Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why we need to act together.

An open letter to our fellow Filipino Migrant Teachers

Why we need to act together.

We left our country to work in a foreign land. Many of us were reluctant to leave our families and communities behind but the promise of a brighter future for us and our children led us to where we are now. We are here because we are trying to secure a life that is full of opportunities, not only for ourselves but also for our loved ones.

In the pursuit of our aspirations, we encountered challenges but we always resolved to face these problems for we know that a persistent attitude is the only way to go forward. Before we made our decision to come here, many of us were faced with the dilemma of leaving our families – sacrificing the company of our respective spouses and kids for a shot at the future.

Before we came here, we have to hurdle several interviews, seminars and backbreaking reviews and examinations. Many of us were short in finances but we sold our properties or even placed ourselves deep in debt so as not to derail our plans to become financially stable in the future.

In short, we gave all that we could, so we can start building a dream for ourselves and our families. We discovered however that the beautiful pictures that were painted in our imagination are not as what they seem to be. Now we discovered that the Recruitment and Placement Agency who we entrusted with our dreams is not acting with the best, or in fact not even a fraction, of our interests in mind.

Firstly, there was a lack of transparency in the process that we underwent as we are preparing our documents for our deployment here. The fees and charges were not even clear to us as the agency seems to invent new ways to empty our pockets every week. Many of us were not even able to read and study our contracts with the agency as we only received a copy of it on the eve of our flight.

Secondly, the agency is defrauding us with our hard-earned wages. Our contract stipulates that 10% of our monthly gross income for two years shall be paid to the agency. In reality however we were made to pay in advance 20% of our “expected” gross income for one year. To add insult to injury the “expected” gross income is bloated so as to make us pay the maximum advance payment. This overcharging of placement fees and the premature collection of the same is tantamount to illegal recruiting and is a violation of a Philippine law, the Republic Act 8042 or the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995.

Further they say that the excess payment will be applied to the following year while we are not even sure of being renewed for the next year or if we would even opt to use the same agency next year. What the agency is doing, apart from milking us dry, is to indirectly restrict us from pursuing our other options as they intend to continue exploiting us.

Thirdly, the agency has instituted schemes that are grossly immoral and unfair to us teachers. One blatant example is its effort to corner many of us into borrowing from its partner lending agency that charges excessive interest rates. The agency is charging us illegally with steep placement fees, then turns around and refers us to its partner lending agency to charge us once again with exorbitant interest rates.

Fourthly, we are dismayed by which we are treated virtually as modern slaves. The agency cramped us up in dilapidated apartment units. What makes it even painful is that we are being overcharged with the rent for these unspeakable living quarters that were simply forced upon us. While the published rent of a unit is only around $800 a month, we are all charged $310 each with each apartment unit housing 4 individuals and at times up to 8. We have a right to a safe and clean place of dwelling. And we have a right to choose a place that we deem is best for ourselves as we are the ones spending for it in the first place. The agency however decided to simply disregard these rights and make money in the process.

Fifthly, many of us have experience first hand the threats and intimidation employed by the agency and its owner to force us to shut our mouths up and simply swallow the oppression. The agency even discourages us from communicating with other Filipino groups or else our contracts will not be renewed.

Sixthly, we are aware of some of our colleagues who, weeks after they arrived here, are still without school assignments but instead need to attend job fairs for placement. They were duped into believing that a job is waiting for them here for how else can they be issued working visas. For the meantime, interests payments for their debts pile up every day.

Further there are so many other individual issues that we are sure you have experienced with the agency as well. They have unlawfully opened our SS document without our consent, they have bullied us and treated us as if we are not responsible adults who can decide for ourselves, and much more. We share many of these horrible stories yet here we are appearing disorganized if not helpless.

Now what are we to do? Some of you may be thinking of just keeping silent and swallow whatever pride that is left within you. Some of you may take a step of getting a lawyer to secure your immigration papers. Or maybe you are one of those who are thinking of seeking justice against the agency in your individual capacity.

We are in a foreign land and unfamiliar with the environment. No doubt we can easily adapt like we Filipinos always do – but will we simply allow these injustices to continue to happen, not only to us but to the next batch of our fellow teachers? We don’t know any public officials here who can help us or a radio or a media organization that we can turn to – but will we simply join in the chorus of silence and inaction?

We strongly believe that it is in our best interest to act collectively. The same way that it is in the interest of the agency to keep us separate and scattered, to keep us vulnerable and powerless. The reason why the agency forbids us to talk to one another, or with any other Filipino groups for that matter, is precisely because the agency is afraid that we share our horrible experiences and in the process unite us into action.

We need to stand up. We need to act as a group. And here are the main reasons why:

First, we share a common goal in this struggle – a goal that we may be able to pursue our dreams for our families. When we coordinate our action, our effort will be much more effective as we have more brains, and hands and hearts working for our common objectives.

Second, these efforts require not only our time and energy but also our financial resources. Securing a lawyer alone to handle our immigration papers and pursue our case will involve a lot of expenses. And most of us are now drowning in debt caused by the exorbitant fees the agency is charging us. If however we act as a group, we have the power to negotiate a favorable arrangement that will make the shared burden lighter.

Last and more important, we very much know that in numbers there is strength. It is only through a united action can we achieve true empowerment. It is only through a concerted effort that our voice will be heard loud and clear. It is only through a unified struggle can we effectively protect our jobs and our future.

Again, it is an imperative that we act together. It is an imperative that we act now!

Mabuhay ang gurong Pilipino!


Concerned Filipino Migrant Teachers
Louisiana, USA


  1. Unity is an issue back in our country, if we cant show that we cannot unite for once in a foreign land (where there is no one to rely but ourselves and our fellow Filipinos), I urge you to think of the implications how foreigners will view such things to our country. We have the same experiences but its a shame that these bad experiences are caused by our own kind. Do not think that we are the demanding types because we are not. We just want to stand up for our rights due to the harrassment and threats we received.

  2. Very true to its words! And yes I subscribe, in unity there is strength then let us wait no more....Let us all gel in, act collectively, immediately! Count me and my friends in any initiatives towards the laid purpose.

  3. My wife is also a teacher there in Louisiana, we have sacrificed so much for us to be able to reach our goals and aspirations. Im sure that all the teachers share a common story of sacrifice. The only thing I didn't like was how the agency took advantage of the teachers from the very beginning and what's more sad is that they (the agency) are also Filipinos. I hope all the teachers there will unite and have a common goal of stoping the agency taking advantage of every possible situation to extract more from your hard earned money. You are all in my prayers...

  4. Thanks to all those who initially posted their thoughts and comments. We are happy that you share our sentiments.

    Anyway, we just updated the open letter above. We added a whole paragraph about an important issue, see paragraph 11.

    Thanks again. Mabuhay!

  5. Hi, a friend of mine just leave for La., USA just yesterday. I'm afraid that he might be a victim of this agency.The things that you stated in your open letter are very much similar to his while he was applying for a job in the US.Is the agency you were referring is in Anonas, Cubao, QC? What is the name of that agency so that other applicants may be warned?I join your group in prayers so that this kind of activities be stopped. As a future teacher, handa akong tumulong para sa ating lahat.Mabuhay ang Gurong Filipino, saan man siya sa mundo...-Buboy-

  6. Universal Placement in LA, California. PARS in Anonas, Phils. Same owners

  7. I salute you! Slavery is alive these days. And the sad thing is, the one who did it is a Filipino as well. What a shame if we will just continue to be blinded or to be afraid. I had been looking forward for this attempt. I'm glad that you had the spirit to start it out to the open. Kudos to you. Itatag ang Katipunan sa Louisiana. Let our voices be heared by those who are in the govenemnt, particularly the Department of Education.

    No one else can help ourserves except us. Greed and injustice will continue to flourish if we will remain silent. I am furious so to say!!!! I have seen it with my two eyes how my fellow teachers in my school cried almost everyday with the tough times in school. And during the pay day, they couldn't even feel the joy of holding a night the salary that they received because it has to be paid to the financing agencies..all for the Glory and HOnor of Universal Placement and it's partner in the Philippines. What a pity to those whose children where left behind, whose dream future by a mother/father will just turn into a nightmare.

    I guess you should mention as well for all the people to know that there is still another 10% of our salary to be paid next year for those who will be renewed. How could this family who owned the agency sleep peacefully at the expense of those who are silently in grief? How could they take the food they are eating while the teachers they fool don't even enjoy a good meal? Greedy Indeed!!!!!

    I am hoping that a kind Filipino lawyer who can share our sentiments may come and offer help without demanding a fee. A lawyer is for justice and good. Who can't be bougth the millions that the agency have taken from all the teachers who are here. In behalf of all the migrant teachers, I appeal for this noble act of a lawyer. We can't pay you much. We are too much indebted. Our fight will emerge victorious if you will defend us.

    To you, we are giving our support. I am speaking in behalf of those silent souls but working in silence. Keep the spirit!

    To Louisiana, listen to the silent cries of the teachers whose hearts invision of a good future not only to be bring out the best of your students but also a better Philippines.

  8. The Philippine government which monitors these recruitment and placement agencies should act on the plight of the current Filipino in LA and teachers who are planning to come here and even in other parts of the U.S.
    We know that there are states whose districts (and kudos to their administrators!!!) assist Filipino teachers in any way they can. So, the big question is why do our own Filipino people bleed teachers with their exuberant charges?
    We hope this cry for help will be published in our country and heard by our own government.
    More power to the Gurong Pilipino!!!!!

  9. Lourdes Navarro of the Universal Placement share the same name of a convicted felon way back 2000. It was all about grand theft, fraud, identity theft and malversation of funds against Medi-cal in California. For your info check this site y Is she and your recruiter the same person? I heard Lulu used to work as medical technologist. Aren't you Filipino teachers scared that one of these days someone will steal your identity, knowing that she opened all you ss documents?
    Wake up Filipino teachers. you are now in the land of the free!!! We are willing to help you but you have to help yourselves too.

  10. That recruiter charging 1800 to 2000 dollars for renewal in which other local lawyer charges only 1000 dollars.

    And, you have to renew every year whereas in other states, the contract is 3 years.

  11. Here is the case that you were looking for... think about it fellow teachers.. we could become a victim if we wont act now...

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    News Release
    June 05, 2000
    For Immediate Release
    Contact: (916) 324-5500
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    Attorney General Lockyer Announces Four Arrests, Two Convictions in Crackdown on Medi-cal Fraud by Blood Laboratories
    (LOS ANGELES) – In a continuing crackdown on fraudulent Medi-Cal claims by laboratories, Attorney General Bill Lockyer today announced the arrest of four medical laboratory operators in Los Angeles on charges of stealing over $500,000 from California's health care program for the poor.

    The felony complaints involve the owners and operators of the New Era Medical Laboratory and California Lab Access, both located in Los Angeles. Arrested and charged Friday with felony counts relating to Medi-Cal fraud were Benjamin Lopez, 50, Myrna Lopez, 49, Eduardo Saludo, 38, all of Los Angeles; and Tirso Jamora, 49, of Placentia. Still being sought on a felony warrant is laboratory owner Linda Dizon, 47, of Los Angeles.

    Lockyer also announced the convictions of two other medical laboratory operators in a separate case involving five facilities in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Lourdes Navarro, 41, of Glendale, and Imran Shams, 41, of Brooklyn, N.Y., were convicted recently in connection with Hospital Circle Medical Laboratory in Huntington Beach, California Automated Laboratory and Delps Clinical Labs in Burbank, Clintox Laboratories in Tarzana and Physicians Quality Laboratory in Whittier.

    With these enforcement actions, the number of felony cases involving medical laboratories total 35 over the last 16 months brought by the Attorney General's Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse. There have been a total of 13 convictions in these medical lab cases to date.

    "Scam artists who use medical laboratories to rip off the Medi-Cal system not only steal from the poor but also endanger others by building a black market for blood," Lockyer said. "Cracking down on these organized schemes is important to ridding the lab industry of Medi-Cal fraud and stop the trafficking of blood."

