Saturday, January 22, 2011

Loida - Epitome of Love, Integrity and Courage

While we have many reasons to celebrate the coming of the new year with positive developments in our struggle both here in the US and back in the Philippines, we are deeply devastated by the loss of a very special colleague.

Loida Virina, who was one of the brave teachers who early on stood up against the tyranny and abuse of our placement agency, was in a car that was involved in a vehicular accident which claimed her life.

Indeed there is bigger force than all of us and when your time comes, it is your past actions and decisions that will be left for us in this world to remember you.

To the family of Loida, this blog would like to let you know that Loida lived an honorable life. To Loida's three children, we would like to tell you that your mother has proven to the world the kind of person she was. Though cut short, she lived a life that is an epitome of love, integrity and courage. She stood up for what is right during a time when most would rather sit on the fence and wait for others to step up. She was a brave soul and is willing to voice out an injustice despite the risks that others are afraid to face. She did these not only for herself and her family but for the greater good.

Loida took to heart her vocation as an educator. Not only did she taught us in words but, most importantly, in her actions as well. Loida died on the day we celebrated the birthday of Martin Luther King and in her own small way she has taught us by example the lessons of MLK - that we have to take action against oppression.

Loida, we will miss you. Loida, we salute you.

We call on our colleagues to help Loida's family in this time of grief. You can channel your contributions through the Filipino Educators Federation of Louisiana. For more info please visit their website at


  1. I would like to send my condolences to the family of Loida. May she rest in peace.

  2. Sad but true. Let us pray for each other.

  3. what happened to Loida is a learning experience to all of us.. ang mga Pilipino dapat magdadamayan sa hirap at ginhawa, magkakaiba man ang ating mga paniniwala at hindi sama-sama sa mga ipinaglalaban.. Loida, may you rest in peace...

  4. condolence sayo kuya edgar. tibayan mo ang iyong loob. fr. ate fe, kuya cale liliw laguna

  5. Please don't channel the contributions to the Filipino Educators Federation of Louisiana. Its safe if we directly give it to our Union Leaders. Condolence.

  6. Please do if it is more comfortable for you. Rest assured it will go to the family of the late Loida Virina.

    To the anonymous on top, kung wala kang maibigay, ok lang. Wag ka lang gumawa ng issue. Rest assured, kung sakali ikaw ang susunod, makakarating rin ang tulong sa pamilya mo.

    Di natin alam kasi kung kelan ang last day. While buhay pa tayo, let's do something good and stop making issues na hindi totoo.


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