his/her soul. I can just imagine how psychologically unstable this person is.

  65. Mga kasama, that person is simply baiting you to make you mad. It's so clear that that person has no intellect.

    What is obvious also is this person is ignorant of a lot of facts. The only argument of this person is "you signed a contract" that's it. And by repeating it like a mantra she thinks her logic (or the absense of it) will hold.

    Can you exploit others because of a contract?
    Can you violate state laws because of that contract?
    Can you extort money from others because of a contract?
    Can you harass others because of the contract?
    Can you violate a person's human right because of that contract?
    Can you cheat paying taxes to the IRS because of a contract?
    Can you violate immigration laws because of that contract?

  66. I agree with PinoyTeachers. It is obvious that the anonymous blogger is not thinking straight and doesn't have a heart and conscience.

    We can't please everyone nor convince all to our side...We have the number, we have the strength, we have the truth.

  67. people who post negative comments againts teachers who are fighting for what is right, are not worth paying attention to. they are either ignorant or are working for the tyrant.

  68. To: All teachers

    Pls. don't listen to those comments from people who are narrow headed and accusing teachers as "tanga" (stupid). They simply pretend that they know a lot about law. That person just simply want to discourage us to continue our fight against this illegal recruiter. Probably, that's Lulu or one of her supporters. Huwag na tayong magpaalipin sa takot. We have attorney who understands what is lawful and not. AFT has a good reputation of winning number of cases, but Lulu doesn't have that.

    We are calling teachers from Madison, East Caroll Parish and other Parishes, join the big group of teachers and lawyers who will help us obtain justice and freedom in this country.

    Contact your local American Federation of Teachers or the Louisiana Federation of Teachers for more information.

    - JT

  69. Teachers let us not be discouraged by anonymous who is trying to oppose us, let's continue the fight, God is with us. He knows that we are victims of Human trafficking, go on Filipino teachers. Madami na tayo... huwag matakot.

  70. to the administrator of this blog, please approve first the comment because it is posted. just like before. some comments here are not worth reading at all.

  71. Thank you fellow teachers for encouraging each one of us and let's continue to protect, support, and defend our rights. The person who has the mouth of the greedy and wicked lady is trying to make us think stupid. This person just wants us to remain fearful and be paralyzed from seeking justice. We need to stop this kind of person from intimidating and silencing us.

    He who promotes and searches after evil, it shall come to him.

    May God bless us.

  72. We, teachers, are intelligent enough to seek lawyers to help us in our situation.

    Tanga tayo kung bababayaan natin ang nangyayari sa atin. Masaya ang kampo ni lulu kapag may naghihirap sa atin. Humahalakhak lang sila sa mga teachers na naghahanap lamang ng hustisya.

  73. I am not a supporter of either side.I just want to post my comment and read your intelligent reactions.It is nice to "converse" intelligently about important issues.Firstly, AFT is attacking the legality of UPI's existence.My question is: Is UPI registered in California as a placement agency?If not, then Lulu has a problem. I believe the contract will be declared void ab initio because it was contracted by a party that has no legal personality.If the agency is registered, is the registration not legally acceptable in Louisiana?Does it have to be registered in Louisiana again to conduct business here in the US?If that is the case then international trade and commerce conducted over the internet will all be illegal. What do you think? I have read all the affidavits signed by my fellow teachers against UPI which were attached as exhibits in the complaint. I really admire your courage.I often see you everyday but I never had any thoughts that you are courageous to stand your ground. However, I am sorry but I do not believe your affidavits will merit the appreciation of the jury. Whether or not you have read the contract before signing it is immaterial.The thing is, you signed it without any threat or intimidation. I don't believe that Francis' remarks is a form of intimidation because first and foremost he does not, in any way, represent UPI.With regard to the allegation that the contract was shown to you only when you arrived in the US, well, you had an option. You should not have signed it.If you did not want to sign it and UPI threatened to send you home, you can sue her for that.In fact, what she did (letting us sign the contract in California) was a gamble for her.We had the option not to sign. If we did not sign the contract, she could not have done anything to us because we had our visas that warrant our legal stay in the US.Like you, I abbhor the provisions of the contract. Truly, she charged us exhorbitantly.IN fact, I was teary-eyed as I was signing the contract.I have read and understood the provisions and I knew from the beginning that the contract was so loop-sided but I signed it anyway.Yes, I was afraid that's why I signed it but it was because of a perceived threat rather than an actual threat. My question is, what is the requirement of the law for fear to be considered a ground for the declaration of a contract void ab initio? Is it a perceived threat or actual threat? Please enlighten me. I thought at that time that Lulu is powerful enough to tell EBR not to renew me.I did not know that really the basis of renewal is my performance in school. It was a misapprehension. Now that the case is pending in court, what will happen to us?At this time, I don't really care anymore whether or not we have a winning case. My concern is, will EBR still renew us?I am having negative thoughts again. DCMA

  74. To Anonymous Blogger above,

    I am willing to talk with you in person, only if you still have even a small opening to understand and take a look on what we have seen is right for us. For obvious reasons, I can't present the legal remedies the lawyers have prepared after months of figuring out what is best for the teachers. What I am definite of is that the lawyers, AFT and others are ensuring the best outcome for us with topmost consideration of securing our jobs.

    You are questioning the signing under duress of the contract. True it is the court who will decide whether or not force and intimidation were present during the signing of the contract. What choice also are you asking about that we have during the signing? You yourself admitted the threat, though perceived, there is a threat. What we just need to do now is to prove that there was indeed a threat beyond reasonable doubt when we signed that.

    It is also evident that you, given the fact that you have read the contract before signing (lucky you, you were given that chance) and still chose to sign it with consent and will, subject yourself to the loopsided contract and that draws a major separation from us. We signed under duress, you didnt. And it doesn't mean what happens to you happens to us and vice versa. As I said lucky you.

    And isn't it that obvious that because of your fear to lulu you think our employer will not rehire you? Wait till EBR's Chief answer that question for you. Haven't you heard what are the other districts' stand on the issue of their respective Filipino teachers? Your questions will be answered if you are more open.

    Lastly, I am proud to say, that there are still good and shall I say brave Filipino teachers who stood up not only for their sake but for the others as well. It is sad that there are teachers who would rather be on the side of lulu than to take the risk and consequences for standing for the truth. It is sad to note too that there are fencesitters too, but we understand of the varied reasons they have, and such include fear, unfounded and not.

    If you have questions other than what you have asked in this blog, approach any of us, you know who we are.

  75. Why don't we use aliases or handles so we can communicate and exchange ideas better in this blog. It's hard to reply to that anonymous who said this thing on this time on this date. Just as what I'm about to do.

    To the Anonymous (October 8, 2009 9:54 PM) who suggested about moderating. We are sorry but we have a policy of openness and we subscribe to the freedom of expression. (We should not be like Lulu Navarro who deprives us of this freedom -- to question, to criticize, to express.)

    As long as we think the comment is within the bounds of that freedom we will publish them. Cheers!

  76. kilala nyo ba mga teachers sa lafourche parish? 4 lang daw un. mabibisto sila pa nagjoin sila sa inyo pero ang balita nakikisimpatiya sila sa nangyayari sa mga teachers. updated di sila kasi nababasa nila ang blog na to.

  77. Well...i'm not really a fencesitter.Because I am not yet a greencard holder I would rather take a calculated risk.If indeed AFT will help us through thick and thin, well and good.If things will go worse, poor us.Even teachers who preferred a calculated risk will suffer the consequences of too much courage. What was your experience by the way? Were you forced to sign the contract under duress?What form of threat or intimidation did you experience?Was it an actual threat or just a perceived threat?From what I know perceived threat is not the kind of threat that would make a contract void ab initio.Sana lang pag nagsalita ang EBR chief eh ilagay nya sa black and white ang lahat ng sabihin nya.Mahirap maniwala sa sabi-sabi.Pero sana nga secured tayo sa job natin para lahat tayo eh happy.he he

  78. Sa mga nabasa ko kasi sa affidavit eh purely perceived threat lang naman.Yung iba ang sabi nila eh pumirma sila maski hindi nila naintindihan dahil may jet lag pa sila.Gosh!sana sinabi na lang na pumirma sila at at gunpoint tapos panindigan na lang nila yun sa court para madiin na talaga si lulu.But to say na pumirma ka dahil hilo ka pa sa biyahe at overwhelmed sa laki ng utang eh katawa-tawa naman yun.