    In the most recent case, the co-owners and operators of the Los Angeles laboratories were found to have billed the state more than $2.5 million for blood tests since acquiring control of the New Era Medical Laboratory at the end of June 1998 and California Lab Access in January 1999. In the complaint filed in Sacramento County Superior Court, the defendants were accused of defrauding the Medi-Cal program of more than $500,000 and engaging in identity theft.

    According to the Attorney General's Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse, the organized crime scheme was designed to quickly steal millions of dollars from the Medi-Cal program and avoid detection. Within months of acquiring New Era Medical Laboratory, the five defendants allegedly increased Medi-Cal billings through fraudulent claims that involved the unauthorized use of physician names and Medi-Cal provider numbers. Under Medi-Cal rules, a laboratory cannot claim payment for blood tests unless it includes the name of the doctor who ordered the blood sample. The five owners shut down the laboratory after eight months, then repeated the scheme by acquiring and operating California Lab Access for seven months.

    In the earlier case, Shams and Navarro were convicted on felony counts of Medi-Cal fraud, grand theft, money laundering, and identity theft for using the names of legitimate physicians without permission and filing thousands of false claims with the state for medical tests never performed. The Attorney General's Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse seized approximately $1.1 million in uncashed warrants, which were returned to the Medi-Cal program.

    Clinic owner Navarro was sentenced to five years in prison upon entering her guilty plea and ordered to pay $200,000 in restitution by the end of the year. Navarro also was required to surrender her license as a clinical laboratory scientist and prohibited from owning or working in any health care business. Orange County Superior Court Judge Robert Gallivan suspended the prison sentence under a plea agreement.

    Navarro's partner Shams remains in custody pending sentencing in October after pleading guilty to charges of Medi-Cal fraud. A third laboratory owner, Zubair Younis, 42, of Brooklyn, N.Y., is being sought on a felony warrant.

    The state's Medi-Cal program underwrites the medical expenses of more than five million low-income adults, children and disabled persons in California. Under existing federal law, the state Department of Health Services, which administers the Medi-Cal program, may prevent a provider convicted of Medi-Cal fraud from participating in the program for up to five years.

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  12. Mabuhay ang grupong nagsimula nitong effort! Tell us how we can participate and my group is ready.

    Somebody told me that the teachers who are initiating this are talking to some legal advocacy centers. If we move as a group then we can surely bring down the legal costs.

    Panahon na para wakasan ang pang-aapi sa mga guro!

    Gurong Inip

  13. has anyone seen the movie A BUG'S LIFE? it's an old disney-pixar movie. our situation here is much like the movie. lulu is hopper and we are the ants. let us all act as the ANTS and get rid of lulu. we are not slaves. the bad part about this is is that there are teachers here who have fallen prey to lulu's words and they have become our enemy. there are those who are willing to betray your trust believing that they can get ahead of everybody else if they remain loyal to lulu. beware of these people. i believe most of them work at westdale middle school and delmont elementary and kenilworth middle school. it is hard to act if you do not know who to trust. let us not allow lulu to hold us by the neck. SHE DOES NOT OWN US. i am looking for a way to contact the solicitor general's office in california and confirm if she is the same convicted lourdes, which i am almost 100% sure she is. we should let the solicitor general's office know that she has been opening social security documents that is not hers. she talks as if she is god, but underneath all the fierce facade is a scared soul. count me in...whoever i am...

  14. i know who you are talking about...hmmm umbrella??? hahaha ELLA FLORES? Lulu's little devil. Time will come, both of them will go down. This is a very good blog. The only problem we are facing right now is the fact that we all have debts...and this is the cause of such fear! what i suggest is we all do whatever we have to do anonymously...write to whoever you wanna write. The media, the government (both in the phils and in the US) and if possible, the district. There may be politics involved with Lulu and Dr. Swinford but I'm sure not everybody in that school board is involved...lets contact the advocate, abs-cbn, gma news or much better, THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU both in baton rouge and also in california. We have to take this to the next level.

  15. done already. sent emails to news agencies (local in US and in the Phils), nbi, LA attorney general, school boards,


  17. To all teachers, please hold your horses. We need to meet and come up with a plan before we go out to the media and to the public. Dapat coordinated ang mga galaw natin.

    Papatawag kami ng meeting in the coming days. Just wait for the info.

    Gurong Gala

  18. To all teachers, please hold your horses. We need to meet and come up with a plan before we go out to the media and to the public. Dapat coordinated ang mga galaw natin.

    Papatawag kami ng meeting in the coming days. Just wait for the info.

    Gurong Gala

  19. sorry. i did already. yesterday.

  20. Ok lang yun kasama. Dun naman ang tungo natin. Pero mas maganda kung ginagawa natin as a group para mas malakas ang tulak.

    Gurong Gala

  21. tagal na nyan. act na. puro kwento lang narinig ko.

    na email ko na rin Phil consulate sa LA, CA. sa mga iba pang Manila newpapers.

  22. FELLOW TEACHERS.....if WE do this things together make sure that till WE get the JUSTICE we deserve and reach the VICTORY we we're longing,WE STILL STAND TOGETHER........
    And to those who we're just POSERS AND GREAT PRETENDERS we don't need you(bato bato sa langit ang tamaan,ikaw na yun!!)what we need here now are SURE FIGHTERS and PROFESSIONALS who knows where they stand!!

    so count us in!!!


  24. Maestro and all, we appreciate your willingness and enthusiasm to start the action. We are very happy that we have you on board. That is exactly why we started this effort -- to unite us into a systematic and purposive action.

    Please see our new post about our call for a meeting. So to all those brave souls, we will expect you in the meeting.

    Salamat po.

  25. i can feel the blood rising up to my head everytime these issues are discussed and yes i too am very much willing to be part of this struggle...

    im joining not only for myself's sake but most of all for the sake of the other teachers who will come to u.s in the future...nobody deserves unspeakable treatment from a corrupt agency in any way at any time.

    fil teachers are great teachers...we should be great fighters too....for justice sake!

  26. One thing....necessity unites!

    The laid purposes for unity are what we realistically need...why the wait?

    Act now! All together!


  27. He who does not have the courage to speak up for his rights cannot earn the respect of others.

  28. Kudos to the brave teachers who have signified thier intention to attend our meeting. Several already emailed their cellphone numbers and email addresses.

    We need more of you to step up the plate and join our fight!

    Mabuhay ka freedomfighter! We agree, great teachers need to be freedom fighters too, for that is the real essence of education -- EMPOWERMENT.

  29. I hope lahat ng ito ay mabasa ni rafaela flores of westddale, arvin dones of delmont, renante depol of kinnelworth....why don't you invite them???????hahahaha......

  30. Just be careful teachers of the decieving of the other teachers......

  31. Just be careful teachers of the decieving faces of the other teachers......

  32. hindi natutulog ang Diyos ...Justice will prevail.THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE..bangon mga lahing Bonifacio..Sulong..humanda ka LULU.At the end mananalo ang kabutihan laban sa kasamaan..GOD BLESS US ALL THE FILIPINO TEACHERS OF LOUISIANA...LONG LIVE.......

  33. To all Pinoy teachers out there:

    Makiisa!!!! Huwag kayong matakot....

  34. hindi ba talaga kayo takot? bakit parating anonymous ang comment? puro lang salita...walang ginagawa...ako anonymous din PERO I SENT AN EMAIL TO GMA NEWS AND PHIL. CONSUL IN CHICAGO NA! kayo...HAVE YOU DONE YOUR PART? OR COMMENT LANG KAYO NG COMMENT? think about it, PAG PURO COMMENT AT PLAN LANG AT WALANG ACTION, MAY MANGYAYARI BA?

  35. Hi teachers! one suggestion, print this open letter and send or give a copy to your principal and a trusted co-teacher...let them know what is happening. choose the social studies teacher because they are the ones who are usually very active and opinionated. and better yet, send it to the union. you are paying them membership fees...i think they can help you best. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  36. We may not be physically there to join your fight but we will help through our prayers...

    Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy teachers!!!!

  37. APPARENTLY IT IS NOT ONLY THE MEDI-CAL SCAM...there is something else involving SCHOOL DISTRICTS IN CALIFORNIA. check this link

  38. THOUGHTS TO PONDER para sa galamays,little devils ni LULU NAVARRO..CHOOSE CHRIST OR SATAN?CHOOSE SANCTITY OR SIN?CHOOSE HEAVEN OR HELL..and the choice he makes HE sum up of the LIFE of every MAN....

  39. na inform na ang Pasadena weekly.

  40. It is a sad thing to know that a Filipino citizen has done this cruelty to her fellow Filipinos. Perhaps the agency owner thinks she is already invincible because of power or money. She thinks that she can do just anything now because she has been able to evade her previous crimes. “MAROKOY”. She exemplifies greed. Her integrity has always been in question even before she victimized us. Imagine!!! She has been convicted of crimes before she appeared like an angel in front of us. Now, she is not afraid anymore of doing a crime because it has become her way of life. Last time, she was on blood trafficking. Now, she is in teacher trafficking. And you know what’s next? She will be engaged in spouse trafficking!!! Isn’t it funny or just so stupid!!!
    So next, she will tell you that your husband or you wife can already come here. Then, you pay 5000 dollars and it doubles or triples depending on the number of children or the way you look hahahah… stupid, just stupid but it is true. Shame on this agency head… SHAME x10.
    Look!!! All she does is threat all teachers to swallow what she says or go back to the country and plant camote (sweet potato). At first, we were all scared…”Oh no, I can’t go back!!! How would I be able to pay all the loans? What will happen to me?” But this was our feeling before. Now, we are already gaining strength. This is America! Come on guys… modern slavery is not a trend here. Let’s not be afraid anymore.
    We'd like to believe that the district or human resource that hired the teachers had been blinded about what has been happening. We are sure that the people in the district are sincerely getting teachers for the benefit of the children of Louisiana and would be dismayed to learn about these things. We’d like to think that the principals and district heads will be shocked if they will learn that the agency did these to all the teachers. We are more inclined to thinking that the district is also a victim of the agency head’s corruption and subtle manipulation. We have high confidence on EBR.
    Let us pray for more strength to fight this monster. We wish that we could find ways to detach ourselves from Universal Placement. We need to stay away from this leech that has fortressed us due to its selfishness.
    Let's hope and pray for the best.

  41. sana makunsensya yang mga yan.naturingang mga guro pa man din.hoy rafaela,arvin, at renante!mga wala kayong pinagtandaan!kapwa nyo pilipino pinagloloko nyo rin katulad ni lulu!makarma sana kayo!

  42. Here is the other case that Lulu had... I did blog the first so I think this one will add into that too... So, mga katoto kong guro, gising na kasi someday, sooner, somehow we could also become a victim of IDENTITY THEFT.. I already talked to my principal about this, she said the Americal Civil Legislative could help us... sana.... so let us all go for this,, be united...

    Greatschools uncensored
    Local education listserv shut down, then restored, amid controversial discussions
    By Andre Coleman , Joe Piasecki 05/18/2006

    The Greatschools Internet listserv, for years a forum for critics of the Pasadena Unified School District, is back online after being shut down last week under somewhat mysterious circumstances.

    After the Yahoo! discussion group disappeared Friday night, listserv founder Rene Amy filed a report with the Pasadena Police Department believing he was the victim of identity theft after finding someone had hacked into his eBay account. Amy believed the instances were related.

    However, a local parent and school district supporter has claimed that she is responsible for asking Yahoo! to take down the listserv because she felt it was a source of hate speech and attacks against district authorities.

    “I saw a lot of violence, anger and ugliness,” said artist Virginia Hoge of the listserv, telling the Weekly she secretly accessed the group by hiding her identity and used content from member posts in a series of complaints to Yahoo!.

    As mysterious as the group’s disappearance was to Amy, he said he discovered Wednesday evening that Yahoo! had restored the original Greatschools group.

    Prior to its disappearance from cyberspace last week, the listserv was host to a series of “bomb blasts,” as Amy put it, related to alleged district missteps.

