Friday, October 30, 2009

The Quest for Justice

Friends and fellow teachers, we can already hear the wheels of justice turning.  Our quest for justice is moving forward.  The oppressor is now desperate to cover up her criminal acts so we expect her to carry out some desperate actions.  But have no fear for we have the truth on our side.  Let us remain strong as we have nothing to hide.

As we have always advocated since the start of this blog, the key to our victory is our unity.  No amount of threats, no amount of intimidation can muffle our unified voices. No amount of lies, no amount of cover up can suppress the truth.

We would like to give some updates on our efforts and the efforts of our network of advocates.

I.  Federal case versus Lulu Navarro and UPI
Last October 20, the American Federation of Teachers has already filed a federal case against the dreaded Lourdes “Lulu” Navarro and Universal Placement International with the U.S. Department of Labor. See press release from AFT below.

AFT Alleges Louisiana Teacher Recruiter Violated Federal Laws

A company that recruited hundreds of Filipinos to teach in Louisiana schools violated federal laws when it exploited, intimidated and threatened the teachers, according to a complaint filed Oct. 20 by the AFT.

The complaint, delivered to the U.S. Department of Labor, alleges that teachers recruited by Universal Placement International were directed to pay thousands of dollars in fees that federal law dictates should be paid by the employer. The AFT alleges that each teacher paid approximately $15,000 to Universal before working a single day as a teacher, and signed an illegal contract, under duress, requiring payment of additional fees.

"The allegations, backed by the facts, show these teachers to be victims of worker abuses like the ones in our students' history books: indentured servitude, debt bondage and labor contracts signed under duress," says AFT president Randi Weingarten. "What makes these allegations especially heinous is that the victims are good teachers, that school districts and tax dollars are involved, and that all this is taking place in 21st-century America." (Read complete article…)

II. Ingrid Cruz, providing a face to our struggles
USA Today featured a very compelling story that reflects the predicament of most of us victims of UPI.  The brave teachers in the story are Teachers Ingrid Cruz, Bernard Pagusara, Ian Cainglet and Luzellene Perez.  This blog salutes all of you!

Federal complaint: Filipino teachers held in 'servitude'
By Greg Toppo and Icess Fernandez, USA TODAY

BATON ROUGE — It has been more than two years since Ingrid Cruz aced a middle-of-the-night video interview in Manila, borrowed $10,000 from her parents and flew halfway around the world to take a job here teaching middle school science.

She was seeking that most American of dreams: a new life, and opportunities she couldn't approach back home. But along the way, Cruz says she has endured intimidation, humiliation, extortion and a long, painful separation from her young daughters.

Cruz is one of more than 300 teachers imported to Louisiana from the Philippines since 2007, a group of educators who say collectively they paid millions of dollars in cash to a Filipino recruiting firm, PARS International Placement Agency, and its sister company, Los Angeles-based Universal Placement International Inc. (Read complete article…)

III. Advice from US Embassy

One of our colleagues went home because her application for the extension of her visa was initially denied.  She reapplied for a new visa and then went to the US Embassy in the Philippines the previous week to have her new visa stamped.  Upon learning that she is from EBR, she was brought to a meeting with agents where she volunteered all information.  The agents are appalled by the exploitation we have experienced from UPI and PARS. She is back here in the US now.

Here are the advice from the US Embassy agents in the Philippines who are investigating the criminal activities of UPI and PARS.  First, stop paying any fees to the agency. Second, to all those who are in the same predicament as our colleague, the US Embassy suggests that you go home and do not worry because the US embassy will help you and make sure you can come back. All you have to do is tell the truth.

(Note: We are not trying to replace the opinion of a lawyer. We are just sharing to you what transpired.)

IV. Efforts in the Philippines

We are happy to announce that we have a new advocate that will handle our legal representation in the Philippines. We will be filing cases against PARS with the POEA and DOLE. (A colleague already submitted more than 60 declarations to Dole Secretary Roque last week.). Our counsel is a respected lawyer, activist and consumer advocate. Also, he is a previous Community Service Awardee of the prestigious UP Alumni Awards.

We would like to thank Partido ng Manggagawa (PM or the Labor Party) for arranging this representation.  We would also like to acknowledge the support of the Public Services Labor Independent Confederation (PSLINK).

V. Statement of Support
We would like to feature a solidarity statement from PM.  This blog welcomes the solidarity of any group or individual.  If you or your group supports our cause, send us an email and we will be happy to feature your statement.  We certainly need all the support that we can get.

PM Solidarity Statement
October 29, 2009

Message of Solidarity with the Pinoy Teachers of Louisiana

The Partido ng Manggagawa salutes the brave Filipino migrant teachers in Louisiana. In the name of the working class in the Philippines, we support you in your fight for justice against the illegal and oppressive policies of the recruiter Lulu Navarro. We pledge to help your cause and struggle in any way we can.
You have broken the stereotype of Filipino teachers as meek and submissive slaves who will endure inhuman treatment with hardly a peep. Instead you have stood for what you believe is right despite all the odds and against threats of persecution by Navarro and her minions.

You have proven once again that in unity there is strength and in action lies the possibility of victory. The support you have garnered from the Filipino-American community, the American Federation of Teachers and even the coverage that has been given your issue by the US mass media is testimony to you determination in struggle over the course of almost a year.

With the light at the end of the tunnel ever clearer now as far as achieving your goals of seeking justice, we encourage you to broaden the scope of your fight and raise it to the next level. We ask that add to your agenda the reform of overseas employment policy in order to stop the abuse of Filipino migrant workers. If professionals like teachers can become slave labor in a country like the US, no wonder OFW’s by the thousands suffer from abuse, discrimination and indignity across the globe. (Read complete statement…)


  1. Also read the latest from the Phil Daily Inquirer:

    We are encouraging all other victims of PARS and UPI out there to join us in our quest for justice. Prepare a declaration/statement that documents your story. And email it to this blog at

  2. To the bloggers, maraming samalat sa masigasig n'yong pag-asikaso sa isyu natin. you are one commendable group. you have all my, and my group's support! i also believe that we have to pursue the case here as well as in the Philippines. Lets go for it!

  3. Yup PARS is equally responsible. UPI and PARS are the left and right pockets of Lulu. Those pockets are very deep and she wants it full all the time! Tama na, sobra na!

  4. Sana magtuloy tuloy na para naman matigil na ang paniningil nila ng placement fee. Take note, anonymous na yung caller ID nila and they still give the same number to call 2133898878, pero you have to leave a message kasi walang sasagot....unless sabihin mong magbabayad ka ng 10% they'll return your call he he he. Sana ma reach na sila ng USA Today, Advocate, Inquirer ABS-CBN, AFT at LFT.

  5. Mukhang may silbi pa ang AFT at PM keysa sa embassy natin dito! Our embassies are being financed big time by Filipino taxpayers yet seem to be useless! Wala silang nagagawang concrete action para matulungan ang mga pinoy workers katulad natin!

  6. Stay strong you guy, my prayers are will you all!

  7. LULU NAVARRO'S end is near...We can finally attain the victory and justice we are all longing.This is for LULU...And now your end is near and you must face the courts verdict!!(sing it in the tune of MY WAY)but this time Lulu..IT"S OUR WAY!!!!

  8. Atty. Tabon suka. Phd. DVD

    Lulu Navarro's chapter is almost ending and it's a tragic ending. Like Romeo and Juliet, the lovers who ended their lives to be together till their last breath. The story of Lulu Navarro is different from the lovers' ending. Lulu's resolution sheds some light on the countenance of the teachers who had been victimized by Lulu’s avaricious scheme. Everybody awaits the final judgment, when all her stars diminish its brightness and her cohorts will visit her in jail.

    Possible ending of Lulu’s story: She might fall and dive down the manhole, or she will be eaten by wild rats that consume her nose and ears. Don’t worry Lulu. I happened to know a veterinary surgeon, who discovers how to combine animal parts to human. One of his specialties is Ears and Nose transplant of a pig donor to human injured face. Lulu can benefit from it, just in case she will lose everything she earned when she will be coerced by the US government to pay back the teachers’ money, plus the moral damages. The the operation that she will undergo, can help her accumulate all the money that she will pay soon by the movie projects in universal Studio, “Charlotte’s Web” part 3 or “Babe in the City” starring Lulu Navarro, a big hit and a blockbuster. Don’t worry; Teachers in Lousiana will wait for the premiere showing of her movie.


    "Sino sa inyo ang ayaw sumunod mga inuutos ko o merong reklamo, wag na kayo mag-apply at di ko na kayo papupuntahin ng Amerika!!!" (Famous line ito sa mga bagong aplikante)

    "Sino sa inyo ang mga kumokontra sa utos ko, ibabalik ko kayo sa Pilipinas!!!" (Famous line ito sa mga teachers na nasa Amerika na)

    "Wag kayo makikipag-kaibigan sa mga taga Filipino community. Nasasaktan ako pag pakikipag-kaibigan kayo sa kanila." (But the question is, dahil ba nasasaktan siya kapag may tumutulong na ibang tao sa teachers? Nasaan siya nung nagkaroon ng hurricane Gustav? Kahit tubig or lampara ba, naalala niya tayo bigyan?)

    "May sasabihin ako sa inyo, pero atin-atin lang ito ha? blah, blah, blah....da, da, da,...." (Hindi ba applicable sa lahat ang mga sinasabi at ginagawa niya. Di ba dapat FAIR siya sa lahat? hmmnn, I can smell favoritism sa mga 1st batch esp. kay Rafaela-sipsip)

    "Wag kayo manghihingi ng kahit ano. Ibalik nyo ang no mang ibinigay sa inyo. Nakakahiya ito!"
    (Sino ba nag-sabi na nanghihingi tayo? hmmnnn parang mali ang sumbong ah. Kung totoong nanghihingi ang mga teachers, nakakahiya nga ito pero ano ang magagawa natin kung kusang may tumutulong at naaawa sa mga teachers na baon sa utang especially yung mga bagong dating pa lang?)

