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  1. Pagpapakilala (Introduction)

    Si Gurong Gala (Wandering Teacher) ay isa ring gurong mapag-isip (Wondering Teacher).

    Maaring ang kanyang pinagmulan, pinagdaraanan at pananaw ay hindi iba sa mahigit na 200 daang guro na nakikipagsapalaran sa Louisiana.

    Maging daan nawa ang blog na ito sa makatotohanang balitataktakan kung saan ang mga hinaing at inspirasyon ng mga guro ay maiaambit sa maraming nangangailangan ng impormasyon at patnubay o sa mga nakikiusyoso lang.

    Hangganga sa muli....


    This Wandering Teacher is also a Wondering Teacher.

    Her background, experiences and views are not separated from some 200 teachers who are now in Louisiana.

    May this blog be a venue for a truthful discourse where teachers' grievances and inspirations will be shared to everyone concerned and not so concerned.

    Until next time...

  2. The open letter surely triggers and tickles flames of various emotions among the minds and hearts of every concerned Filipino teachers, particularly those in Louisiana, and their loved ones - families, friends, co-teachers, paras and principals as well.

    If only there is a way to gather such emotions, the fire would be unimaginable and one thing for sure it will hit one major target and that is the agency which placed us in quandary... we came up here to be more settled and secured and safe, not abused and intimidated.

    Yes indeed the agency facilitated employment placements but we all know every effort and every procedure agency did were paid and at times overpaid by us.

    Who among us did not shell out around $2,000 monthly just to keep up with the dues owed for the financings we were forced to be into before coming over?

    Who among us have not experienced, directly or indirectly, the spiky intimidations and dreadful threats from our agency --- sending us back to the Philippines or holding our renewals--- if we do not sheeply-followed its whims and caprices?

    Who among us in any way encountered incidences of being unsafe and uncomfortable in the dwellings we did not even choose to live in?

    Who? If there will be someone among us…then lucky you!

  3. These violations commited against the teachers are infractions under INS jurisdiction.My advice is to report these violations . There maybe culpability if these recruiters opened your mail especially your social security numbers if they did report it to Social Security office and the postal inspector general for tampering your mail.

  4. good job miss ingrid

  5. saludo kami kay miss ingrid!

  6. well,just before you got here in Louisiana,
    we all pleaded in the Philippines..
    if we were aggaravated, then we might not have
    even stepped here in USA...
    if they meant anything bad,they could have just left us in the open.. but they did not..
    sana nagiisip kayo,hindi sa kinakampihan ko sila,pero tinulungan nila kayo... and naturalmente,may bayad talaga dahel sa mga processing na ginagawa... kung may hindi kayo naiintindihan,dapat sila nilapitan niyo..

  7. Yup they did not "left us out in the open" because they want to continue exploiting us. If you think about it, we are like hens who lay the golden eggs for the agency. So if they "left us out in the open" then they loose their hens.

    Kinausap namin ang agency but all we got are berating and threats.

    Sana ikaw ang nag-iisip, mukhang hindi eh. Mukhang pinakapal ng agency ang bulsa mo e.

    If you are well off, please dont just think of yourself, think also of our colleagues who are burried deep in debts as Lulu is raking in all our salaries.

  8. may amnesia at manhid ka yata joanne. di mo ba natatandaan how we were hired? how are papers were processed?

    maraming agencies na iba, it so happen nagpainterview tayo sa kanila, natanggap dahil qualified at nagpaprocess lang sa kanila and it wasnt for free...every single way along the processing are paid, OVERPAID, as said by one of the bloggers...

    at tsaka joanne na tatangatanga at sipsip pa, role nila ang magfacilitate ng recruitment and placement, tayo clients --- that is the relationship at walang utang na loob involved.

    and i dont agree that we pleaded to be here..why should we? so asking to the point of pleading was your way of coming over huh? baka wala kang credentials kaya nagmakaawa ka, and if that would be the case, nakakahiya ka! o baka hindi ka nakapasa sa interview at dinaya lang pagpunta mo kaya naging tuta ka nila?

    kaya pala kahit organization, spelling and grammar mo hindi pang pinoy teacher.

    sana nga hindi ako naging bahagi ng agency na sinasamba mo dahil nagdagdag lang ako sa finances dyan...pero pera lang yun, ang hindi ko kayang tanggapin na kunin sa kin ay ang mga karapatan ko.

    mahirap ako, pero mayaman naman dangal ko and dignity is a basic element for me to be a real proud Filipino teacher.