    Days after being the first to post allegations that PUSD Superintendent Percy Clark had plagiarized portions of a guest column for the Pasadena Weekly, Amy turned his attention to Universal Placement International, Inc., a staffing firm seeking a district contract to recruit speech and language therapists for the district, and its apparent owner Lourdes Navarro.

    Following a brief Internet search, Amy found that Navarro, who was offering district administrators free trips to the Philippines to meet potential new staffers living there, shared the same name of a woman who in early 2000 had been convicted of Medi-Cal fraud, identity theft, grand theft and money laundering, according to a press release from the state Attorney General’s Office.

    Amy wasn’t certain that Navarro the felon was the same person as the Navarro offering free trips to district officials, but noticed that discussion of Universal Placement was scrubbed from the Board of Education agenda after he raised the issue.

    No school board member would comment on the matter, and district officials deferred to Assistant Superintendent Kathleen Duba, who said “concerns became apparent” about the company. Duba would not elaborate.

    Calls to Universal Placement’s Navarro were not returned. Navarro’s attorney, Robert Silverman, offered little information about his client.

    “Quite frankly, Mr. Amy has set out on a pattern of harassment of my client,” said Silverman. “Whoever my client is, she is a private person who runs a private business and in the end there’s no comment.”

    On Thursday, Amy said he had been contacted by Los Angeles police because, one detective told him, a complaint had been filed against him for allegedly making multiple harassing phone calls to Universal Placement International.

    Amy said he called the business four times.

    “There’s a bigger issue at play, many bigger issues at play here,” continued Silverman, who nonetheless added he didn’t “have authority” to discuss those issues other than to say “the information about this particular transaction is incorrect — be careful what you publish.”

    Spokespeople for the Los Angeles and Glendale school districts said they currently had no business dealings with the LA-based Universal Placement firm.

    Spokespeople from Yahoo!, which like other Internet companies has come under fire for aiding Chinese censorship efforts and allowing NSA data mining, refused to confirm whether the company removed the listserv due to Hoge’s complaints, citing concerns for Amy’s privacy.

    Amy, who has recreated the listserv at, said he was more concerned about free speech.

    “OK, so you’re trying to make the issues go away by trying to silence the person who is putting them out. The issues aren’t going to go away,” he said.

  43. see my blog contribution in

  44. Include Savoy Plaza Apartments in the complaints for charging Filipino teachers higher rental rates than the other occupants. Get proof of payments.

  45. Just would like to comment and give a piece of advice about naming names...if you want guys to keep the job you have right now, STOP IT!!!!!...Because I believe that they have nothing to do with the sufferings that you guys have except for the ONE person(self explanatory)you are trying to fiht back...believe me...or you would end up with nothing...THANKS!!!

    Anonymous said...
    Just would like to comment and give a piece of advice about naming names...if you want guys to keep the job you have right now, STOP IT!!!!!...Because I believe that they have nothing to do with the sufferings that you guys have except for the ONE person(self explanatory)you are trying to fiht back...believe me...or you would end up with nothing...THANKS!!!

  47. bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan huwag magalit...

  48. dynamite comes in small packagesNovember 8, 2008 at 9:39 AM

    name dropping is only a way of telling us to be aware of these people.. walang masama kung napapatunayan naman... nakasalamuha ko mga taong to and to think napagkamalan pa akong tuta ni Lulu. I just played the game... to know more of what is inside their game... i did won,, I have learned the ins and outs... and I found something that not everyone else know... that is her case... And Lulu even had a parting words... "kung sakali itatago niyo ba ako dito?" hahaha who the hell is she talking about? isusuplong ko pa siya lalo... I know everyone had second thought on who to talk with, who to deal with these fight, but, think about this,if we are united in one goal, we had nothing to be afraid of.. Lulu even ask if I am afraid of her I told her NO, coz I dont have soooooo many cases like her.. The only thing we could do is act and be heard!! Be for one goal!!! Takot ang iba dahil sa ganitong agam-agam... People, as an American resident now, you should know there is freedom of speech here.. Atsaka lahat ng ginagawa ni Lulu eh against the Federal Government. In fact we could sue her too, yes we can. Just be patient guys, mahirap talagang basta basta na lang susugod, kailangan lahat ng galaw sigurado..

  49. Let us all pray together. We should unite not only in our desires but also in prayer. There is nothing more powerful than prayer. God is always on the side of those who trust in him. Tonight, we all pray together at 9:30pm. We may not be physically together but if our hearts and minds would come together in prayer, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD. Let this be a prayer vigil. Every night, let us all pray at the same time. God works in His on way. Just don't lose hope. Trust in Him. "We are leaning on an everlasting arms, safe and secure from all alarms"

  50. I HEARD LULU IS COMING OVER AND WILL CALL FOR A MEETING! are you guys ready? why don't we all join that meeting and listen to what she has to say...? then as a sign of rebellion, LET US ALL LEAVE HER! ARE YOU GUYS UP FOR IT?

  51. dynamite comes in small packagesNovember 8, 2008 at 2:34 PM

    why do u always believe some rumors like this? Lulu is coming? Di niyo ba na sense isa na naman itong pakulo at para lang warningan kayo? Hello? Wake up girl!!! eh ano kung pupunta siya and shes coming nothing to be bothered.. She'll come and she'll go but nothings has changed were still here and we'll teach.. What we had to do is make a change!!!

  52. kaya nga are you guys ready to make a statement during the meeting?!? puntahan natin tapos iwanan natin kung mananabon na! BY THE WAY, I ALREADY EMAILED SENATORS MANNY VILLAR, KIKO PANGILINAN, JOKER ARROYO, CHIZ ESCUDERO, BIAZON AND EVEN MIRIAM DEFENSOR SANTIAGO! PLEASE DO THE SAME THING! PARA MAS MARAMI...AT MAS MABUTI! go to this link and you can chose your senators there with there email address.


  53. pwede ba, tantanan nyo na si ma'am pati mga barkada ko nadadamay sa mga kawalang hiyaang ginagawa nyo!!!

  54. everyone is entitled to his own opinion... but opinion is definitely different from what fact is... the thing is we really are grateful that universal placement was able to bring us all here in louisiana but u also have to acknowledge the fact that we would not be here unless we are all qualified, oh it's an understatement... we are all highly qualified teachers as seen in our os louisiana certification and added to that is the fact that we all paid our way going here... not a single centavo was spent by either pars or universal, or even ebr... so don't stop us from commenting or saying whatever it is that we wanna say! KUNG KAWALANG HIYAAN LANG ANG PAG-UUSAPAN...WALA NG TATALO SA MGA GINAWA NI LULU SA ATIN! and ang PAGKAKASALI NG MGA WALANG HIYA MONG KABARKADA AY HINDI NAMIN KAGUSTUHAN KUNG HINDI AY KAGAGAWAN NILA!!! THEY KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING AND YET THEY STILL WANT TO SIDE WITH THE DEVIL! OR WORSE, BECOME A DEVIL THEMSELVES! that is their choice, and this is ours... we respect your opinion... listen to our fact... READ intellectually and don't be dumb... and if still you don't wanna open your eyes to the reality...DON'T LOG ON TO THIS WEBSITE! WE ARE IN AMERICA...LAND OF THE FREE!
    But, the thing is... we filipino teachers should be united in fighting for what is right... we are not here to be an epitome of the saying... see no evil and hear no evil... let's stand for what is true and what is worth fighting for... this is not just for the welfare of a group but this is what we would like to fight for our families as well...

  55. I am so glad at me nagsimula nito!talagang nakakaawa na ang mga gurong nagpapakahirap mabigyan lang ng magandang buhay ang pamilya pero me mga taong walang ibang hinangad kundi ang manloko. Nakakapanghiyang n may mga Pinoy na kung ano ung ugali sa Pinas ay un pa rin ang dinala d2 sa America. Nakakaawa silang tingnan at di magkandatuto kung pano pagsisilbihan ang sa kanilay kumikitil.Masyadong pinababa ang sarili at hinahayaang utus-utusan n lamang.Nandito tayo para magturo at di para pagsilbihan at sumipsip.Maiangat lang ang sarili kahit me matapakang kapwa.nakakaawa ang ganitong tao.Sana lang marealize mo RAFAELA na wag maapektuhan ang dinadala mo sa iyong sinapupunan.Nakakaawa ang magiging anak mo kung patuloy mo pa ring gagawin ang manira ng kapwa mo. Ang magbato ng mga salita sa kapwa mo guro na di kayang kainin ng aso Di sila ngpunta dito para laitin at sigaw sigawan.Wala kang karapatang gawin yan sa mga kapwa mo ka guro.Nakakaawa ang anak mo dahil ang kanyang magiging ina ay walang kwenta!HU HU HU.Para sa nagsimula nito dapat yang si RAFAELA FLORES ay pinuputulan din ng pakpak.Salamat at may ganitong columns.Saludo ako sa inyo.Kasama nyo ako sa ipinaglalaban.
    Tulungan nawa tayo ni Lord sa ating adhikain.I am sorry I was not aware of this site but when I read it I was so happy because we have this silent soldiers who are willing to fight for their KALAHI!But let us not forget that we are here to teach and do what is best for our students and for those people of America who are willing to lend their helping hands.
    Mabuhay ang Pinoy Teachers!Itaas ang Bandilang Pinoy!
    Silent Mode

  56. We don't care about your barkada. Oo nga naman meron nga pala tayong kasabihan," tell me your friends and I tell you who you are"..........To hell with you barkada and your ma'm lulu.... what a word ma'm does she deserve it?..Isaksak mo sa baga mo sila!!!!!!!

  57. magkikita rin tayo sa meeting!kilala na namin kayo!kilala na kayo ni ma'am lulu.

  58. huwag mo na kaming takutin!dahil punong puno na kami! HINDI NA KAMI TAKOT!MAGTAGO NA KAYO SA SAYA NG MA'AM LULU NYO LITTLE DEVILS!

  59. so what?????????? magtago ka sa palda ni lulu mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. not little devils.....wrong its giant devils!!!!!

  61. You're talking like a little child hiding behind your mother's skirt. The way you talk about trying to scare people about the meeting is more like of a child trying to tell somebody "isusumbong ko kayo". Is that all you can do? Well, maybe you really can't say anything sensible, maybe because you're not the thinking type or maybe you're just simply EMPTY!!!!
    Do you have some proofs of who we really are? Remember, hearsay is not admissible in court. But a witness' voice is powerful. We are all witnesses of her cruelty. And we will stand witness to anybody who needs our help.
    By the way, next time you submit your comment write it in English. Especially you "Lulu's little devil". Are you having a hard time writing it in English? For your info, American teachers from different schools are also reading this blog.

  62. "KAPWA PILIPINO NAGBABANGAYAN" such a childish and shameful act! I believe for the cause, but it seems that this blogsite is used by certain group to fight back at each other.

    If some have given this blogsite to there co-teachers or even there principals and friends, what impression are we giving them?

    I'm afraid that the call for justice will be ruined just simply because we ourselves are fighting instead of helping each other.

    I suggest that this blog be shut down and those highly spirited souls will continue their advocacy in a sure manner.

    The group's move is so premature and may not even mature. At any point we maybe derailed and lose diection.

    I understand that many contribute thier piece of mind and yet they don't understand what the fight is for. It becomes a shadow of an angry soul desperate for nothing but SELF gratification.

    The creator of these site must think about sustaining this, it will only preimpt preconcieve plans. And before you can make a move, Lulu and her great devils have devoured you. Devils have their they are here in the site where everyone can read.

    Think about it. I for one may lose the courage to support the group. I sugest that we rather contuneu silently with the plans until we get there.

  63. "Creating change and making the world better is not always easy, and you will probably find in your life that it is more comfortable to ignore injustices that don’t affect you directly. Don’t take that comfortable road. Challenge yourself to make a difference,” - Pres.OBAMA - American's and OUR new leader. Call it coincidence or divine providence but THIS SO TRUE !