    "Sino sa inyo ang gustong tulungan ko? Sa isang kondisyon, maglagay kayo ng POSITIVE about me sa blog, ha?"

    "Mabait akong tao, pag ako namatay, sa langit ako mapupunta sa dami ng natulungan ko."

    "Subukan nyo ako kalabanin, ubusan tayo ng pera. Huhubaran at babalatan ko kayo sa kahihiyan!"

    "Sa mga na-deny, di na-renew at iba pa, mag-tiwala kayo sa akin. Ako ang bahala sa inyo"


    "Mga teachers, magbayad na kayo ng placement fees at kung anu-ano pang fees. Sige kayo, may interest na yan pag di kayo nagbayad on time"
    (but this lines are sometimes written or expressed thru her staff)


    "%@#0/}!!!! ^$*(\|8@<,>@##%X&)!!!!...

  10. Maala-ala Mo Kaya, Nice post! really funny!

  11. Philippine Embassy and Philippine Consulate, hoy gising! Do something for us, Filipino teachers here in Louisiana. We are crying for your help and support. Do your part. What are you in power for!

  12. Maala-ala mo kaya, you reminded us of those lines coming from no other than Lulu. Pang-FAMAS.
    Yung kay Ela masyado ba brutal, censored o di makain ng aso ang mga famous lines niya?

  13. Dear Lulu, Are you preparing your declaration now? I bet it's hard for you because you have to invent events and invent different stories to hide the truth. On second thought, maybe not. Come to think of it you are one scheming liar! It comes natural for you to invent a different kind of reality. Am i right?

  14. Beware of this recruitment agency (TECHNO-QUEST MANPOWER CORPORATION) located at Finlandia Street, Makati City. This agency has good standing status in the POEA but doing illegal.

  15. To Anonymous above,
    Please share your story. Email it to us ( We are planning to start a blacklist of placement / recruitment agencies who have abused and exploited their clients. We will create a watchlist on the side of this blog of all agencies who have mistreated migrant workers.

  16. Mabuhay ang mga kasama natin sa Avoyelles! We are happy that you found your strength to stand up against tyranny and oppression!

    (Please read the news report on the links on the side of this blog.)

  17. Sa tanan nga mibulig sa kalihokan batok kang lulu navarro, daghang salamat. Dili kini nato undangan hangtod nga maopaw usab si lulu sama sa iyang igsoon nga si mel.Kun anaa pa kamoy mga dugang nga impormasyon alang sa kalamboan sa atong kalihokan, amo kamo nga gihangyo nga unta inyu kanang ipagawas aron masayud ang kadaghanan. Wala kita'y laing gihandum karon kundi ang hustisya. Mauli unta ang atong kwarta unya mapriso ang demonyo og kalbo.

    click here for the translation:

  18. Days is Lulu Navarro. I am crazy. My mind is mixed up.

    Plis I big hu! I ded nut du anitheng. aym a goad pirson. pleese Drup the kase. I alridy lust my sanity. I dunt even knuw how to spill. mga besaya wat ded i dough to you. ded i heart you dat mayks gow agaynst me. pleeesse

    I want tow faynd out wu yow r. aym hair in my rowm now. traying toe gait my kuto in my here.flaying wayd my hair. I downt ayven knoe wat tow do. huhu.
    if you can tell what information that Lulu Navarro's jumbled mind, just email me. you can receive an award, a trip to Savoy Plaza

  19. Ngeeekkk!!! A trip to Savoy Plaza? Ayaw ko. Kikita na naman ng pera si Lulu at Ella dyan!!! Pwede trip sa Governor's mansion? Para naman maikwento namin kay Gov. Bobby Jindal yung treatment na ginawa nila sa mga Filipino teachers dito sa Louisiana!

  20. You are so demanding, Ok! I will change the location. How about Broadmoor Plantation? or a trip to california.

  21. is it broadmoor foundation or plantation? I'm confuse.

  22. with ingrid, ian and the rest coming out....this case made sense. FIGHT!

  23. Atty. Tabon Suka, Phd. DVD

    Ingrid, Ian and Ms. Perez we are proud of you. these teachers endured intimidation, enforced by Lulu Navarro. Teachers who have the courage to fight in pursuit for justice. Their audacity will set as a precedent to all teachers who had been victimized by Lulu Navarro.

    Be not afraid to voice out our fury. We are going to unite our voices to let her taste the bitterness of her insults that she blurted out to us. Lulu’s tongue is as sharp as an arrow, stretching the string to pull back the arrow to increase velocity of her aim towards our heart, numbing our emotions through threats in silencing us of our knowledge of her rapacious inclination. Lulu Navarro has been stitching our mouth through threats for fear of litigation. She has been shielding herself with her weakening carapace, so that we cannot break in her domain. Our consolidated efforts and our voices together will break her sheath apart.

    There are some teachers who have witness Lulu Navarro’s evil proclivities, yet they still show allegiance to the evil master. Licking Lulu’s ass to please her. Jasper, is the male version of Rafaela Flores in New Orleans. Their intellect had been replaced by ignorance. These teachers ingratiate to their master as an act of gratitude, for the belief that Lulu deserve such a majestic respect in paying her kindness back for bringing them here. In return, Lulu did show kindness to those teachers who are slowwitted, which she thought; these teachers would be on her side when the court proceedings will progress.

    We are in this together. fight! fight! till we attain justice.

  24. Hey guys! Let's not forget Atty. Silverman.He works for Lulu. And we all know what he did to our NOA's. He gave it to Lulu instead of giving it to us.

  25. yah you're right. he should also be included in the case. i believe he is already trying to distance himself from LuLu. you can run but but you CAN'T hide.

  26. Excerpts from published on November 8 2009.

    A second attorney for Filipino teachers recruited to work in East Baton Rouge Parish has complained that some did not receive promised jobs and that the school district provided federal labor officials false reports about their situations.

    In addition, a Los Angeles recruitment firm, Universal Placement International, is accused of steering the educators into large fees and debts and hiding those transactions from federal authorities.

    That firm is managed by a convicted felon, according to records attached to the complaint. Additional records in that complaint show that Universal Placement paid the East Baton Rouge Parish School System $20,241 to fly seven recruiters to the Philippines in November 2007.

    To Jan Pineda and Almario Cruz, I just admire you for standing up for your rights. It takes a lot of courage to be able to do that. And thank you, too, Atty. Flynn.

    We all have different situations in life, but let's look forward that the US can still offer us a brighter future inspite of what happened to us all here.

  27. We are truly proud of you Ingrid Cruz, Ian Cainglet, Luzellene Perez, Jan Pineda, Almario Cruz, Atty. Flynn, the AFT and the rest who in one way or another come out and speak for the truth, fight for our right and stop the abuse (of you know who they are). We just hope that all your efforts will produce good outcome not only for us but for the next potential victims. Always remember, we are praying for you and your family and we will support you till the end of the race. MABUHAY KAYO !!!

  28. Want to complain about Silverman?

  29. Lulu malapit na ang katapusan mo. Pababayaran mo ang lahat na mga ginawa mo sa amin. Nakalimotan mo kasi mga teachers ang niloko mo. Hindi lang ordenaryong tao. Higit sa lahat, kinalaban mo ang mga BISAYA. Si Magellan nga tinalo, IKAW pa kaya. Good Luck na lang sayo!

  30. Isali na rin natin sa kaso ang mga lending agencies. PJH, FG, AG, pati na rin LPG. What ya think?

  31. Hahahaha! solong mga Besaya! Itoloy ang laban na eto!

  32. Most Recent Quotes:

    "Magbiro ka na sa lasing... 'wag lang sa mga Bisaya"

    "Lulu, pinuno mo na ang salop kaya kailangan ka nang kalusin"

    "Kapag may usok, may apoy" (kaya nag-file ng case ang mga teachers, hindi na-manage ng maayos ni Lulu ang agency niya)

    "Buntot ni Lulu, Hila ni Ella"

    "Lulu, tell who your lawyers are, and I will tell you who our lawyers are"

    "May tenga ang lupa, may pakpak ang balita, may driver na nakikinig sa mga balita at isinusumbong kay Reyna Ela"

    "Bato-bato sa langit, malapit nang tamaan at mabukulan ang mga kawatan"

    "Pagka-haba-haba man ng kaso kay Lulu, sa kulungan din ang tuloy"

    "Aanhin pa ang sorry, kung marami na ang pinahirapan at ginatasan"

    "Mas mabuti pa ang tumira sa kubo na ang nakatira ay tao kesa magandang bahay sa California na ang nakatira ay kwago"

    "Kung ano ang itinanim, siya ring aanihin." Lulu, kung nagtanim ka ng pagmamahal sa mga guro, pagmamahal din ang ibibigay nila sa iyo.

  33. Mag kita-kita tayong lahat sa AFT convention. Please confirm tru this blog if mag join kayo. Just mention your parish.

  34. Jefferson parish- present

  35. Always and forever EBR- present

  36. thanks. . . ang bilis ng response

  37. East Baton Rouge- We'll be there

  38. taga lafourche parish ba invited?