  79. nakakatawa na na kung nakakatawa, your experience is different from those teachers, if I were you, I will close my mouth, pag nananalo ang mga brave teachers na yan, di ba't kasama ka din sa makikinabang.
    Go! Filipino teachers, let's continue our fight! Mabuhay ang AFT, EBR, Jefferson, New Orleans Filipino teachers. Huwag matakot! Manindigan!

  80. Lulu is reportedly recruiting teachers from other Parishes in Louisiana who have just came to the US and they don't have jobs yet. Since they don't have salary yet, Lulu is taking advantage by making use of them. They were asked to support UPI/PARS if not, they won't stay long in the US. They were promised to have this and that as long as they give their support and loyalty to Lulu. They were asked to become witnesses of Lulu's kindness and were asked to contradict each complaint being filed against Lulu by the majority of Filipino teachers.

    It seems that Lulu is trying to make teachers fight each other in court to weaken the complainants' testimonies.

    Teachers, please do not be afraid. Don't ever attempt to support Lulu. Do not follow what she is saying. Don't let her abuse you and use you. Stand for your rights! Don't listen to her saying that you will not get a job or you will lose your job if you will not cooperate. Don't fall on her tactics of being concerned about you. Don't make yourselves slaves to this illegal, greedy dictator-recruiter.

    We, teachers together with AFT/LFT and others are ready to help you. If you are not a member of the Union, we will help you to get the assistance that you will need.

    Please, expose Lulu's anomaly.Share what's happening with you out there. Free yourself from Lulu.

    Call LFT for help:(225)923-1037 or ask the help of the Filipino Community near your area.

  81. To DCMA (Anonymous of October 9, 2009 10:53 AM)

    There are several reasons for a contract to be considered void ab initio (or void from the beginning). One of which is that at least one of the parties do not have a legal personality as you mentioned. But even if the oppressive agency is registered there are still other grounds that the contract be declared as such. One example would be the contract was signed under duress. An essential element in a contract is free will, that is agreeing without the influence of other factors like fear of economic, physical or psychological harm.

    Now if the contract cannot be found to be void ab initio, there are still other ways to dissolve it. One would be to prove that a contract is voidable. As oppose to being void ab initio, where the contract is considered non-existing therefore null, a voidable contract may be a valid contract but the other party can terminate it for some imperfections in the contract. One ground for a party to nullify voidable contracts is to show for example that the contract is so lopsided and unjust that it is tantamount to enriching one party at the expense of the other.

    You said: “Does it have to be registered in Louisiana again to conduct business here in the US? If that is the case then international trade and commerce conducted over the internet will all be illegal.”

    You are totally wrong in this kind of linear thinking. There are businesses that state governments regulate (depending on which state); recruitment agency for employment is one. Further, do you think Walmart, in setting up its Baton Rouge Branch, could have used the business permit it applied for in its San Diego Branch? And why will you connect international trade on the issue? The fact is, even in international trade, suppliers and buyers need to conduct their transactions in a manner that complies with the laws (trade, tariffs, standards) of the other country.

    You said: “You should not have signed it. If you did not want to sign it and UPI threatened to send you home, you can sue her for that. In fact, what she did (letting us sign the contract in California) was a gamble for her. We had the option not to sign.”

    You say “sue her” as if it’s that easy. For sure you know that suing somebody involves resources. Well, maybe you belong to a rich family back in the Philippines whom you can expect to provide you with a steady flow of financial support. But, most of us don’t. And do you really expect a person who just arrived in an unfamiliar territory to be able to utilize the justice system of the land that fast?

    And what did you say, “a gamble for her”? Are you kidding us? Have you even analyzed what you are saying? Put yourself in Lulu Navarro’s shoes for a minute. Where do you think will you be successful in getting the signature of a teacher in a contract that is clearly lopsided against them – (a) In the Philippines, where they can review the document with members of the family and when they haven’t yet spent for their plane tickets and a lot of other fees, or (b) In the US, where they have no one to turn to, where they are vulnerable as they don’t have their support mechanism, and after they have spent all their family’s savings already? You seem to be very reasonable, so please chose the best answer.

    You said: “Yes, I was afraid that's why I signed it but it was because of a perceived threat rather than an actual threat.”

    Now, you seem to contradict yourself. At first you belittle the threat by saying “she could not have done anything to us because we had our visas…” But now you are saying you felt that threat that’s why you signed the contract too just like what most did. Is there really a big difference between what you described as perceived threat and actual threat? Does it really make a difference if she is pointing the gun towards your head or she is simply showing off her gun tucked on her waist while she asks you to sign a document?

  82. To the administrators: I have been reading this blog from the start. I have responded and commented also. I think I was the very first to send emails to abs-cbn, gma, LAE and various senators...but still I can't seem to contact any of you. I have an email from Lulu Navarro in which she has threatened me. This may help you prove your case. I can print it and give it to you. But before I do that, I need to talk to somebody. I know you are trying to protect yourselves as well...but it seems hard for us to trust you also because everything is vague... Please enlighten us! I have always admired this. I am very willing to join this fight...I just don't know how...

  83. To anonymous October 8.

    Indeed, I am stupid that is why I was given another NOA. Time will tell who is more stupid!

    What I am saying is, first and foremost, you have to void the contract you/we signed in LA. That contract was the root of all injustices.

    Mahirap ba yon intindihin? All the things and other issues will come to place.

    Prove it first that it was not valid, then, you have all the other grounds of your accusations.

    The case is very simple.

    After all these things started by that act of signing, that is why lulu has a hold to harass anyone. Clear?

    Look at the case in all its angles. Make intelligent choices and decisions.

    You are indeed suffering from a conflict of a person who wants to be a hero, and that makes you more stupid. present everything for people to make good decisions and comments.

    Do not ignite peoples' heart for sympathy.

    Those interviews and the lines in the news speak of only one thing and one message....what is that? meron pa ring guro na mga tanga. iyon lang.

    And we have to grow from this!

    Bato bato sa langit matamaan sana tatong lahat.

  84. To coffeandstretch

    May I refer you how fear is defined by the court.
    acts done with fear, acts done from fear, and acts done because of fear. From there you will really find that the degree of fear would vary depending on its proximity.
    From this, you will answer your question on your last paragraph.....that indeed, the degree of culpability depends on the kind of fear.

  85. The very important thing to accomplish here is let the governments of US and Philippines know that lulu is charging the Filipino teachers exorbitant fees.

  86. Or rather, let the US and Philippine governments know that UPI charged, has charged and is charging Filipino teachers exorbitant fees.

  87. To coffeandstretch:

    As regards, "Does it really make a difference if she is pointing the gun towards your head or she is simply showing off her gun tucked on her waist while she asks you to sign a document?"

    I am sorry to inform you that they are not different. In fact,both of these situations are instances of actual threat.Signing a contract because you feel or believe that your job security will be jeopardized if you don't is a good example of a perceived threat.This is not the kind of threat contemplated in the Code because people's perceptions may not be true.

    As regards voiding a contract because it is loop-sided: My opinion is that that is only poossible when it is coupled with another requirement: that the person signing it does not understand what he is signing either because it is written in a language that he does not understand and that he is illiterate and nobody explained the contract to him.In no way can the teachers claim that they did not understand the contents of the contract.Their signatures prove that they acceeded to the provisions of the contract however onerous they are.Why did the teachers sign the contract and now they want it voided?What kind of threat or intimidation did they experience?So far,what I have read in their affidavits, to my opinion, are not actual threats.You might want to share other instances of actual threats, if there are any, that they have experienced while signing the contract. There might be some facts that I have no knowledge of.

    As regards, "You say “sue her” as if it’s that easy. For sure you know that suing somebody involves resources.