  64. Beware of the sleeping dragon. Filipinos may have problems uniting but I tell you, when they are fed up, they are capable of doing even the unthinkable. Remember "The People Power".
    Let us not be afraid. The officials in EBR are very professional. I believe they know nothing about our issues until lawyer/s start showing up. I am very optimistic that the EBR will set their distance to Lulu now that a lot of government agencies are aware of her act. They are also caught in the web of deception laid by Lourdes Navarro. They have nothing to do with our situation but instead I have high hopes that they would help us somehow. Just continue praying. We may not be perfect but at least we are trying to do what is right and true. God help us in our battle against modern day slavery.

  65. Anonymous said...
    magkikita rin tayo sa meeting!kilala na namin kayo!kilala na kayo ni ma'am lulu.

    ---wahahaha...i quiver with fear!!!

  66. go to this link...i just filed a complaint sa Social Security. For those whose Social Security was tampered, please file a report also. If you want, you can include THE ONE DISTRIBUTING THE OPENED ENVELOPE AS AN ACCESSORY TO THE CRIME.

  67. kung may meeting tayo with lulu, why don't we invite Dr. swinford, a lawyer from LAE or AFT and a labor lawyer para makita nila ang scenario natin. what do you think teachers?

  68. We are looking forward to that day.... and what makes you think you know us? We do not have Malaria, why should we quiver? Go ahead and tell everybody and your mentor about us. Every single detail of it. You all better be careful!!! We're not scared because we have nothing to fear, nothing to hide. We didn't break any law.
    Good luck to everyone......
    and to you.......? I wonder...........God bless you.

  69. Remember....... Lulu's advocate are reading this. Whatever plans you have plan it yourself. Never publish everything. Keep some plans away from their eyes. Don't say anything just keep on moving.... I hope you get my point. Don't let them read your actions..... You know how to play chess? Never let your opponent read your moves.....
    God bless all your plans...... I pray for the its success.

  70. malaria lady or man...we are the ones quivering not you...please read it again. i see guilt between the lines here...and who are you anyway? are you confirming that you are ella, arvin and renante? as far as i know, they're the only ones being name dropped here aside from lulu. and what law are you talking about? being accessory to the crime of the opened social security cards? have you been reading the news? convicted of identity theft...GUILTY

  71. You got me wrong!!! I was just answering another comment.
    Anonymous said...
    magkikita rin tayo sa meeting!kilala na namin kayo!kilala na kayo ni ma'am lulu.

    ---wahahaha...i quiver with fear!!!
    That's where I got the word quiver......

    I just posted another comment:
    Remember....... Lulu's advocate are reading this. Whatever plans you have plan it yourself. Never publish everything. Keep some plans away from their eyes. Don't say anything just keep on moving.... I hope you get my point. Don't let them read your actions..... You know how to play chess? Never let your opponent read your moves.....
    God bless all your plans...... I pray for the its success.

  72. so what kung darating si lulu? nagtaka nga ako sa inyo na nataranta kayo nyan. never akong umatend sa mga meetings nya. bayad na sya. iba na ang amo ko. ang EBR na.

    at intayin ko lang na ma renew yung contract ko at saka ko pagsabihan yang mga karibal nyang mga recruiter sa Pinas. Tiyak na pagpistahan nila si Lulu at pag agawan ang Lousiana teacher slots.

  73. kung under sa plea bargain agreement si Lulu sa dating conviction nya, e , kailangan lang ma report yang SSN violation nya sa LA,CA sherrif. Yari siya nyan.

  74. the suggestion to file a notice of complaint sa SSN is good. so teachers, file na sa

    that's the simplest way to get rid of lulu. violation yan.

  75. habang konti pa lang ang mga transactions natin dito sa USA using our SSN, we should have the SS number be changed to new one. Pag marami na tayong nagamitan sa SSN na yan na nasilip ni Lulu, in the future maaring magamit nya yan. at , mas mahirap na ang new SS number dahil magkalituhan na. yung mga credit history, drivers license, taxes, etc. na naging reference nang orig SSN. see

  76. from SS website....

    Should you get a new Social Security number?

    If you have done all you can to fix the problems resulting from misuse of your Social Security number and someone still is using your number, we may assign you a new number.

    You cannot get a new Social Security number:

    * To avoid the consequences of filing for bankruptcy;
    * If you intend to avoid the law or your legal responsibility; or
    * If your Social Security card is lost or stolen, but there is no evidence that someone is using your number.

    If you decide to apply for a new number, you will need to prove your age, U.S. citizenship or lawful immigration status and identity. For more information, ask for Your Social Security Number And Card (Publication Number 05-10002).

    You also will need to provide evidence that you still are being disadvantaged by the misuse.

    Keep in mind that a new number probably will not solve all your problems. This is because other governmental agencies (such as the Internal Revenue Service and state motor vehicle agencies) and private businesses (such as banks and credit reporting companies) likely will have records under your old number. Also, because credit reporting companies use the number, along with other personal information, to identify your credit record, using a new number will not guarantee you a fresh start. This is especially true if your other personal information, such as your name and address, remains the same.

    If you receive a new Social Security number, you will not be able use the old number anymore.

    For some victims of identity theft, a new number actually creates new problems. If the old credit information is not associated with the new number, the absence of any credit history under the new number may make it more difficult for you to get credit.

    [Return to top]

    Contacting Social Security

    Our website is a valuable resource for information about all of Social Security’s programs. There are a number of things you can do online.

    In addition to using our website, you can call us toll-free at 1-800-772-1213. We can answer specific questions from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. We can provide information by automated phone service 24 hours a day. (You can use our automated response system to tell us a new address or request a replacement Medicare card.) If you are deaf or hard of hearing, you may call our TTY number, 1-800-325-0778.

    We treat all calls confidentially. We also want to make sure you receive accurate and courteous service. That is why we have a second Social Security representative monitor some telephone calls.

  77. from the outside looking in

    -what exactly are the valid legal complaints? i read more "emotional complaints" than facts.
    -the placement fee might be ridiculous, and yet you all jumped on it back home.
    -what's in the offer letter? signed contract? does it say anything about the 10% cut?
    -how do you actually see the end of it? what exactly do you want out of it?

    dont get me wrong, id like to sympathize but you have to see all sides to better deal with it. worst side of it, have you ever considered losing what you have now then go back to the philippines, with all the debts you have to pay with a teacher's wage? some of you probably can but you have to ask the other guy beside you also. you have to understand every possible outcome and all the risk that comes with it.

    like back home, it's almost second nature to us to always take it on the street because we are all disgruntled about something, we always want to blow the whistle and make noise coz something's not right, we always take it against whoever we can blame for our misery - and there's totally no wrong about it. it's just that more often than not we are so blinded by our sacrifice that we dont see all the sides, the things did and we did not do, the things we're doing and the things we're not doing.

    like i said, i wish to symphatize and i wish you all the right reasons on whatever you all decide to do and wish that you all come out ok.

    God Bless.

  78. Good Job!!! Mr. Safe man. You always choose to the safe side.
    I just want you to realize that making a stand and making oneself heard ( win or lose) is better than just sitting down just to avoid conflicts. We don't have to be very aggressive or bold but we have make them know that we don't like what they are doing. We don't have to bring this to the streets but we can do something. Make our minds work. Writing is a very powerful tool. Remember Jose Rizal. It may take a long time but never lose hope. Sympathizing is good but is not enough.
    Anyway, that's a typical Filipino. Looking for the gray area so they can easily jump on the wagon on either side (whichever is doing good). Pontius Pilate- a man who wouldn't stand though everything is clear simply because he doesn't want the consequences. We are all involved here whether you like it or not.

  79. you are not getting what im trying to say, do you. if people are going to help you, you have to help them understand it, what exactly are you standing up for? let us be specific, have you actually, for instance, made a list of things you dont like on one side list all bullets you think are valid complaints and on the right those you think that are just born out of something else, then sift through all of them. be logical and reasonable. you can call me anything you want but at the end of the day, these are the questions and scenarios you have to consider. you all keep on saying you have to fight for your right, assert yourself and like i said there is totally no wrong about it. but you have to be specific and know exactly what you want out of it. stop being too naive and offensive about things. there is a thin line between whining and complaining and you're flirting more on the former. how do you exactly put your minds at work, like you said? point taken, you dont want what they're doing, but what's next ,what are you gonna do about it? what exactly do you want out of it? i didnt say i didnt like that you're all involved in here, it's a good thing actually, but you have to see the whole picture to better understand it and to help you decide better going forward.

    i understand your frustration but i dont understand how you're dealing with it. but i guess you'd rather do name calling than focus on more important things right? that's something new for a us filipino, not typical.

  80. Sabihin na ninyo lahat ng gusto nyong sabihin sa blogspot na ito pero please lang huwag ninyong idamay ang pangalan ng love ko, Renante Depol, dahil maayos syang nagtatrabaho sa Kenilworth.Please lang po huwag ninyo syang pagbibintangan dahil halos wala syang oras gumawa ng IEP kaya wala din syang oras magbasa o magbigay ng comment sa blogspot.Busy din sya sa pagtulong sa mga teachers na nangangailangan ng sasakyan (maski 1am ginigising sya!)THIS IS MY FIRST AND LAST TIME TO OPEN THIS SITE.I believe that fighting for a good cause in the wrong venue is not effective.Fight a good fight in the court and you will earn my respect and admiration.Sa mga nandamay kay Depol, please lang tigilin na ninyo.Don't be a coward. You know his character, don't backstub him.You know where he lives kaya anytime pwede mo syang puntahan.AILEEN

  81. Comparing our time to the time of Jose Rizal is ridiculous.Rizal lived at a time when civil courts were at the mercy of the powerholders.At present, courts belong to a separate branch of the government which is co-equal to the executive and legislative branches. Whining and complaining in the web are effective only in so far as you are able to bring out your hurt feelings but it WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEMS. Even exposes made by famous journalists are useless if they are not coupled with corrective actions.If you think all your allegations are backed by proper documents and you believe that you have legal basis to fight for your right, why don't you bring your case to the court?If you are really courageous, fight in the court and not in the blogspot (seeking protection in the guise of anonymity?).The courts that we have at present are different from the courts that Rizal had.You should fear nothing.

  82. Sa dami ng mga nagsusulputang comments nalilito na ako.Ano ba talaga ang issue?High tech na talaga ang Pilipino, worldwide web na ang TSISMISAN.Nakakahiya naman ang nangyayaring ito.

  83. mga kababayan ko sa lahat ng sitwasyon at sa lahat ng nangyayari sa atin dito isa lng masasabi ko ang Dios ay hindi natutulog. Alam Nya makabubuti sa atin.. keep on trusting Him, ask wisdom and pray for everything. He cares for us and don't worry.

  84. We just studied the suggestion of filing a complaint with the fraud division regardng the agency's illegal openning of our SSN document. We think it is still premature to do that as unauthorize openning of the document does not constitute fraud yet. We can do that only when we can show proof that our SSN has been used fraudulently. We are however studying other alternative actions that we can do individually or as a group. We will be posting it once we get the correct information and appropriate action.

    - Gurong Kritikal

  85. May nag-email pala sa mga senador sa Pilipinas.Inemail ko na rin si Obama.Nangako syang tutulong sya.Pati si Clinton tutulong din daw.Si Bush, Iraq lang ang nasa isip nya.Si McCain, nag-aalangan kasi masama pa ang loob sa pagkatalo.Si ate glo, di makontak kasi may bagyo sa Pinas. In the mean time, wait lang tayo mga HIGHLY QUALIFIED Filipino teachers who exemplify the true meaning of professionalism.

  86. What I'm trying to say is you can name names like....lulu and her umbrella...that's fine!!!!...just them....

  87. ah talagang di ka mapapansin ni ate glo. sa sobrang taas ba naman ng bilihin sa pilipinas di ka nya makikita. puro nalang kita nya ang nakikita nya!!!!!!!!!!!focus nalang tayo kay lulu!!!!!!!!!!