  39. Alam niyo saludo sana ako sa mga sinasabi dito sa blog nato for teachers. kaso may mga taong nagbabalatkayo at nagpapaawa sa tao para manamantala lang. Ung taong ang gusto lang eh makapakinabang sa gusto niyang makamtan sa isang tao at sukdulang manggamit ng kapwa.Specially, ung mga taong sinasamantala ang mga Amerikanong ang alam lang eh tumulong at maawa sa kanila. Na wala namang alam sa mga nangyayari pero minsan eh nagiging instrumento pa ng kapwa niya ng di nya alam na ginagamit na siya. Ung taong madaling maniwala dahil nga basal pa sa anumang ugali at kulturang mayroon ang isang Pilipinong kagaya natin. Maraming magagandang katangian ang isang Pinoy at maipagmamalaki sa buong mundo. Pero laging may pasubali sa isang bagay, kasi, may anay minsan sa isang tahanan di ba? Ito ung sumisira sa sariling pundasyon. Pundasyon na pinipilit patibayin ng ilang taong ang alam lang ay manindigan sa kanilang karapatan. Pero ang ibang nakikisawsaw hindi manindigan sa sarili kungdi ang alam manisi ng kapwa sa lahat ng nangyayaring kamalasan kung saan di niya nalalaman na minsan ay may tinatawag na KARMA. Kasi mahirap magmalinis kungdi ka naman siguradong walang uling na papahirin sa mukha mo. Paalala lang sa sinumang tamaan sa sinasabi ko, magmuni-muni ka sa sarili mo. Bago ka manisi at magtahi-tahi ng kasinungalingan para ibangon ang sarili at makinabang sa kapwa, isipin mo muna, kasi sabi nga di natutulog ang Diyos. Kaya lang ang Diyos, umuwi ng Pinas dahil na-deny.

  40. ooopppsss..... teka may isa pa na dapat isama sa kaso. Naalala nyo pa ba ang "US 101 " ni Jave Pajuelas? American accent daw kuno! yun pala Visayan accent. Kasama sya sa panloloko sa ating mga guro.Pinagbayad tayo ng 2,000 pesos para sa walang kwenta at walang katuturan na training na ito! Nagtamasa rin sya sa pera nating mga guro.
    tapos isa sya sa mga nagrereklamo?

  41. welcome naman lahat mag join. pero depende na yan sa kanila. if you know some teachers sa lafourche, tawagan mo sila para makasali. i'm not reli sure but i think ang convention ay para sa lahat ng teachers sa louisiana.

  42. sino ba itong si jave pajuelas? taga EBR ba to?

  43. oo nga bakla!! ikaw ba yung nagbabalatkayo? Kasi nung nagtraining dika naman talagang marunong. Teacher ka ba talaga kasi ang naalala ko lang na pinagsasabi mo noon ay dadadada, dadadadada, dadada!!
    ano ba yun? does it make sense? it didnt coz we just call it gay lingo!!! balik mo tig P2,000 sa aming mga tunay na guro at di lang call center training manager na bakla!!

  44. anu na pala ginagawa ni ella ngayon? dapat isali cya sa kaso. tumatawag paba si lulu sa kanya?

  45. to Anonymous 11-18-09 10:13 pm

    Please lang huwag mo naman gamitin ang Diyos at sabihin na "kaya lang ang Diyos, ay umuwi ng Pinas dahil na-deny." Kilabutan ka naman sana. Ang blog na ito ay ginawa ng mga teachers para i-voice out ang kanilang sentiments at ma-inform tayo sa maraming issues. Hindi ka pala saludo sa blog na ito eh bakit ka pa nagbabasa????

  46. I agree with anonymous Nov 19,'09. Nai-inform ako sa maraming issues from this blog. Sometimes naa-amuse din ako sa mga jokes and opinions.

  47. Yung tanong kung tumatawag pa ba si lulu kay ella, ewan natin. Alam naman naten ang style nila na pa-secret-secret. Just let them take the dosage of their own medicine. Kelan at saan pala yung AFT convention? Interested kami mag-join diyan.

  48. Hilton New Orleans Airport. Ask your local union representative for more info.

  49. check the status of pars and upi on line..there should be a favorable update now.

  50. do you have a link for this?

  51. what about the 'seminar' of a certain jave pajuelas? nagpa-seminar sya or something? kelan? saan? bakit???

  52. One good thing about getting help from the Americans is they know how to interpret the laws of the land for us. Some people from our own race could manipulate the law into their hands so they could grease and fool us. The only way to combat their foolish ways is to ask help from proper authorities who could protect us and stop them from inflicting further abusive acts on us and our families.

    I totally agree that AFT has the capability to provide us the facts, defense, and legal assistance. We are not seeking financial or any kind of help that will enrich ourselves, so to accuse us of trying to solicit sympathy from the Americans is totally just the product of envy by some envious, arrogant, and stupid people.

  53. I don't think AFT will allow us to use this very prestigious organization for senseless reasons and personal purpose. The AFT is just performing their duty which is to protect the teachers as stipulated by the law. Obviously, there are bulk of evidences to prove that certain laws have been violated and the teachers have been deprived of certain human rights.

  54. Hello! may mga updates po tayo from the Philippines:

    PARS and UPI are now in preventive suspension, as of November 19, 2009 per POEA order, per POEA cases No. RV-09-10-2258/DAE 09-10- 1873/ RV 09-11-2373/DAE 09-11-1932.

    Mga kasangga, magandang balita ito para sa ating lahat. Salamat sa mga taong patuloy na kumikilos para sa tagumpay nating lahat, mga taong tulong-tulong upang mapatumba ang PARS at UPI, Pilipinas at America, may mga gurong handang ibuwis ang buhay para sa KATARUNGAN, kaya panawagan po sa lahat, magkaisa tayo na labanan ang kaampon ni LULU Navarro. Salamat AFT, Atty. Mc Niel, Mr. Carnell Washington thank you so much, please continue help us.

  55. Panggising, I appreciate your post, awesome! Give me five men!

  56. Kasamang Ingrid, binabati kita, super WOW! ang galing mo talaga, saludo kami sa yo! Mabuhay ang AFT Convention! Mabuhay Ingrid Cruz! Galing mo, wow,wow,wow!

  57. Wow din, there are many teachers who will be going back to the US again after their visa stamped, Thanks for all the support from the US Embassy, who helped and listened to the Filipino Teachers. Everywhere in the world, there are good people who support us! Tuloy pa din ang laban natin!

  58. Teachers, let us always continue to include in our prayers those Filipino teachers who are doing their best to be the front of our fight! Give them encouragement words and supports, because without them, our fight will not go on!

  59. Attend the Aft Convention today in New Orleans!

  60. Mga Pinoy Teachers who are still in the Philippines, wag kayo mag-alala. Patuloy pa rin naman ang pagha-hire sa mga teachers dito sa US. Apply lang kayo sa mga agency na maayos ang service at saka mas mababa ang fee. GO na kayo 'dun. Don't be the next victim of UPI. Let us continue in prayer for the people who have been instrumental to stop UPI from abusive practices.
    Wag natin palagpasin ang mga pinagdaanan ng mga teachers. Hindi maayos ang services nila. Puro pera lang ang mahalaga sa kanila at nakikinig lang sila sa mga taong taga-sumbong na ang hangad ay pumapel o sumipsip lang at hindi ayusin ang kapakanan ng "LAHAT" ng mga teachers. To Lulu, kung sana hindi PERA-PERA lang ang turing mo sa amin, PINASASALAMATAN ka SANA namin sa pagdala mo sa amin sa US. tsk. tsk. tsk....

  61. di naman naten kinakalimutan pasalamatan si lulu sa pagpapunta niya sa aten sa Amerika, kaya lang eh kelangan sila managot sa mga maling pinag-gagawa niya at ng kanyang mga tauhan

  62. We were not able to attend the AFT Convention in New Orleans. Can we get an update from anybody who made it at the convention?

  63. I am glad Jave has realized how crooked the agency is that's why he is fighting against it. Unlike some teachers who found pleasure in being the puppets of lulu and who enjoyed acting like rulers among us and telling us to follow lulu or else... Who do they think they are? The blind, suckers, and teachers without sound principles in life. That's for you Ella and your company.

  64. PARS suspended 11/22/2009

  65. Abangan, the group of Mairi Tanedo and Geralyn Bacus will hold a press conference together with the other victims of PARS and UPI at Cebu sometime next week.
    Type: Labor party welcomes suspension order against teacher recruiter at (then click search)

  66. Wadap-wadap!

    Sa mga nakatanggap ng email from MEL kablo, ano masasabi nyu? nagmamakaawa ang kalbo, labas na raw sya sa usyu,tsaka ang PARS at UPI daw ay hindi related.HAHAHA. Akala niya cguro joke2 lang ang complaints natin. Panahon2 lang yan MEL kalbo. Balita ko ay di kana raw pumupunta sa PARS ofis. Mag ingat ka KALBO, yang mga tuta mo sa opisina ididiin ra rin nyan. Ikaw naman DIVINE, magtago ka na rin. Sabit ka rin dito. Medyo matagal pa naman cguro bago kayo makukulong pero alam ko di na kayo makatulog.

  67. The reality is PARS and UPI cannot disconnect one from the other - why? Because they were together in doing the crime against us. Without each other they would not be able to amass a lot of money from us. It's just UPI does a lot more of evil ways that led them into these sour reputation and companies' bad standings.

  68. Jave is a victim tulad natin at isa sya sa mga lumalaban at gumawa ng hakbang ever since against UPI and PARS. Yung mga nag comments kay Jave oviously di alam ang totoong istorya. I knew Jave owed almost $17k kasi nakita ko statement of declaration nya recently so imposible na yung P2,000 each ng seminar ay napunta sa kanya. Knowing Mel na pati kaluluwa natin peperahan, ewan ko lang... Alam ko din yung sobrang pagtitipid na ginawa niya pag dating namen sa US kasi kasama ko sya ilang beses naglalakad papuntang Cortana Mall para bumili ng pambaon sa school. Di bat nauna syang umalis sa Savoy?!

    Sa nag comment, kung di ka natutu sa seminar eh mahina utak mo kasi ako, yung "dadada" ay naaalala ko pa as American basic intonation at nagagamit ko yung lectures na binigay nya until now. Tsaka yung ‘Filipinoism” concept, sa kanya ko yun nalaman. He deserves naman to give lecture dahil sa credentials nya at work experiences sa Manila. Ang alam ko hinde kasama yung seminar sa visa application kaya optional yung attendance. Ang ni require yung Interview Essentials at classroom management na sabi nga ni Jave sya sana ang maghahandle but he said he does not deserve to talk about it kasi managers at supervirors na ang tini-train nya, di na mga agents sa Teleperformance. I also knew he speaks English very well and can teach very well kasi halos lahat 5 (excellent) ang teaching evaluation nya. Nakita ko yun nung nag pa renew kame kay Atty. Lieux.