    You missed my point.What I was trying to say is, if the teachers decided not to sign the contract lulu could not have forced them because it is illegal for her to do that. She could be sued for that.Is it easy for the teachers to sue her for that?No, but is it possible?Yes.DCMA a.ka.BJ

  88. To coffeandstretch:

    As regards, "And what did you say, “a gamble for her”? Are you kidding us? Have you even analyzed what you are saying? Put yourself in Lulu Navarro’s shoes for a minute."

    You missed my point again.I did not say she had the choice between letting us sign in the Phils or here in the US.Letting us sign in the US is really the better option. However,she had to gamble in both of those instances and letting us sign in the US is the lesser evil but it was still a gamble.Come to think of it, could she have done anything to us if we did not want to sign the contract and just told her that we will sign the contract after we have consulted with a lawyer?I know you will say again that it's difficult for a newcomer to get a lawyer.True it is difficult but it is possible.

    As regards,"You are totally wrong in this kind of linear thinking. There are businesses that state governments regulate (depending on which state); recruitment agency for employment is one." I would like to correct you: you said there are businesses that state governments regulate.Then you are also saying that there are some businesses that are not regulated.In fact, all business are regulated by the government.

    All legal businesses are regulated by law whether they are interstate or multinational/international.What I was trying to ask was:( in fact it was a question that I was asking, huh.It was not a statement) If ever Universal Placement was indeed registered in California and that it has legal personality under US laws, does it still have to be registered again in louisiana for it to legally transact business here?Is it not that the only requirement of the law is for it to have a legal personality in the US? (I am not sure of this myself that is why I am asking a question. Do not reply as though it was a statement that I am making.)Walmart needs to get business permit here but only for purposes of taxation and not for legal existence.

    By the way,the tone of your replies indicate that you are angry at my opinion.I thought this blog is for intellectual discussions.
    Please don't get angry as I only want to converse intelligently over some important issues.I disgust teachers making harsh comments and accusations over the blog.It is self-defeating.Blogs like this are constitutionally-protected because they are avenues of our freedom of expression.Attack the issue and not the person.We are fighting for justice but we are doing injustice to people we speak ill of in this blog.Sana intelligent discussion lang walang personalan.DCMA a.ka. BJ

  89. To coffeandstretch:

    There is a big difference between perceived threat and actual threat.

    Perceieved threat is the kind of threat that the court does not accept as ground for declaring a contract void ab initio.Perceptions may be wrong.

    Actual threat, when proven beyond reasonable doubt, can make a contract void ab initio.

    You might misconstrue me again.What I am trying to say is, the strength of our case lies heavily (but not solely) in whether what are stated in the affidavits are indeed actual threats and not just perceived threats.DCMA a.ka.BJ

  90. To bumabatikos:

    I will not close my mouth, I'm sorry.The purpose of this blog is for us to have an avenue by which we can share our thoughts. My opinion may differ from yours but I have the right to express my opinion.DCMA a.k.a BJ

  91. DMCA a.k.a. BJ,

    Before I reply to your points let me ask: Which specific part of my reply is attacking your person and not your idea? Please read it again and you will see that all the points I raised are all arguments on the issue and not attacking you as a person. What kind of tone are you talking about? I phrased my comment in a non-confrontational conversational manner. Please don't accuse me of that and lets stick to the issues.

  92. I am glad that I am reading several opinions here. But my decision is to expose the exploitations, manipulations, and the exhorbitant fees charged on us.

    I will let the court judge and make the decision regarding our case. Whatever you say to defend yourself Lulu or whoever you are here in the blog cannot change our decision. That's why we have chosen to pursue it through fair and legal way.

  93. let the court decide. We have our own reason in search for justice. We should not be mislead by any argument presented in which they don't know what we are fighting for. For all she knew is what she has read in the paper. We are not declaring our hard evidence in the newspaper for a certain reason.

    We are in this together. We will fight.

  94. Let the court decide! to coffeeandsketch don't argue with D.C.M.A he is clueless, ipinagtatanggol ang maling gawa. Hayaan na lang nating korte ang maghusga.

    I salute you coffeeand sketch galing mo ha.

  95. I salute DCMA.Sinasabi lang naman nya ang other side of the issue.Anong clue pa ba ang hindi namin alam?Di ba nasa internet na ang kopya ng complaint ng AFt together with the affidavits?So anong clue pa ang hindi namin alam?Di naman nya ipinagtatanggol ang maling gawa.Sinasabi lang nya kung ano ang sa tingin nya flaws ng kaso natin (mawalanggalang po sa lawyers ng AFT).Di ba maganda rin yung may devil's advocate for purposes of argument?Pangit naman kung tayo-tayo lang din ng nagpupurian samantalang may mga flaws pala sa mga strategies natin, di ba?

  96. Arguments between perceived and actual threats are over. We have facts that we can prove to court that Lulu and others indeed made actual threats to some of our teachers.

    So, teachers huwag manghina ang loob sa mga bumabatikos sa ating pinaglalaban!

    But, if you feel the other way around, that it is just and right to remain quiet as before, follow everything that Lulu is saying, let her control our lives, let her bully and mistreat us, and finally, pay the third 10% of your annual salary, then there is no reason for you to waste your time in reading this blog. All of these arguments shouldn't bother you since you don't believe that you and other teachers were fooled by UPI/PARS not unless you are pro-Lulu and want to stop this fight.

    But, if you are with us, the more that you should convince others to speak and tell their stories to the Union to strengthen our force. Giving testimonies and evidence of threat and mistreatment will put Lulu down and we will win the case.

    It is not upon our understanding that we can judge if this case will win or lose, but it's in our hands to make it possible.


  97. correct ka diyan anonymous October 11! we need to see everything in every angle, upang mataohan naman ang iba sa atin.
    pero ayaw pa rin ni gurong "ano ba yon" kasi tama talaga siya. 'yan ipakain sa kanya yong pananaw niya. feeling hero yan eh. tingnan lang natin....kung saan na yan siya magsusulat sa darating na mga araw.
    lulu and cohorts, i know that you are reading and hearing all these things....goodluck sa labanan. sabi nga nila, the court will be won by the one who is more logical. May the more logical win!

  98. To JT
    Hindi naman sa pumapayag kami sa pang-aapi ni lulu. Sama-samang tayong lumaban pero sana sa tamang panahon.Too premature ang timing ninyo eh.Magsurvey kayo at malalaman ninyong karamihan sa mga teachers eh galit na sa mga nagmamagaling dahil career natin ang nakataya ngayon.Sabi ng iba eh nakatanggap daw sila ng sulat from a lawyer at sinasabing hwag munang magtanong tungkol sa renewal ngayong december kasi titignan pa kung magrerenew pa ng teachers ang ebr.Baka naman sa bandang huli eh yung ginastusan natin ng milyon eh mapunta lang sa wala.Sana hinintay muna ninyong makapagfile ng petition for greencard baka natin labanan si lulu.Ako man galit din sa kanya pero tama si DCMA calculated risk ang kailangan hindi yung padalus-dalos. GE

  99. The meeting we had last September with Dr. Swinford had been very comforting to me. It meant that they would not interfere in our fight against the agency. She gave us an assurance that the parish school would support us with regards to our jobs. She reminded us to always perform our jobs well so we have security of tenure. We are mature enough to know what we should not do to jeoppardize our jobs and seeking justice against the agency is not one of them. The lawyer who informed his/her client was not aware of what transpired in the meeting.

  100. I would advice not to present our side and give further details of our plan that we have laid. Always remember that we have the ace of diamond that we have secretly keep against our perpetrator. The one who commented against our side, maybe it's her way to draw out information from us which later on will aid them to conceptualize a plan to counter-attack the walls that we had built in seeking justice.

  101. Teacher Who Supports This CauseOctober 12, 2009 at 8:32 PM

    Why would you accuse people behind this blog or behind this struggle as "feeling hero"? That reflects what kind of person you are. I know these teachers and they have families too, they have jobs to protect too. This is not something that they are doing to be popular. Please grow up! The difference is that, unlike you who only thinks of yourself, these people have shown bravery and principled action.