  89. We are not saying that openning our SSN document without our authorization is ok. Its not. It is wrong and illegal. If you read the posted comment, we are simply saying that it does not constitute fraud YET until such time that our SSN was in fact used in a fraudulent manner.

    So in the legal perspective it is not yet "fraud" and if we file a complaint on that ground it will simply be dismissed on lack of merit.

    So what we are saying is we should file an appropriate complaint with the appropriate body. And that is what we are trying to find out now.
    We are just making sure here that our actions are technically and legally sound.

    But you are correct that we should file a complaint against the agency on the unauthorized openning of our SSN document and their act of misrepresentating us.

    - Gurong Kritikal

  90. Panahon na pakislapin ang sinag ng tala!

    - Gurong Gala (

  91. ayan. magbasa. current news yan sa gma7.

    MANILA, Philippines - Vice President Noli De Castro on Sunday said he would wage a serious campaign against illegal recruiters.

    “We should attack the problem at the source by arresting illegal recruiters before they can even victimize our poor countrymen," De Castro said.

    “Instead of repatriating our OFWs who suffer maltreatment, it is better to prevent them from leaving for destinations where they will only encounter problems."

    De Castro is the head of the newly created Task Force against Illegal recruiters through Executive Order 759 issued by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo last October 23.

    The task force is also composed of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Philippine Overseas Employment Authority (POEA), Bureau of Immigration (BI) and the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG).

    De Castro said the task force recently arrested a woman and her Turkish husband for illegal recruitment during an entrapment. - GMANews.TV

    hala, sulat na sa editor. wag bahag ang buntot. action na.tadtarin nyu ng email. di na kayo pweding magbalikan ke Lulu. Laban na.

  92. Kayong mga naninira huwag nyo idamay kaming mga nananahimik at nagtatrabaho para sa pamilya namin. Wala kayong utang na loob, reklamo pa kayo ng reklamo. Mukhang hindi naman kayo teacher ng Universal. Bakit hindi kayo lumantad, dinadaan nyo lang sa blog. Meron lang kayong masamang intensiyon! We, the teachers of Universal we don't know if you're really one of us. I dare you to come out of your closets!

  93. If you're really a Universal teacher we were fully informed prior to our application regarding the fees but still we continued our application because we know that we could be deployed by Universal not with other agencies. Do not involve us with your complains otherwise lets meet and talk face to face if were really not satisfied even were already here in the US.

  94. Wala talaga akong utang na loob dahil ang Universal ang may utang na loob na atin...We OVERPAID the agency already and still sinisipsip pa rin nila amg lahat sa atin kasama ang dignidad.

    Hindi ko maintindihan bakit kailangan tumanaw ng utang na loob! Hindi ko rin intensiyon maliitin ang mga kasamang guro na utang na loob ang pagtingin sa nangyayari.

    we are all highly qualified teachers, may galing, may educational background at work experiences, may tyaga, may diskarte...Iba ang Gurong Pinoy dahil magaling tayo. Yan ang mga pinanghahawakan ko kung bakit ako nakarating dito at ganun din ang lahat ng gurong nandito.

    Sana nga hindi ako naging teacher ng Universal...ikinahihiya kong mapabilang sa agency na ganid at sakim sa pera at paghihirap ng mga guro.

  95. time now is different. there's no longer forced servitude.


    dagdagan niyo..para mas marami...mas masaya..hehehe

  97. Sa mga nangyayari sa inyo mga kababayan ko? Di ko alam kung sino ang tama. Magkano ba ang binayaran nyong pumunta diyan sa Tate? Alam nyo ba na Illegal recruitment ang tawag sa pagsingil ng Placement fee na sumosobra sa isang buwan na sahod? Kung pumatol kayo dun, nuon pa man sumangayon na kayo sa Agency! Tungkol naman sa SSN nyo, hindi pwede na bukas ang envelop nung tinanggap nyo, dapat nuon pa nagreklamo na kayo! Ano pang ebidensya nyo? Alam nyo na convicted yung recruiter nyo, bat di nyo isumbong sa kinauukulan? Isang reklamo ay sapat na, alam nyo ba yun? Alam nyo naman siguro kung saan ang embassy ng pinas diba! Kung ako sa inyo? Kausapin nyo na lang yung School ng pinagtuturuan nyo para i-sponsor kayo sa permanent resident nyo!!!! pag permanent resident na kayo, libre na kayo sa LULU na sinasabi nyo! GOOD LUCK MGA KAPATID!!!!

  98. Ate, kuya bakit kayo away nang away? anong problema. bakit sino si lulu! hindi ko alam ang issue. Let me guess si lulu ba ay Daga. siya ba ay Dagang kaibigan B1 at B2 kaya pala mahilig siyang siyang mag ngat2 nang pera. lulu maawa ka naman sa amin. pwede cheese nalang sayo sa amin nalang yung dollars kasi kami naman ang nag tuturo, napupuyat gumagawa nang LP at mag grade nang papers at makisama sa mga batang makulit.

    bye lulu see you behind bars. Lulu please naman maawa ka naman pahingahin mo naman kami kahit kunti lang.

  99. I'm proud to be Pinoy...'lam nyo ba may mga Teachers tayong nag eexcel sa iba't ibang school, may mga teacher's of the month... excellent ang rate sa sa iba't iba pang larangan ...math, english, PE sa sipag at sa sipag lng walng tatalo sa Pinoy why worry about anything pray about everything...think BIG..expect blessings from our good Lord....God bless us All!!!!!!

  100. patawarin natin ang nagkasala sa atin. bahala na ang Panginoon. Kasi sabi nga, vengeance is not ours but its Gods'. Let us just claim that God will take care of us and bless us wherever we are! I love you all!

  101. bakit school ba ang Universal? HINDI AKO TEACHER NG UNIVERSAL! EBR po ang employer ko! at kung gusto mo ng utang na loob dapat libre ang pagpunta natin dito. e kaso binayaran natin lahat. yan ba utang na loob? negosyo po iyan. okay ba? tama ka dyan...cheese na lang ibayad natin kay lulu, blue cheese pa sosyal! ikaw kaya magturo ng mga bata dito, wag ka matulog ng ilang araw dahil lang sa lesson plan at IEP. idagdag mo pa ang pagpapadala ng kulang na sahod sa pilipinas para sa pamilya mo. naranasan mo na ba yan lulu? yung tatawag ang asawa mo kasi walang pang-tuition ang mga anak mo o kaya may sakit ang mga anak mo at wala ka maipadala kasi naibayad na ang sweldo sa ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP? e parang gawa sa dollars ang kumot mo e! tuwing darating si lulu dito ano sasabihin nya? puro tayo pera, pera lagi iniisip natin. ikaw ba di mo iniisip ang pera? kaya pala OS certificate ng mga teachers dito nasaiyo? at gusto mo pati iyon bayaran namin syo. natural kaya nga tayo nagpunta dito at tiniis na iwan mga pamilya sa pilipinas dahil sa pera...kasi wala kaming pera sa pilipinas. tapos yung kakarampot na perang kinikita gusto mo pa kunin. palibhasa madali para sayo gumawa ng pera. ang tanong nga lang sa marangal na paraan mo ba yan kinita? sana naman mabuksan ang isip mo. kung sana nadaan ang lahat sa diplomasya kaso wala ka na ginawa kundi magalit, manakot at mang-ipit. ginagago mo kami. kung naging mabait ka lang sana sa amin di kami mag-iisip ng ganito. kung tao mo lang sana kami itinuring at tinrato....

  102. naiforward ko na sa abs-cbn ang blog na to kung gusto nyo padala rin kayo dito kung gusto nyo mamedia ito. email kayo lahat dyan. tama nang satsat time for us to move.........goodluck sa ating lahat....

  103. katatanggap ko lamang po ng kalatas na ito...sana makatulong,!

    From: Anna Lee M. Fos []
    Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 10:10 AM
    To: xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Subject: RE: tulong po

    Maraming salamat po sa email nyo.

    Nabasa ko po un mga complaint blogs against PARS.

    Our organization works closely with government anti-trafficking agencies including the Commission on Filipinos Overseas. Nais po namin hingin ang inyong permiso na maforward sa CFO ang inyong email para mabigyan po nila ng karampatang action. Ang CFO po ang secretariat ng Task Force Against Trafficking in Persons. Sila po ang makikipagcoordinate sa nyo kung ano ang mga dapat gawin para mabigyan ng solusyon ang inyong mga problema.

    Thank you and we look forward to your immediate response.

    Anna Lee Fos

    US DOS/G/TIP/Solidarity Center STEER Secretariat

  104. human trafficking ba ang tawag pag ang isang teacher na recruit sa Pinas pero pagdating dito sa Tate ay wala pa rin work ng maraming buwan na? paanu napalusut yun? ang alam ko meron na work nag intay dito kasi H1B nga ang visa (working). Pa imbestiga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. From: Hopeful
    To all who trust in the Lord, Please read this:
    Psalm 46:1-3
    God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble.
    Therefore we will not fear,
    Even though the earth be removed,
    And mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;
    Though its waters roar and be troubled,
    Though the mountains shake with its swelling.

    Bear this in mind, "If God is with us, who can be against us?" Let us fight this fight with humility and dignity. They can take our money away but never let them take away our dignity.
    God is on our side. Do not repay evil with evil. Truly goodness and love shall prevail.
    Let us all raise our voices, hopes and prayers to God. God bless us all.....God be with us all.....

  106. Do not blame anybody if something happens to your family and if you're not happy then why not quit from your job and get the hell out of here instead of complaining and blaming others. Quit now! Chicken!

  107. Bakit mo pa tinuloy ang application mo alam mo pala na malaki bayaran mo at ginamit mo lang din ang agency para makarating buong pamilya mo dito sa America tapos reklamo ka pa ng reklamo. Hoy! huwag ka na mangdamay ng ibang teachers. Magresign ka kung ayaw mo sa ibinigay sa iyong trabaho o baka naman kasi maganda ang ibinigay sa iyong trabaho kaya ayaw mong umalis dito.

  108. Isa lang sa mga issues ang overcharging in case you do not know. Kung ang civil at human rights issues ay walang kwenta sa yo, hindi ka tao.

    hindi ka nga tao dahil hindi mo pinangangalagaan dignidad ng pagkatao mo. Walang sino man ang pwedeng umapak sa kung sino.

    Para naman di mo kilala ma'am lulu mo, kasukasuka ang ugali at pagkatao. sana nga nag overcharging na lang siya sa placement pero maayos pakikitungo niya, mapapatawad pa. pero yung pigain ka sa lahat ng paraan, tratuhin ka na parang basahan at parang alipin at ipinagpipilitan pa niya na kung di dahil sa agency niya ay walang trabaho dito mga teachers, yan ay kahunghangan!

  109. Higala, you hit right on the dot!

    I dont know what kind of human being would simply disregard blatant injustice.

    And what a stupid suggestion: "magresign ka". After nagbayad tayo ng sobra sobra at nilubog ka nila sa utang sasabihin mo na "magresign"! San napunta ang utak mo? (The only person who would suggest that is if you are the owner of the agency. And maybe the person who wrote that comment is in fact the shameless Lulu.)

    Ang isyu hindi ang trabaho dahil satisfied tayo sa trabaho. The real isssue is the abuses, threats and illegal actions of PARS and Universal. Is that hard for you to digest?

  110. well.. sana di mo inaccept yung offer dati pa kung sa tingin mo niloloko ka... hindi
    naman kasi totoo lahat ng mga sinasabi niyo or lahat ng paninira niyo...
    you make your own life...
    iba ang bihay dito sa US and iba din sa
    Philippines, do not compare...
    sana di ka nag apply sa agency kung ayaw mo
    ng nagbabayad... let me ask you, kaya mo ba gawin yun?? i guess not...
    mag gaganyan ko kung di ka nabigyan ng tarabaho..
    hindi ka naman kukunin dito kung di dahil sa kanila... wala ka dito kundi ka nila tinulungan... kahet magbayd ka pa ng milyon,
    wala ka dito kung di ka nila tinulungan...