    Guys, let's support him instead. He is like Ingrid and other brave teachers. Masmalala pa situation nga kasi some close teachers told me a week ago that he was treated less than a person by his principal after this blog came out last year... Ask him personally and professionally para malaman mo. He is a big help in our case against UPI and PARS.

    Sis, pasensya na sa nag comment. Mas maganda ka dun, sexy, matalino, matapang, matulungin, palakaibigan, magaling, at higit sa lahat, hinde makasarili.

    Your Friends

  69. kung me kopya po kayo ng email galing ke mel kalbo baka naman po pwedeng ipost nyo rin po dito. pls, gusto ko rin po malaman kung ano ang content ng email na un galing sa pars. ganyan po talaga mangyayari jan itatanggo na sila ay hindi related. helloooo educators tayo tatangahin ng isang mel villarba? huh! he is crazy. kakatawa ang alibi nila. pangbata. mel umisip ka naman ng ibang dahilan.

  70. Mel and Lulu, magkapatid na hahamakin ang lahat magkapera lang!!!

  71. My fellow teachers in Louisiana, is there any way that we can help those teachers na hindi nakapunta dito pero nakabayad na ng mahigit $5000? Most of them nangutang pa, may interest na. Paano kaya nila ito mababayaran? Di ko ma imagine ang situation nila. I know may magagawa tayo like helping them find an employer here. It may be difficult but who knows kaya natin. Eh si LULU nga na walang utak kinaya, tayo pa kaya? I may sound like Im in dreamland pero talagang naaawa ako sa naiwan. Naranasan ko kasi na maiwan sa pinas. Ang mga kasama ko nakaalis July 2008 tapos ako mga 5 months later na. Hope to hear some comments and suggestions from you guys.

  72. yeah. Keep all options open. They need to keep looking for any opportunities here. Check the POEA forum about teachers in the US. They are helpful in identifying possible opps.

    Any opps has to pass through POEA no doubt about that. So beware. POEA is pretty useless in identifying crooks beforehand. They do not have a grasp of what is going on or just merely blind and deaf. They do not do monitoring of agencies. With the advent of internet, they could setup a hotline or complaints site which can become voluminous.

    If they paid in the Philippines, then the only way is to file complaints through the POEA. They can also do a "rider" with those teachers in the US who will file complaints against PARS. They need to include the return of payment, interest paid, mental anguish, and 'estafa'.

    Estafa defined:
    Estafa is committed by a person who defrauds another causing him to suffer damage, by means of unfaithfulness or abuse of confidence, or of false pretense opt fraudulent acts. For the existence of the crime of estafa, two elements are indispensable: fraud and damage.2 In other words, the essential elements of estafa are: (1) The deceit employed to defraud another; and (2) the injury or damage caused thereby.


  73. Mag tipon-tipon lahat. This is the best time to act as one. Clarify things set a goal para hinde kalat ang actions. Mahirap kasi mag move na isa-isa. puro haka-haka. Yung iba nga walang pakiaalam. Yung iba naman maka lulu paren. Baka yun yung mga nilibre ang placement o kaya nakinabang tulad ni Ella Flores.

  74. AFT Convention attendees, EBR outnumbered - only Ingrid, Janet, Jave, Cynthia, and Robert were present. Where were you folks to give honor to AFT for all the things they do for us to claim our rights and make us stay here - sa lakwatsa?

  75. Dapat mas marami ang taga EBR. Tingnan mo ang taga JEFFERSON, halos 100% attendance. Dapat sundin nyu ang 3M's. Makisama,makialam,makibaka. We need your support mga teachers. Yup we know you have other things to do. But if you want justice, dapat mag sacrifice din. "actions speak louder than words"

  76. Uyyyy Bisaya din ako. Bakit ano tingen mo sa amin mali mag English?! I'm sure I speak better than you. Jave speaks better than you either.

    Check your self man. lol

  77. We need someone reliable who can organize our group together in EBR. Some of us were not aware of the AFT convention in New Orleans. And I hope you'll understand that some of us still do not have transporation of our own yet. We need to find ways on how to properly inform the teachers who may be interested to come for such an important meeting like you just had attended. Other groups from other parishes did well in attendance because they probably had better and clearer means of communication and understanding among themselves. Anyway, we were happy to hear that you were among those who were at the convention.

  78. I think the most reliable persons are theose who already come out. WE NEED TO ASK AS ONE para hinde kalat ang move. Together we will be mightier in solving this adversity.

  79. to anonymous nov 25 1:20 pm....

    ang layo ng mga sinasabi mo. what i mean is it's not enaf na sabihin mo lang na susuporta ka sa move na ito. dapat talaga kumilos at ipakita na seryoso ka. kaya nga "actions speak louder than words".

  80. eto namang taga doesn't mean na dahil complete attendance kayo wla ng paki ang taga EBR...please keep in mind that this move started in EBR...huwag kayo masyado mag maganda... probably WE WERE NOT AWARE NA MAY CONFERENCE! and especially that it was held in New Orleans please stop that kind of nonsense...kayo nga tong kay tagal ng tautaohan ni Lulu!

  81. You need to know what's happening around you, like conference and meetings. If hindi kayo nag aatend ng mga meetings, din that may be the reason na hindi kayo aware sa convention. There is also a web site of your local union. Lahat ng mga nakaplanong activities nakalagay dun. Kami sa Jefferson ay united and we are fighting for one cause, to put down the devil. (alam nyu na sino cya).Ang mga Lulu Loyalist sa amin (if meron pa) ay nananahimik lang. And i don't think nakikipagcommunicate pa sila kay LULU. If posible nga magmeet ang mga taga EBR at Jefferson para mapag-usapan ang dapat pag usapan.

    Just a comment lang regarding sa "kay tagal ng tautaohan ni Lulu"... Ang mga taga Jefferson July 2008 palang dumating pero wala nang loyalist ni Lulu (if meron pa lagot kayo sa akin,hehe). I believe 2007 or 2006 ang first batch ng mga taga EBR pero hanggang ngayon may loyalist pa rin ni Lulu. You do the math. X - Y = T
    Let X be the present time(2009), Y be the arrival time (year) and T be the tautaohan time.

  82. dear teachers,

    let us be more discrimiating with the issues that unify us...petty issues with pride factors will just divide us and will make lulu and cohorts mightier than us.

    please let us all focus. you know who are the teachers to ask for official updates and actions. the most important thing now for us is to have our victory soonest through concerted and solid efforts from us all.

    we are sorry we cant ask this blog to help convey our is too open. this blog have done so much as to awareness raising, idea and sentiment generation and initial steps in organizing and consolidating our potentials, powers and actions. this paved way also in forging alliances with sincere individuals, organizations and institutions which are vital in our fight against the agencies. likewise in the promotion of deeper advocacy concerning filipino migrant workers particularly workers rights and ethics in recruitment, issues which affects not only us but all the OFWs all over the world.

    this time, legal remedies against the agencies both in the US and in the Philippines are rolling and we can't let our enemies stop us in maintaining the momentum.

    from the start, we call for the truth to prevail; for solidarity among us irregardless of the regions we are from or social orientation, gender preference and political affiliation; and for justice !

    each of our contribution, no matter how small, counts a lot. without that in mind, we will fall and be lulu and cohorts the last laugh.

  83. Gurong gala! saan ka ba pagala gala? namiss ka namin.

  84. i am just around the corner, never been tired in pursuing what is just and what is due for us.

  85. Mga kapatid, it's Thanks Giving day. Let's begin a new day to solve the devil altogether. Gurong gala, mag meeting tayo please. Yung lahat magiging aware sa schedule, venue, time at agenda. This is not the time para mag away-away tayo or to prove kong sino ang may masraming nagawa kasi matutuwa si satanas nito sa atin na nakikitang di nagkakaisa. It does not matter kong ano parish ka or ano na nagawa mo. Please!!! Satan should not win. We should win. Please!!!

  86. Gurong Sulong and Gurong Gala, we miss you na. Just let us know when are gonna have a meeting. Looking forward to a meaningful meeting wherein we will be discussing the latest updates of the case we filed, the successful comeback of those teachers who were denied, needed to spend lots of money and overcome so much stress, and discuss measures on how we can strengthen our staying power with our particular districts. A type of meeting or a simple party to express our unity and concern for each other, setting aside our own personal or hidden agendas. I'm sure most of your "fans" would like to meet you upclose and personal. I'm one of them. Don't worry I'm not one of Lulu's spy.

  87. To Ms. Shygirl,
    Maganda yun suggestion mo pero risky at this point in time in the sense na ongoing pa yung kaso against lulu and we must be careful coz nag-aabang ang kampo nila ng grounds para kasuhan naman or balikan ang mga kaibigan nating nagsumikap na mabigyan tayo ng justice. Anyway we are united in thoughts and prayers. Saka na yung party. We will have victory party when there's already decision of the court. Let us just support Gurong Sulong and Gurong Gala in all our endeavors.

  88. nakausap ko ang agent ng us embassy.i would like to ask those teachers na uuwi at dadaan ng us embassy.huwag kayong playing safe by not participating sa on going investigation nila. kasi mag boomerang din yan sa inyo. akala nya wala yang impact by being silent. hindi nyo alam na posible hindi na din kayo ma approve next time na dadaan kayo sa kanila. cguro natuwa kayo dahil naaproved kayo ngayon at nakalusot without participating sa investigation. but you know what hindi naman sya nag threat but ang sinabi lang nya na definitely we will help those teachers who helped us with this investigation and those names constantly appears on the declaration should definitely be included in the case. Isa na dyan talaga si Ella at iba pang names na nasulat doon sa declaration. all the accessories daw ni lulu talaga ay kasama sa case.bumaliktad man daw o hindi. It doesnt matter daw.
    Ang masabi ko lang na pagnakaharap nyo na ang agent,be truthful lang talaga and speak the truth. Marami pa akong tips kaya lang tamad talaga akong mag type oi. Sorry ha......