  102. To Anonymous last Oct. 12, 2009 at 8:49pm
    Sa tingin mo ba uusad pa ang green card kung wala tayong gagawing action ngayon? Di ba ginagawa na ni Swinford ang lahat ng paraan para makalusot sya in the end. Tingnan nyo ang evaluation ng teachers ngayon after ng observation... satisfactory, NI, or unsatisfactory na lang. Paano pa magkakaroon ng magandang evaluation tayo ngayon kung satisfactory lang ang highest? Syempre, pwede nyang ma prove na we are not qualified based on our rating. grabe....ano pa ba ang susunod?

  103. To the Anonymous (October 10, 2009 1:39 PM) who said:

    "I have always admired this. I am very willing to join this fight...I just don't know how..."

    Thank you so much for your support. We know that many others are like you, silent yet supportive of our efforts. But its time for action and we are happy that you are one with us.

    Please email ( us your name, contact number and other information that you would like to share. We will give you a call. We can then set a meeting with you and provide you with updates and things that we should do.

  104. Being true to what we think is right and just doesn't mean that we're just showing off and wants public attention!!Everybody knows the real thing that all of us experienced.If some of you doesn't want what we're doing then so be it,but we will continue this fight..
    To my fellow teachers who wants the truth and justice to prevail.Let us not be discourage by those selfish opinions but be strong and keep our faith that we can make it!!!

  105. That's true Maria makiling. The teachers behind all the struggle do not want to be praised or be called a hero. It’s just that they are trying to open up a bridge for those teachers who feel threatened and abused by our agency. Our call is to make their voices be heard.

    If you think we would want to be hero, we have already enumerated the names of those teachers who started it all. Why the framers for our cause chose not to divulge their names. Not even Lulu can pinpoint the one who made the blog. There are teachers who want to make a difference to others. They are teachers who stand the test of time, teachers who struggle in this strange land. Teachers who risk everything and sacrifice their time to listen to every teacher’s problem. They did not offer counseling to the teachers who lost their jobs in the brink of losing their peace of mind but provide support those who needed help the most.

    The teachers provide emotional help. They might not solve everything but being a companion that will serve as the teacher’s outlet of their struggle somehow lighten the cross that they have on their shoulder. We face the same challenges and struggle. Everybody is a leader.

  106. TUMPAK Maria Makiling! We will continue this fight... I am one with you! We will not be discouraged instead go on for our Mission, to have justice for all Pinoy teachers!

  107. When we triumph in our fight towards justice everybody will declare oneself a hero. Heroes who fight. Heroes who stand on their feet no matter how difficult the challenge maybe. Eveybody will stand up and proclaim the truth and justice. Seek justice to the tyrant who causes. Be not afraid of the outcome for God is on our side in fighting against evil. The avalanche of of our courage will swipe her off the map and welcomes her in the iron room. We will win this fight!

  108. I salute Gurong Sulong, Gurong Gala, and anonymous. Hehheheh wala lang akong masabi vow!

  109. tumatawag ba sa inyo si makasakit?? kasi panay tawag daw sa mga taga lafourche parish teachers at naniningil daw ng 10%. ano po masasabi nyo sa ginagawang un ng uiversal? dapat kayang magbayad pa ng another 10% ulit na placement?

  110. hay ......salamat sa AFT and thanks to Superintendent Delworth for extending the support to the Filipino Teachers. At pwede na daw po kayong makipagkaibigan sa lahat especially sa Filipino Community. Paano yan Rafaela isama mo na rin ang boyfriend mong si Marvin....magkita nalang ba kayo ng aft sa court? alam ko kasama ka dun sa kaso eh......hay naku kung mababasa man ito ng pamilya ni rafaela sabihin mo bumalik na sa pinas dahil nagkakalat lang dito yan....kakahiya.

  111. To DCMA aka B.J.

    Re: Fear

    The type of fear or the exact reason behind the fear will be different per person. Others experienced being shouted at, others experienced being deceived by lies, others by being threatened to be fired or deported. But discussing that would be academic. The main issue is, and what we want to show the court is, that there is a pattern of threats and coercion that made people sign a lopsided contract.

    Re: “I am sorry to inform you that they are not different. In fact, both of these situations are instances of actual threat.”

    So you agree with me then. Before you react, refer to my first point above.

    Re: “As regards voiding a contract because it is loop-sided (sic): My opinion is that that is only poossible (sic) when it is coupled with another requirement: that the person signing it does not understand what he is signing.”

    Wrong. Granting that some read and understood the contract and signed it, does not necessarily mean it cannot be voided. When the court finds that a contract is grossly unfair and is tantamount to exploiting others, despite the fact that they understood the contract, it may rule to void that contract. Or it is also possible the court will declare a contract as against public policy because of the gravity of the inequity and injustice.

    Re: “…if the teachers decided not to sign the contract lulu could not have forced them because it is illegal for her to do that. She could be sued for that. Is it easy for the teachers to sue her for that? No, but is it possible?”

    Again this is no time to be academic in treating this issue because we are dealing here with real people in real situations. We are not talking here if it’s possible for them to sue Lulu or not. It is possible. But take into consideration the actual situation – you are new to a place, you are deep in debt, you don’t have any contacts, you have no cash to finance a litigation and you are being threatened.

  112. To DCMA aka B.J.

    Re: “You missed my point again. I did not say she had the choice between letting us sign in the Phils or here in the US. Letting us sign in the US is really the better option. However,she had to gamble in both of those instances and letting us sign in the US is the lesser evil but it was still a gamble.”

    You are the one who is missing the whole point. What I am saying is that Lulu is such a scheming scumbag that she intentionally had us sign the contract here because she knows that it will be hard for us to refuse and she can easily threaten us here. Better option? Lesser evil? You mean you are defending her modus operandi of having us sign here, as a “better option”, as a “lesser evil”?

    Re: “I would like to correct you: you said there are businesses that state governments regulate. Then you are also saying that there are some businesses that are not regulated. In fact, all business are regulated by the government.”

    You don’t have to correct me because you are dead wrong again. In economics, regulation does not simply mean having to process a business permit and fill out forms. Do you mean to say that the US economy is a regulated economy since all businesses are regulated? The US is practicing the laissez-faire economic philosophy, or the model where market forces are left to play and government intervention through regulation is being removed. The economic policy of regulation, as oppose to deregulation, means that an industry or a specific economic unit is being controlled by the government in various methods like price controls, the limitation of players, the putting in place of a maximum profit margin, etc etc etc. Also, some businesses are also regulated especially when it is imbued with public interest which may be the case for recruitment agencies.

  113. Lulu Navarro

    This is Lulu Navarro the owner of UPI. Please do not include Rafaela Flores in this case. She has been serving me for two years. I admit that I had been cruel to all of you guys.I repent to God and I will personally call you on your phone to say sorry and remind you of your 10%, I‘m so sorry but it is stipulated in our contract.

    I have to admit that Ella can easily be fooled. When she came here in the USA, I promised her Green Card provided by she will supervise the teachers who just came from the Philippines, that was last year, and she believed my proposal. There are times that she doesn't think well. She thought that I own USCIS. Haahaha, I pity her for being so naive. But still she shows loyalty to me. One time I asked her to be vigilant to those teachers who go against me and ordered her to be stern with her dealings to my teachers so I can gain control over my teachers’ money. I advised Ella to prohibit the teachers from transferring to other apartment to keep my business, for me to receive a fraction from Savoy Plaza. Ella just followed and imposed her own rules because she was enticed of my proposal 25 cents a month per teacher. She said "That's a great deal Madam Lulu, It will already cover my gas expenses and groceries" at that time I was astonished of how she react; she raised her both hands and jumped and applauded. I thought she will sing halleluiah. She hugged me and ran. I asked her "Ella where are you going" Ella replied " Ohh Lulu, I will go to Savoy to look over the teacher for you Madaam”. And said “Thank you”. This is what happened from what I’d remember. So please don’t include Ella, You can put all the blame on me. She’s really a nice lady, sometimes. Ok.