  111. Are you trying to say that somebody will hurt our families back in the Philippines? Well, I'm telling you now that we have had it blottered already. If anything bad happens to our family, It will all be pointed to the Villarba and Navarro Families.
    The problem here is not about the job. I have high regards to EBR.
    You were right in saying that life in US is different from the life in the Philippines. There, anybody can just step on you. If you have the money, you control everything. And people thought you owe everything to somebody.
    You don't really understand what an agency do to clients. They serve us for a fee

  112. According to Joanne ok lang na i-exploit ka at i-abuse kasi andito ka na sa US. Please let not be shallow in our analysis of facts. Let us be open-minded and critical.

    Granting, without admitting, that you "agreed" to be charged 20% upfront. Now when you arrived here in the US and you studied your contract, it shows that that is not what is written there - what was stipulated is 10% for 2 years.

    That is right there and then already questionable, alreadly fraudulent!

    Then we discovered that charging us 20% upfront is actually against a Philippine law (RA 8042) because the law wants to make sure that the migrant worker and his/her family will not be forced to enter into big debts.

    Now, even IF we "agreed" that we will be charged 20% upfront, that does not make it right bacause it is a violation of Philippine laws.

    And PARS and Universal could not have been granted a liscence to operate in the Philippines if they did not agree to follow Philippine laws.

    Now how could you say, well nag-agree naman kayo so ok lang. The point is even if you agreed, the agreement is void because it violated a law.

    Here is a simple example: let us say A and B "agreed" that A will sell his daughter to B for sex. That is against the law, so even if you have an agreement, that does not make it right and it is still against the law.

    In effect, Joanne you are defending all human trafickers. You are defending all criminal elements who are bringing people here in the US because as you said "they agreed naman sa napag-usapan e so dapat pasalamat na lang sila na andito sila sa US."

    Remember that our objective is not simply to step in US soil, but our objective is to be able to be financially independent for the future of our families.

  113. Yap!!! we pay them. They should serve us and not us serving them. That's their job.
    They don't have business cursing us, shouting at us nor accusing us.... We don't pay them to look down on us. We are teachers!!! She's a convict.... There is a big difference.....
    See the point!!!!

  114. Suggestion from the admin of this blog:

    So that the exchange of ideas can easily be followed please refrain from using "Anonymous" under the "Comment as:" option.

    Instead, select the "Name/URL" option. You dont have to use your real name of course. Be creative assign an alias to all your comments. Then simply leave the URL field blank.

  115. PARS and Universal treated you well? Have you been with the meetings with Lulu? How she threatened one teacher and then backs out when the teacher stands her ground?

    All these grievances started because of Lulu's ill manners in dealing with those teachers. The facts of overcharging of placement fee and the unusual higher apartment rental rate to teachers as compared to other people were already given. Filipinos easily turn their face the other way in these issues. But to treat them like modern slaves or household helpers is a big no-no.

    These teachers are professionals. Most have masteral degrees and some even have doctorate degrees.

    The issues now are fairness in regards to the laws prescribed placement fees and the overcharging of apartment rentals.

    Teacher43 is right on the issue.

    ..."Here is a simple example: let us say A and B "agreed" that A will sell his daughter to B for sex. That is against the law, so even if you have an agreement, that does not make it right and it is still against the law."

    Joanne is too simplistic. She does not consider seriously ethics, human rights, morality and the observance of the laws. Too narrow.

  116. Summary of our expenses to LULU NAVARRO Pars International Placement and Universal Placement

    International Marketing Fee: $1,000
    USCIS 3,920
    WES 595
    $ 5,515
    Plus 2 months salary before
    you leave.for example your
    annual gross income is
    $50,000 / 10 months x 2= 10,000

    $ 15,515

    other expenses in peso which
    paid directly to Pars:
    Visa Point P 1,000
    OEC 3,500
    P 4,500

    The following are personal expenses
    of the teachers:in peso and dollar
    BPI Visa Application $ 131
    Medical P 3,500

    Teachers will pay 10% more of the annual salary every year.

    Teachers, we paid all. May utang pa ba tayo? Di naman tama ang takutin tayo at apakan ang pagkatao natin! Kung wala mang mangyari sa laban na to naniniwala ko na di natutulog ang Diyos.

  117. p.s.

    Airfare $1,000 +

  118. I know Joanne, perhaps she just happened to come here kasi nagbayad sya. She is no good either. Walang masyadong maipamalaki sa sarili but the fact that she's here now. Sumisipsip masyado kay Lulu kasi takot na mag-apply pa nang ibang states or school. I'm very sure na kapag nag-apply sya, mahihirapan kasi kunti lang ang English. Kung magsalita parang ..iwan...matatawa ka. Ito lang ang paraan na maging magaling sya, to flatter Lulu to stay in the US. Nakakaawa nga dahil sa totoo lang, she's been throwing bad comments about Lulu. In fact, she had already told her confidants na hndi sya babayad sa 10% na sinasabi ni Lulu for next year. You see? Kaya wag ninyo syang patulan. Nagmamagandang loob lang sya kay Lulu for her self-motives.

    I'm sure dapat lang matataranta si Lulu ngayon, kasi hindi na nya matutukoy kung sino nga ang kumalaban sa kanya. These people giving good comments to PARS and Universal are exactly telling the opposite. Bluffing!!!!!hahahahaha.
    May the best fight wins!

    Joanne's comment her is non-sense!

  119. Uy madami pa pala supporters si lulu ha? Magkano binigay sa inyo percentage? greencard ba????!!!!!

  120. Sabi ni Rafaela, huwag daw maghusga sa kanya. Ginagawa lang niya ang ipinapagawang trabaho ni Mam lulu. Pero hindi daw ibig sabihin na kaisa cya ni lulu.

    May malasakit din cya sa kapwa at cya mismo ay hindi rin sumasang-ayon sa mga kalokohan ni lulu. May sarili daw cyang panindigan at balang araw patutunayan nya kung ano ang kanyang kabutihan.

    Kaya wait and see tayo. I think, kaisa natin si Rafaela. I am even surprise. Pero who knows? Malaki ang maitutulong ni Rafaela sa ating mga adhikain. Kaya tantanan na natin cya at hintayan ang mga pinaplano nyang hakbang.

  121. doubleminded yang Rafaela. Cannot be trusted by either sides. Isusuka yan.

  122. I think the acronym PARS means:

    Patay sa
    Abuso at
    Raket ng


    Place of
    Racketeers and

    O hirit kayo?

  123. add more to our payments :

    2000 dollars attorney fee plus 500 dollars anti-fraud

  124. banal na aso, santong kabayoNovember 11, 2008 at 9:33 PM

    abandon ship!!! lumulubog na ang barko!!!

  125. hay naku ako na po ang humihingi ng paumanhin para kay rafaela.simula pa lang nung una ganyan n sya.makakalimutin.una, nakalimutan nya na kilala pala nya yung president ng filipino community samantalang sya pa ang nagbeat ng national anthem natin.tapos nakalimutan din nya n kilala pala nya yung pinay na taga-walmart na sumusundo sa ibang teachers samantalang nagkausap na sila nung ngayon nakalimutan nyang kaisa nga pala nya si lulu..ay sus ati!pate ba naman se lulu etatangge mu?kawawang lulu walang kamalaymalay inilaglag na ni rafaela.or baka naman naghuhugas ka na ng kamay mo dahil malapit na ang paghuhusga?safeguard ang gamitin mong sabon sa paghugas para lumabas ang konsensya mo kung meron man.he.he.he.

  126. Sir Mel 'to, wala akong ginagawang masama sa inyo. Kung talagang kayo ang mga teachers ko na pinapunta ko dyan alam nyo na madali akong kausapin ba't kailangan na pagbintangan nyo ako pag may nangyari sa pamilya nyo dito.

    Kung ikaw si Ingrid anong problema mo, tinulungan ko ang asawa mo na makapunta dyan. bakit kailangang siraan nyo kami. Kahit anong problema nyo, nakakausap nyo naman ako, baka matulungan ko kayo. Hindi yung dinadaan nyo pa sa blog. Maayos naman tayo nung nandito pa kayo. Bakit ganyan na kayo ngayon.

  127. pwede hingi refund? 5000 dollars? he.. he.. he..

    or apology from Lulu's threats??

    Sorry , sir Mel, nadamay ka lang . Kahit ikaw ang humarap dito sa mga meetings, di mo masabi na inayus kami.

  128. Sige I'll see what I can do and alamin ko problema nyo dyan. Sana makapagusap tayo sa proper forum. I'll be in touch later, sana 'wag nyo na palalain yan.

  129. mga mare at pare mas maganda yata kung magpakilala kayo kasi hindi lahat ng mga guro dito ay pareho ng pinaglalaban nyo. mas marami yung gustong gumawa ng tama at mamuhay ng tahimik. kung talagang totoo na may ipinaglalaban file a case, para masagot lahat ang gusto.
    nakakatuwa sana na merong ganitong website para sa atin lahat, makapagshare ng magagandang nangyayari sa atin pero nakakapanhinayang kasi ang halos naka post ay masasama. nakakahiya tayo.
    wish ko lang na sana lumantad na kayo at magfile ng kaso, mas makatarungan yun. inuulit ko mga kasama, mas fair sa lahat kung i identify nyo sarili nyo. good luck at sana maayos lahat.

  130. s'mel, sorry nadamay ka. nahabag ko sayo.crush pa naman kita.alam ko mabait ka kung maayos lang treatment ng sister mo siguro di magre rebelde ang mga teachers. puro kasi pananakot sya. parang lahat kailangan daanin nya sa pananakot kung sana lang maayos syang makipagusap at di parang utang na loob lahat ng teachers. bayad naman ang mga teachers diba? they paid for your service and they deserved a good treatment. sana bumait na sis mo. baguhin nya pagtreat sa mga clients nya pati na din ang iba nya pang sis sa pinas..i am praying for her .

  131. hey, may news ako, nakausap ko ela, galit sya kay lulu!

  132. girls and boys, if you are really sincere and honest to your advocacy or whatever na pinaglalaban ninyo, idemanda nyo na!go!!!!!go!!!!!go!!!!!ang saya saya!

  133. ayaw ko ngang lumantad baka idemanda ako wala akong pang pay sa lawyer!bwuaaahhhhhh kaw na lang kung gusto mu!go!!!!! go !!!!!go!!!!bisaya group!!!!!!

  134. Kanggaro court n yan!....

    CPP NPA Louisiana Chapter
    Ka OSman
    Hold in abeyance muna tyo mga ksama until such time later this week .

  135. let's eat, mamya na tsismes.

    gawa me lesson plan first, ola.

  136. sir mel maayos kang kausap nadamay ka lang.. why dont you talk to your sister?or better come here and see our situations..hope everything will be settled a soon as possible..May the holy spirit enlighten LULU's heart and mind...

  137. sa lahat na mga teachers,focus lang natin kung ano talaga ang issue.alam natin na ma solve ito,dahil hindi talaga mananalo ang kasamaan sa kabutihan....mam lulu kung ako sa iyo para may peace of mind ka sa buong buhay mo,mas mabuti pa isuli mo na ang labis na hiningi mo sa amin,lalo na ang placement at ang 10 percent.sobra2x na yon mam,tapos tawagin mo ba kami na walang otang na loob,eh sobra na nga yong binayad eh...alam namin na alam mo ang LAW sa sobrang paghingi ng placement..maawa ka naman,hindi na tama itong ginawa mo..halos lahat ng mga principals dito alam na tungkol dito at sila naman ang nagsasabi sa district tungkol sa mga hinaing namin.alangan naman kung magsinungaling kami na totoo naman talaga..HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY..God bless u mam,sana magising ka na..please isauli na ang sobrang placement namin at huwag na yong 10 percent please lang.

  138. sir mel kawawa ka naman. just hold your breath.....kaya mo yan....Uy bat yata biglang kabig si umbrella????? cguro narealize na nya ano? at nakunsensya na sya????? pano na yung pinagsasabi nya sa ibang teachers na di makain ng aso????? ok lang ba yun???????hindi ah!!!!!!!!! we need a public apology!!!!!!!!pati mga galamay nyang nga sipsip!!!!!! bakit takot na ba sila ng kanyang boyfriend nya???????? goodluck to the two of you??????