  89. yeah, to those na iinterviewhin ng agent sa embassy, be truthful in your declarations. do not obstruct justice para ma-realize nila kung anu-ano ang pinag-gagawa nila sa aten. sinamantala nila ang kagustuhan naten na makapunta ng Amerika at saka unti-unti tayong ginatasan. para silang linta na ayaw tumigil sa pagsipsip sa ating dugo, dugo at pawis na pinaghirapan naten. wala silang concern kung di kumita ng pera sa aten. di sila matututo kung di tuturuan ng leksiyon. tularan natin si Lapu-lapu. tama lang ang ginawa niya kay Magellan. Go, go, go. Fight, fight, fight the evils.

  90. Exchange of verbal dispute of who went the most, either EBR or Jefferson Teachers in the AFT conference. Irregardless of who outnumbered what, those teachers who went to the conference represent the entirety of the teachers in Louisiana. We are on the same string, we share the same line of defense. To fight back and blow her walls to dust. We should come together and held our voices together to amplify complaints. Fight, fight and fight.

  91. Call for a meeting in support of those who are frontlines ot his battle for us. I just talked to one of them and she said she needs more support from us. UNITE TEACHERS!

  92. Meeting, Meeting, Meeting...para di kalat and move. Para maging aware din ang lahat sa nagyayare. Ang dame natin pero kunti lang talaga ang gumawa ever since. Let's be fair!!!

  93. It is spreading...picked up by Washington DC online news about Philippines.

  94. please advice me, lulu's secretary has been calling me for the 10% and left a message today. who can i email with regards to this. i will be waiting for your response. i need to talk to somebody...please help! thanks

  95. for anonymous december 1, 2009 10:00pm

    just ignore the call. if you need someone to talk to, you know who they are. it is not safe to mention names in this blog.

  96. ask AFT. they are the ones who advised us not to pay UPI anymore. let us protect our friends' identity. they already invested a lot to fight for our rights. we need not mention their names here.
    gets mo???

  97. You are not the only one being followed up for the 10%. I have been receiving notices constantly from UPI regarding this and I sought AFT's help and got an encouraging response and information from them. Anonymous of Dec. 2 at 6:21 was correct. It is safer to take refuge from people who know how the law can protect us. Please seek the right authorities so you won't be afraid and enslaved to pay it. We overpaid them already.

  98. Navarro's inordinate greed and covetousness will ultimately bring her more destructions than good.

  99. I also did the same by going to AFT for legal support. If anyone of you is having problem with UPI regarding the 10%, ask for more information from AFT.

  100. In Westdale, we all received again letters from Lulu reminding us to pay the 10%, except Ella Flores. Yung iba tinatawagan pa ng secretary. Maybe we could ask Ella Flores how she becomes exempted.

  101. She thinks you still 'owe' her your obligation.
    As I always said in the past, she can not think outside her 'box'. It is all her opinion, quesa hoda.

    Do not even think of giving in. Let her go to claims court. Then you countersue her in Baton Rouge.

    In the meantime, move forward and think about getting a green card. I heard that EBR does not sponsor green card petition. That is already a dilemma. Do not let your working visa max out
    (6 years max no exceptions).

    I have a case here who worked for 6 six and did not get a green card because the employer did not petition the person. The person has to leave with the spouse and their child back to the Philippines.

    Think about your future here and think now!
    If EBR cannot do the petition in your behalf,
    check other employers.

    Do not delay this. It takes up to 2 years to get a green card depending on the availability of green cards.


    I do not know what category you will be under but your target will be Second Priority with at least a Masters Degree.

    If you fall under the Third priority. Only those who applied on June,2002 are being processed. You will have to wait seven years before you papers will be examined. My advise
    here is marry a US citizen if you want to stay here in the US. Within months of being married you will have your temp. green card. Within 3 years, your citizenship.

    Good luck to all of you and see you in the Filipino-American Association of Greater Baton Rouge this Saturday, Dec 5, 5PM @ Jefferson BREC Park along Jefferson Highway

    A. Current
    First: Priority Workers: 28.6% of the worldwide employment-based preference level, plus any numbers not required for fourth and fifth preferences.

    B. Current
    Second: Members of the Professions Holding Advanced Degrees or Persons of Exceptional Ability: 28.6% of the worldwide employment-based preference level, plus any numbers not required by first preference.

    C. June, 2002
    Third: Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Other Workers: 28.6% of the worldwide level, plus any numbers not required by first and second preferences, not more than 10,000 of which to "Other Workers".

  102. is the party at BREC open to all?

  103. Yes, the party is open to all. It is a potluck party( main dish+2L drink). However, there is membership fee, $10 per adult and $20 per family (same family name; same address). This is to defray the cost of the place and music, etc.

    Most Filipinos come here during this time of the year. As far as I know, this is the biggest gathering of Filipinos here in Baton Rouge, LA.

    If you have kids, they will be interested in knowing Santa Claus.

    The party starts at 5:00PM Dec 5, 2009 at
    BREC Jefferson Park, 8133 Jefferson Highway.

    If you do not want to cook, you can check with Pinoy Restaurant for a variety of Filipino food.

    P.S. Whole Lechons will be served here, too.
    It will be a feast for everyone.

  104. what's the latest update from those went back to PI to have their visa stamped? share naman oh. kami na susunod na uuwi eh.

  105. if you will go home to have visa stamped, be sure to ask from those who went back already if you want to have a wonderful experience, i hope you'll not to play safe like others did, so that you'll not get any green form and be stranded in the phils for so long,,,,, tell the truth..... consuls are all aware of our sufferings/ experiences from the agencies.....

  106. Balik-Louisiana teacherDecember 4, 2009 at 10:13 PM

    yup, for example, they showed you pictures of those who are accused and they will ask you if you know those people, tell the truth. as simple as that.

  107. Marame raw pictures ang ipapakita, including the identified pro-Lulu's. Ask those who just came back.

  108. I know that this is kind of late but I'd like to give my Thanks! Maraming Salamat! and May God bless! to Mairi, Geralyn, Ingrid, AFT, LFT, JFT and to all the people who are consistently and persistently fighting for our rights. Thank you din sa mga kapatiran ni Juan na lumakas ang loob sa pagsanib sa ating pakikibaka laban sa kasamaan! May the good force be with us! :-)
    I have a friend in Madison who arrived last July. She was supposed to teach here at Jefferson but was held back for a year; so super lubog sya sa utang.
    Anyway, I hope other Filipino teachers like her will also be informed and supported by AFT with our issues.
    Sa lahat ng mga nagcocomment sa blog na ito, please, magkaisa tayo. Hindi pwedeng may pagkakagulo, inggitan or pagalingan sa atin. Sa mga against sa blog na ito, zip up!, we don't need you and we care less for what you think. Hindi kayo kawalan sa min.
    Sa lahat, Maligayang pasko at nawa'y makasama nating muli ang ating mga pamilya. God bless you all!

  109. To anonymous of Dec. 3 2009 at 9:52 am. We would like to thank you for the information you contributed here.

    To the teachers who are coming back to US from the Philippines after their visas were being stamped, welcome back. And for those teachers who boldly exposed the activities of the culprits to the US embassy authorities, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless your trips back to US. Mabuhay kayong lahat!

  110. Let us continue using this blog to share information, sentiment or point of view, give useful suggestions, consult your own personal problems in school to proper authorities, disseminate updates, and give our co-teachers honorable mention on their achievements.

    Gone are the days that we are meeting to talk about "business"/ and or hidden agendas, to talk about how we will please lulu, to talk about personal rumors or to discuss about mess and mistakes of some in front of the rest.

    It's time to prove to the world that we Filipinos are principled. We do not allow tyranny and colony to take place. Let us continue to be united in fighting for our rights. Let us also keep our eyes and ears open. May our experiences serve as reminder to be prepared all the time and NOT just to depend on what was told to us.

    This blog is not created to create trouble, criticize one another or to prove one is intelligent than the other. This blog is created to help the teachers fight for their rights and improve their staying power.

    Let us support each other and let us be united in prayer for our families and for our country as a whole.

    Let us save money for our future. Invest our money wisely. (Ingat sa pagpapa-utang, there are some teachers who experience "utang kalimutan" by some people....)

    Wag pabigla-bigla sa mga decisions.

    Lagi natin isipin ang kapakanan ng lahat.



  111. Mga teachers, marami pa sa mga kasamahan nating guro na nakarating dito thru UPI ang walang trabaho for different reasons or cases. Papano kaya natin sila matutulungan? Baon sila sa utang, yung iba ay out of status na, and wala silang mahinging tulong from UPI. Kindly post here in this blog anything that can help them find a job, provide legal advice/assistance or anything that can be of support to them. Let us prove that this blog makes sense and supports each other.

  112. I am one of the teachers na di nabigyan ng trabaho since i got here a year ago....actually 3 kami....1 from EBR and 2 sa caddo...Migrant Heritage Comission is helping us by providing us legal assistance through Atty. Valera...kung ano ano na lang trabaho namin dito just to survive.We havent started yet paying our loan with AG.To teachers who need legal assistance please contact MHC thru Susan,program manager of MHC......mabuhay tayong lahat!

  113. May mini job fair sa EBR on Dec. 9, 2009. sa IRC-Veranda 4:00-6:00 pm. Call Daphe Donaldson (225) 922-5481 for more info.
    Nagbibigay din ng legal assistance/advice ang Our Lady of Mercy Church thru Father Paul Yee.
    Try applying also sa mga private schools. Some teachers na hindi na-renew ay nai-hire ng private schools. Good Luck!