    Please if you have any problems about the 10 percent we can talk about it. Filing a lawsuit against me is not an option. I barely had slept every night. My eye bugs are already swollen and everyday it is becoming darker. My doctor told me to take Diphenhydramine, sleeping pills. I did try it for one day; unfortunately it has no effect on me. My worries about the teachers’ lawsuit against me, does not allow my eyes to close not even a wink. My doctor injected me with a high dose of valium still it has no effect on me. Please drop the case I want to have a peace of mind. My eye bugs are getting bigger every day. Hope to see you all. Before I end my letter I sing the song “Don’t cry for me Louisiana the truth is I never let you. All through my wild days. my mad existence I kept my promise don’t keep your distance. See you all mwwwaaaah

  114. Hahaha! Nice post! Really hilarious... :-D

  115. hahaha.......nice.....what can you say now dr. wacwac aka mandaluyong (looban)????? i think she really needs help.... i pity her...may she rest in peace in hell......

  116. This is Dr. Wacwac, MD. Phd, DVD

    Lulu Navarro is suffering from multi personality disorder brought by her childhood experience, There are times she was very helpful when she is in her usual self but very mad and rambunctious at times when she was in her other personality. Her experience of being in destitution made her wanted to have more, no matter what it takes for her to do. I have documented accounts of Lulu's experience when she was still young, her father ask her to sell the ice candy in school, where Lulu study. Since Lulu is good at influencing people and salestalk is her plus. All her father's ice candy was sold in minutes. and her dad's agreement with her is to sell all the ice candy and she will get the 10% of the total sales. but it turns out lulu gave her dad the 10 percent. Lulu's dad was mad. her dad tried to recover the money but it is nowhere to be found. At her younger age his dad called her lotlot. Where is the money our sales from the ice candy. Lulu replied. " Dad I dont know, I just went to somewhere and a man attack me and took my money" her dad replied " I don't believe you, last year you took your mom's money from her small business buko juice" Lulu said " No dad I took it because someone was about to steal her money. I just did not gave it back I would prefer to acquire it than others because if someone stole it, we would not expect it to be returned." Because of his anger, he took a sack of rice and put lulu in it, for 10 hours, in a burning flame. Lulu just cried.

    And after that incedent, her scheme progressed. She went to other stores at her hometown ask them to sell their products through her and promised them good profit and give her 10 percent of the total sales. and it turns out she is nowhere to be seen because she prefer to get the 100%.
    Dr. Wacwac Md, Phd. DVD. I'll keep posting

  117. Di ba si minda na yung tumatawag hindi si makasakit?

  118. to ebr teachers,

    balita naman dyan. nakausap nyo na daw superintendent nyo?

  119. Hello guys, hmmmn... good luck for our fights. Calling all the filipino teachers in Caddo, Lafource, East Carol and New Orleans, let's be united... not be divided. Fight Lulu Navarro. God is with us.

  120. si makasakit pa rin ang natawag at masipag maningil. napakakulit pa. dapat pa po bang magbayad ng another 10% placement fee? si lulu kasi natawag daw sa mga taga lafourche at magbayad daw muna ng placement tapos ibabalik daw naman nya po ulit ung mga naunang ibinayad sa kanya. dapat pa kayang pagkatiwalaan si lulu?

  121. Quote "si makasakit pa rin ang natawag at masipag maningil. napakakulit pa. dapat pa po bang magbayad ng another 10% placement fee? si lulu kasi natawag daw sa mga taga lafourche at magbayad daw muna ng placement tapos ibabalik daw naman nya po ulit ung mga naunang ibinayad sa kanya. dapat pa kayang pagkatiwalaan si lulu?"

    At this point never give Lulu a single centavo.
    How can she sue everybody when she is being sued? She will need all the money she can to pay the teachers back.

  122. ba bye. 'yon ang pinoy, maski nabagyo man, tawa pa rin.
    yah, coffeandstretch, ma void talaga ang contract pag merong deperensya pero kaso educated ang nagsign nang contract eh, at saka marami pa sila. diyan ang problema, anyway, fight daw sabi nila, sana, pinagliban muna nang sandali, get good grounds and good ammunitions then strike back, kaso, nauna ang emotions eh, na problema tuloy. sana makabalik pa yong napauwi, if by chance they can come back, this is my thought, stabilize muna, then strike back!

  123. To anonymous above,

    I don't know why you think that the decision to initiate the legal campaign are based in emotions. We have started this movement since last year and it has been an uphill battle to collect evidences, coordinate with various networks, talking to lawyers, empower our other colleagues to stand and fight, helping our colleagues who are being slapped with lawsuits by Lulu. Further, AFT lawyers have studied this for several months now.

    So it's not actually correct to say that "nauna ang emotions." If some teachers who are with us are emotional, I dont think that's problem either, coz come to think of it, stopping this oppression is an emotional issue, being able to get justice for ourselves and our families are emotional issues. That is a natural tendency. But saying that only emotions drive the tactics and strategies of this campaign is totally wrong.

    Now here is my question: If not now, when?

  124. I agree with coffeeandsketch!!when do want us to fight?If there will be more victims of their evil deeds?!!It's too much!!Now is the right time to fight and seek justice!!And another thing..Our fight is not just for us here in Louisiana but this is for all the Filipino migrant workers who's scared to fight for their rights!

  125. Atty. Tabon Suka

    The wicked intentions of Lulu Navarro, her flight of injustice needs to be stopped, Lulu’s wings must be blown into feathers. We should move forward with our rope tightly knit together to drive her away into a pit of perdition. Never let Lulu’s cohorts stop us in seeking justice. Don’t let others discourage us from our undertakings to seek redemption from threats and intimidation that our agency enforces. We are all following the right path.
    The heartless monster who brought the teacher and promise them jobs. Unfortunately, some are paying for their apartment, yet unemployed. They have already paid her much more than the cost of their houses. They have sacrifice themselves away from their family, in hopes of giving them good future. It turns out that wheel of fortune was slightly moved in a much slower turn.
    Lulu Navarro is already hopeless on our stand against her; her lawyers withdraw their support.

    All of us know that Lulu Navarro tried our patience by her intimidation, enough is enough! The media and this blog are weakening her joints to stand. Let us consolidate our effort. Join our strength and voice out our hurts, while she is still in fear of to be incarcerated. We will break her bones piece by piece, detached her tongue to bring her in silence.

  126. keep on fighting...Call the Attorney General of California and file complaints against this person so she can no longer wreck havoc. Do not leave any stone unturned.

  127. Concerned Filipino Citizens in Baton RougeOctober 20, 2009 at 10:10 PM

    To all who filed criminal cases against Lulu, dapat kasama sa kaso si Rafaela Flores ha! Kapal ng mukha talaga niyan. Naka-on daw ang phone nyan nung nag-meeting ang mga Filipino teachers with EBR's new superintendent? Para marinig ng amo niyang si Lulu ang mga pinag-uusapan ninyo. Bawal yun ah! Dami na niyang vina-violate ha. Talagang lahat isinusumbong niya kay Lulu sa ngalan ng "commission" niya from Lulu at sa pangakong green card sa kanya. She is such a modern makapili. Wag ninyo palagpasin ang mga ginawa niya sa mga teachers, from collecting fees sa pagsundo sa airport, collecting fees sa pagpapakain sa mga dumadating na teachers, pag-charge ng mahal na carpools even you could have choices na mas mura from Filipino communities and other concerned kababayans, pag-aassign ng mga housemates na di naman nyo choice, ETC. ETC. ETC. Poor teachers of EBR. Tinanggalan ng mga karapatan at kalayaan. Di lang umaangal ang mga teachers dahil mababait sila. This must really come to an end, at dapat pagbayaran nila ang mga ginawa nila.