  139. ela, galit kay lulu??? that's BULLSHIT! ngayon na lang? uto-uto yang ela na yan. she's born uto-uto. at wala nang pagbabago yan. don't worry, ela. may
    reward yang loyalty mo. magkatabi kayo ng prison cell ni lulu. ikaw maghugas ng puwit nya pag-tumae na sya.

  140. ela, alam mo na ba ang future movie na para sa yo? GAGAPANG KA SA LUSAK

    at saka yang criminal na lulu na yan. convicted na pala yan before. hindi na nadala. eto ang movie para sa yo:


    exciting!!! for sure blockbuster ito.

  141. mga walang kuwenta kayong lahat...ang iingay niyo..ano ba gusto niyo....?simulan ang dapat simulan...tapusin ang dapat tapusin.plantsahin na ang gusot...ayusin na ang gulo...ano ba ang patutunguhan niyo? ano ang pakay niyo?ito ba ang simula na tinatawag niyo..ang blog na to...ito ba ang paraan ng pakikipaglaban niyo? tawag niyo ay moderno?di ba pwedeng pag usapan at meet half way or end it up...maraming naiinip,nalilito, naguguluhan, natatakot at higit sa lahat napapaisip..ano ang kasunod nito....ikaw ano ang nasa isip mo ngayun? maayos ka ba? ano ba tong ginagawa mo talaga? sa kapakanan ng lahat o kapakanan ng sarili mo? napulsuhan niyo na ba ang mga tao..inalam niyo ba ang saloobin nila? di niyo ba napapansin....? iilan lang kayo sa blog na to....ibig kong sabihin sana pag usapan natin ito..tandaan niyo kung ano ang itinanim ay siyang aanihin....subalit ano man ang ganda at sagana sa pataba ang iyog itinanim, ang unos ay di natin maiiwasan...papaano kng di pa oras ng masaganang ani? papaano kng oras pa ngayon ng delubyo....? papaano? di ba sa pinoy ay humihingi tayo ng tulong sa mga bathala..kinakausap natin si bathala..hindi karuwagan kung patuloy tayong magpakumbaba...dalhin natin sa maayus na huli baka makita natin ang sarili natin na nakaiwas sa bagyo at delubyo..may maani pa tayo....dapat win- win ang solution dito...

  142. Para sa mga teachers ko:

    Kung hindi kayo makapag-email sa akin magfax na lang kayo ng anonymous letter ng mga problema nyo at kung anong solusyon ang maitutulong ko para maayos ang problema dyan kasi lumalala marami ng naapektuhan, pati na ako..

    Sir Mel

  143. that's right..lahat ay ma solve sa magandang usapan..para sa lahat,before nyo nakilala si lulu si sir mel ang una nyo nakikilala,why dont you talk to him,email him everything..and he can help or find ways to settle this problem.isa lang ang ugat nito LULU's treatment unprofessionally.huwag na pahabaan ang mga PRIDE..thats number one capital SIN..God is with us..para lahat my peace of mind na..God bless

  144. paanu ngayun masolve yang mga issues na nasa unahan ng blot na ito?

  145. Ang ganda naman nang blog na ito nakakatuwa. may iba dyan may bathala pang itinurong, si ella makakalimutin, kawawa ka naman Ella parang ikaw na ang binanatan sa lahat. kawawa ka naman ella. hahahhahhaha. hello guys Lulu will call for a meeting tommorrow and i know she will come with her monster face and stern voice tryinh yo scare us out has no effect on us. We need to talk what will be our plans for tommorrow because Lulu the monster will call for a meeting tommorrow night. ooohhhhh lulu where so scared to death and trembling. Go ahead make my day!!!! mag comments ka naman Ella para kanang hindi kana maka pagsalita baka puno na yong bunganga mo nang chewing gum. hahhahhahha

  146. ako na ang magcomment para kay ella. wag nyo naman kawawain ang mahal ko. kaya nga nagtitiis ako ng dahil sa kanya dahil mahal ko sya. so pls. tantanan nyo na ang mahal ko......arvin.

  147. How sweet it is to be love by you... sweet mo naman arvin, makakaiyak na ako nyan. huhuhuuhhuhuh Cheers for love.

  148. mga kapatid focus lang sa issue KAY LULU..ganyan talaga ang nagmamahalan kahit sino ka man,hahamakin ang lahat sunod sunoran ka nalamang..

  149. Sir Mel, Please don't pretend that you dont know anything about what your sister is doing here. Do you mean to say that you don't know that we teachers are being charged 20% upfront of our expected 1 year salary, while in the contract in only states 10% monthly? C'mon!

    Magaling din ang diskarte mo, kaya lang panis na yan!

  150. tumbok mo kapatid

  151. Hindi ko alam ang mga problema nyo dyan ever since na dumating kayo dyan, wala namang nagrereport sa akin kahit isa sa inyo. Akala ko everything is ok. Ang alam ko kung anong pinirmahan nyong contract yun ang masusunod. Magemail o magfax kayo sa akin ng mga problema nyo alam nyo naman fax number ko. Tingnan ko kung anong magagawa ko sa problema nyo dyan. Magmeeting kami para pagusapan problema nyo.

  152. Hindi alam? So do you mean to say na pinapaikot ka rin ng sis lulu mo? Whatever you say, you are an accessory to the crime perpetrated by your vile sister. It's only a matter of time that the sword of justice will fall upon those who prey on their fellow human beings.

  153. nakaready na ang mga PLAKARDS namin dito sa SAVOY PLAZA! Wa8 lang namin ang go signal ng mga leaders! Tapos na affidavit namin,ang formal complain.

  154. kayong mga taga Avoyelles, Caddo, Lafourche, and Jefferson, at kung saan man kayo mga kapatid sa Louisiana na na loko at inapi ni Lulu. AKLAS NA TAYO!

  155. PEACE IN THE STORM.....LIFE can seem unbearable at times.Physical pain, difficult decisions,financial hardships,shattered dreams threaten to engulf us.We become fearful and perflexed.Plagued by doubts,we may even find it difficult to PRAY.Those of us who know the Lord through personal faith in Christ have in Him a calm retreat in the storms of life,even while howling winds of trial are sweeping over us.We can experience PEACE OF MIND AND CALMNESS OF SPIRIT.
    You must stay upon the Lord and come what may-winds,waves,cross seas,thunder,lightning,frowning rocks,roaring breakers-no matter what,you must hold fast your confidence in God's faithfulness and HIS everlasting love in CHRIST JESUS... Do you feel overwhelmed by your troubles?Fix your mind on the LORD.Ask for help.Then Trust HIm to give you peace in your storm..The secret of peace is to give every anxious care to GOD...GOD BLESS US ALL..

  156. Genesis,

    I agree that we should all strive for peace in our hearts and in our minds. Indeed, it is truly rewarding to live in peace. But what kind of peace do we really want to have in our lives?

    Peace of the contented? Contentment is relative because we all have different satisfaction intensities. One may be contented to be browbeaten and subjugated to an unfair condition as long as some of his/her needs, to the minimum, were met. I, however, find this attitude demeaning because we all deserve better than what we are having at hand.

    Peace of the intimidated? Damn! That is a kind of peace I’d rather not have. Some may tend to keep silent even if basic human and civil rights are abused. Nodding to the whims and caprices of the power hungry and ego trippers is heartbreaking to say the least. With this kind of peace, our hearts bleed and our pride is shattered because of constant fear. Don’t you think it is very ironic to live in fear to have peace?

    God is fair. God abhors oppression. God despises injustice. And surely God would want us to do more than just pray. For prayers without action will not bring us real peace. God will help us in so far as we are willing to help ourselves, in so far as we are committed to stand strong for what is right and oppose all forms of exploitation.

    What we really want to enjoy and I guess is the most significant kind of peace is Peace based on justice! We should never ever cease to ask questions, to clarify, to demand justice and to fight for what we believe in because it is only then can we genuinely live in peace.

  157. I am proud of you guys who courageously started this blog.May you continue this flight until your voices will be heard. The said agency is getting too much money from you. Personally i feel very disappointed and ashamed to realize that the owner of the agency is a Filipino.What a torture!I'm just wondering if the agency owner still believes in God.Anyhow,this is America-the land of freedom,so if you think your right has been abused then be a fighter.This is not a question of who has lots of money to win the fight but this is an issue of human rights.You deserve to be treated equally regardless of any situation.So step forward, stand for your rights and fight as a group!

  158. Hi Mel!if you want to help don't pretend that you don't know the situation.C'mon be a gentleman and do something to save lives.Ma konsensya naman kayong mga involved sa agency na ito.Don't make money as your god,pleaaaaassseee lang be fair and humane!

  159. this message is for "butil pa lang" . What is your point? What do you think will be a good win-win solution?Be careful of what you wrote because it might point back to who you are.

  160. smarter than a fifth graderNovember 16, 2008 at 5:44 PM

    I've read all the comments on this blog and i found out that there are some people who don't seem to care about these teachers who are being victimized by the cruelty of the person who happened to be a non-Christian I supposed.Think again!these teachers will not waste their time writing their sentiments if it isn't true.I don't think a person will create this blog for nothing.There must be a reason,we may not know the roots of all these issues but I'm positive that their lives have been threatened.Do you think it's fair? Do you think it's a joke?Do you think they are being selfish?We are fortunate indeed that it did not happen to us, so please take time to reflect and listen to the voices of these people who dream to work here in the U.S. hoping to provide better lives to their families who are left in the Philippines no matter what the cost may be. But then again,it doesn't mean that they will be treated like animals.These are teachers who wanted to fulfill their dreams in life.It is never wrong to dream of something.So they should be treated with dignity.So for those of you who said;quit if you can't take it, is not a kind word to give.It's easy for you to say it because you are not the victim.Well I presume that you will have your own share of failures in God's time so you can feel how it is to live in a world of lies,cruelty,injustices,hypocrisy and all others.I'm not one of them there in Luisiana but I'm also a teacher who has the same dreams that they have.I just feel lucky that my agency is fair enough.They earn money from me and i
    m also getting my money that i deserve.That is win-win solution and at the end their business is doing well.I understand the ideology of business and the concept of compromise.This way,business exist and so as clients.In the final analysis,it's not gratitude but only legitimate business!

  161. ma'am lulu puedi po bang makiusap sayo na gawin nyo na lng 5% ang babayaran namin nxt yr instead of 10%? tnx po.

  162. I salute you Gurong Gala..what a fighting spirit you ever have.."GOD CAN TURN TRAGEDY INTO TRIUMPH..Bless your heart...

  163. To someone out there....WHAT IS MY POINT? it's simple, "We achieve what we want at the same time security in our work and in our life." Isn't it nice to feel such. Sabi nila sa laro pwede kang matalo o manalo. If you win about if you loose the game? So dapat iyan ay dinadaan sa maayos at matiwasay na usapan.
    OPPSSS..foul ka dito. This is a blog remember. A venue for self expressions and opinions. And I take responsibility on my own words. This is my opinion. I respect you have commented on me. However you forgot that we are practicing here the freedom of expressions. You are intimidating me-therefore it shows you are trying to oppress my right to talk. Are you trying to tell me to SHUT UP!
    I'm just wondering why were you disturbed and struck by my words win-win solution...It's just a suggestion..TRY might money involved and no waste of time....

  164. Common teachers.Most of you, if not all, are already lining up for renewal to Lulu. Your all educated but are afraid. Afraid to take risks. Ask yourselves. Who among you is not renewing thru her? You are weak.

    Prove yourselves. Be like Bonifacio.

  165. tahimik na ata ..wala ng issue?