  114. From Anonymous, Dec. 5, 2009 8:11pm
    Let us save money for our future. Invest our money wisely. (Ingat sa pagpapa-utang, there are some teachers who experience "utang kalimutan" by some people....)
    Babala po ito sa ating lahat...mayron pong isang tao na nagngangalang Hermie na halos lahat po yata sating mga kasamahan ay nautangan na pero until now marami o wala pa rin pong nababayaran sa mga inutangan nya. Mag ingat po tayong lahat sa taong ito. May ginagamit pong ilang pangalan ng ating kasamahan na sinasabi nya na kakilala nya o kaanak nya. Wag po tayo basta magtiwala sa taong ito.

  115. In addition to anonymous Dec. 11, 9:43 pm
    Disregarding WHOEVER is borrowing money from us, always remember, it is difficult to collect the money you lend esp if the borrower is a "pathologic borrower." It is not wrong to lend money but make sure the borrower is telling the truth, has the capacity to pay, deserves to be helped and is in good faith.
    In other words, make a background check first or just lend a reasonable amount.
    Baka naman pang _____th ka na sa mga nautangan niya, it will add up to your stress kung di ka mabayaran agad. Just a friendly advice mga guro....
    Sa mga mag-ta-travel this Christmas break, happy trip. Take care and see you all again.

  116. Ay! parang tama si regretful. Parang nagyari na sa akin yan!
    Anyway Merry Christmas To All the TEACHERS in USA and their families.

  117. Anyway..yong iba sa atin were lucky ...they went home and were able to come back....Sad to say, there are still who went home but they have a hard time coming back!
    Ano ang nagawa sa union nito? Sa Pinas, sinuspende ang PARS, pero makatulong ba ito sa kanilang pagbabalik?
    Now, to those who have come here but have not worked yet, do you think finding a teaching job for them would be that easy, may it be in Louisiana or somewhere else?
    Reading on what is written in this blog, I think only few human resource manager would dare hire or shall I say gamble to hire or petition for an extension of an H1B Visa or even permanent residency.
    There are just things that can be solved without bringing it to the open and let the whole world know.
    Anyway, to those who were lucky to be back here....Merry christmas! And to those who were not able to manage to be here,,,,there is a reason that you will be with your family back home....congatulations!
    to one and all....All the best!

  118. For all of us.....There are many ways of fighting....But, every fight that is won starts with assessment of personal resource.

  119. That's right, but remember, what we are fighting for various reasons, to name a few:
    > the agency's negligence of responsibilities to
    us clients
    > extortion
    > violation of certain human rights
    > human trafficking
    etc. etc. etc.
    We must do something to stop these practices.
    Have you heard of any complaint to other agencies?
    Maybe because their service is good and they treat their clients equally (unlike Universal PI).
    Easy to understand, right?

  120. Scared to lose H1B or greencard just because of the expose'?
    Filipinos are known for being conscientious and dedicated to their job.
    If they let us go, it's their lost!
    Anyway, di naman tayo pababayaan ni "bro"
    (the Lord will not abandon us)

  121. We are so sorry to learn that some of the teachers are not back yet to US. We hope and pray that your situation will improve there, that things will go on your favor and best interest.

    We understand the stress and discomfort that you are undergoing right now. We hope that we'll continue to fight and be strong to achieve justice for everyone who need it.

    Be strong in faith.

  122. why are there still some teachers who are confused of what this group has been fighting for? they can't understand the reasons but they appreciate the benefits.

    merry christmas na lang!

  123. Playing safe, don't care attitude, personal interest, scared or just don't have principle....
    let us at least take part by understanding the issues, support each other and give meaningful suggestions that will be beneficial to the majority.
    Remember sins are committed in 2 ways:
    1. when you did something wrong, or when you hurt somebody, or when you took advantage of somebody
    2. when you did NOT do anything to help somebody while in fact you could have done something to help somebody.
    The truth will set us free. If we did not come out to speak for the truth, the abuse will keep going on and on.
    America does not tolerate dictatorship and servitude anymore. The long battle for human rights have been won already a long time ago.

  124. To December 11, 2009 (10:43pm anonymous)

    When I was reading your comment posted in this blog I was so deeply impressed with your wisdom. Kayo yong taong my isip, nag-iisip at umiisip.

  125. I made a mistake in my previous quotation. The posting above is dated December 11, 2009 at 10:48pm and not 10:43. I stand to be corrected.

  126. Merry Christmas to all the Filipino teachers in USA and to all OFW's. Mabuhay Kayo mga bagong bayani!

  127. To anonymous Dec. 14, 2009, 10:07 pm:

    In my opinion, we cannot say that only few HR Manager will hire or petition the Filipino teachers because of this blog. We are speaking of principles here and we are just fighting for what is right. It just so happened that it caught attention to the media because the org. that helps us-the AFT-is a reputable and well-respected federation of teachers wherein among it's previous members include Albert Einstein.

  128. Saludo ako sa matatapang na napunyagi at patuloy na nakikipaglaban sa adhikaing ito. Ang lakas ng loob ninyo!! tunay nga kayong mga anak ni Gabriela at Bonifacio. Salamat din sa mga taong tumutulong sa atin. Banyaga man tayo, buong-puso p rin ang kanilang pagtulong.
    Salamat sa isang kaibigan na nagforward sa akin ng blog na ito. malaki ang naitulong sa aking pag-iisip habang binabasa ko ang blog na ito.
    isa ako sa mga sawimpalad na nabiktima ng UPI at pars. isa rin ako sa nakatanggap ng mga sulat at tawag na nagreremind sa akin ng aking "obligasyon" na 10% sa kanila, may kasama pang interest na nakakwenta...
    kahit na dapat ay payapa na ang aking kalooban, dama ko pa rin na isa pa rin ako sa biktima ng agency na ito. may mga malalaking utang pa rin akong dapat bayaran, kaya nga ako nagbalak pumunta dito sa US ay para makabayd ng utang sa pinas , at makapagbigay ng maganda gandang buhay sa aking pamilya sa pinas. ito naman ang mithiina pangarap nating lahat na mga guro, di po ba?
    paano po ba makaka hingi ng tulong sa AFT? saan ko po sila pwedeng matawagn?
    salamat po nang marami.. Naway maging masaya, masigla at puno ng pagpapala galing sa Buong Maykapal ang ating nagyeyelong Pasko.

  129. To Anonymous Dec. 14 10:07 pm
    We are not talking whether the suspension of Pars or UPI has helped the Filipino teachers. If they are doing good to the teachers, why are they suspended in the first place?
    If you applied in other agency wherein the clients are treated fairly, you cannot relate to us.
    It's true that finding teaching job everywhere is not easy but being a victim of abusive agency like Pars or UPI is a lot not easier.
    The best things to do are: to equip yourself with credentials and find a good agency.

  130. The experiences that we had are totally different from those who applied in other agency. So you cannot say that we created this blog just to create trouble.
    The other agencies have been transparent on how much will be the total cost if you applied for teaching job. They are treated as valued clients. Everything is well taken cared of (phone/email notification, reviewers for exam, free seminars/orientation, loan referral that is not high in interest, fair ticket price, departure/arrival in US, choice of shelter, transportation, etc.) EVERYTHING IS WELL TAKEN CARED OF !!! In UPI, they will tell you that you passed the interview, a job in US awaits you, and initially they will charge you part of the expenses needed to lure you. Once you have paid reasonable amount already, other expenses needed will keep pouring one after the other You don't have a choice anymore! You can't back out anymore! You will only be wanting to start the job right away to start paying the debts you incurred in applying for the job. That is their "money-making" strategy!
    Well, it's fine is you can start with the job right away. There are those teachers whose papers were processed but upon arrival in US were not given job. Some were able to get a visa but were not allowed to go to US right away for some reasons. Can you imagine what these poor teachers had gone through?
    Do you understand now, why these teachers are making a class suit against the agency?
    In addition to the burden and stress that this agency is giving to the teachers, there is this "little devil" in Savoy Apartment who adds to the stress. She is reporting to Lulu when somebody seems to be not following her "rules." We were not given freedom to choose our apartment, carpool and we were even ask to asked to pay them for picking us up in the airport upon our arrival in the US. We were also asked to contribute for food to feed the newly arrived teachers. Well, this is nothing coz Filipinos are known for being helpful. But the question is, are they really being helpful or they just want to please Lulu? Hmmnn... Why are they charging the expenses to the teachers well in fact, it is the agency's responsibility to take care of everything. This is what our families are assuming and expecting. That everything will be well taken cared of by the agency.
    If we will list down all the things that these teachers have gone though (esp, those who are performing well but whose visas were denied due to this agency's negligence), you will now understand why these teachers are suing the agency.
    Let us be united and organized. We can give you the contact number of AFT but it will be better if we are well-coordinated.
    Let us prove to the world that we Filipinos have principles in life and are worth keeping.
    Merry Christmas to all!

  131. If the agency really cared for you, did they ever greet you a Merry Christmas thru e-mail or even send you greeting card during special occasions?
    Lulu will only remember calling you if Ella gave negative report on you or if she need to collect fees on you, right?
    Happy Holidays Lulu, Mel and Ella, Arvin, Dipol, Minda, Ana, Gemma, Eden V and to all the loyalists!!!

    HOLIDAY GREETINGS ALSO TO OUR EMPLOYERS, OUR FELLOW CO-WORKERS, THE AFT, all OFWs, at sa mga kasamahan nating may guts na ipaglaban ang ating karapatan!

  133. We know that there have been teachers who initiated the way for us so our grievances could be heard by concerned authorities. We have no way to thank you all but only through this blog. Thank you for your sacrifices. It's all worth it. Without this effort we would not be able to really free ourselves from the miserable and endliess mental torture that we went through in our living quarters at Savoy Apartments.

    It was hard for us to really breathe as we were so careful of what would our pro-lulu housemates and next-door teachers would report to Ella. This blog has liberated us and gave us hope to believe that we could really enjoy what freedom is in the US. Without this blog, lulu would still exercise her full power to treat us like prisoners, slaves who existed because of fear, and idiot human beings who have no rights to really enjoy the full rights of a person in the US. Our world for her is - we are bound and confined to work here in the US in order to serve her, pay her all the dues that she would like to take from us and away from our families. It was too much and the fight is not over yet. She still would like to see that we suffer because we are fighting for justice. God forbid. We strongly believe that we are in a great country where this cannot be tolerated and that every human being has a right for justice and an opportunity to achieve it.