  128. Attention, all teachers who will be interviewed at the embassy, you are encouraged by the lawyers here in Louisiana to tell the truth about UPI's anomalies when asked. Your future lies on whether you will tell the truth. The US embassy knows already about the cases filed against UPI and they just want us to cooperate and tell the truth. When you attempted to cover up UPI, the processing of your visa and green card in the future could be jeopardized, so it's up to you. Be prepared also because the interview is somehow tough nowadays and job-oriented. Sometimes they also ask for evidences such as portfolios, certification, seminars attended, evaluation results from our Principals, etc. to prove that we really teach in USA. Take the advises from these lawyers. These lawyers are the ones who helped our fellow teachers when their visas were denied when filed by UPI.

  129. Thank you sa mga updates at advise JT. Buti ka pa marunong mag-share. Pakisabi dun sa mga lawyers na na nagbigay ng magagandang advise thank you din.

  130. Let us continue in prayer as prayer can move mountains. There is power in prayer. At the start our fight seemed like a David fighting to a Goliath, but remember what happened in the story? May Mam Lulu et al's evil desires come to an end soon as they still continue to collect exorbitant fees to the poor teachers.

  131. Kilabot ng SAVOY!!!!October 22, 2009 at 3:41 PM

    Attention all teachers who were being denied, US embassy in Manila is aware of what is happening to us teachers here in Louisiana, the advise of the consuls are the following:
    1. Go back home and have your visa stamp as quickly as you can.
    2. Bring all the documents (original)
    3. Tell the truth (nothing to hide guys, include all your experiences, pakisama na din ang pangalang RAFAELA FLORES ha)
    4. Don't be afraid.... questions are tough... but if you know what to answer based on your experiences here in Louisiana.
    5. Remember, plan 2 weeks and more.
    6. Again go back home as quickly as you can....
    7. Good luck guys, patagintingin ang pangalang LULU NAVARRO, MEL Villarba,UPI, PARS at ang walang hiyang si RAFAELA FLORES...

  132. Ms. Neglected VictimOctober 22, 2009 at 6:45 PM

    I agree with you Kilabot ng Savoy. Now is our time. Gone are the days for Lulu and her evil spies/servants. I can't wait for the time for me to testify everything we experienced in Louisiana at the US Embassy in Manila!!!!

  133. Lulu Navarro said....

    It seems like this blog is busy mocking my name. I have been reading this blog from the day it commences to ruin my reputation. It is alarming how some teachers responded to this blog.

    Honestly guys, I have read all the articles and the comments about me and it is overwhelming that what I have read in this blog is true and nothing but the truth. I wonder where you have acquired the information about my criminal proclivities. It is just a minor offense: The Identify thief and fraud. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as the act serves a good purpose to help the indigent Filipinos in our country and give them better life.

    Guys I’m on your side, My benevolence has lead me to do all sorts of this illegal action. I did not chose to be a criminal; my heart for the poor is greater than myself. I had donated everything I earned from my agency business. I have given everything to Gawad Kalinga, for the Disable children and donated medicine to the poor. I just bought a big mansion in California as a reward for my good deeds.

    Regarding the rumors about my claims, I have given the terminated teachers and teachers who do not have work a financial aid. Yes, I did give them $100 dollars each. I just send the money to Rafaela Flores and if by chance that some of you have not received the money. I don’t know, ask Rafaela Flores and claim your money.
    Bye you all. Hope to see you guys. Don’t worry guys, I have prepared a Christmas Party for all you. It will be held in the finest hotel in Baton Rouge. God forbid, if I will be in jail by December I will just send you $ 6,000 and 5,000 worth of prizes for games. Uuuuhm! I forgot, If I will be in jail by December, Is it ok to send you just $ 500 and tell Ella to do all the groceries and cook for you guys and have your party in the parking area of Savoy Plaza. I will ask Tracy of Savoy to clear to parking area. I need my $10,500 so I can bail. Sorry you know my case.

    One more thing, the teachers who came to have taken their pictures with me, they thought that I like them. Hehehe. They just don’t know when I look at them, I see dollars. That’s why, those teachers who had captured their pictures with me. They are the one send their 12 check for the 10 percent. Hehhehehhehe. Now I got you because you don’t think well.
    Bye you all.

  134. Q: Why is there nobody who ever complained about other agencies such as Arrowhead, Badilla, JobAsia, etc?
    A: Because they have Good Services, Concern, Freedom and there's no RF there
    Q: Why is Lulu always upset to the the teachers in Louisiana?
    A: Because of the feedbacks given by RF
    Q: Is there any good leader/s who could have helped the plights of the Filipino teachers and who could have helped resolve the problems they encounter in Louisiana?
    A: Actually there are many potential leaders who are deserving and who could have helped resolve the problems of the teachers in Louisiana but Lulu will only listen to RF
    Q: To sum up, who could have contributed to the teachers to fight for their rights and brought Lulu to face the court for violations of certain laws?
    A: RF
    Q: Who is RF, Is she a sinner or Saint?
    Who ever can guess the answer will be rewarded by a kiss from Gurong Sulong and Gurong Gala. (just kidding)

  135. I know! I'm thinking... I'm thinking... I'm thinking. RF. Uhhhmmmm. Republic of the Filippines. Gurong Sulong. I want your kiss. I know I'm right. I don't know gurong gala. Im scared, Gurong Gala might turn our Minda or Ella. Forget it! I'm too cute for them

  136. Hmmnnn. I think I also know who RF is. Robina Farms? Hey how can I claim my prize? I want a kiss from Gurong Sulong. Pwede pa ba bonus? a kiss from Kilabot ng Savoy!!! hehehe

  137. Ay pa'nu yan di ko man kilala kung sino yang si RF. Pwedi a flying kiss na lang from my idol Gurong Sulong?

  138. Clue: from Gulong sulong

    SI RF ay isang Babae. Pero naguguluhan ang iba kung ano ang anyo niya. Kung siya ay tao o isang halimaw? RF, para siyang may kahambing na buwaya oh isang Kumodo Dragon. Just Guess. Ok Flying kiss is coming. kiss is coming. If you want french kiss. I like it too.

  139. RF??? Rustom Fadilla??

  140. Hinay-hinay lang po ng pag-accuse kina Mam Lulu, Sir Mel, Ela at Minda. Baka sa huli ay kanila ang huling halakhak. Remember di pa naman proven guilty si Mam Lulu. May isinampa bang case against the others? Wala naman yata eh. Sorry, I'm not aware... Maraming pera si Mam Lulu baka mamaya balikan niya kayo at marami pang madamay at di na makapunta ng US. Nasa court na di ba? Let the court decide.

  141. To anonymous 10/22/09 10:21 PM:

    Di mo ba nabasa ang clue? Babae siya, so hindi Rustom Fadilla ang answer. Ayan wala kang prize.

  142. akala ko tumpak na ang answe na Rustom Fadilla. Anf hirap pala na question na ito. Gurong sulong pwede next question please. twiiiiich.Hoy ikaw nag comment ka pa. hoi kung mayaman si Lulu mo hindi kami humihingi sa kanya. kung ang sabi mo na balikan niya kami hindi kami takot. kung ikaw sipsip sa kanya. ikaw ang ma takot. kasi kami citizen holder na kami dito sa amerika. lahat nang kumucontra sa kanya. dahil nag padala na kami nang citizen watch sa familya namin. ok na gets mo. bye

  143. tumahimik ka nga diyan. wag kang pa angas angas diyan. Maam Maam, mo pa sila. Si Gemma Halcon kaba. Hindi kami takot sa mga halimaw sa banga. dahil mga dawindi kami.

  144. From Gurong Sulong,

    I'm waiting for the correct answer. I just put my lisptick on. I need an answer. RF. it's easy... want another clue. She talks so loud. and walk like a squirrel.

  145. Now I got. RF. Randara Farks. Gurong sulong I got it. uhmmm. Im closing my eyes now to kiss you.

  146. Talks so loud and walks like a squirrel? As in nagmumura sa mga teachers tuwing ipagtatanggol ang Mam Lulu niya? At kung umasta ay parang langaw na nakadapo sa kalabaw? Yung surveilance camera at Secretary ng Savoy? Kung ganun alam ko na ang answer. Si Reyna delos Flores! Gurong Sulong, yung prize ko ha.