  9. Suggestion from the admin of this blog:

    So that the exchange of ideas can easily be followed please refrain from using "Anonymous" under the "Comment as:" option.

    Instead, select the "Name/URL" option. You dont have to use your real name of course. Be creative assign an alias to all your comments. Then simply leave the URL field blank.

  10. This is just the beggining of the many steps we need to get justice. Teachers, fasten our seat belts and let this journey begin...

    Lulu and Mel, we are coming!

    I bid my warmest congratulations to the blog makers and teachers who stand for what is right and for the welfare of the many - they are true teachers who embody wisdom because they live what they teach.

  11. Bell Ringer, Thanks! Mabuhay ka. Lets us not forget that there is strenght in numbers. So teachers, we have to bring this fight to the next level...

  12. Janet Anober aka Gurong Gala and Ingrid Lorelei Cruz aka sinag ng tala, san ang sunod na miting? kelangang magmiting na tayo, balita ko may 100 teachers na papauwiin......

  13. Janet Anober? ----di ba sya yong maganda na morena? balita ko may dinidate syang american? eh di na matakot yon. di na mapapa-uwi ni lulu. may kumukuha sa kanya na benz every weekend.

  14. hay naku, nangangamot na si kalbong mel. hehehe. at saka si lulu, nasira na ang nose lift nya sa konsumisyon. que alegre!

  15. wag kayong matakot mga pinoy.impossibleng makulong tayo. sa dami natin, indi tayo kakasya sa saan mang kulungan. pero si lulu, si ella, si depol, si silverman, at saka si susan kasyang-kasya yang mga yan!


  17. maaring hindi natin tiyak kung sino sina gurong gala, sinag ng tala, at iba pang guro na masigasig na nagsusulong sa hinaing at adhikain ng kabuuan ng mga mga gurong galit, inip, inis at maging ng mga gurong takot, o walang pakialam o kahit ang mga gurong sipsip at di nakikiisa sa pinaglalaban na ito.

    ang tiyak lang natin ay ang patutunguhan ng pinaglalaban...

    sa mga nagpapakislap ng sinag ng tala, panahon na.

  18. mapagkunwaring guro!

    kung hindi mo alam ang sinag ng tala at di mo kilala si gurong gala, manahimik ka..di kailanman ay dapat kang maging bahagi ng aming pinaglalaban.

  19. kudos to those who setup this site.
    so now we have a forum to learn the American
    way of life, fight for our rights.

    I suggest that you need to report your recruiter to the IRS. You already know how much you paid or paying her. This income should be reflected on her income tax return. And if you are paying her under another name or company, that is tantamount to money laundering.

  20. to the group,

    do you know that under the LA law employment agencies need to be licensed and bonded?
    the contracts need to be approved by the LA labor dept? local office is established? the rate or fee should be well displayed in the local office? in all correspondences, pertinent information-name of company, address, officer, etc.?
    According to the LA Dept. of Labor, her agency
    is neither licensed nor bonded. I checked.

    Her number of violations is therefore equal to the number of recruits plus more...


  21. make your friends close and your enemies even closer.

  22. Careful,spyware is sending viruses in every crack and cranny of Savoy ,they may now be on your desktops stealing info or just within the person sitting ,eating and talking beside you. The enemy is using electronic warfare ,I can sense it. I lost my data ,anyway that would not prevent me to join your cause kababayans ! I'll pray for it.

  23. Many of us here at Savoy do not go with our cause,they would pinpoint to Lulu who is and who s not. But when the tables overturn towards our cause they will be just like mushrooms sprouting nearby savoring the victory . We call them balimbing,double-crossers or well ,mga walang paninindigan ,sad to say they are an insult to what our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal fought and died for : freedom from oppression.

  24. dami talaga balimbing dyan sa Savoy. Naku ang tatapang pag kausap pero sa totoo lang, umatras na.

  25. i came across this blog from a loop. wish you luck for your cause...


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