  134. The liberty that we are enjoying right now is an early Christmas treat and a big relief to our families who have been worrying about the debts that we need to pay and the employment/renewal process or burden that is being "businessed" by UPI.
    I just hope that our fellow teachers who are still blinded by their own personal interests and fear with lulu will try to give some share to these people who have been fighting for our rights. There are still many teachers who struggle and seeks justice on damages made by the agency. Some are still in the Philippines, have already paid but cannot refund the money they have spend in applying for a promised teaching job. Some are here in US but on an out-of status already and just opted to look for other solutions.
    To Gurong Sulong and company, we include these people in our prayers but if we can spare help to these people (ie. monetary help, referral, food, etc) just let us know. We hope you can create an organized committee where we could extend our help to these people. It will be better also if you can create a committee who will be assigned to disseminate infos. Some teachers are willing to take part in your plight it's just that they are not well informed.
    Let us have an organization that really cares for each other and will maintain each others' staying power unlike UPI whose goal is just to generate business.
    To the teachers who have been reporting to Ella, just reflect this Christmas: "WHAT HAVE BEEN THE OUTCOME OF WHAT YOU HAVE DONE???", "DO YOU BELIEVE IN KARMA???"
    Being in a foreign land with unfamiliar people and limited resources are very difficult. But I'm sure the American heroes who fought for liberty watch us and smile with our advocacies.

  135. on the positive side, lulu greeted us teachers a "merry Christmas" thru text.
    is there no negative report to you anymore that's why you treat us positively now?
    we just hope you become consistently positive with your remaining time.
    anyway, thank you mam and Merry Christmas to you too.

  136. It is fine if lulu reaches out to teachers or trying to be nice to teachers lately.
    The case that we filed is not intended to create trouble or find enemy. It is intended to put things in order, in accordance or compliance with the law, to iron out certain issues, and to let the accused be liable once proven guilty. Personal matters here are always set aside.
    Holiday greetings to all including lulu!!!

  137. To December 20. 2009 7:34 AM.
    Do not make excuses. Tanga ka talaga. In the first place you were not forced. When all those fees kept pouring in, why did you not ask? Do not tell the whole world that you were not given a choice. You still had the choice, but the "wanting" to grab your "American plan" was so strong in you. So, you made loans here and there,,,,,and when you found out that it is not easy to pay those loans while living and working here in cried foul!
    Again.....No one forced you. Your action was your choice.Now you were able to compare what from whom.....Now it's foul!
    Anyway....goodluck to you and your cohorts....may your case be over before you will be burried in debts and its interests.

  138. To one all;
    Merry Christmas! There are things that I would like to share.
    It is a fact that US is an equal opportunity working environment. But, let us remember that we are not of the same level.
    Whether you like it or not, if you apply for a position and an American is applying the same,,,,you have to accept the fact that you are the least preference.
    The act of hiring "highly qualified teachers" from abroad was a temporary solution in response to what US congress declared in 2002 as "shortage of teachers". While, US continued to hire foreign teachers, she also continue to propel her programs for teacher education. That is why in many places, you will find out the returning peace corpse in the classroom. We have also the young Teach for America (TFA), in the field already. It will take sometime to get a labor certification....
    We are already entering into 2010....that is 4 years more (2014) as outlined by congress. After 2014, everything will change.
    Make the most of your job, and be the best in your craft.

  139. To Anonymous Dec 25, 2009 11:11 pm

    It doesn't matter how do you call these teachers but a lot can relate to their experiences esp those who have children studying in college or those that have family member who is ill. You will really do anything to provide their needs. It is sad pero kumakapit sila sa patalim and this is the weakness that some people are taking advantage.
    Some were able to get the job started right away and were able to pay their debts so we don't hear complains from them. But not ALL are in this situation. The agency is probably overwhelmed with the numbers so some were neglected. But there should be no excuses coz each one of the teachers ought to be well taken cared of, right?
    It doesn't matter also if you call it comparison but it is more of the QUESTION, how come there is no complain in other agencies well in fact they also charge the applicants?
    To the teachers who keep giving us info and updates, thank you. These infos help us think of other options. Sana you could give us details of the 2002 outline of US congress in hiring foreign teachers.
    Thank you for wishing us good luck. Happy New Year to you!

  140. To Anonymous December 25 11:11 pm

    Kapit sa patalim. Yan ang nangyari sa karamihan sa mga teachers.
    May mga nag-aask naman kay lulu that time so wag mo sabihin na bakit di sila nag-ask at mga tanga sila. Kaya lang eh ini-intimidate sila ni lulu at sinasabi na "kung wala kayo tiwala sa agency ko, wag na kayo mag-apply." So, nag-trust naman sila sa agency. Sana lang hindi sinira ni lulu yung trust na yun. Kung inasikaso nya ang mga needs ng teachers, wala sana naging problema.

  141. Obviously, December 25, 11:11 pm, is a lulu loyalist

  142. eh ano naman kaya ang dapat itawag dun sa nag-comment nung dec. 25, 11:11 pm?
    wala ka concern sa naging problems nila.
    personally i appreciate those people who started this. at least lulu has lessened her extortion practices and has learned to reach out to teachers. sana noon pa siya naging considerate sa kanila.
    by the way i am one of family members of a teacher here in LA

  143. I think I know you who made comment on December 25, 2009 11:11 pm. It sounds familiar when you used the word tanga. It is the "word" you always use when you are scolding the teachers when they are not following lulu or when somebody say something against lulu. You are one of those who always pleases lulu.

  144. Anonymous Dec. 26, 10:51: Agree ako sa you, the person who guve the comment is lulu's tuta, na walang ginawa kundi ang magbigay ng information and updates about what is happening to the teachers. I hope she will change, dahil may mga taong nagdudusa sa ginawa nya.
    So, anonymous dec. 26 10:51: friend tayo, let us continue the fight.
    Let's also fight ella flores, gemma halcona.k.a. tsismosa, minda emelo, eden villarmino, edna shioktong.... at si ka RENAN DIPOL a.k.a. bola ng basketball.

  145. Baka naman si Francis yan. Ganyan din ang mga lumalabas sa bibig niyan eh.
    "Wag na kayo magtanong, ayaw ni lulu ng matanong"...
    "O, bilisan nyo, punta na kayo sa airport, kailangan matuto na kayo dito sa Amerika"...
    "RFE ka? eh malamang deny ka na rin!"...
    Ganito tratuhin ng mga tuta ni lulu ang mga teachers.
    Pare-pareho sila ng kulay.
    Sayang ang negosyo ni lulu, lalo siya pinasama ng mga tuta niya.

  146. Bisaya &#39;to &#39;noDecember 26, 2009 at 3:27 PM

    Depol last name ni Renan hindi Dipol. Oo ikaw nga. Kayo ng misis mo na nagsasabi kay Ella na marami naninira sa kanya at kay lulu. Kabilang kayo sa mga sipsip at tsismosa. Naalala namin nung bago kame dating dito sa LA, sinabihan mo kame na mag-ingat at ikaw ay isa sa taga-report ni lulu. hala, bahala ka lusutan yan sa korte!

  147. Correct ka dyan Dec.26 3:27 pm!
    Kaya ingat tayo sa mga nagpapanggap na mabaet pag kumukuha ng information but in truth meron sila lagi personal interest. Pareho sila ng amo nila. They always think of business. Kunware tumutulong sa mga teachers? Buking na style nyo ha.

  148. kung si Ella o si Francis man siya o kung sino man sila, at least may identity agad sila thru the words that they use. sila yung umiikot-ikot sa palad ni lulu at laging nasa safe side. no care at hindi makikinig sa dinanas ng kapwa nila sa agency.
    dun sa mga na-approve na ang visa finally at umuwi ng Pinas, we're excited to see you again. tatagan nyo ang loob nyo sa dinanas nyo. di tayo pababayaan ng Panginoon basta sama-sama tayo. always keep posted in what we have started.

  149. you are barking at the wrong tree, talagang tanga!

  150. To December 25, 2009 11:11 PM

    Anyway....goodluck to you and your cohorts....may your case be over before you will be burried in debts and its interests.

    You sounded like you belong to a syndicate. Teachers who suffered under your agency really needed help with the way you treat them.

    We support the teachers' fight against abusive agencies.

  151. ooopps, the choice of word that we use reflects or bounces back our personality....

  152. Iisa ang kulay nung nag-comment Dec. 25,2009 11:11 pm at Dec. 26, 2009 10:13 pm!

  153. To December 26, 2009 10:13 pm
    "Whatever is in your heart determines what you say"
    (Luke 6:45)

  154. Mas lalong "T" ang mga Tuta ni lulu!

  155. Anonymous of December 26, 2009 10:32 pm was able to discern how the agency and its loyalists treat the teachers.

  156. This is just to clarify to avoid being misunderstood by concerned teachers.

    To December 25, 2009 11:11 PM
    (This was an December 25, 2009 11:11pm)
    "Anyway....goodluck to you and your cohorts....may your case be over before you will be burried in debts and its interests."

    ---- And this was our comment:

    You sounded like you belong to a syndicate. Teachers who suffered under your agency really needed help with the way you treat them.

    We support the teachers' fight against abusive agencies.

  157. We can see that these teachers were not just monetarily abused but verbally abused as well.
    Now, I understand and I don't blame why these teachers are fighting back.

  158. Shame on lulu and those who defend lulu!
    December 25, 2009 11:11 pm and December 26, 2009 10:13 pm only showed their true colors!
    I'm an avid follower of this blog and I assume businessman should consistently be nice to their clients no matter what. In that way they could have won their side. Now, it is obvious that the agency "doesn't handle it's business well." It is indicative that these teachers really need to be helped with the way they are treated.