  147. Medyo tama na nang Kunti yong asnwer sa last. Pero hindi siya Reyna dahil mukha siyang aswang. Clue: Pay pag ka pinocchio siya. pero baliktad lang sa kanta imbes pataas ang ilong. Palapad lang sa kanya. at malapit nang wala.

  148. kapag nahulaan ko pwede ba kafrench kiss si kilabot ng savoy? siguraduhin mong di bakla si kilabot ha?????? bka mas maganda pa yan sa akin.... anyway pwede ba call a friend??????bka kse alam ng friend ko. my friend's name is rafaela flores......marami yun alam.....can i call her.....

  149. Yung mga taga Caddo suportado ng School Board nila. Solid kasi sila dun eh.

  150. Wag n'yo naman masyado siraan si Ella...mabait naman siya ah... tanungin mo yung mga close sa kanya tulad ni Arvin, Weng Cruz, Dipol, Minda, Ana at higit sa lahat si Mam Lulu...
    Mam Lulu kelan po ba kami i-re-renew? may krismas party po ba tayo dis year????
    Just asking.....

  151. may nagbulong sa akin. si Kilabot ng Savoy ay tunay na lalaki at gwapo. reliable yung mga advise niya sa mga uuwi at magpapatatak ng visa sa embassy

  152. Updates:

    Let's buckle up, mga kasama. The wheels of justice are turning.

  153. Actually, we are now partially enjoying the taste of justice as we don't hear snarls, shouts, lies and threats anymore from Lulu and the others who possess the same color of blood.

  154. Lulu Navarro malapit kanang ma game over.

  155. Justice for Teachers...

    Friends look who has just signed up her name in If this woman did it, other lulu's cohorts might also change their minds. However, after having submitted my complaints to AFT against the agency and had included and mentioned her name countless times for what she had done to me, I will just await for the court to make the decision regarding her fate. She did a wonderful job as lulu's tuta in our midst. It might take time for me to heal the wounds in my heart and memory. She's been instrumental to all my family's sufferings, too. If she's really the person who added her name to the petitioner's signature list the only way to show that she meant it is to willingly and whole-heartedly confess all the sins she has committed against us in court. Because my problem right now is, I need to pray hard that I will be able to learn to forgive her. I wish her the best for her baby even though she has played a major part in getting us into these human trafficking activities by the agency towards us.

    I just want to ask these questions: Rafaela Flores takot ka ba sa karma? Bakit ngayon lang?

  156. New article in USA Today:

  157. It doesn't matter if Lulu's tuta/s changed their mind/s or if they are afraid of karma. Let us not forget what they did to the teachers. This could just be a trick to escape from a liability to the law. They are part of the crime.

  158. That's right! If she is really Rafael Flores, is that her name of the game? Remember, she used to deny or betray people. You mean, now she is betraying her beloved LULU? Let's be careful.....

  159. Atty. Tabon Suka Phd. DVD

    I can't believe what I just heard! Is Rafaela Bitch Flores signed the Go Petition? She must be out of her mind. If she really did, it's not that she changed her mind, but she just wanted to get away with it, for fear to be implicated in the case that we have filed against her master. Maybe she thought, while signing the petition, we would accept her and be thankful for her choices that she finally realize the shallowness of her mind. We abhor your name on our sacred petition! If thats your reason, you would have signed a blank paper and wipe your ass with it and throw it in the trash.

    Lulu's servant, Ms. Rafaela Flores is trying to clear her name. Don't fool us Rafaela Flores! we will really include you in our pursuit for justice. Some teachers who were denied went to the philippines and have their papers stamped. They have already informed the USCIS about Lulu's scheme and Ella behind it. So, buckle up Rafaela Flores and get real.

  160. Calling all teachers who's visas were denied, re-filed, needed to pay a lot and needed to go back to Phils to have their papers stamped. Don't take it for granted. It implied something. (ie. late filing, neglect, they just want to prove that they can really send you back to PI or they just want to replace you for business reasons). Don't forget to tell the US Embassy what went on to the Filipino teachers hired in Louisiana. Don't forget to mention the names of these people who gave emotional, moral, social, financial and professional stress to us.

  161. Mabuhay si kasamang Ingrid. We are proud of you! Check out the latest in our news link on the right side panel of this blog. (The most recent news link appear at the top.)

  162. We salute you Ms.Ingrid Cruz!!!We are proud of you!!!And We will continue this fight!!!

  163. We love you Ingrid, kasama mo kami! sugod mga kapatid!

  164. Go here to find out the other half of the story.

    Louisiana Hiring Filipino Teachers, Firing Americans -- Where are the Teacher Unions When We Need Them?

  165. Don't give too much weight on It's a blog that caters to hard-core white nationalists with strong anti-immigrant and anti-union stance.

  166. Hey anonymous above, i want to correct you. VDare is not anti-immigrant, its more than that! Its a a racist website! i have read some articles there before so don't believe their so called data.

  167. Comment kay Mr. Tiger Oct 22......
    Marami ngang pera c lulu pero kulang pa yan na ibabayad nya sa mga kasong nagawa nya sa aming mga pinoy. Katunayan, ang may ari ng agency sa texas na hinabla din ng kanyang anim ng kleyente na pinoy teachers ay naubos ang million-million nyang dollares dahil lang sa kaso........Kaya sabihin mo ky lulu na kailangan talaga nyang maningil sa ten percent dahil bilyon ang kailanganin nya sa mga kasong hinaharap nya.......Kaya lang....dapat cguro siyang mangutang sa ag,fg,lpg,gigi, fpg at iba pang g kasi wala na kasing magbabayad sa ten kanila nga talaga ang huling halakhelp....

  168. Love you Ingrid... hala sorry may asawa kana pala. Sige friends nalnag tayo.

  169. Read latest from Philippine Daily Inquirer >>

  170. Sumabog na bulkan!October 30, 2009 at 9:09 PM

    Lulu, ano masasabe mo? dame na kame kakampe, lahat ng media sa america ibubunyag na ang lahat matugis ka lamang! hahaha! Ang isang tulad ko na nanahimik, lumalantad na at sumisigaw ng "LABAN", kung ako sa 'yo, ihanda mo na ang milyones at dolyares mo, dahil di kami titigil na di makamtan ang lasa ng sinasabing "KATARUNGAN".
    Mga gurong panig sa laban na ito, ituloy ang pakikisangkot dahil ang tagumpay ay unti-unti ng sumisilip sa bintana ng KATARUNGAN, alalahanin na ang POONG MAYKAPAL, ay hindi natutulog, SIYA'Y lagi nating kasama sa lahat ng oras, nagbabantay sa lahat ng nais na umapi pang muli sa atin, at hindi na muling papayag na paatakot pa pa sa REYNA ng Kadiliman, LULU NAVARRO".

    Si RAFAELA Flores, na naging tapat sa kanyang amo, dudurugin at ibabaon natin sa ilalim ng lamesa ng ating mga abogado, sabay tadyak sa likod: Patay!

    May kasunod pa ito: patungkol naman kina Gema Halcon a.k.a. tsismosa,
    Renan Dipol = palugi na ang carpool dahil nagsamantala sa kapwa pinoy sa paniningil,
    susunod ka na!
    Eden Villarmino - uhaw sa lalake bukal bukal mukha, ano pa ang ini rereport mo kay Rafaela Flores ha? ano pa?
    Kay Edna Sioktong whatever!!!! kumapit kang mabuti, dahil isang tulak ka lang, lagpak ka na!

    Rafaela Flores, Ella, sakang... sobrang galit ko sa yo, sinigaw-sigawan mo ako, pinaasa mo, naging sunod-sunuran sa 'yo, dahil sa pananakot mo sa akin dahil, isang tawag mo lang kay LULU, agad nya akong tatakutin sa telepono... ang lahat ng ginawa mo sa akin.... nakasulat sa DECLARATION ko, kaya nga... HANTUNGAN Mo, sa abogado namin, sino gusto mong lawyer namin? wala kang patawad, Rafaela Flores.....