  166. wala na issue. paanu, naka line up na for renewal ke lulu. mga takot pala. dapat lang pala na ganyanin kyo dahil kaya naman pala kayo sindakin. Dakdak pa ng dakdak. In the end, balik din pala.

    kakahiya kayo. sinira nyu pa samahan nyu. ngayun, meron pa kayo utang na loob na naman na tanawin kung ayusin nya renewal nyu. pinoy talaga kayo. di pa rin nagbago. ginawa pa yung blog na hi-tech tsismisan.

  167. dont worry gumagapang na sila ng tahimik...hintay ka lang bagsabok ng bulkan...matindi..

  168. i can see that this blog has served well its purpose minus for some nasty bloggers who obviously have the motive of tainting the purity of intent, sincerity of emotions and truth of this site.

    i do not believe also that the teachers are scared to fight and win this struggle. What i believe is, because teachers are so smart, they are making sure all moves are to their advantage.

    teachers, i am 100% sure you are doing all your best to give your families good lives, to serve your schools to the best of your abilities, to settle your monthly obligations and also to gain back the hurt pride and bleeding ego your agency has caused you.

    good luck!

  169. common, ask around who among us is renewing outside of Lulu?

  170. the very ones who started to complain and made some campaigns were the ones who lined up to Lulu after the meeting. teachers with high educational attainments but do not have the balls to face risks.

  171. it is never too late... the call for a collective force to strike still echoes.

    the shot has been fired and the battle begins.

    dont be caught in this crossfires, you must take the side of our ranks, that of the teachers. we are more armed now not only with courage but also with bullets of proofs, dynamites of evidences, canons of truths. let us truly win and have what we deserve.

  172. lahat naman tayo ay nag benefit sa naging disisyon ni mam lulu ki luma ki bago. pasalamat tayong lahat at wag ng mag comment ng kung anu-ano. kung me mag pa renew man sa iba, right nila yon. kung meron mang bumaliktad ng pagparenew ki mam lulu kasi ang habol ay makamenos. alam nyo naman na crisis pa ngayon dahil sa dami ng kailangang bayaran. wag na tayong pumula ng iba. sarili natin ang ating parating tingnan. mabuti ba ang ginagawa natin sa ating sarili, sa kapwa lalo na sa mata ng Dios. God bless us all!

    the lady beneath the eagle's wings...

  173. Fighters on the go!!!November 24, 2008 at 9:53 AM


    Pinoy teachers in US use blog to air grievances vs recruiter
    ________________________________________ | 11/24/2008 8:37 PM
    Printer-friendly version | Send to friend
    A group of Filipino migrant teachers in the US have started to use a blog to express their various grievances against their recruiter.
    “We gave all that we could, so we can start building a dream for ourselves and our families. We discovered however that the beautiful pictures that were painted in our imagination are not as what they seem to be. Now we discovered that the Recruitment and Placement Agency who we entrusted with our dreams is not acting with the best, or in fact not even a fraction, of our interests in mind,” stated the group called Concerned Filipino migrant teachers of Louisiana.
    In their blog called the Pinoy Teachers Hub, the teachers accused their recruitment agency, PARS International Placement Agency and the US-based Universal Placement International, Los Angeles, California of violating their contract, overcharging, issuing threats and intimidation, providing them with poor living quarters and illegal and suspicious opening of their US Social Security Numbers.
    In a press statement by labor group Partido ng Manggagawa (PM), it was learned that the two agencies are allegedly owned and operated by one family with a certain Lourdes Navarro as the owner of Universal, while Emilio Villarba is the agent of PARS.
    An employee of the agency in Manila said Mr. Villarba is out of the office when tried to contact him for comments.
    PM said that at least 200 teachers were placed through the agency and deployed in five different school districts in Louisiana but the bulk of them are in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System. They were issued a 1-year working visa (H1B) instead of the usual 3-year H1B visa.
    “The fees and charges were not even clear to us as the agency seems to invent new ways to empty our pockets every week. Many of us were not even able to read and study our contracts with the agency as we only received a copy of it on the eve of our flight,” stated the teachers’ group in an open letter to all Filipino migrant teachers.
    The agency allegedly overcharged them of placement fees and made premature collections which violates Republic Act 8042 or the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995.
    “Our contract stipulates that 10% of our monthly gross income for two years shall be paid to the agency. In reality however we were made to pay in advance 20% of our “expected” gross income for one year. To add insult to injury the ‘expected’ gross income is bloated so as to make us pay the maximum advance payment,” said the group.
    Steep borrowing rates
    They alleged that some of them have also been cornered by the agency into borrowing from its partner lending agency that charges excessive interest rates.
    “The agency is charging us illegally with steep placement fees, then turns around and refers us to its partner lending agency to charge us once again with exorbitant interest rates,” they said.
    While working in the US, teachers are cramped into what they described as “dilapidated apartment units” but are being overcharged with the rent.
    “While the published rent of a unit is only around $800 a month, we are all charged $310 each with each apartment unit housing 4 individuals and at times up to 8,” said the group.
    Dismayed by being treated as ‘modern slaves’, the group asserts their right to a clean and safe dwelling, chosen by them.
    “The agency however decided to simply disregard these rights and make money in the process,” they said.
    They mentioned that the agency and its owner have resorted to threats and intimidation to prevent them from speaking out about their condition. They were also discouraged from connecting with other Filipino groups otherwise “our contracts will not be renewed.”
    Other jobs
    Furthermore, some teachers who are still without school assignments had to attend job fairs for placement.
    “They were duped into believing that a job is waiting for them here for how else can they be issued working visas. For the meantime, interest payments for their debts pile up every day,” they stated.
    A PM liaison officer in the US said that in Baton Rouge alone there are at least six teachers who arrived and went without work for more than a month, and at least one teacher is up to now unemployed.
    The liaison officer said that it is a common practice of the agency to transfer teachers assigned to a specific school to another school in a different district.
    Teachers are forced to agree to the transfer than to wait indefinitely for a placement despite the fact that it is illegal since the specific school district assignment is indicated on the teachers' visa, PM said in its statement.
    “In one specific instance, 7 teachers from the East Baton Rouge school district were transferred to the Avoyelles school district where salary levels are much lower,” PM said.

    The teachers also assert that the agency, without any authorization, unlawfully opened their US social security numbers.
    Meanwhile, an initial victory was claimed by the teachers. From $310 per individual per month rent payment, they were able to force Navarro to lower the rent to $275. They were also able to lower renewal fee to $1000 from $1800 to $2000 per individual.
    However, the small victory will not stop the group from pursuing their campaign to extract justice.

    “The fight for real justice goes on! Let us remain courageous and united as we are confident of the victory of good over evil,” they said. -- by MARIA ALETA NIEVA,
    as of 11/24/2008 8:43 PM

    • OFWs in Australia find ways to cut back on spending amid rising prices
    • Pinoy retail store owners in London admit 20 percent drop in sales
    • 2 Pinoy seafarers from released vessel now in Oman
    • Pinoy teachers in US use blog to air grievances vs recruiter
    • Pinoy expats from different countries launch book on food memories
    • 'Stricter migrant rules to affect undocumented OFWs'


  175. law of gravity: what goes up must come down.

    in filipino: matalino man ang matsing, mapaglalamangan din!

  176. cool pato, you are a wise man. we would like to hear more from you. we are inviting you to write an article for posting in this blog.

  177. local Baton Rouge newspapers will also feature this scandal. wait for it.

  178. mga gago talaga, if this breaks out what will happen to the credibility of the filipinos? media? would this help? tingnan nyo ang nangyari before sa leakage scandal ng nursing board? hindi na masyado nagtitiwala ang ibang bansa sa mga kakayahan ng mga nurse natin. teachers pa naman kayo, where is your code of ethics? you can solve the problem discreetly, pinahiya nyo bansa natin...

  179. pinoy ka talaga. itatago na lang ang katotohanan. kaya nga naghirap ang Pilipinas hanggang ngayon dahil sa katulad mo.

    solve the root of the problem. yung sa media , effect na lang yan. think.

  180. there were lots of attempts and initiatives already, individual and by group, but all failed because of lulu's way of stooping the issue --- by intimidation and threat which dampen the teachers' spirits. so facing her is obviously useless.

    i dont also believe that the rest of the filipino teachers will be blacklisted. first de facto,u.s needs highly qualified teachers and we can cater to such need. secondly, there were experiences before that only the erring agency is dropped in the picture of recruitment and placement of teachers.

    teachers need to enjoy the beauty of democracy ... the beauty of america... and that is we have choices.

    the choice is remain or not in the claws of lulu?

    as said, we have a choice.

  181. Higala,sana magising na ang ating mga kasamahan . Takot talaga sila ,tingnan mo naman at nagpa renew pa,talagang gustong-gusto nilang maki renew nang renew sa Universal bawat taon samantalang pwede naman silang mag renew na sa iba or online directly para sa 2 years na yun. Love nila si Lulu kasi gusto talaga nilang bigyan ng perang pinaghirapan kahit na dapat ay tapos na tayo sa kanyang agency. Dapat nilang malaman renewal with her means agreeing to be under her control for years and paying her unreasonable fees and her unfair conditions. Sana po magising na tayong lahat sa katotohanan . Walang naloloko kung walang nagpapaloko. Wake up everybody!
    Well,tingnan nyo naman, excited pa silang umatend ng christmas party ni Lulu sa Dec. 13 .. Dapat we are able to take care of ourselves na, wala na siyanrte g party party na iyan. It is her clear attempt to gather all our sympathies for her na naman kasi di niya tayo madadala sa takot e. Ewan ko lang diyan sa iba...

  182. magtanim ay di biro......kung ano ang itinanim ay siyang aanihin......

  183. sleeping with an enemyNovember 30, 2008 at 1:33 PM

    aattend ba tayo sa christmas party?

    for the first time FREE from ma'am lulu ito. totoo ba ito o panaginip?
    kung sabagay, pera naman natin ibabayad don.

    sana free din damit, formal attire daw kasi. eh yung sasakyan kaya papunta? sir depol, ma'am ella, magkano naman bayad sa carpool papunta sa party?

    hay naku, matulog na lang kaya ako, di pa makakagastos. hirap din makihalubilo sa mga taong nagpapahirap sa yo.

  184. isinabay ni lourdes ang christmas party nya s christmas party ng filipino community.. kaya malamang kung cno man ang hindi aattend ng party ni lourdes ay nsa party ng filipino community and vice versa.. lagot! my loyalty check na naman. u make ur choice mga duwag..

  185. go to lulu's party! sulong mga kapatid, this is your chance to face her and air out your angst. strength in numbers di ba? just be sure to be civil about it or it may turn the tide against all of you. there will be tension, but please don't resort to violence or everything you've worked for will be in vain. peace!

  186. Committee to Boycott Lulu's PartyDecember 2, 2008 at 10:26 AM

    I think the best way is not to attend Lulu's party. Clearly she is simply trying to use us again for propaganda purposes, to show that a lot of us loves her and are happy with Universal. AND WE ARE NOT! So let us cut the crap, stop this show and boycott Lulu's Christmas Party.

  187. Boycott. boycott. only the cowards will attend.

  188. gago ka.....kesyo mag attend takot na...!!!ikaw kng di ka takot hwag kang manahimik..hwag kang magtago ng katauhan mo....di ako taga LA, dito ako sa seattle..what i meant is hwag mong isama sa nararamdaman mo ang mga kasama mo coz di mo alam ang nasa isip nila.....boycott,,boycott..lolo mo .!..kng sino ka man ...bwisit ka..wala kang pinag iba,,,,,,

  189. alam ko nasa isip nila. takot.

  190. aber, anung dahilan na aatend ka? dahil miss mo si lulu? dahil malambing sya? common.nabasa mo ba ang lahat na nasa blog na ito? then gusto mong sumama sa kanya? di ko maintindihan. layo.

  191. oo aatend ako dahil miss ko na sya...... miss ko na ang hayup......magdasal nalang sya na di sasabog ang sinasakyan nya para makapaghanda sya sa mga perang dadalhin nya sa impeyerno!!!!!!!

  192. mga kasama sa pananampalataya kay Kristo....isang maligayang pasko at manigong bagong taon para sa ating lahat...


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