  159. Those who have mentioned mention names here in this blog, yet, up to now still manage to remain incognito, is scared! Magsilabasan na kayo. Bakit kayo matatakot, di ba sabi ninyo nasa sa korte na ang lahat., lumaban na man kayo nang harapan, hindi na man kami gumamit nang ibang pangalan pag maniningil ah. di lang kayo tanga, duwag pa!
    laban na nang harapan......hamon yan! sino ang takot ngayon...
    -tuta ni lulu, ella, francis at iba pa.

  160. Nasa korte na nga ang lahat. Kita-kita na lang tayo dun. But you cannot stop us from exposing issues and giving updates in this blog!

  161. You call them scared and idiot after you earned money from them?
    How about you? How do we call you/yourselves?

  162. Siguro tawagin natin silang mababait. (pag tulog)
    ok Ba?

  163. Nagre-react eh, pwede rin siguro tawagin silang pikon, ano sa palagay nyo?

  164. para sa akin ang dapat itawag sa kanila ay "Maricel Soriano." Ang taray eh!
    cool ka lang Dec 27, 7:03 pm!

  165. Affected! yun ang dapat itawag sa kanila

  166. I agree. If they do nothing wrong they won't be affected.
    Prove in the court that you do nothing wrong.

  167. At wag na kayo maningil dahil pinayuhan kame ng AFT na wag na magbayad sa inyo. Na-deny na nga ang mga teachers at gumastos ng malaki para maayos ang visa eh singil pa kayo nga singil sa amen.
    Mag-harap na lang tayo sa korte at dun nyo ipakita ang taray nyo!

  168. I do not believe you will be there as an active one, maybe as audience. Sabi, pinafile na ang kaso, hangang ngayon wala namang demand letter eh, nakakainip maghintay. Our lawyers are ready. Eh, dito sa East Baton Rouge (ang mga unang pumutak), mahina eh. nakikisawsaw lang kayo sa tapang ni Ingrid, Ian at company.
    Saan na ba yong leader ninyo? Nasa Pinas pa di ba? Ano ba ang laman sa press conference nila? Hindi ata pino post dito ah.....
    Take personal actions, baka ang kasong ito ay lalaho parang bula. Manindigan na man ang iba sa inyo diyan.
    AFT does not know everything, once they hear the other side, they will have second thoughts.
    Ang daming mga problemaang hinaharap ang AFT, akala ko may organisasyon kayo dito sa Louisiana, bakit hindi kayo ang nag file, mismo.
    Di ba mga magagaling kayo?
    I follow up na man ninyo ang kasong nakasampa....kayo din....baka walang mangyayari dyan, eh aabutin na naman kayo nang pag expire sa bagong Notice of Action ninyo. Just a peace of advise from a friendly enemy.

  169. Thank you sa "peace" or piece of advice!
    Well, assuming gamitin mo na naman ang power mo para manalo ka sa case, congrats in advance!
    But we still consider this blog as a victory already coz we are able here to establish unity in voicing out our sentiments freely although you remain deaf in what we are trying to bring up to you.
    Just like in war, there is always a looser esp if you don't have enough means and power. But the evil is always known by God!
    Just remember that we are doing this because we are just inspired to fight the evil.
    Peace on earth.

  170. May the best win...

  171. Hello this is a teacher from California. Lulu sued a teacher here in California for small claims. The Defendant counter claimed and Lulu lost the case. Lulu was made to pay nearly a thousand dollars back and until now she has not paid the defendant. Let me tell you that Lulu has always used the court to intimidate people. She always wanted to settle with people whom she sued before the hearing would start. This will save her money and also save her face that the court will discover her anomalies.

    It is only a small claim case. It will not kill you. I would rather let the court decide regarding the legality of Lulu's claim rather than giving in to what she wants. After all, the worst thing that will happen to you is you pay her the amount she is asking or even a lot less. There is only a maximum amount that she can file for small claims per year. Just like a friend of mine, Lulu wants to claim 4,500 but she can only file for 2,400 because of the limit per year. Until now, Lulu has been postponing the hearing in Glendale.

    Do not be afraid about Lulu suing you for small claims. The court might end up dismissing her case or worst, the court will ask you to pay a fraction of the amount or the full amount. Most of the time, you have ample time to pay like 5 years contrary to her claim only one year. KNow your rights for small claim. Do not be afraid. Do not let Lulu tell you what you should do. It should be the court which will inform you whether an action is legal or not.

  172. What kind of intimidation are you trying to imply anonymous of December 29, 2009 1:30 am?

    You are the one who is impatient because you could hardly wait to collect all the 10% from the teachers and you said with interest! AHA!

    And what is this threat again about the expiration fo the new Notice of Action. So you really have a hand on this? AHA!!!

    What have you done to those people who were denied of the renewal of their visas? Why do you put miseries to these teachers by doing that?

    You think you can control the teachers' minds through this blog?

  173. We know who you are, thanks for your intimidating letter. No, thanks you are not worthy to be praised and listened to.

    We praise those who learned to say and fight to 'stop' these abusive acts.

  174. yung nasa Vegas, anung nangyari? hmmmmm.....

  175. to friendly enemy, its comforting to know that you don't have a clue of everything that is happening ...bantay ka lang of things that are about to come.

    For those who filed declarations and complaints, ya'll know who to contact for updates! let's keep the fire burning!!

    hAfi nEw yeaR to all! 2010 is for us!

  176. to Dec 28, 7:35 am

    heheheh Mabuti naman at may nakita kayong least may makapangtanggol sa inyo kasi ayaw naman namin na hindi fair ang laban....Mabuti nga na wala pa kayong demand least makatulog pa kayong mahimbing at assuming peaceful ang feeling hindi ba? heheheheh....
    Kasi naman, pagdumating na ang demand letter, araw nalang ang bibilangin nyo dahil sa bilis ng kaso....hindi to pinas oi na years aabutin ang case....So take my happy and be at peace dahil baka bukas matulala ka na lang bigla........hahahahahahh..... sa amin pa rin ang huling halakhak.......

  177. wer na all my comments? why it was not posted here?

  178. To friendly enemy, it's comforting to know that you don't have a clue of the true things that are happening. Just watch out for the things to come!

    To all those whose turned in declarations and complaints, ya'll know what to do if you have inquiries. Let's keep the fire for justice burning!

  179. Ha ha ha ha....wag kayong masyadong mainip darating tayo dyan...ayaw nyo ba yun makakatulog pa kayo ng medyo mahimbing..pag andyan na kaso nyo di na kayo matutulog sa kakaisip. yan ang tinatawag na pampalakas loob pero ang totoo kabado na kayo kasi di nyo alam kung kelan kayo poposasan....! See all of you in court, mga tuta na bahag ang buntot..ewan ko lang sa inyo pag tinalikuran kayo ng amo nyo para lang mailigtas ang sarili nya....bakit wala ba kayong alam na ang isa sa mga kasamahan nyo ay bumabaligtad na...nag signed up na siya sa petition for her child daw kuno....!

  180. To friendly enemy,

    I appreciate your concern but please do not expect that strategies and updates are to be posted in this blog. Your sarcasm is not welcomed but it helps a lot in strengthening the collective efforts of the teachers and supporters. For sure you are one of Lulu's and it is not surprising for us to hear viewpoints like yours.

    Good luck to us!

    Fellow teachers let us maintain the confidentiality of our acts and moves. We passed the stage of awareness building among the teachers. The flame is still burning and we know where we are heading.

    Please read Sun Tzu's Art of War.

  181. gurong gala. you do not understand Sun Tzu's Art of War. Sun Tzu's Art of War would start with being smart. you started otherwise.....

  182. Anonymous of January 2. Of course basta against sa kanila ang comments mo, nasa recycle bin na yon. alam mo na man ang mga utak nila.....hahahahahah. UTAK ANGAT!

  183. Dear Friendly Enemy,(atapang daw a tao)

    First of all Happy New Year!How was the start of the year to you and to all your kabagang? ;p
    Just read this "piece of advice" from the friendliest enemy you have...magsimula na kayo magdasal at mangumpisal coz nalalapit na ang aming pagbubunyi!!!bawal magiyak-iyakan at magpaawa coz nabenta na yan!gamit naman kayo ng bagong strategies,huli na kayo sa trend ngayon.Yung pagbabatikos mo sa blog na ito at sa mga teachers just shows na hanggang ganyan lang kaya nyo.Lumaban kayo ng harapan,sama mo na mga PETS mo..oopsss!PEST i mean!remember,Andres Bonifacio atapang a tao!!!(sounds familiar right?)
    SAY ANYTHING YOU WANNA SAY BUT YOU CAN'T STOP US FROM EXPOSING YOU AND YOUR COHORTS!Fellow teachers let's keep our hands and faith together until we win this battle!

  184. A teacher in California is right. Do not even think of giving any money to Lulu. This is being contested already. It is harder to get the money back. Let her file her claim in small claims court. As I said before she will pay each she files a claim. I do not think she will pursue this unless she thinks she can win.

    Use the money instead to pay for your debt in the Philippines. Pay your debt as soon as possible in order to lessen the burden of the accrued interest.

    More power to the teachers!

  185. It is about time:

    Heavier penalties vs illegal recruitment

    Under the amendments of Republic Act 8042, reprocessing of job orders for OFWs is considered illegal recruitment and any person found guilty of illegal recruitment shall suffer the penalty of imprisonment of not less than 12 years but no more than 20 years, and a fine of not less than P1 million nor more than P2 million.

    Recruitment through “repro orders” both by licensed and unlicensed agencies was quite rampant in 2008, causing the deployment of 100,000 domestic helpers to Lebanon, Dubai, Jordan, and Syria.

    The measure also expressly holds the governing board of the POEA accountable in the deployment of migrant workers.

    Under the bill, government officials found responsible for the issuance of permits and allowing the deployment of overseas Filipino workers to countries that do not guarantee or comply with international labor standards shall suffer the penalty of dismissal from service or be disqualified from holding appointive public office for five years.

  186. Bakit tumahimik na? wala ng update?


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