  171. .... based on Sumabog na Bulkan's statements:
    Q: What are the people mentioned in the statements have in common?
    A : They are all pretending to be good persons but in truth they only have vested interests and they are selfish.
    .... anybody please help me answer the succeeding Questions
    1. Do you think their families are aware of what these people are doing here in USA?
    2. Had these people show EFFICIENT SERVICES and/or GOOD TREATMENT, will you get mad at these people?
    3. Why do you think that at this very moment these people do not realize yet what they have done to the teachers?
    4. If these people asked for forgiveness, do you think there is still a need to pursue the plights of the teachers?
    5. What do you think will be fate of these people as well as the fate of the case filed by the AFT?
    THESE PEOPLE ARE WAITING FOR YOUR ANSWERS. hehehe ano kaya magiging reactions nila.

  172. To anonymous 10/30/09

    I'll help you answer the questions

    1. I think their families are aware of what these people are doing. They probably even gave them advices. But these people rather chose money to be their master.
    2. If these people did good to the teachers, these teachers will not get mad at them. (does it make sense?)
    3.These people do not realize yet what they have done to the teacher or probably denying they did something wrong to the teachers because of their personal interests or because wala talaga sila konsensiya.
    4. Eventhough these people asked for forgiveness (which I doubt) dapat ituloy pa rin ang laban para maturuan sila ng leksiyon. Sayang lang ang pagiging teachers natin kung di tayo magbibigay ng leksiyon.
    5. I cannot answer the 5th question. Bahala na ang court at ang God. They may escape from their sins in this world but not eternally.
    Satisfied with my answers???

  173. APOY na nagniningas!November 1, 2009 at 12:12 PM

    Ms. Coffee lover, thank you so much for answering the questions of Anonymous about the realistic message and declaration of sumabog na bulkan. Yes, you're right "sumabog na bulkan is a quiet person, but her experiences on these people are so bad.. especially her personal experienced with Rafaela Flores, I was a witnessed on how Rafaela Flores screamed at her regarding to where room and who will be the room mates.... huh! sobrang napahiya ang taong iyan...
    For Rafaela Flores, kahit maglumuhod ka ng isang libong beses (eventhough you kneel down thousand times I can't forgive you... because you are the instrument of "EVIL" without you, Lulu can't get all the informations and what are happening here in Baton Rouge, you're such a " NONSENSE Person Rafaela Flores" For LULU NAVARRO and Rafaela Flores see you in the court.
    Fellow teachers, please include the name of Rafaela Flores in your declarations against LULU NAVARRO. Thank you so much!

  174. Gurong Sulong make sure Rafaela Flores is included in the case you filed!!!
    Kung pwede pa isama na rin ang Savoy apt. at ang mga abusadong carpoolers na nagpahirap sa mga bagong dumadating na teachers!!!
    Matagal na panahon din na nag-take advantage sila sa mga bagong dating na teachers dahil na rin sa kapabayaan ni LULU.
    Mga first time kami nakapunta ng Amerika at hindi naging maganda ang experiences namin ng kami ay dumating dito.
    Kung anu-ano ang isinusumbong ni Rafaela kay Lulu at lagi lang nila iniisip kung ano ang convenient sa kanila without considering the feelings of the teachers.
    Kahit minsan ba may binanggit sa meetings natin with Lulu na achievements or promotion ng mga teachers???? Wala di ba? Puro sermon lang inaabot natin tuwing ime-meet tayo ni Lulu.

  175. Mabuhay ka kasamang Ingrid! Ituloy natin ang laban na ito, malapit ng makamtan ang tagumpay, basta sama-sama, kapit kamay kayang -kaya. Malakas ang pwersa natin. Go Pinoy Teachers! Go.... Go...

  176. Alam niyo saludo sana ako sa mga sinasabi dito sa blog nato for teachers. kaso may mga taong nagbabalatkayo at nagpapaawa sa tao para manamantala lang. Ung taong ang gusto lang eh makapakinabang sa gusto niyang makamtan sa isang tao at sukdulang manggamit ng kapwa.Specially, ung mga taong sinasamantala ang mga Amerikanong ang alam lang eh tumulong at maawa sa kanila. Na wala namang alam sa mga nangyayari pero minsan eh nagiging instrumento pa ng kapwa niya ng di nya alam na ginagamit na siya. Ung taong madaling maniwala dahil nga basal pa sa anumang ugali at kulturang mayroon ang isang Pilipinong kagaya natin. Maraming magagandang katangian ang isang Pinoy at maipagmamalaki sa buong mundo. Pero laging may pasubali sa isang bagay, kasi, may anay minsan sa isang tahanan di ba? Ito ung sumisira sa sariling pundasyon. Pundasyon na pinipilit patibayin ng ilang taong ang alam lang ay manindigan sa kanilang karapatan. Pero ang ibang nakikisawsaw hindi manindigan sa sarili kungdi ang alam manisi ng kapwa sa lahat ng nangyayaring kamalasan kung saan di niya nalalaman na minsan ay may tinatawag na KARMA. Kasi mahirap magmalinis kungdi ka naman siguradong walang uling na papahirin sa mukha mo. Paalala lang sa sinumang tamaan sa sinasabi ko, magmuni-muni ka sa sarili mo. Bago ka manisi at magtahi-tahi ng kasinungalingan para ibangon ang sarili at makinabang sa kapwa, isipin mo muna, kasi sabi nga di natutulog ang Diyos. Kaya lang ang Diyos, umuwi ng Pinas dahil na-deny.

  177. Mabuhay AFT Convention! Galing mo Ingrid Cruz! saludo kami sa yo! Tuloy ang laban natin!

  178. Thanks AFT, I enjoyed the convention! Watch out we have new updates from the Philippines, PARS is now under suspension. Let us support the teachers who are really doing their best to continue our fight.

  179. Updates: we have some forms to pass from POEA, this will help us to nail down the agencies! We'll give you some information regarding this.

  180. Dapat isama din yang Edgar na yan.Pinahirapan din tayo ng taong yan.Lalo na yung mga teachers nag-apply sa ibang parishes.Sobrang taas maningil!Talo pa si Dipol.Peo sabagay kahit papaanoeh may nasakyan.Ano na kaya nangyari sa atin kung wala tayong kasamahang nagcarpool?Pwede bang utangin ang pangcarpool sa taxi?

  181. Mabuhay kayo Filipino Teachers..for being brave. Hope other recruits do the same. Hindi lang naman si Navarro ang gumagawa ng ganyan.Marami ding mga Filipino recruiters ang gumagawa nyan.Not only Filipino recruiters. Even before, an american recruiter of Americsn Trading came to the Philippines to recruit and charged each applicant..teachers and nurses of 500 $ with the promise of getting employment in the US..but after getting the money, he left for US and did not communicate at all with the applicants.Not only in the US na nangyayari ang ganyan. Kahit sa Middle East like Riyadh, KSA ay may mga Filipino teachers na abused ng kanilang recruiters/sponsors or owner ng school. Hope the Philippine government will look into this matter..

  182. Guys, wag nyo naman na isama yung mga ksama naten na nghahanapbuhay lang. Imagine if Edgar does not care about money and just let you ride the taxi, (yun ang mahal), I've been there and let me tell you ang hirap. So let's just stay on track and don't forget to remember kung sino talaga ang kalaban naten. Lalo na ngayon na may mga bagay bagay sa paligid na nagaganap ng hindi nyo namamalayan. Kuya Edgar pasensya na po, kakuriputan lang yan, sinusumpong.

    -kasamasa sa pananampalataya-

  183. HAHAAHa!!! di naman isinama si Edgar, isinangkot lang kasi grabe maningil sa carpool... hoy edgar bisaya asawa ni che, aanhin mo naman ang pera kung madami ang nagagalit sa yo! Huwag mong dalhin ang ugali mo dito sa America... nangongotong ka din ba sa Pinas? Nung dinala mo kami sa Baker, magkano siningil mo sa amin ha,,, di ba sobrang laki... alam mong wala kaming trabaho... sobra... lamunin mo ang pera mo... katulad ni LULU Navarro, aanhin pa ang salapi LULU, kung maraming guro ang sukdulan ang galit sa yo....


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